Encounters with Meg: Sixth

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It is about nine o’clock when the phone rings. I hear a whispering voice, and I have to strain to hear the speaker’s words. It takes several seconds before I recognize your voice.

“Hi Chuck. It’s me, Meg.” You knew that I would be home alone tonight, but I am surprised that you have called.

“Meg! I’m glad you called. What’s up?” I ask.

“I have missed you. My pussy has missed you. I had to hear your voice.”

“Where is Tony? Is he there?”

“He just went downstairs, but he could come back up at any moment.”

“Where are you? What are you wearing?”

“I am sitting at the computer upstairs in the bedroom. I am wearing a robe, nothing underneath.”

I think for a moment before I proceed. “Here is want I want you to do. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready. I will do whatever you want me to do.”

“Spread your legs apart so you can have easy access to your pussy. Go ahead, spread them wide. Now slip your hand beneath your robe. No, don’t touch your pussy yet. Stroke your upper thighs. Run your fingertips across the smooth skin. Focus on the sensation of your fingers stroking, stroking, ever so soflty stroking your delicate skin. Touch gently, softly. Isn’t your skin soft and smooth? Don’t you like the feel of your silky skin? Think about what it would feel like if those were my fingers touching you instead of yours.”

“Oh yes, I feel your fingers touching me. Your fingertips feel warm and smooth on my skin. I love the feel of your gentle touch. Touch my pussy. Please touch my pussy!”

“Okay, now you can touch your clit. Again, your fingers are my fingers, remember that. Gently at first, stroke that little nub. Softly, softly. Bring your finger up to your mouth and wet it with your tongue. Stick your finger into your mouth, that’s it! Now suck on it. Use your tongue along its length, caress it with your tongue. Get it hard and ready. Now, move your hand back to your cunt. Use your wet finger to rub your clit. Feel your slippery fingertip gliding across your clit. Back and forth, gently, gently.”

“It’s Sakarya Escort Tony. I’ll be right back.”

For the next couple of minutes, I hear muffled conversation. You must have your hand over the receiver. I wait, my hand stroking my exposed, hard cock. I try to picture you talking to Tony with your damp pussy quivering with need. I wonder if your voice or your flushed cheeks reflect your aroused state. My cock throbs with desire as I try to picture your pussy, lips flared apart, the crimson chamber exposed, ready, waiting.

“Are you still there?” You are back. “Tony came up to get a book. He nearly caught me. I had my back half turned to the door. I barely had time to pull my hand from beneath my robe. I told him I’m talking to my mother. He won’t be back for a while. Oh, lover, my pussy wants more of your attention.”

“Wet your finger, then touch that clit again. Touch it in all the ways that you like best.” I listen to your breathing as your manipulate your clit. I picture the scene with you sitting at the computer, phone to one ear, legs spread, robe parted, hand between your thighs, fingertips toying with your lovely clit. I stroke my cock as I imagine.

“My clit is geting hard. It’s poking out, shedding its hood, peeking out into the light. I love the feel of my wet finger, your finger, gliding back and forth across its sensitive tip. Now I’m holding it between two fingertips, moving them slowly back and forth along its length, just enough pressure for maximum stimulation. Feels soooooooo goooooood, oh yes. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

I slide down in my easy chair as I pump my firm cock. I am ready to fuck you now.

“Slide your fingers down, down, down to your pussy. I know it must be ready for attention by now.”

“Oh yes, so ready for some attention.”

“Wet your fingers with the moisture seeping out between your lips. No, not inside, just caress the outside. Wet your fingertips. Now use them to caress your lips, softly, ever so softly. Your delicate pussy lips are Sakarya Escort Bayan warm and pink, engorged and ready.”

“Oh yes, ready for a good fucking. Take me now.”

“Spread your legs wider, show me your splayed pussy lips, your gaping crimson cavern between them, your juices seeping from within. I want to dip my tongue into your pussy, to slurp up your juices, to caress every sensitive millimeter of your engorged flesh. But that will have to wait until we are together. For now, caress your slit, then slide two fingers inside. Hold them there. Use your pussy muscles to squeeze them. That’s it. Use your pussy to caress my fingers. That feels so damned good.”

My hand is moving faster along my cock, rapidly stroking it from stem to tip as I picture your fingers buried to the knuckles in your pussy. My breathing becomes more irregular as my climax builds, but I force myself to refocus on you.

“Fuck your pussy. Your fingers are my cock. Use more fingers. Stretch your pussy. My cock is filling it, forcing it open, stroking its inner walls, probing deep inside you. Faster, fuck yourself faster. Faster! Harder! Harder!”

I picture you now, totally focused on cumming. You have slid down in the chair, and your hand is moving rapidly between your legs. Your eyes are closed and you are totally focused on the sensations generated by the thrusting of your fingers. I hear your irregular breathing. I hear the quiet grunts as you pump your fingers farther and farther inside your gaping cunt, ready to cum, needing to cum.

My climax is also approaching rapidly. My cock throbs as I stroke it, trying to draw up the cum from deep within my balls. I moan into the phone, and I hear you moan in response. I know you are close.

“I’m cumming,” I scream. “Cumming now. Take my cum deep inside your pussy. Pump your ass and milk the cum from my exploding cock. Take all of my hot cum. Fuck me. Oh, noooooooow.” The hot cum shoots from the end of my cock onto the carpet.

I hear you cumming at the same Escort Sakarya time. Your moans become louder, insistent, demented. Time and place do not matter. Your mind is focused on your pussy, its pulsations, its jangling of nerves, its contractions, its demand for satisfaction.

I picture your dripping fingers pounding into your cunt, penetrating to your core, caressing your soul with every frenzied stroke. You hold your breath as the full blast of your climax sweeps over you, encasing your mind and body in a cloak of invulnearability that allows you to focus totally on the intense sensations centered on your fulfilled pussy. Even if Tony were to walk in right now, you would be unable to stop. He would have to stand-by and watch as your body convulsed with each tremor dispatched through your body by your inflamed cunt.

You emit a long sigh. You work hard to catch your breath. I know from the intensity of your climax that you are still not able to move. Your nerves jangle with aftershocks, and your muscles are drained of strength. You remove your fingers from your pussy, and juices trickle down to pool on the chair beneath you.

In the background, I hear a vioice. “Meg,” it calls. “Meg, are you okay.” Tony must have heard you as you came, perhaps a loud, unrestrained moan or scream I did not notice because on my own cumming. I picture him coming up the stairs toward you, concerned, to check on you.

I hear the rustle of your actions through the phone as you hastily try to rearrange your robe and reposition yourself on the chair so that all will appear normal. I wonder how you will hide the rosiness of your cheeks, the glaze in your eyes, the drooping of your lids that always follows a strong climax. I wonder how you will hide the sexual musk that must suffuse the entire room by now.

“Okay, Mom, I will take care of it. I have to go. Love you. Bye.”

You are gone. As I hang up the receiver, I imagine the scene now unfolding in your bedroom. I picture Tony beside you, his hand on your shoulder, then sliding down to your full breast. You lean your head against his stomach as his touch stirs the unfulfilled passion generated by our oral encounter. I know you will fuck him, and I know it will be a good fuck. And I know that when his cock is buried deep in your pussy you will be thinking of me, only me.

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