Enduring a Hen Party

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I am at a ‘hen’ evening. Yes there are many things I would prefer to be doing right now. Let me think, cleaning out the drains, cutting my toenails or being at work even. The fact is, I am here and have to endure it.

My friend Anna is getting married shortly and a group of us are staying in a hotel. The reason I am not exactly enthusiastic, is because my own marriage has gone ‘tits-up’ after 20 years. Still, I must be compassionate. I have dressed-up reluctantly and am currently sitting in a little black dress and high heels with a group of giggling girls who are slowly getting pissed.

I don’t really feel like drinking much. I like a drink, but only one or two and have therefore had enough now. I will have to endure the evening.

To my horror, a few people in the group have started dancing! I bow my head and cringe quietly. Anna is dancing very enthusiastically and drunkenly. Oh no, she careers into a nearby table! Drinks go flying and I stand-up, mortified!

A man is cursing loudly and brushing himself down, having received a lap full of booze! I hand him a napkin in a hurry and apologise to him on behalf of my group.

I can’t look him in the eye, but after what seems like a great deal of silence, I lift my head and perabet look at him. I am mesmerised. He is beautiful. He is tall, very tall. He has short fair hair and dark eyes. I stare at him and he stares at me. He then says two words to me.

“What room?”

I answer, “111.”

He replies, “Midnight,” then turns away as if the conversation had not taken place.

I am not sure how I will get through the rest of the evening. I can’t believe that this man will come to me!


At nearly midnight, I make my excuses and go to my room. I have 10 minutes to get ready. I strip-off, shower, leave the door on the latch, re-dress and then wait. The time goes by.

He is not coming.

I imagined the whole thing. I must stay awake just in case he is delayed however…….

I must have dozed without realising. I look at the bedside clock. It is 1.30AM. He is not coming.

I must look incredibly pathetic lying on the bed in my dress and stockings still. Time to go to sleep I decide, and forget all about it. I peel off my dress, stockings and knickers and climb into bed feeling a bit silly and quite tearful. What had I been thinking of anyway inviting a total stranger to my room?

As perabet giriş I lie there feeling quietly humiliated, I remember again his dark eyes and tall frame. God, how I had desired him!

I feel a pleasing stir in my groin. No good without a man to quieten it.

Suddenly I remember the bag of ‘hen-do’ goodies I had been given at the end of the evening to look after. I climb out of bed and pick-up the bag to inspect the contents. It contains chocolate willies, an array of lacy knickers and sex toys.

I select an object that looks a bit like a pink miniature saxophone with little rabbit ears. I turn it around in my hands. It is clear that one end is designed to be inserted, and the other (the ears) to gently massage the clitoris. Again, I feel my groin stir and realise that I am extremely wet indeed. I have never used anything like this before…….

I lie back and slide the dildo into my now soaking cunt. It feels good. I experiment with the various buttons available and choose a setting which gently throbs inside me and teases my clitoris at the same time. Wow, this is very good! I let out a sigh, lie back completely and open my legs wide and move the dildo slowly in and out.

I close my eyes and imagine perabet güvenilir mi this man licking me between the legs until I can’t stand it any longer. He then slides his hard cock into me as deep as it will go and fucks me whilst crying out in pleasure himself!

I imagine him sliding his tongue into my mouth as he fucks, and then kissing me and licking my face.

I cannot hold off much longer. I can feel my inner parts tightening ready for orgasm. I can’t stop now and thrust the dildo deep, bring my knees up to my chest…..

I don’t hear the room door open above the noisy buzz of the dildo.

I am going to come….

Oh bloody hell it’s going to be big!

As I begin to climax, I cry out in pleasure, and open my eyes once more. I realise the man is standing at the end of the bed with an amused smile on his face watching me fuck myself! It’s too late though. It is happening….

It has happened!

I shut my eyes, remove the dildo and despite my embarrassment, enjoy the lovely after sensations of a good ‘seeing-to’.

His lips are quickly on mine. I open my eyes and look at him.

“I am not sorry for the delay,” he says, “as I would have missed that.”

He undoes his trousers and slides down his underwear to reveal a huge erect cock. I feel my pulse quicken again with desire.

“I hope you still have some energy darling,” he whispers, “as I intend to fuck you until you cannot walk properly”

“I will endure it,” I reply with a grin…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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