Enough Chapter Two

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I went into the hall bathroom and removed my t-shirt and shorts. The insides of my shorts were coated with sticky white cum. My dick was hanging limp down my leg but was still tingling from my orgasm. I turned on the shower and got in letting the hot water cascade down my body. I lathered up my entire body paying particular attention to my dick. After about five minutes, I got out of the shower, dried off and returned to my mom’s room. This time when I entered her room I was completely unclothed.

“Mmmmmm, that’s a big dick.”, she giggled.

I laid down next to her again and she immediately took me into her arms kissing me with passion this time. Within minutes my dick was hard again only this time I was I was hoping not to lose control so fast. I put my left hand on the top of the sheet and pulled it back exposing my mother’s body for the first time. Her breasts were full and round with very small nipples that were standing erect. Her stomach was flat and smooth, and her pubic hair was trimmed very short. I reached down between her legs and slowly slid one finger inside of her moist opening.

“Oh god baby….”, she moaned.

I started to push my finger in and out of her slowly and within a minute her juices were flowing from her pussy.

“Baby, I can’t wait this time…. please fuck me.”, she asked.

Once again, I was at a lost since I had never had sex with a woman. But venturing on, I got up off the mattress and moved between my mother’s legs. She reached down and grabbed my hard dick and placed the head against her opening.

“Baby be gentle. It’s been a long time since a man has been inside me. And never have I taken a cock this big. So please go slow.”, she whispered.

Once she had me in place, I ever so slightly moved forward inserting the head completely inside her. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh as I entered her for the first time. I stopped completely and she moved back and forth slowly getting used to me. I slowly pushed a bit further until I was about halfway inside of her.

“God, you feel so good inside me.”, she whispered.

I inched at a little further without much resistance, she was soaking wet. She was also tight, very tight. After thirty seconds or so, I pushed the last few inches my balls touching her ass.

“God damn, your big baby…… fuck this feels so good.”, she said, looking into my eyes.

I began to move slowly in and out of her as she held on to my forearms. I was going slow as she requested making sure she was not uncomfortable. But by the way she was breathing and moaning, I did not think I was hurting her.

“Ok baby fuck me…. Fuck me hard.’, she demanded.

I increased my pace thrusting in and out of her faster watching her facial features for any reaction. Her face had turned light red along with her chest above her breasts.

“Lean forward a little baby…. rub my clit.”, she demanded.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I did as I was told leaning forward against the top of her pussy. Apparently, I had hit the right spot.

“Oh god yes…. Right there.”, she panted.

I leaned over and began to softly kiss her neck and my dick stroked her wet tight pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck like a woman who was drowning in a vast ocean.

“Oh my god baby…. you’re gonna make me cum.”, she said softly in my ear.

“Go ahead mom, cum for me.”, I whispered.

She wrapped her legs around me and held me tight as her body went into spasms under me. Her orgasm was strong and went on for close to twenty seconds before she started to ease her grip on my neck. She was panting heavily trying to regain her breath. I began to slowly move back and forth inside of her gliding easily after the wet orgasm she just experience. She pressed her lips to mine and forced her tongue inside my mouth. Even though she had just got off she appeared hungry for more.

After kissing again for several minutes, she pushed me off her onto my back. She got up and straddled me grabbing my erection and once again guiding it to her wet pussy. She sat down on my erection pushing it deep inside of her.

“Fuck this feels so fucking good.”, she moaned.

She began to move back and forth on me resting her weight on her arms, her hands on the mattress. I could feel a stirring inside of me, and I knew that I was going to cum again. Several minutes of her riding my dick, she once again exploded into an orgasm which seemed much like the first. Only this time, once she recovered, she became riding me again only faster and less than a minute later, she came again. When she finally stopped, she collapsed on the bed next to me.

“Oh Didim Escort fuck……I have never got off like that….in my life.”, she panted.

It took her several minutes before she completely recovered then she rolled over and kissed me softly once more. There was a sparkle in her eye I had never seen before, and her face was glowing.

“You ok, mom?”, I asked.

“I’m very okay baby.”, she giggled.

She reached down and took my hard dick and began to stroke me once again gently up and down. She glanced down to my dick then back up to me again.

“Hey baby, I’m not sure I can cum again, but I want you to fuck me again and cum inside me.”, she stated.

I got up and got between her legs again pushing my hard dick deep inside of her. She was still extremely wet, and I slid into her easily. I moved slowly watching her facial expressions when I was all the way inside her. This was completely insane and wrong in so many ways, but it felt so fucking good. I had already made my mother cum three times and here I was pumping her wet pussy again. It was almost like I was watching someone else do this and it was not real.

I could feel the sensation that was building, and it always led to an orgasm. I leaned over and began to stroke her pussy making sure my shaft was rubbing her clit. I could see her face and chest begin to turn crimson again. I leaned over her and kissed her pushing my tongue into her mouth. She responded eagerly running her hands all over my back.

After several minutes, I passed the point of no returned and emptied my load of cum deep inside of her. The feel of my cum splashing against the walls on her pussy sent her into her fourth orgasm of the night although it was not as intense. I rolled onto my back and rested until I was breathing normally again. I got up and took another shower and when I returned my mother was soaking in her bathtub. It was after two in the morning but thankfully she was off the next several days for the Christmas break.

I fell asleep before my mother returned to bed and slept until eight o’clock. I woke up and turned over noting that my mother was already out of bed. I laid there for several minutes thinking about what had happened the night before.

How do we move on from here and what kind of relationship will we have now? I made my mother cum four times and really enjoyed it. But then again, what if my mother regretted what we did last night and now felt horribly about it? There was absolutely no way to know until I confronted her again. I got up and went into my room and put on a pair of shorts. I slowly walked down the hall and noticed she was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee.

She had her back to me although it was reassuring to see her in white lace panties and a sleeveless t-shirt. I walked around her and to the pot of coffee pouring myself a cup. I turned and sat it down on the table looking up at my mom.

“Come here baby.’, she smiled.

I walked around the table to her side and leaned over putting my lips on hers. Her kiss told me everything I needed to know. It was soft, wet and full of passion her tongue searching out mine. She kissed me for close to thirty seconds before she pulled away. I walked back around the table and sat down across from her taking a drink from my mug.

“Chris, I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed last night. Your dad was a good man and I loved him dearly, but our sex life was always …. maybe normal. I would make sure your father came every time and most times I would too but only once. But last night…. oh my god, four fucking times. I can’t believe that was the first time you ever had sex.”, she giggled.

“Trust me mom…. it was. You were the first person ever to touch me.”, I replied.

She looked at me with eyes that had nothing but love in them. I was really confused at this point and had no idea how this was all going to play out in the long run. First of all, this situation could never leak out because what we were doing was against the law. And any mistaken sign of affection in public could give us away.

Secondly, did my mom intend to continue this relationship or was this perhaps a one-night stand? If so, life would certainly be interesting going forward. But the latter question, at for now, was answered by my mother instantly.

I felt her foot move to my crotch, and she used her toes to rub against my dick. I looked up at her and she had the most innocent look on her face.

“Anything wrong?”, she smiled.

“Not at all…. What boy doesn’t want his mom fondling his dick?”, I answered.

My mother started laughing hysterically at my comment which Didim Escort Bayan I really didn’t find that funny. She laughed for close to a minute before she regained her composure. She got up and went to the counter behind me and started to pour another cup of coffee. I got up quietly and walked up behind her. I instantly put both hands around her waist and slipped my right hand inside of her panties. I found her pussy to be wet once again and pushed a finger deep inside her.

“Oh fuck….”, she moaned, putting both hands on the counter for balance.

I don’t know what I was thinking of, but I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, so she was facing me. I pushed her panties down her legs and knelt in front of her pressing my mouth against her pussy. I extended my tongue and pushed it between the pink lips of her womanhood. She reached down with both hands and held the back of my head against her.

“Oh, my fucking god baby………”, she moaned.

I began fuck and lick her pussy with my tongue making sure I gave her clit special attention. She was inaudibly uttering sounds almost like it was a long natural sigh. The fluid was running out of her and coating my mouth, tongue, and chin. I wrapped my arms around her ass and pulled her hard into my mouth pushing my tongue deep inside of her.

“Oh Jesus…. I’m cumming…. fuckkkkk.”, she wailed, her knees buckling.

I held her tight as I tongue bathed her contracting pussy swallowing as much of her orgasm as I could. She was leaning over me panting trying to regain her breath.

“Chris baby…. stop… stop a second.”, she pleaded.

I remove my mouth from her and stood up facing her. She immediately leaned in and kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth tasting her recent orgasm. We kissed for several minutes before she pulled her move from mine.

“Baby, are you trying to kill me… fuck that’s five orgasm’s in less than twenty-four hours.”, she laughed.

“Just trying to be a good boy, mom.”, I replied.

“Oh, you’re a very good boy.”, she answered.

My mom got dressed and went next door and checked on Mrs. Gardner. Then she went to the market to pick up a few things. I put a load of clothes in the washer and made up my mother’s bed then cleaned her bathroom. By the time she came back I had the house clean and was washing the second load of clothes.

“Nice job baby, thanks for the help.”, she said, kissing my cheek.

She put away the few things she had bought from the market then told me she had to run to the mall for a few things. Since, everything was done I decided to go watch television for a while. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up when I heard my mother coming back through the door. She walked to her bedroom with several bags and returned quickly empty handed.

“Want to order a pizza?”, she asked.

“Yea, I guess so mom.”, I answered.

She got on the phone and ordered a large pizza with extra pepperoni to be delivered. As I sat there on the sofa, I knew it was time to get back to the gym. I was set to return to school in a week and my routine could start again. I decided to hold off until my mother went back to work then begin my training again.

About thirty minutes later the pizza arrived and we both ate at the kitchen table. I was surprised to see how well we both handled the night before. In fact, our relationship seemed to be better with my mom seeming much younger than she really was. She was not shy when it came to sex and enjoyed it. After eating I took my shower and laid back down on the sofa. My mother was in her bedroom and had been back there for a quite a while. Finally, it was approaching nine o’clock I decided to go to bed. I turned off the television, locked up and began walking down the hall. Just about the time I arrived at my bedroom door my mother called out.

“Hey baby, come see……”, she called from her bedroom.

I continued down the hallway stopped at my mother’s door. She was laying on her bed in a black lace pair of panties and matching bra. She had two candles burning in the room on the matching nightstands on both the left and right side of the bed. I walked across the room to the bed and climbed in taking my mother in my arms. I leaned over and put my mouth on hers kissing her passionately, my tongue in her mouth. She reached into my shorts and within minutes had me rock hard.

“I can’t get enough of this dick.”, she whispered, squeezing it firmly.

She sat up and pushed my shorts down my leg then threw them to the floor. She grabbed my shaft and began to jerk me off her eyes glued to mine. As soon as a drop of precum appeared on Escort Didim the head she leaned over and licked it off with her tongue.

She them took the head of my dick into her warm wet mouth her tongue swirling around the head. I suddenly began very lightheaded, and my entire body trembled from head to toe. She pulled my dick from her mouth briefly.

“Just so you know baby, I love to suck dick.”, she said softly.

“God mom, I can’t even describe how that feels.”, I answered.

“Oh, it gets better.”, she replied, putting me in her mouth again.

She began to slowly move her mouth up and down on my cock able to get most of it in her mouth before coming back up. She used her right hand and gently rubbed my balls as her mouth was driving me quickly to a massive orgasm. I was able to hold out perhaps thirty more seconds before I felt my load racing up my shaft.

“Mom, I gonna cum….”, I warned.

“Uh huh.”, she replied, moving her mouth up so that only my head was between her lips.

She began to run her tongue all over the head of my cock, but I was too far gone by now. The massive first spurt took her by surprise as she continued to take my semen into her mouth until it was just too much. She opened her mouth slightly and huge ropes of cum leaked from her mouth and down my shaft. I was still cumming in her mouth, but she couldn’t handle any more and she pulled her mouth off of me. My cum poured from her mouth landing on my lower stomach as her right hand continue to jerk me off rapidly. She milked my shaft until every drop of cum had been removed. She looked up at me with my cum still on her lips and on her tongue.

“I think, we both need to get cleaned up baby.”, she suggested.

Half an hour later, my dick was buried inside her pussy, and I brought her to three orgasms that night before she couldn’t take anymore. We slept in each other’s arms till the following morning when she woke me with a soft gentle kiss.

I went back to school after the holidays and back to the gym as well. The owner of the gym was expanding and adding self-defense courses for children and adults. I asked Tommy about then and he told me the Krav Maga courses were excellent for someone my age.

I met Danny and we did our normal work out and I began another cycle of steroids. When my workout was finished, I went into the other part of the building and met with the instructor who was giving the Krav Maga courses.

After speaking with the instructor, I learned that Krav Maga was a self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces. It was derived from a combination of Aikido, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and Karate. As I was told by the teacher it was focused on real world situations.

It was based on emphasizing aggression with defensive and offensive maneuvers. Of course, like most disciplines of self-defense it taught you to avoid conflicts. If that was not possible you were to finish the fight as quickly and aggressively as possible. Attacks were aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body and sometimes permanently injure your opponent or even cause death.

Physical aggression was the key and because of my size and strength the instructor felt I would be a prime candidate. I would be also taught to use any objects at hand that could be a weapon. It also taught you how to fight when you were on the ground because you were most vulnerable then. I would be taught strikes as per karate and boxing, take down and throws per judo and wrestling and groundwork per judo and wresting. Also, you worked on choke holds and empty hand defense per aikido.

There was a grading system that started with a white belt then yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. Black belt student could move from 1st to 9th Dan. There was a patch system with Practitioner, Graduate and Expert. Each category had five levels and your rise depending on your progress. The instructor’s name was Amit Garcia and was a 9th Degree Dan.

After listening to Mr. Garcia and the ease to which he explained the discipline I joined immediately noting my first class was tomorrow after my workout.

When I got home, and I tried to explain to my mother but of course she was concerned with any type of fighting. But as she noted, I was eighteen years of age, and my life was up to me.

I finished school that year with a decent grade point average but had no intention of going to college. I started looking for a job at once and had filled out several applications already.

I was doing well at the gym pushing more weight than ever. The Krav Maga classes were going well as I was already on my second level or yellow belt and was about to take the test for the orange belt. Master Garcia had taught me many valuable skills and was impressed with my strength. I would always ask questions and would stay on the mat until I did it to his satisfaction.

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