Enjoying the Drive Ch. 06

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Dani and I dressed quickly, hurrying through a process that, until a few days ago, we had always excluded each other from. I pulled on dark wash jeans and a white button-up shirt, rolling the sleeves up to the elbow as I watched Dani slide on a pushup bra and slip into a light summer dress. It was tight enough around the body to show off her tight figure and loose enough around her hips that our parents wouldn’t notice that she hadn’t pulled on any panties under the knee-length floral print.

“You know I’m gonna have a boner all night knowing you’re not wearing any panties, right?” I asked. Dani grinned back at me.

“Oh, I know,” she said, walking up to me, her tiny bare feet gliding across the carpet. “I’m not wearing panties for the rest of the trip, and I’m counting on that meaning that your cock is hard until we get home.” My sister stopped in front of me, grinning, and brushed her fingers across the front of my jeans, tracing the outline of the bulge she had caused.

Dani sighed as she felt my cock, stepping closer as she fondled me, her head dropping to my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close, my hand sliding down her back and cupping her bare, tight ass under the dress. She groaned as I squeezed, licking her lips and looking up at me.

“It makes me so wet when I think about your cock being hard because of me,” she whispered. “My brother’s cock, so hard, right under my hand, waiting for it’s chance to pound into me until I scream.”

“How wet?” I asked, my hand slipping lower and around, my fingers reaching under the curve of her ass and forward, finding the wetness between her soft lips.

“Oh God, don’t,” she moaned. “We have to be in the lobby like right now.”

Dani pulled back from me, smiled, then grabbed my face and stretched up on her tip-toes, pulling my face to hers and kissing me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and massaged mine as she ground her hips against my cock. She broke away and grabbed her purse, slipping on a pair of short heels and backing away from me, curling her finger in a come-hither motion towards the door.

We held hands to the elevator, our fingers stroking each other’s hands until the doors opened. We rode down as a normal brother and sister, standing on opposite sides of the elevator. Well, mostly normal. We stared into each other’s eyes the whole ride, short as it was. I wanted to lift her legs around my waist and fuck her against the elevator wall, and the look in her eyes told me that she wanted the same thing.

Dinner was a study in behaving when we didn’t want to. Mom and Dad got a booth, and sat us across from each other. I sat next to Mom, and Dani settled in across from me. We spent the whole dinner pretending to pay attention to Mom and Dad’s plans for the rest of the drive, picking at our food, and trying desperately not to flirt with each other.

After our Mom polished off her third glass of wine, Dani and I looked at each other and laughed. Mom was going to be a handful for Dad starting in about twenty minutes, and would stay that way until she passed out later. She was also going to be a total grump in the morning, probably refusing to get up until right before check-out.

“Glad you two think it’s funny,” Dad blurted. He laughed as he continued, “She’s gonna drive me crazy like this.”

“That’s just what your hoping for, isn’t it?” Mom retorted and then giggled, high-pitched and louder than sobriety would have allowed. “Come on! It’s vacation! Loosen up a little!”

Dad laughed at her, then shrugged and flagged down a waitress.

“What the hell?” he said. “I’ll have a few drinks. You drive back,” he added, and fished the keys out of his pocket, handing them to me. I pocketed the keys just as I felt Dani’s bare foot slide up my inner thigh. I gave her foot a squeeze and winked at her quickly.

“Daddy,” Dani said. “I have to use the ladies’ room.” Dad scooted out of the booth and let her out. I managed not to let my eyes linger on her ass too long as she walked away, and concentrated on my food while Mom and Dad discussed “vacation appropriate” amounts of drinking.

“What do you say,” Mom started in a conspirational stage whisper, “That we ditch the kids, go over to the bar, and party like we used to!” I almost choked on a piece of steak.

“We still have a lot of road to cover,” Dad said slowly.

“Oh hell! We can show up a day late! I wouldn’t mind sleeping in just this once aydınlı escort on this road trip,” Mom snorted.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Dad considered. I could tell the alcohol was loosening him up. Neither of my parents drink regularly, so that one beer was enough to get him off his usual all-business stride.

“Shit, I’ll call the hotel and tell them to book us for another night. We can just sleep it off all day tomorrow. The kids can dick around in the pool or something!”

“Oh, that’s no problem, Dad,” I butted in. “Let me see your phone. I can book us from that.” Somehow, I managed to keep my hands steady as Dad handed over his phone and I pulled up the app I had put on there for him to book this whole trip in the first place. A few seconds later we were all set, and I was handing him back his phone as mine buzzed quietly in my pocket. Once quick buzz, then nothing. Text message.

“You guys take the van back,” Dad said. “Your mother and I will find a cab to haul us back!” Mom giggled loudly at whatever joke I had completely missed in Dad’s statement, and I excused myself to the restroom.

Once I was a few steps away from the table, I pulled out my phone and clicked open a picture message from Dani. My cock stiffened as I pulled the picture up full-screen, seeing my sister’s now-familiar pussy with two of her slender fingers buried in it. It was captioned, “I want your cock here.”

Another buzz from my phone, and another message arrived, the same angle, but this time the two fingers were in her ass. This one was captioned, “And here.”

I smiled and shook my head, putting my phone in my pocket. I made my way to the bathroom and stepped into a stall, freeing my cock from my pants and pulling up the picture of my sister fingering her ass. I could see the top of her bathroom stall in the background, and the hem of her floral-print dress peeking from just above her pussy. She was so wet, I could see moisture shining out between her lips.

I closed out of the photo and opened my camera, snapping a photo of my now rock-hard cock and sending it off to Dani with the caption, “You mean this?”

I stood in the stall for a few moments, letting my dick soften a bit before taking a leak and stuffing it back in my pants. After washing my hands, I hurried back out of the bathroom and saw that Dani was already halfway back to the table, her perfect little ass swishing back and forth in her dress. I saw her stop and fish in her purse for her phone, and I came up behind her just as she opened the pic I had sent. I was close enough behind her to hear her moan, and I brushed my fingers across her ass as I went by.

She jumped, grinned, and dropped her phone in her purse before following me back to the booth. Mom and Dad had just scooted farther into the booth and switched our plates, allowing Dani and I to get in more easily. Dani slipped past me and sat down first, quickly flashing her pussy at me as she sat down. I grinned back and slid in beside Mom.

We finished the meal relatively quickly, the conversation between Mom and Dad mostly consisting of allusions to stories from before Dani and I were born. Dani and I didn’t talk much, just ate our food and shot glances back and forth until Dani finished her salad and I finished my steak.

I took one last swig from my soda and stood up.

“You ready?” I asked Dani. She looked at Mom and Dad, confused, then back up at me.

“Yeah, but maybe Mom and Dad would like to finish their drinks?” she said.

“You two go ahead!” Mom blurted out with another long giggle.

“Okay,” Dani drew the word out and stood up slowly.

I turned and started walking for the door, Dani following somewhat behind me until we were out the door, at which point she ran and caught up to me.

“What the fuck is going on?” she asked with a small laugh.

“Get in the car, I’ll explain,” I said as I hit the clicker and unlocked the van.

I climbed in behind the wheel and Dani hopped into the passenger seat. As soon as the doors were closed, I turned to her.

“Mom and Dad decided to relive the glory days tonight. They’re going to stay out partying, we get to take the van back to the hotel, and they’re planning to sleep it off all day tomorrow, so we’re at the hotel an extra night.” I started the van as I spoke and backed out of our spot. As I threw the van into gear as the words bağdat caddesi escort sank in, and Dani let out a loud, high-pitched squeal as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“Holy shit!” she yelped. “Oh my god, this is gonna be amazing!” As she talked Dani flipped the armrest up and scooted closer to me, reaching into my lap and tugging my zipper down.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a grin.

“Celebrating,” Dani replied, returning my grin as she fished my cock out of my pants. “I think you’ll like this celebration,” she continued as she leaned over and swallowed my cock.

I hissed as Dani’s lips closed around my shaft, her tongue gliding along the side as she took me deep into her mouth. The tip of my cock bumped the back of her throat and her fingers closed around my thigh. She held me deep, sucking gently and flitting her tongue around against me as I drove, moaning with my cock buried in her throat.

I pulled up to a red light and reached down, my hand sliding down Dani’s back to cup her ass as she began to bob her head, working my cock in and out of her mouth. She groaned as I squeezed, kneading her ass in my hand and moaning at the feel of her lips sliding up and down. The light changed as I hunched my hips up, burying my cock in her throat and feeling her swallow against the tip. The hotel was only a few blocks away, and Dani held me deep the whole way, my cock buried so far in her mouth that she couldn’t breathe, her knees coming together as she forced herself down farther on me.

I pulled into a parking spot near one of doors and threw the van in park. Dani pulled her mouth from my cock and wrapped her hand around me, pumping my cock in her hand and looking up at me.

“Get in the back,” she said.

I stuffed my wet cock back into my pants and jumped out, running around to the sliding door and throwing it open. I climbed into the back as Dani slid out of the passenger seat and followed, throwing the door closed behind her. She reached into my fly and pulled my cock out again, stroking it a few times before lowering the straps on her dress and pushing it down, freeing her breasts. My sister climbed into my lap, gathering her dress up in one hand and using the other to guide my cock into her soaking pussy.

I moaned as the head of my cock parted her smooth, glistening pussy lips and disappeared between them. As she slid down on me, Dani wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her small breasts against my face. I growled softly and trapped one of her nipples between my lips, sucking it in and biting gently as she settled onto my cock. I flexed my hips and helped her push me completely into her, my entire length swallowed by her incredibly tight pussy.

My sister sighed against my forehead and began to rock her hips, grinding my cock deep inside her. I looked up into her eyes and we kissed, our tongues playing against each other as we fucked, slowly, gently, in the back seat of our parents’ van. Dani grunted as she rolled her hips, driving my cock in and out of her, humping herself onto my cock. She moaned, loud and uninhibited.

“Oh fuck, I love my brother’s cock,” she groaned. Dani looked into my eyes, her pussy squeezing me inside her. “I just wanted to fuck you back here at least once,” she said. “Now take me upstairs and fuck me everywhere.”

Dani slowed her hips and pulled back, standing slowly, my cock slipping from her pussy. We moaned together as my cock pulled free, and my breath caught as Dani bent forward quickly and engulfed my cock, licking away her juices before fixing her dress. I pushed my cock uncomfortably back into my pants and we climbed out of the van, hurrying into the hotel and catching the elevator.

We were alone in there, just us and quiet elevator music. I grabbed Dani’s shoulder and spun her around, pushing her back against the wall of the elevator and reaching under her dress, burying my fingers in her wet pussy. I curled them and pumped them in and out of her, my thumb flicking across her clit as she pressed her face into my shoulder and cried out.

“Oh fuck,” she yelled, her pussy clamping down on my fingers as she came hard against the wall. “Get me back to the room and fuck me,” she whimpered into my shoulder.

The door dinged and I pulled my fingers from Dani’s still-trembling pussy, grabbing her hand in mine and leading her from the elevator. We ran bahçelievler escort down the hallway hand-in-hand, me fumbling for the room key in my pocket, Dani giggling as her dress billowed around her and her pussy peeked out from underneath. I dropped the key into the slot and whipped it back out, slamming the handle down and shoving the door open.

Dani and I ran inside, laughing and horny. My sister stopped at the foot of the closest bed and turned to me. She dropped the straps and pushed her dress down and off, revealing herself in all her naked glory. I looked at her and pulled my shirt over my head, slipping my shoes off and unbuckling my belt, dropping my pants and stepping out of them. We stood in front of each other, completely exposed and consumed by lust for each other.

“Fuck me, baby brother,” Dani said. “Fuck me long and slow and hard.”

I walked up to Dani and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her body to me and lifting her, carrying her to the bed and laying her down, feeling her legs wrap around me as she pulled my body closer. I settled above her, my cock sliding across her clit, my lips pressed against hers. My cock pressed lower, sliding forward and into her as she sighed into my mouth. I buried myself in my sister, her pussy taking me in lovingly and completely, her body arching under me, her nipples hard against my chest and her hands clutching the back of my neck.

We moved together, our hips coming together, driving our bodies into one another. Dani moaned into my mouth, her tongue darting out against mine, her fingers running through my hair as we fucked, my thrusts slow and deep, straining into her with each thrust, pushing myself in as deeply as I could, feeling every inch of her pussy clench around me. Dani’s legs squeezed me, pulling me deeper, holding my cock in her before releasing and following my hips back out. I pulled out until just the head was remained before pumping slowly back in.

Dani’s breath came in shorter and shorter gasps, her body shaking beneath me as her orgasm neared. She gasped against my lips, her pussy spasming on my cock, her arms tightening around my neck before she screamed into my mouth and came, her entire body convulsing. My sister’s pussy pulsed around my cock, trying to draw me deeper and deeper, her legs clenched around my waist. I fucked her through her orgasm, short, deep strokes that drew her orgasm out, made it last longer and longer, her breath catching and holding, her face reddening and her back arching as her pussy went crazy around me.

“Spoon me,” Dani whispered as her orgasm ended.

I lifted her leg and moved around it, laying beside her and wrapping my arm around her waist, never letting my cock fall from her. Dani giggled and thrust her ass back at me, shoving my cock deep again and gasping.

“I like this,” she said. “But it’s not what I had in mind.”

She reached down, raising her leg and grabbed my cock, pulling it from her pussy and pushing it back, lining it up. My sister pressed the head of my cock against her tiny hole and pushed, wriggling her hips back again, slowly working my shaft into her ass. As the head popped in, I gripped her hip and pushed slowly, sliding my cock gently, burying myself in her completely.

When my hips bumped her ass and I was completely inside, I wrapped my arms around her and rolled, taking her with me, pulling her body on top of mine, her back against the chest and her face against my neck. I reached down between my sister’s legs and curled my fingers into her pussy, working two in and out in time with my cock working in her ass. Dani rocked her hips, her breath fast against my face as she followed my motions with her body, whimpering in my ear with each thrust.

“Cum in my ass,” she moaned. “Drain your cock in your sister’s ass, please,” she begged.

I sped up my hands, working the fingers in and out quickly as my cock pumped in and out of her. Dani cried out as her body tensed, her back arched. My free hand gripped Dani’s breast, pinching the nipple between two fingers as she came, her pussy tightening around me, her ass clenching on my shaft. My balls tightened, tingling, cum boiling up from them and blasting into her, filling my sister’s ass, flooding into her and making her scream as her orgasm redoubled.

I held Dani to me as we came down, my twitching cock nestled in her ass, my fingers gently toying with her pussy and clit, causing little jumps and gasps. We cuddled together that way, eventually rolling to our sides, my cock never slipping out. Dani reached over and snagged the remote.

“Wanna watch some Jon Stewart while we take a break?” Dani asked. “I mean, we could both use a little rest before you cum in my pussy.”

I laughed. Hotels were rapidly becoming my new favorite place.

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