Em , Me Ch. 3

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This has been one crazy two weeks! Talk about uppers and downers, Jeeesus! For months, Em and I seemed to be on our own a hell of a lot, but now that we’ve… you know, started experimenting… it seems like someone else is always around and getting in the way. A week ago Mom and Dad’s shifts swapped over so, whereas Mom was on afternoons Dad was now on day shift. Yeah, it was kind of frustrating, but it was only going to be for a week until the both of them were on night shift. So, The ex-Geek and Cute Sister suppressed the torments of their seething hormones so to speak… more or less. Not that we had anything definite arranged for when we were going to be by ourselves, it just seemed like we had an unspoken agreement. Then at dinnertime on Thursday, Dad dropped the bombshell: “Aunt Rose will be coming to stay, starting on Sunday. So, you guys won’t have to cook for yourselves and all that stuff, all next week. Won’t that be great?”

I think I somehow managed to look pleased, but I could have leaped over the dinner table and throttled him! Em just looked at her plate and didn’t say a word. It isn’t that I dislike Aunt Rose; she is a very nice lady…too nice in fact. She is Mom’s oldest sister, Mom is the youngest of three, and Rose is about ten years older than Mom is. She got into the Flower Power movement real early and entered into the spirit of it one thousand percent – she was an icon to Mom when she was a young girl. She never got married – the only guy she ever really cared about got so spaced out on LSD he jumped off the top level of a ten story parking building in the belief that he could fly. Anyway, in the early 1990’s Aunt Rose ‘found Jesus’ and, according to an unguarded comment made by my parents, changed from being a really cool, laid back, pot-smoking poetess into a prim, tight-assed Bible Thumper. And this was the person who was going to screw up the half-formulated plans I had for getting Em to carry on from where we had had to break off last time! Bummer!

The thought did cross The ex-Geek’s mind that Mom and Dad suspected that he and Cute Sister were up to something, but after due analysis he dismissed the idea. Let’s face it, the Esteemed Parents may be ultra-cool liberals, but they are not that laid back!

At least Em didn’t withdraw into her shell again like she did last time. Up until Aunt Rose was left “in charge”, Em used the computer while I was in the room AND dressed the way that I liked to see her. Now that was really cool – especially when she made it very clear that she knew I was watching her and stroking my hard-on AND it was okay if with her if I took it through to a gut-wrenching, sperm-spurting conclusion.

Have you ever wondered why so many liquid hand soaps look like sperm? Press the lever on the dispenser and “Splat!” you have a palm full of cum. I wonder if the makers have thought that right through? After all, they could be giving innocent young virgins and old maiden ladies severe heart palpitations, or worse. Or maybe it’s a marketing ploy to give this group of consumers a guilt-free thrill and so increase sales! It doesn’t taste like cum though… trust me. Joey, in a flash of very un-jock-like insight suggested once that it really is cum with some additives in to make it foam. He reckoned that companies like Proctor & Gamble have 250,000-ton tankers bringing the stuff in from poor countries like India, Bangladesh and China. Millions of guys are jerking off ten or fifteen times a day and sending the output to central collection points in a US Government initiative to provide aid and reduce population growth. Let’s face it, if your cum is worth big dollars you are not going to waste it by squirting it into some female’s snatch! Yeah, right… Shut up, Geek!

One evening while Em was reading from the screen a fair amount I got the impression from her body language that she was helping herself out, which made my own jacking off even hotter than it was at other times. Sure enough, she suddenly let out a soft little panting grunt and sat very still and stiff for a couple of minutes. Then she killed whatever was on the screen and left the room quickly without looking in my direction. But Em’s eyes had that particular shiny look about them that I have come to associate with the fact that she had… cum I mean! Oh yeah, there was further evidence too… a big damp spot on the material covering the seat. And it smelled of pussy too!

With my sister out of the room I dived into Windows Temporary Internet Files and found the last document she had been reading. Wow, this was interesting: taksim escort ‘Hillary Finds her G.’ It was a story about a female college student stripping off and masturbating, and finding her G-spot, whilst her roommates watched. Hmmmm! Very interesting! I could relate to Em’s interest in masturbating while someone else was looking on – like we had started out by doing that together and both of us found it a huge turn-on. But, Em getting The Hots so badly from the idea of doing it in front of a bunch of girls that she had to bring herself off there and then? Was there something more to my Cute Sister than I had realised up ’til now? Or was it the knowledge that I was jacking off in the background that turned her on so much that she wanted to ‘join in’?

By the way folks, bad news – subsequent geek research turned up a whole lot of discussion about the G-spot, with most sexology professionals convinced that it does not exist. Aaah, but think of the fun you could have trying to prove them wrong!

And what about when she needed help on the computer! Em wouldn’t let me touch her, not properly, “In case somebody walks in.” But now, when I knelt beside her to figure out what she had done wrong, she didn’t bother keeping her knees pressed together. I leave it to you to imagine the view I got. If I thought I’d had trouble concentrating before… whew! For my part, I didn’t bother to hide the effect she was having on Zorba the Geek either.

Em did let me kiss my way up the front of her thigh one time; she stroked the back of my neck while I was doing it. I expected her to spin the chair so that she was facing me and spread her legs when I got to the crucial area. But she stopped me from going any further the moment I reached the edge of her panties. And another time, when I got to my feet, Em bent her head and kissed the damp spot on my boxers where Z. had leaked. At the time I thought she was just playing with me, but later I reached the conclusion she was simply testing herself – and maybe me.

So, now you know why I was ready to kill Dad when he told us that Aunt Rose was coming to stay!

As soon as she had us all to herself, Aunt Rose started laying down the law:

“You shouldn’t spend so much time alone with Peter in his bedroom, Emily. Especially half undressed like that! He may be your brother, but he’s still nearly a grown man!”

“Peter! I don’t want to see you wandering around the house in just your underwear. Go and put some proper clothes on!”

“I don’t know why you two want to spend so much time on that computer! You should go out for long walks and get more exercise!”

“I hope you aren’t using the Internet – there’s lots of nasty people out there trying to make contact with kids like you!”

Kids! I’m old enough to vote and Em isn’t very far behind!

In no time at all, Em and I were so prim and proper it was nauseating. Then we had prayers before and after our meals. No watching movies or programs on TV that had the slightest hint of nudity, sex, violence or bad language in them, which cut out just about everything. Even “Pride And Prejudice” on the public service channel caused much tutting and muttering from Auntsville about low-cut bodices and uplift bras. And, of course, no dates with Greg for Em! Not that that relationship appeared to be going anywhere anyway.

By the middle of the week, The ex-Geek was just about climbing up the walls! On the Friday, Em broke.

In fact it was at about 2 o’clock on Saturday morning that she sneaked into my bedroom, startling me awake in the process. “Shhhhhh!” she hissed fiercely, before I could say a word, and lifted up the duvet at the bottom of my bed and crawled in underneath. She had my boxers off and my rapidly hardening Man in her hand in a flash. And then… Oh My Lord! It felt like she swallowed the whole of my dick, all in one go!

If nobody has ever given you head before, it is impossible to imagine the range and magnitude of the pleasure you can experience. So Em going down on me almost blew me off the planet! And she knew what she was doing! Right from the moment the wet warmth of her mouth surrounded my pulsing cock-head. Through her kissing and licking the entirety of my hammering shaft. Through her gently suckling each of my nuts in turn. And right up to the moment that her flickering tongue brought me soaring to the edge of a massive climax, I experienced an unbelievable series of wondrously sensuous feelings that left me bouncing and quivering on my mattress. topkapı escort

Em raised me to an excruciating peak three times and then backed off until she felt I was ready to sustain another assault. The tension was heightened by our knowledge that Aunt Rose was asleep in the next room, with her bed head directly on the other side of the wall separating us. We could not make any sound above a whisper! On the fourth occasion, I just had to have release. My whole body jerked and shook uncontrollably. Em took me inside her mouth again and I felt the surge starting in my groin that signalled my imminent explosion. I ducked under the duvet with her and hissed, “Em! I’m going to cum!” She roiled her tongue against the sensitive underside of my glans in response and I erupted into her mouth in a series of massive jolting spasms. Em swallowed every spurting drop of sperm.

My awesome sister gently nursed on my shrivelling tool until it was completely soft and then, still cradling me in her soft palm, rested her cheek on my belly until my heaving breaths and racing heart subsided to more normal levels. I felt totally drained, but now it was Em’s turn.

Em had it all planned out. She straddled my face on her knees, supporting herself by holding on to the wooden frame of the bed head. Thank Christ I had put padding in behind it a year or two ago to stop it from banging against the wall and waking me up whenever I moved! And she was dressed for action – or rather undressed – with no panties on.

I went straight for her centre in the same way as she had done with me. This was no time for delicate foreplay. God, she was wet! And her smell and taste were incredible! Whilst I tongued her, Em undulated her groin in a slow, erotic rhythm against my face, pressing against me so deliberately it seemed as though she wished to envelop my entire facial features with her pussy lips. There were even times when my nose was buried so deep in among her fragrant, slippery folds I found it difficult to breathe! And all the while Em performed her seductive dance, I caressed her warm thighs and buttocks and belly and marvelled at the subtle, rolling flex and release of her muscles beneath her soft, silken skin.

When Em came, she could not suppress the hoarse, coughing moan that seemed to emanate from deep in her belly. The next thing we know there is a “Bang! Bang! Bang!” from the other side of the wall. My mind raced. Aunt Rose is awake! Shit! She’d better not decide to come to my room to see what’s going on!

Still in the midst of her orgasm, Em scrambled under the duvet and clung to me whilst the convulsions within her body ran their course. Luckily, the duvet provided enough sound damping to muffle her soft whimpering cries, or Aunt Rose would have been into my room in a flash!

I joined Em under the covers. Wow! The scent of female sex was intoxicating! We wrapped ourselves around each other in the dark, humid smells and just cuddled for a while. I whispered to her that what she did to me was the most awesome thing I had ever experienced in my life up ’til now.

Em kissed me. She was kind of tentative about it I thought; especially since she was sucking my dick only fifteen minutes before. Then I realised that kissing your brother seriously was scary new territory for her…and, in some odd way, extra intimate too…I guess that’s why whores never kiss their clients. Let’s face it, a dick is just a dick…a remote piece of meat that could be anybody’s. And with the expertise Em went about it, she had blown a few before tonight!

Maybe, in her mind, it wasn’t even me she was blowing…was it Greg perhaps? Then, a minute or so later, she shot that theory down by thanking me for thanking her – it seems I must be the first guy who has ever showed her any appreciation. I guess that that’s a very non-Cool Guy thing to do! My sister then did a very strange thing: she licked my lips and chin – just as though she wanted to know what pussy tastes like on another person.

After a few more minutes of quiet cuddling, Em started trailing her fingernails lightly, teasingly around and over my belly. By the time she finally relented and touched Z., he was as hard as a rock again. “Oooh good!” she breathed happily, and slid down my body to take him in her mouth again. It seemed impossible, but this time was even more intense than the first! And when she finally allowed my to shoot my load down her throat it felt like my balls were going to burst with the effort.

On her return tesettürlü escort to my level, Em kissed me again, sticking her tongue into my mouth and depositing a wad of my sperm onto my tongue. “Seeing as you’re my brother, it’s only right you should know what it tastes like,” she murmured. It wasn’t too bad; a bit salty, a bit yeasty but nothing about it to make my gut heave. And – more geek research – a good food source as well. Em stroked my chest with the flat of her palm, “I suppose you want to know how I got to be so good at doing that?” she asked.

It seemed obvious to me, but I whispered back, “Only if you really want to tell me.”

“Oh! Well most guys ask, it seems to turn them on…”

“Only if you really want to tell me.”

Em was silent for a few moments, then let out one of her ‘I’ve come to a big decision’ sighs, “Don’t be angry with me, Pete… “Do you remember your birthday a couple of years ago?”

“The one where nobody came?”

How did I get that so wrong?

“Yes, that’s the one… Well, it was a kind or party, but not a big one…”

“‘Cos I don’t have many friends…”

“Ummmm. Well, do you remember that Joey and I ‘went missing’ for a while? And you went apeshit afterwards asking us where we’d been?”

“You said you’d been walking in the garden and talking.”

“Well, we hadn’t. I’d been crazy for Joey for ages but he never seemed to take any notice of me – I was only his buddy’s kid sister, I guess. Anyway, at your party I sneaked one of the beers Dad left for you guys and it made me kind of woozy. Not drunk, but not in control; if you know what I mean?”

“I think so.”

“So, anyway, I caught up with Joey out in the hallway when he was coming out of the bathroom and I sort of threw myself at him… told him I loved him and all that stuff. Next thing I knew we were in my bedroom and kissing, and he’d got his hands up under my top and my breasts out of my bra, rubbing them and pinching my nipples.”

“The bastard!”

“Before long, he had my jeans undone and his hand in my pants and was pushing his fingers between my legs. I was as scared as hell and I asked him to stop, but at the same time, I didn’t want him to. He told me he loved me too, which made it all right, and I let him push his finger up inside me. It felt so nice I wanted to touch him, so I put my hand on his front and felt his erection through his pants. Joey kind of laughed and muttered something under his breath about me ‘begging for it’ and put his hands on my shoulders and made me get down to my knees. And then got his dick out of his pants and told me to suck it. I told him “No!” at first, but he said that if I really loved him I’d be happy to do it. So I did. And he made me swallow when he came. I hated it, but I still ‘loved’ him and I wanted him to really love me.”

I knew that Joey was a bit of an arrogant prick at times, but to treat Em like that! His best buddy’s sister! It kind of showed how much regard he had for me too! My instant reaction was that Joey was going to get a knuckle sandwich next time I saw him, but then The ex-Geek took over: “Come on man! Joey’s six inches taller than you and he outweighs you by 40 pounds! He plays central defender on our college soccer team, which makes him quite a hard man. You’ll get pulped!”

Em cut off further thoughts by carrying on whispering, “So, Joey was my first and I did it lot’s more times with him. I tried all kinds of ways to make it better, to please him so that he would stay in love with me, because I still loved him. Then he dropped me… we really weren’t an item in his mind; I was just a handy bit of fun. So I started going out with other guys, but I found that they all wanted the same thing and I got even more practice. All of them just ‘used’ me and gave me nothing in return… Oh, a couple of them sort of patted me on the head and said how good at it I was! But that’s all. But, you’re different, Pete, and I wanted you to know.”

I asked her: “If they were such shitheads, why did you go out with them?” But I forgot to whisper and Aunt Rose started banging on the wall again.

“Oh damn! I’d better go!” Em hissed. “We don’t want her to catch us… tomorrow night?”

Z. stirred in anticipation, “Okay!” I whispered back, and gave her a hug. And then Em left.

But ‘tomorrow night’ was not to happen. As soon as Aunt Rose saw me in the morning, she had a ‘go’ at me: “You kept me awake half the night with your tossing and turning, Peter! And then you started snoring and I had to bang on the wall to stop you. It was the last straw when you started talking in your sleep! Do that again tonight, my boy, and I’ll come in and throw some water over you!”

So, Em and I are going to have to wait for a week or so. Aunt Rose goes home on Monday, but Mom and Dad’s shifts won’t be right until a few days after that.

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