Enjoy Yourselves Pt. 09

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hello! thank you for reading. feel free to skip down to the dotted line, this has nothing to do with the story, just a little something i wanted to say beforehand.

first off, no more trigger warning/there will be no under 18 content. it’s not allowed on anyway and i probably should have stopped after the first one.

secondly, i dunno what my release schedule is, but it sure as hell isn’t consistent. i’ll try to upload more regularly, especially since the chapters aren’t super long anyway. but no promises obviously.

thanks for sticking with me.

– W

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Amanda waddled down the stairs, her stomach sloshing with cum. She stopped halfway down, stifled a burp, then continued. Good lord were Eddy’s loads thick. She wasn’t going to need lunch anymore.

To little surprise, Alex was sitting at the kitchen counter scrolling on her phone with a dumb smirk on her face. When she looked up, her eyes dropped to Amanda’s belly, which was actually bulging with cum. “How was the dick-sucking session?”

Amanda flushed when she realized just how bloated she was. What was this kind of behavior going to do to her figure? A cum based diet probably wasn’t the healthiest thing for her. She opened her mouth to deny her daughter’s accusations, then snapped it shut. She would just laugh at her. For god’s sake, her belly made her look a few months pregnant!

She just saddled a stool and poured herself a cup of coffee. Suddenly, she burped loudly.

Alex, of course, burst out laughing. “That good, huh?”

Amanda sighed, “Oh knock it off, will you?”

“When you finally admit what a hypocrite you are and let me join you, yes.” Alex said.

Amanda huffed. She had to admit, she was worse at controlling her inhibitions than her daughter, which was saying a lot. Alex was quite the accomplished little slut.

Eddy came waltzing down with a doofy grin on his face. “Hi Mom! Hi Alex!” He kissed Amanda on the cheek and plopped into a stool.

Before either of them could respond, Eddy just came out and said it: “Hey, would it be ok if a girl came over for lunch tomorrow?”

Reactions were varied. Alex nearly spit out her drink and said, “What???” Amanda beamed at him, her chest flushing with pride. “Oh? What’s her name?”

Eddy raised his eyebrow at Alex. “Uhhh, Elisa. We worked together at Eagle’s yesterday and… hit it off I guess. Now she wants to come over.”

“You fucked dad’s assistant?”

“Alex!” Amanda scolded. “I’m sure she’s a lovely young woman. When is she coming over?”

“I dunno, I’ll ask.”

As Eddy went to text Elisa, Alex and Amanda had a brief, silent mouthed discussion that went like:

Alex: Eddy fucked dad’s assistant?????

Amanda: Oh yeah.

Alex: How???? WHEN??? WHAT??

Amanda: Sweetie. Look at him. Of course he did.

Alex: Well, yeah, but… MOM.

Amanda: I know, I know.

As Eddy started to look up, Amanda desperately waved at Alex to shut up and they both assumed “normal” positions. Amanda leaned over the counter, giving Eddy a nice view of her cleavage. Alex crossed her legs and stuck her nose back into her phone.

“She says she can come around noon.”

“Oh that’s perfect, sweetie.” Amanda said, “That is, if you’re up by then.”

“I’ll be up!” Eddy said, slightly offended.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Patrick stood nervously at the doorway. What was he doing? Wooing his little brother’s wife back??? How crazy was that? He and Mr. White had talked extensively about Amanda’s unhappy marriage, but he never thought he would do something about it.

Was he exploiting Amanda because she was in a bad situation? Manipulating her into being with him because she had no better options?

This was a bad idea. Maybe no one had heard him knock. He should just get back in his car and–

The door swung open and Pat was greeted by Amanda in a dress with very low cleavage. Pat was swallowed by her dark eyes, flowing hair, and puffy red lips. Her confused expression melted into a warm grin, followed by a deep blush. “Patty!”

“Mandy!” Well. Too late to back down now. “These are for you darlin’.” He held out a bouquet of yellow daisies, Amanda’s favorite.

“Oh my!” She took them and smelled them, flushing even deeper. “Oh Patty, you shouldn’t have…”

She ushered Pat inside and shut the door. “Well, I brought gifts for the kids and I didn’t want you to feel left out.”

Alex’s ears perked up. “Presents?”

Patrick roared with laughter. “Aye lass! Presents! Here ya are.”

Alex’s eyes sparkled as she was handed a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront. “Oh my GOD! Uncle Patty! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!”

Pat chuckled as his daughter wrapped her arms around him and bounced around happily. He hugged her with one arm and handed a book to Eddy. “And Kıbrıs Escort this is for you, lad.”

Eddy smiled as he read the cover. It was the first of a new series by his favorite author. He had mentioned it to his uncle offhandedly, and wasn’t even sure he remembered. “Thanks Uncle Pat.”

“Anything for ya!” He said as he ruffled Eddy’s hair. He picked Alex up and sat her back down, taking a seat himself. “Well what are you up to, Mandy?”

Alex could tell that her mother had a definite blush. A blush she only got around Eddy. “Oh I was just going to make lunch for the kids, nothing special. Why aren’t you at work?”

“Oh, there was another scheduling error.” Mr. White always comes through. “They gave me another day off when I didn’t ask for it. I tell ya, one of these days they’re gonna run me out of house and home!”

Amanda shook her head. “You need to talk to the organizational department or something! You need that money Pat!”

“Oh, don’t you worry about me lass. I’ll take care of meself.”

Alex nudged Eddy and nodded for the hallway. He shrugged and nodded, and the two of them headed out of the room while the “grown-ups” talked.

They chilled at the dining table while they waited. Alex propped her feet up on the table while Eddy sat politely on the other side. He grinned while flipping through his new book, thrilled by what the title cover promised what lay inside. Alex was similarly enthused by the cover of her new game.

“Fuck! I didn’t even know they still made physical copies of games anymore. Where did that old dinosaur dig this up??”


“God, can you imagine Uncle Pat wandering around in a video game store looking for something I liked?”

Eddy shrugged. “He probably didn’t look very long.”

Alex looked up. “What? Why?”

“Cause you told him you wanted it last Easter. He was probably saving up to give it to you on your birthday, then got too excited and ran over here to give it to you.”

“Oh my god!” Alex said, “Do guys remember shit like that??”

“Uncle Pat does.”

Alex thought about it. She wasn’t sure she’d ever gotten a bad gift from him before. A little cheap maybe, but nothing bad. While her “father” kept buying her dolls and dresses, Uncle Pat always got her fun toys as a kid. Nerf guns and race cars. Robots and play-doh. He even got her her first console, a crusty old Playstation.

“He’s always really good at getting presents.”

Suddenly, Alex had a thought. “Yeah but why now?”


“Why did Uncle Pat do it now, in the middle of August?”

“I dunno, it’s just what–“


Eddy listened. At first he didn’t hear it. What was Alex shushing him for? Then, the background noise of Amanda and Pat in the kitchen turned forefront in his mind. Their voices had changed. Giggles and badly hushed whispers wafted into the dining room like the scent of a warm pie.

“Oh no way.” Eddy grinned.

“Yes way.”

The two of them crept as quietly as they could to the hallway, hugging the far wall. They peeked into the kitchen, Eddy’s head over Alex’s, just in time to see their mom and uncle kiss.

“Mom is such a slut.” Alex rolled her eyes.

“So are you.” Eddy countered, “Besides, Uncle Pat’s got game.”

“True.” Alex said, “I mean, he knocked her up with me, so.”

It took Eddy a few moments to process what his sister said. Uncle Pat and Amanda were really getting into it too, groping each other and kissing so intensely they were struggling for air. “What??”

“Ohhhhh,” she said as she sucked air in through her teeth. “I may have been supposed to keep that a secret.”

“You mean, Uncle Pat… and mom… He’s not our uncle??”

“He’s still your uncle, Ed. Daddy Patty just fucked me into her.” Pat picked Amanda up and put her on the counter as she started taking his shirt off.

“Jeezus, never call him that again.”

“However.” Eddy gasped as Alex started rubbing his package. “We do share the same stepfather.”

That also took a few moments to process. Eddy’s world was being turned upside down. And he was watching his mom getting fucked by his uncle while it happened. They were really going at it, Amanda moaning into Pat’s ear as he pounded her into the counter. She spotted Eddy and Alex watching them, but hadn’t really reacted. Well, beyond looking Eddy longingly in the eyes. That made his heart (and dick) throb a little. What did she want him to do? Come in and help? Uncle Pat was doing great.

Ziiiiiiiiiip. Flop. “By the way, did you have any interesting dreams this morning?”

Alex was on her knees, measuring his dick with her forearm. What was she talking about, weird dreams? Yeah, he did have a few strange ones, but how… ohhhhhhh. “Did you sneak into my room too?”

“Yeah.” Alex said as she sucked his head like a lollipop. He was hardening rapidly in her hand. “Got a problem with that?”

“No,” he said, brushing her hair behind her ear. “You let Lefkoşa Escort Mom finish me off though.”

Alex huffed as she slobbered over his shaft. “Yeah, that wasn’t my idea. Miss Dickhog told me to get out right when things were getting interesting.”

Eddy moaned as his sister deep throated him down to the balls. She choked and gagged, but her heart swelled with pride. She knew she could do it. Maybe it had something to do with being on her knees? She never had to worry about things like this before.

A hand ran through her hair and grabbed a fistful, causing Alex to moan like a whore. Eddy yanked her off his cock, then stuffed it back down. Tears streamed down her face, ruining her makeup.

Finally, when her lungs were screaming for air, Alex put her hand on Eddy’s chiseled abs. He let go and let her gasp for breath. “Fuck that’s good cock.”

He grinned. “Glad you approve.”

“You gonna let me do my job now, big boy?” Alex pouted as she licked the shaft and rubbed the head with her hand. Eddy shuddered.

She put his head in her mouth and slowly stuffed him in, wobbling her head from side to side as she went. Eddy was now leaned up against the wall and he tipped his head up against it too, gasping for air. Alex felt her chin against his balls, so she withdrew, bobbing her head up and down a few times for good measure.

“Oh fuck you’re good at this too.”

Alex smirked as she jacked him off. “Like mother like daughter, eh?”

She slurped up his balls like a chipmunk, each nut big enough to fill her cheek. She looked up at her brother, who was sweating profusely and trying not to cum early. It probably didn’t help that Alex was giving him big puppy dog eyes as she serviced him.

He was rock hard and raring to go, his hips bucking involuntarily as she slid her hand up and down his thick shaft. Alex marveled at the fact her hand barely went halfway around. How she managed to get it back into her tight throat, she didn’t know. And didn’t care.

What she did care about was finally getting that thick load Amanda always seemed to snatch away from her. Alex bobbed her head up and down Eddy’s horse cock faster and faster, gurgling and moaning like a good little slut.

“Give it to me,” she gasped, aiming the head into her gaping mouth as her hand slicked up and down his cock. “Please? Pretty please? I want it. I want it all inside me.”

Eddy groaned as a fat spurt of thick baby batter shot into her mouth, splattering everywhere and dripping down onto her body. Alex wrapped her lips around his head and sucked down as much as she could. Gulping and gulping down copious amounts of jizz. Alex’s hand went to her belly, which was expanding at a rapid rate. Her other hand went to her delicate pussy, which came a few moments after stimulation.

The stream was slowing down now, the spurts becoming smaller and smaller, but still Alex wanted more. She sucked harder and squeezed her brother’s balls, slipping a finger up his butt. Eddy yelped, and were she not in this position, Alex would have laughed at him.

As it were, Alex smiled around his cock as more and more delicious cum poured into her mouth. She groaned. Fuck, it was so good. And it was still cumming. She sucked and sucked and sucked and still there was more.

Finally, it ended. The last shot went down her throat and Alex smiled. Her belly was bigger than her mother’s now. God, she looked pregnant, pregnant.

“Mmmmmm…” Her lips sank to his cock again, which was now softening. She sucked him in and started massaging his balls.

“Fuck.” Eddy panted, wiping sweat from his forehead. “I’ve never cum that hard in my life. And I’ve cum pretty hard in the last few days.”

“Mm hmm.” Alex slurped up and down his shaft.



“Alex, I already came.”


“More? You’re almost bursting!”

“Give me more.”



“Alex, someone’s coming!”

Pop! Quick as a flash, Alex turned around to see Pat in his underwear and a cup of coffee in his hand. His eyes were wide as he looked back and forth from Alex to Eddy.

“And how are you and my brother?” Pat finally asked, carefully watching Amanda’s expression. Like Mr. White told him to do.

“Oh, well, you know…” Immediately, her eyes fell to her cup. “He’s been working a lot lately. Eddy’s told me about this cute little assistant he’s got.”

Oh yes. Elisa and Eddy were quite well acquainted. Patrick smiled. “Aye. Welly ain’t too good at keepin’ his hands to himself.”

Amanda sighed. “I don’t think it would bother me so much if he was just honest about it. I mean, you and I had an open relationship and that was incredible.”

“Aye, aye. Best three years of me life.”

Hesitatingly, she bit her lip. “…Really?”

“Lass,” Pat leaned forward and put his hand on hers. “You were the one that got away.”

Amanda laughed. “Me? No, no, no. I can’t even keep a loyal Girne Escort husband–“

“Then that’s his problem, innit?” Patrick said, “Mandy, I always regretted going back to Ireland, you know? Thought about you every day.”

She stared longingly into his eyes, capturing his gaze. The world could have exploded and Patrick wouldn’t have been able to turn his head. “And then, when I came back…”

Amanda’s eyes flashed, like she had just thought of something she would rather not talk about. “Patty, about that night when we–“

“I know, lass.” He should have seen this coming.

“…You do?”

“Aye.” His eyes fell down to his coffee. “It was a moment of weakness. I took one look at ya, and I couldn’t help meself.”

“Oh, Patty.”

“I’m sorry about the flowers, lass. I dunno what I was thinkin’.” He stood up. “I’ll get out of your–“

Amanda kissed him. Heat blossomed in his throat as he instinctually responded. His hand went to her ample breast. Oh hohohoho! She wasn’t even wearing a bra.

He lifted her onto the counter as she started taking his shirt off. He unzipped her dress and slid it off her shoulders, letting those beautiful tits fall free. “Oh how I missed these, darlin’.”

Amanda giggled. “Not as much as I missed this big boy.” She fished out his thick nine inch cock. Not as long as Eddy perhaps, but Patty knew how to use it. And he was just as thick as her son, if not a bit thicker.

Pat didn’t even bother taking her dress off the whole way. He just pulled her panties to the side and started stuffing himself inside. Amanda was already soaked from sucking off Eddy, but Pat still struggled to get inside.

“Oh Patty,”

“Amanda,” he groaned. “Yer as tight as a nun, darlin’.”

She laughed. “Oh I doubt that.”

“No, lass.” He said as he kissed her, “You’re perfect.”

Amanda moaned as her lover began to thrust into her. Oh god, he was better than she remembered. Almost as good as Eddy was. She could feel an orgasm building, but as she glanced over Patrick’s shoulder, she could see two curious faces peeking around the corner, spying on them.

After all the times Alex had watched Amanda fuck, it was only a matter of time before her son became a peeping tom too. Oh fuck. She wanted him to watch. No, she wanted him to come in and join them. She stared into Eddy’s big blue eyes.

Alex disappeared, and Patrick noticed Amanda wasn’t really paying attention to him anymore. He followed her gaze, but Eddy vanished before he could spot him.

“Patty,” she said, partially to distract him, partially to get something off her chest. “That night you slept with me was the best sex I had in years.”

That got his attention. He looked longingly into her eyes again, those intense green eyes blazing through her and lighting her very soul. Those eyes… they were her daughter’s eyes.

“You fucked me so good.” She gasped, “I never felt so full when you came in me.”

“Yeah, darlin’?” He grinned, “Well, I can do it again if you like.”

She yelped as he picked her up again and flipped her around. “No, Patty…” She shuddered as he gripped her cheeks and forced her ass down his cock. “Ohhh… fuck.”

Pat grinned. Those phat cheeks had haunted his wet dreams for years. He slapped her ass and watched it jiggle. Amanda moaned.

They really didn’t last that long. The sexual tension between them had been building up for years. Pat clapped Amanda’s cheeks for thirty seconds before she started cumming like crazy, and didn’t stop until he came another thirty seconds later.

Amanda’s knees were weak. She nearly slid to the floor before Pat caught her. Fuck that was good. It really hit the spot after getting teased by a cashier and sucking her son’s cock. However, as good as it was, she was a little disappointed by the amount Patty came. Granted, it was mountains more than her husband, but compared to Eddy’s cumshots… Well, there was about as much in two or three of his spurts in her right now.

She felt guilty for being disappointed. She instead concentrated on how good the sex was. Then she panicked.

“Patty! You weren’t wearing a condom!!”

“Aye, not to worry lass,” he reassured her, “A few kids in Ireland and I let the doc do the old, snip-snip!” He made a snipping motion with his fingers. “No kids for me anymore.”

While she felt relieved, this was also a brilliant segway, “Not before you came back to America?”

“Nay, a few months after.” Patty admitted. “I knocked up a cute little lass at the Spider’s Den and figured…” He trailed off.

Amanda bit her lip.

Patrick grinned. “No.”

“Yup.” Amanda grinned back. “She’s all yours.”

He laughed. “I never even… Blimey! After all this time?!”

“After all this time.” Amanda stood up and slipped her dress back on, giving Pat a little kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to take a shower, if you’d like to join me?”

“Aye lass, aye.” He glanced back toward the dining room. “I’ll catch up with ya in a bit.”

Amanda’s stomach dropped, but not nearly as much if her husband had just told her that. Hopefully the kids hurried up and finished before Patty caught them, but if not? Well, Patrick Wellman was a kind, understanding and open-minded man. Or at least she hoped he still was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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