Emma and Juliet

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Dear audience.

My name is Emma and I’m sorta in love with my best friend. I have blonde, straight hair with red highlights near the tips. I have brown eyes, kinda like chocolate or caramel. Some people say that I have a really cute face, and I’m kinda girlish because I have a black little heart tattooed on my cheek. I’m very busty due to my boobs being bigger than basketballs, so fat and soft and juicy. They barely fit in any bras so I have to get them custom made for me and they are my best feature next to my fat, little tummy and my huge ass; like I’m famous for my huge booty and boobs; especially famous enough that my best friend, Juliet, wanted to see.

Anyways, this is what happened.

I’m sitting in the middle of my bedroom, wearing only a white tanktop and a pair of dark red panties; which is silly because I never usually wear any panties. I’m waiting for that very special phone call from her, Juliet, so that we could decide if I was going to her house or if we were going to be staying at mine. Suddenly, my phone begins to ring and it scares me so badly that I fall out of bed… Silly me ^-^ However, after that I stand up and brush myself off before going to answer the phone; I got a text instead.

“I’m right outside your door.” The message says; I couldn’t believe how fast she had gotten here. I had to look out the window and make sure she wasn’t pranking me. She was indeed there; I could even see what she was wearing. She was wearing a blue hoodie, and black yoga pants that probably weren’t the best choice during winter; she had purple hair with eyes just as brown as mine. She was a bit skinnier than me, but damn did she rock those curves like a succubus~ I could see from here that she was not wearing underwear.

I got up quickly, deciding not to stall any longer; leaving my bedroom and running down the hall with bare feet. Loud claps echoed through my hallway before I brushed back my hair and opened the door for her. “Hey, babygirl~” was the greeting I got.

“Hi Juliet~” I say while reaching forward to give her a hug, only to notice the cold as hell wind that almost made me fall backwards. “Oh my god, how the hell did you get from ayaş escort bayan your house to mine without freezing your ass off?” I said this while putting a hand on the back of her plump rear and rubbing it, trying to warm it; not that she’d mind at all. We used to touch each other after school sometimes, nothing too serious.

“Sheer will power,” is what she said with a laugh, closing the door behind me and taking off her coat. “Fuck, babygirl, get the fireplace started; I’m colder than ice over here.” She said in her usual joking manner… She then stopped and looked down at my clothes and smiled, “Aww, you didn’t have to unwrap yourself yet; that’s what I wanted to do.” She bit her lip and put her hands on my waist. She then guided me over to the couch and sat me down, while she let me sit in her lap.

I move my hands onto her shoulders… “Mmmmmm~ your body is warm enough to cuddle with mine.” I then heard a small laugh from her and I looked up to see if she was just giggly today. “Oh sweetheart, we’re gonna do so much more than just ‘cuddle’ today… let’s start with just getting rid of this first.” She put her hands on the rim of my tanktop and pulled it up over my over-sized tits, not even waiting for me to put my hands up. She smiled and put her hands underneath my breasts and squeezed, making me moan loudly. “I knew I’d find your weak spot.” She then lifted up her hoodie and shirt; large G cup breasts pouring out.

I don’t even wait for her words before I press my tits against her; like two jellos pressing together… I kissed her on the mouth as she put her hands around my stomach, our tongues pushing into each others mouths as we made out furiously. I can tell that she had been near strawberries, as her lips and taste were so sweet and fruity… “Oh fuck~” is what I whispered into her…

Our eyes were both closed… and she grabbed my chin gently without a word before redirecting my kisses to her nipples. This was my chance; my hand closed around one of her breasts while my lips went over the nipple on the other one… I could taste milk… how lucky her toddler was to have a mom with a perfect rack.

She ayaş escort pulled down her yoga pants as I sucked on her beautiful chest; her lower area finally being revealed to me. She was almost shaved, but she had a little heart drawn in above her crouch… There, now she was completely naked.

I moved my hands to my own tits, jiggling them in my digits as I sucked on the cream that exited from the other’s bosom… I was so thirsty, so greedy… like a drunk child, I licked so sloppily and then switched to her right breast. She was moaning every second. “Drink up, babygirl… it will make you nice and strong.” She combed my hair as she did this. I guess she liked it alot because after a few minutes, she started to moan louder than before; cumming against my hips with a large amount of force.

I stopped moments later; licking the milk off my chin and waiting for her to give me an okay sign before she had pulled me on top of her, practically ripping my underwear off with her small hands and forcing my fat ass against her small face… She spanked me; hard.

It made me moan like a complete slut, and I could only turn around and bend over to put my own lips into her crotch. She shoved her tongue inside me, and it stopped me from even being able to kiss her on the lips of her clit. She was being so rough, force fucking my little tight pussy with her tongue. While she ate me out right there, I moaned over and over and accidentally knocked over her bag onto the floor… I gasped at what I saw, then louder as she touched my g-spot with the tip of her tongue.

She might have heard me gasp and pulled me off of her, “What, baby? Is it too much for you?” She said. I looked at the floor; “Is… is that for us?” I pointed out the small looking toy on the floor; two dildos with huge balls and what looked like hand pumps from those devices doctors use to check your blood pressure. I picked it up and looked at it, holding one of the pumps that led to her side. “How does it work?”

She smiled and bent me over into the doggy position over her, my face in her bosom; She had her legs wrapped around me, pinning me to her and put one of those fake ayaş escort kızlar cocks against my pussy lips. “I push this into her, and start pumping… it will slowly get bigger and thicker until you cum or it does… the same happens to me… however, I control yours and you control mine.” She pushed me down and let it go into me; I didn’t even know it went in; that’s how small it was. She then pumped her device and suddenly I moaned… “Like this…” She made me squeeze the device in my hand, and then her head tilted back and she moaned.

I bit my lip and smiled, going along with it and bouncing a bit… “That’a girl… let me make it more fun for you.” I smile then suddenly make a “O” face with my mouth and close my eyes, moaning as what felt like a 8 inch fake cock touch my insides. I love her so much and so I decided to squeeze mine twice… watching a bulge form in her stomach from the size… “F-fuck, baby girl… I’m… gonna get you for th-that.” She squeezes hers as hard as she can and suddenly pushes me onto my back, watching me squirm and grip the couch with my free hand.

She takes hers out of her body and takes the device in my hand before placing the other dick inside my asshole; giving me two cocks to pleasure my insides while I scream from the pleasure and lust… “You’re my bitch, sweetie.” She said, pumping hard on those devices… “Aaaagh~ ahhhh ahh~” I was breathing hard, moaning as horse sized cocks buried themselves inside me while I still somehow decided to move my hips with open legs. She grabbed my thighs and wrapped my legs around her waist, keeping me in missionary while putting her hips on the balls; trapping them inside me… I put my shaking hands on my stomach, my poor inflated stomach, and she moved my hands away… Instead she bent over to kiss my skin, where the tip of the first and biggest cock was at…

I came immediately, the force pushing out the first cock and covering the couch underneath me with juices and creams from the dildo. The other filled my asshole, not just with its rubbery texture but with a warm, gooey liquid…

I was shaking… and she pulled the second cock out of me before placing it on the floor. She laid on top of me and put two fingers inside my pussy, dripping it with my juices while forcing me to moan and squirm… she pulled her fingers out and licked them… “You taste good, babygirl… just remember you’re mine now.”

I can’t remember what happened after that.

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