Emily’s Choice Ch. 03

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Sharon Winters allowed Richard another shower but remained silent in the doorway as he washed himself. Time was running short and she didn’t have the opportunity to take as much a part in it as she’d have liked. She noticed his erection had subsided almost completely which either meant he had ejaculated (not likely) or he was growing accustomed to being naked around a house full of women, neither of which was a good sign.

His body was glistening with sweat as he entered the shower room and seemed to react to the soothing effect of the warm water. His skin was flushed from the run. As he finished she handed him a towel. He dried himself quickly. Lingering between his legs he playfully juggled his balls against the thick plush towel. Ah, boys and their toys.

“Come on then, you’ll be late for lunch.”

Used to the routine, he made no attempt for any covering and instead walked proudly by her side. One of the maids watched him and he winked at her playfully. Looking over at his guide she made the smile drop from his face when she stated; “That one could do with a good whipping.”

Sharon only smiled in response. In truth she was feeling very close to the boy and had grown protective of him. She’ll decide if he needs a whipping. She only hoped it would be her that gave it to him.

As always, lunch was wonderful. The cook was ready with a BLT, French fries, milk and a bag of potato chips. Though his coach would not approve, she thought he could use the extra food. It had been a long morning.

When he finished she took him to the bathroom at his request. He had not needed to go since he arrived the day before and could barely hold it in when she guided him to her personal bathroom. She stood facing his side, eyes directed towards his penis and he stood silent staring into the bowl.

“I can’t go with you watching me like that,” he whispered.

Sharon jumped. “Excuse me?”

Sighing, “I just can’t. I never could with someone in the same room with me.” Then, even more quietly, “sorry.”

She didn’t want to poke fun at his obvious moment of weakness but she couldn’t resist, “Lots of boys are shy. You’ll just have to get used to it. It’s something you’re going to be living with from now on.”

“Do I haveta?” He was nearly pouting now, quickly falling into his role as the whining child.

“Yes mister, you do. You better learn quickly or it will only make it harder on yourself. She added, “And your bottom.”

He resisted, twisting his body so his member was pulled from her hand. She knew it was late but she expected something along these lines. It’s rare to take a boy in so easily without a tantrum his first few days of training. She knew there was only one way to remedy this. It had to be stopped immediately.

Grabbing his earlobe, she pulled him from his place in front of the commode and into her bedroom. He had never been in this room before and looked about in awe at the soft down bedspread, pink wallpaper and frilly curtains. A scent of jasmine filled the air and he felt very at home in this place, the room where the woman he was learning to love spent her most intimate moments.

Without a word she held his wrist and, sitting on the edge of her bed, directed him to her waiting lap. He stubbornly resisted and in that moment, his limp penis swinging beside his loose balls, Sharon thought he looked incredibly childlike. Biting his lower lip he could only pull away mumbling, “No…please. I hate that…I don’t need it.”

Sharon grew more and more aggravated, “When was your last spanking Richard?”

His eyes widened, “Never!” Realizing his lie he caught himself, “Not since I was very young.”

She knew it. She seemed to have a natural instinct to sniff them out. “And who spanked you?”

“My mother, Miss,” he added the last word on at the last moment. It seemed more appropriate.

“She was a wise woman. Boys need to be spanked. Hard and often.” She looked up at him with soft eyes. “When I have boys of my own you can be sure they will be lovingly spanked as any good mother would.”

“Please don’t, I’ll be good,” he begged, cursing himself for sounding like such a child.

This was working out just as she’d hoped. “I know you will. I’ll make certain of that.” Taking his hands in hers, she had him kneel beside her and looked into his eyes. “When was the last time you were spanked, honey?”

He stammered, “Fifteen…no, sixteen. When I was sixteen.”

She laughed gently. “Hardly very young, wouldn’t you say?”

He nodded.

“You were most likely a very disobedient boy and like any good woman, your mother knew how to correct you. She spanked you as is the right of any woman over her boy.”

He sighed, lost in remembrance.

With a hand on his shoulder she continued. “She is no longer here but I am. For all purposes, I am your mother. Just as your place is to obey me, it is my job to punish you when you require it.”

With tiny shudders, he dropped his face, unable to meet her gaze. She was Cebeci Escort right, he couldn’t deny that, but he was so afraid. Ashamed and afraid of this beautiful woman seeing him bared and spanked as he was just a few short years ago. He could never take a spanking, always whining before ending up fussing and crying over his mother’s lap. This was a side he didn’t want her to see. A tear formed in the corner of his eye and began its descent down his cheek.

“What are you thinking about, young man?”

A breath choked in his throat and he couldn’t answer. He seemed such a sad sight, her heart truly broke to look at him. It took all her willpower not to gather him into her arms and rock him until he calmed but she could not. It was her duty as a woman to give this boy what he needs, a hot, stinging spanking the likes of which he hasn’t felt in years. It’s what he needs and the only thing that will put him on the right path. She steeled herself and, with a finger beneath his chin, raised his eyes to hers.

“Richard, in just a moment you will go over my lap to be spanked. It will hurt and it will sting like the blazes. You’ll be very embarrassed and I promise you you’ll cry until you’re all out of tears. You’ll do anything you can to stop it but know it won’t be over until you’ve gotten spanked properly and I think you’ve learned your lesson.” His lower lip was trembling uncontrollably. “You can take comfort in the fact that though I am a strict woman and will spank you beyond what you think you can handle, I won’t hurt you. You’re a good boy and I do love you. That’s why this has to happen.”

Her words stunned him. He realized that she’d been feeling exactly what he was and for a moment he felt euphoric. He attempted to stand but his anxiety froze his muscles and he relied on her help to lay across her lap. Once there he felt slightly relieved. He was fully aware of how he looked- a grown man across the legs of an older, beautiful woman- but he put it out of his mind. He felt her eyes on him and hung his head.

His backside must be the most attractive part of him, she thought to herself. His perfectly muscled, tight ass seemed cut from the pages of an underwear ad. His skin spotless and, newly shaven, sensitive to her touch. Tiny goosebumps appeared as her fingers brushed over him. His cheeks lined up proudly against his deep cleft. Carefully she pried them apart to look in the smooth hollow of his bottom. The tiny vortex of his anus looked back at her innocently.

Sitting up, she stroked his back lovingly. “Are you ready Richard?”

He nodded, managing a weak “Yes, maam.”

She flexed her fingers and slapped the heft of his cheek quickly. As she pulled back she watched it spring back almost instantly. The fair color of his body turned the faintest pink. Three more blows landed rapid fire across his cheeks and he stiffened. She noticed he was holding his breath and caressed his backside tenderly until he regained his breathing.

She continued her assault on his backside. Stinging slaps landed from his upper thighs to the very top of his smooth cheeks. She became one with the motion, concentrating only on his rear and applying her spanks accurately. Soon she heard a slight whimper come from her side and she was saddened. He needed this and would most likely receive much worse during his time here but seeing him in pain affected her deeply.

The spanking continued and the slight sting in her hand grew to an aching. His butt had turned a blotchy red and he had begun crying. As the crying turned to uncontrollable weeping he began kicking his legs. This always upset Sharon and with a stern scolding peppered with extra hard spanks against his most tender areas, she got him to drop his feet and remain still over her knees.

The skin of his bottom was hot to the touch. Though she always found this image intensely arousing, she regretted the warmth that began in the crotch of her panties. Clenching her teeth, she continued. He was taking his punishment very well and Sharon hoped it would be over soon.

Repeating her warning of staying still, she launched another fusillade of strikes against his hindquarters. His weeping had turned to pitiful wailing and in between sniffles he pleaded with her, his words coming out unintelligibly.

The last strikes landed and Sharon breathed a relief. Her hand had the proper effect on him and she now used it to stroke his swollen backside lovingly. His gulps of air subsided and as his tears decreased, she sat him on her lap rocking him in her arms. The last of his tears stained her collar and he felt calmed by the warmth of her body. Her scent flooded him and despite his stinging rear he felt himself swell in response. She noticed this as well but ignored it and concentrated on rocking him gently and humming to him.

With a kiss to his tear stained cheek she led him to the bathroom and took up where they left off.

“Let’s try this again. Put your hands behind your Kolej Escort head. This is how we’re going to do this until you grow up.” She held his soft penis in her warm hand and aimed it towards the waiting bowl.

He gulped and with a look to the ceiling, let out a frustrated breath of air. True to his word, his pipes seemed to stop up. Despite his urgent need just moments ago he couldn’t let go. She continued holding him, certain to wear him out.

“Come now, you are making us late.”

He winced and a small droplet appeared on the tip.

“There’s a good boy. I knew you could do it. Just relax and let it out.”

He knew he could, knew it was physically possible, he was just shocked at the thought of such an act in front of a woman and a beautiful woman, one that he was growing fond of.

As expected, nature won out. His flow increased from a trickle to a steady stream. He held his breath the entire time and shut his eyes tight. The act was too much for him and he forced his body to run on autopilot this one time. He finished and attempted to shake the last few drops from himself.

Sharon chided him and told him to stand still as her small hands shook him vigorously. It pained him slightly but he managed to bury it under the more potent emotional stress he was going through. With a smile she tapped the head with the index finger of her opposite hand to finish him off. Though it was a small act, she took pride in what had transpired between them. The men in the family must understand their position as subservient to the women. Taking away a basic male standard- peeing in private- pushed him further in that direction. It shamed him and made him realize his lack of power, something most men are regrettably never taught. From birth they believe they are the ones in control, while all the time oblivious to that which makes them weakest- the love and power of a woman that knows how to wield it.

On their walk across the estate he could not look her in the eyes. In fact, it looked like he did all he could to avoid her gaze. She did not mind, she had made a major step in his progress and wanted to allow him some time. The next step could break him if he wasn’t treated with kindness and she never wanted him to think of herself as anything but someone to look to for guidance. She took his hand and he didn’t fight. All those that saw them admired the sight of a beautiful, proud woman, leading a sad looking naked boy with a well spanked bottom behind her.

Diana Donnelly lived in a villa on the edge of the property overlooking the beach. She was the first employee of the Burkes and a daughter of Theresa’s best friend. When her mother passed on she moved to live with the family where she busied herself doing everything from the family’s finances to cooking and tending her personal garden. Years ago she was selected as the teacher of the males’ most important subject, husbandry. Working closely with Theresa, they decided what traits they most preferred in a husband and what they expected of the men that would marry the Burke daughters. Together they planned a regimen of sexual technique, servitude and sensitivity. The men must learn how to please their women, for that is their most important job, but they also must learn how to accept a woman’s domination and know how to follow orders. Though few are born with the sexual skill, she has never met a one that knows his place. Over time she had become expert in teaching them and thought of that fact with pride.

They waited side by side in her living room. Richard sat bent over his closed legs. His elbows were folded on his thighs, effectively giving him the look of a nervous child awaiting the principal. Sharon fed off this image, reclining beside him on the sofa. Her hand stroked his back possessively as the top of his cleft drew her attention.

Diana was aware they were there and viewed the scene unnoticed from her spot on the porch. The boy was a fine catch, easily the best choice any of the daughters had selected. He seemed afraid, though she couldn’t be sure if that was due to his nudity or what he had already been through. She hadn’t been informed if he’d been punished yet though he may have well been. Some of the women in the household were quick with the hairbrush and leather strap. All the males on the estate can attest to that.

Fixing her hair, she opened the screen door and entered the room. Sharon stood on her arrival and when the boy didn’t she jerked him by the elbow. She spoke to him quickly, most likely admonishing him for his forgetfulness, and he looked sullen. The two women shook hands and, when he offered his, she pulled the boy into a close hug.

“You must be Richard?”

He nodded. “Richard, it’s very good to meet you. My name is Ms. Donnelly. For the rest of the day we will be together.”

He remained silent.

“I know you may have had a difficult two days. Your report says that you are so far excelling in all that is asked Yenimahalle Escort of you. It looks like Sharon and the other ladies are doing a fine job.” She smiled at her peer, who took that as he cue to go. When they were alone she bade him to sit cross-legged on the ground while she took a seat on the easy chair. He seemed very uncomfortable in this position though he did as she told. He hung his head and covered his genitals. He had not said a word the entire time he had been inside.

She paused and stretched, allowing him to get a good look at her body. She was by far the most beautiful woman he had seen on the estate, perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was a natural redhead that, along with her fair, flawless skin, betrayed her Irish heritage. She was not athletic like Nancy or sculpted like Sharon, rather she was buxom and rounded. Her breasts were heavy and perfectly shaped, drawing attention away from her firm, wide hips. She was the classical feminine form; not obese or muscled. She was more womanly. Her curves seemed formed to appeal to men’s most base nature. Wherever she went she was sure to draw stares from men that would lose themselves to spend one evening between her smooth thighs.

She was having exactly the affect on him that she hoped for. Leaning forward she placed one elbow on her knee and began.

“You’ll learn to enjoy your time here with me though it won’t always be easy. I’ll teach you how to be a man and how to be the perfect husband. The most important thing you can ever do is serve your wife faithfully and I intend to show you just how to do that.”

He nodded, unable to look away from the cleavage swelling from her unbuttoned blouse.

“Most likely a man with your looks has bedded many a woman. It is not difficult to find a woman willing to open her legs to a man though I would suspect you have not learned how to use your equipment in any way but for your own pleasure.”

She leaned forward, caressing his cheek with a silken finger.

“You’ll forgo your own pleasure to learn how to please a woman- your wife. You’ll learn about a woman’s body, something I doubt you’ve taken the time to have little more than a passing knowledge of. Beyond that, I’ll teach you the finer points of being a man- listening to your woman, setting a good image for her, making her home and bed a place where she will thrive.”

He looked like he was to speak but she continued before he could. “I’m sure you’re very nervous, unsure of what you’ve gotten yourself into and most likely scared. That’s natural and you shouldn’t ignore those feelings. All I can tell you is, like the other ladies caring for you, I’m a sweet woman. I know men very well and find them to be dear creatures. I love them and understand their needs. When you place yourself in my care you’re completely safe and though I may do things to you that will hurt, I will never harm you.” With a hand on the back of his neck she pulled him towards her. “You have my word on that.” Her lips touched his and she planted a deep kiss on him. Her tongue slid along his lips gently, causing his mouth to open. With a soft urge, she pressed her tongue into his, possessing him. His body reacted to her and, cock swelling, he leaned into her. As he did she broke away, smacking her lips together.

“A good start. You obviously have some talent in that area. Still, you have some areas that could use work. I’ll make a note of that.”

He rose on his haunches, his penis pointing towards her. As she stood he turned to face her.

Noticing his state she commented, “I’m glad you find me attractive. That will make this easier for the both of us.” She began undoing the buttons on her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders, displaying a black satin bra full to bursting. She turned her back and he noticed the creamy texture of her skin, complementing her lush red hair perfectly. As her jeans dropped to the ground he noticed a thin band of black separating the heavy cheeks of her perfectly toned ass. He reacted with her, following her every move, studying the tiniest detail of her beautiful body. When she turned his eyes followed, resting on her firm, heavy breasts. She had tiny nipples that swelled as he watched. All he wanted at the moment was to rise and suckle her. He knew he dared not, not without her permission. He was so entranced with her perfect curves and smooth texture of her skin that he did not notice the shiny black phallus that tilted from her hips, incongruous on this perfect female body.

She held it possessively in her hand and squatted to face him. As she ran her hand through his hair playfully she said, “If you’re going to learn how to make love to a woman, you must first learn how it feels to be a woman.”

Richard gaped. This was more than he expected, more than he ever thought he would take. On any other day, with any other woman he’d have demanded his clothes and left without a thought but something compelled him to stay, his knees remained rooted to the floor and his cock continued to rise.

Placing a hand on his shoulder she bade him to stand. Her member hung inches from his upturned face and for a moment he feared she would command him to mouth it as he’d so often done to his lovers. He feared that would be the final straw and he would fail. He would not be able to; just the thought turned his stomach.

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