Enticing Uncle Mike Ch. 3

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I lifted myself out of the tub, grabbed a towel and dried myself as I ran inside the house. I’m sure my uncle was saying to himself ‘What is my daffy niece up to now?’ I bounded up to my room and rifled through my stuff. There it is. My razor and my soap. Time to give Uncle Mike another show.

I trotted outside and sauntered over to the tub’s edge, set my stuff down and took a sip of my drink. I dipped into the tub then pulled myself out and sat on the edge. I grabbed the soap and started lathering up my pussy.

“I hope you don’t mind Uncle Mike. I haven’t given myself a summer trim yet and being bikini season I really need one,” I continued to ramble seemingly without taking a breath, “I don’t know if you noticed Uncle Mike, but my pubes have been hanging outside my bottoms all day.”

“It was hard not to notice Mel.”

I grinned at that and picked up my razor. I knew he had noticed, I had seen just how hard it had gotten (giggle) I mean, it had been for him. I just wanted to hear him admit that he had been looking at my pussy when he had the chance.

“And it’s ok that you shave here. By the way Mel, who taught you to be such a tease?”

I had my head down, busy tending to my business. I knew Mike would be watching me but there wasn’t much he could see with all the soap and hair covering my slippery slit. I dipped into the pool to rinse off then got back on the edge and spread my legs to inspect my work.

“I’m sorry Uncle Mike,” I said as innocently as I could, “I didn’t think I would have any effect on you, me being your niece and all.” I picked up my razor, my all but naked pussy smiling right at my uncle’s stare, and started to clean up the bits of hair I had missed here and there.

“Mel, you might be my niece, but you’re also an attractive woman with one hell of a body and I am a healthy man. How could you not have an effect, as you call it, on me?”

I was oozing so much slippery cream from my cunt I was having a difficult time holding my lips out of the way while trying to finish my work. I dipped again and sat on the edge once more. I ran my fingers around my pussy trying to feel what I had missed. I couldn’t see because the light was so dim and the way I was sitting.

“I’m sorry uncle Mike. I just thought, well you know, like, I’m a kid and you’re a man and well, like, why would you get horny over a kid?”

“OOPS, Sorry Uncle Mike, I didn’t mean to imply that…”

“Don’t worry about it Mel,” he chuckled.

I was fiddling trying to get the razor at the right angle trying to finish up. I was having little success.

“Uncle would you mind giving me a hand?”

“Pardon Mel?”

He was a little shocked by my pending request but I continued.

“Well I can still feel hairs down here,” innocently looking at and stroking my bare pussy, “and I can’t have them hanging out of my bathing suits all summer, and sitting here I can’t get my body and the razor to find a suitable position for removing them.”

He sighed, “Yeah, yeah, OK. Look Mel, you’re really pushing my self control you know, but OK what do you need me to do.” He sat down his reading, which he honestly hadn’t looked at since I removed my bottoms and climbed in the tub with him. He picked up his cognac and finished it with his back to me.

Nice shoulders, and back, and ass Uncle Mike, I thought to myself, automatically rubbing my pussy with a bit more purpose. The water was about halfway up his thighs when he stood in the tub. Then he turned and started to walk toward me.

“Oh my. Uncle Mike.” My eyes bulged at the sight of his cock. Not huge, but fully erect, pointing directly at me and a nice comfortable looking thickness that should give me a little stretch if I ever get it inside me.

“Something bothering you Melissa?”

“Nice cock Uncle Mike. Oh I’m sorry. I just blurted that out didn’t I?”

He was shaking his head and smiling, “Melissa, I’m not sure what to think right now. But what did you expect.”

I slipped off the edge of the tub and reached out my hands, “May I Uncle Mike. I mean, like, I have ever only seen a few boys and this is well, like oh, please can I touch it?” I pleaded stepping toward him and placing my hands on his member before he could answer.

“Too bad now if I was to say no.”

“MMMM, it’s so nice.” I stood looking at it, holding it, caressing it, memorizing its contours and textures, forgetting for a moment that it was attached to my uncle. I dropped to my knees without a word and took him into my mouth. I held and kissed his cock and slipped it into my mouth. I, engulfed in the warmth of the tub, he engulfed in the warmth of my mouth and my passion. I opened my mouth fully to take him in. I closed my eyes and savored his flavor and his meatiness. We moaned together sharing this pleasure.

“MMM, Mel, that feels wonderful but I think you should stop.”

He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me bit.

“Oh I’m sorry uncle Mike. I just had to do that. It was cennet mahallesi escort like, calling to me or something. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Excuse my rudeness, but if you had kept up what you were doing it would have been me that came all over you. Let’s just put it off to the wine and cognac and hot tub. Now, what is it I came over here for originally?”

I blushed a little at his honesty. I lowered my head and licked my lips still tasting his manliness in my mouth.

“Oh yeah. My shaving.”

“Let’s get to it then. Up on the side again Mel, that will probably be easiest.”

I trailed my fingers along his rigid probe and looked at it lovingly one more time. I hoisted my self onto the edge of the tub.

“Let’s see what we have here Mel.”

He examined my freshly shaven yoni. I wanted to say to him ‘what you have is a shaved hot pussy right in front of you, you fool just jump up here and slam me with that wonderful cock of yours’, but I was still a bit flustered from his response to my mini blow job.

“Hmmm, Ok,” he said examining my bare puss, “I think I see what needs to be done.”

He reached beside me, grabbed a towel and folded it into a pillow.

“Lay back and put this under your head. I can see how this wasn’t working when you were sitting up.”

I was still mesmerized by his magnificent cock. “Hmmm, oh sure,” I answered unable to avert my stare.

I laid back, spread my legs and bent my knees.

“OK Mel, just scoot your butt a bit closer.”

I wiggled my butt forward. Here I was laid out in front of my uncle in a way I had only fantasized about. But I had never imagined I would be like this because he would be shaving my pussy. He ran his fingers around my crotch as I had done feeling for hairs you couldn’t see in the dim light. MMM, his hand felt much better than my own. His fingers traveled to and lingered in places where there was obviously no hair. That was ok with me. Really OK. Mmmmm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his caresses.

I heard him dip the soap in the water. He began to lather my cunt with the soap. So gently and sensitive were his touches. He moved slowly and deliberately over and around my yoni. I suppressed my moans as best I could. He was taking longer than he needed to but once again, that was ok with me. He stopped soaping me and picked up the razor. I’m not sure how to describe his shaving technique except that it was done with confidence and purpose. I guess men get a lot of practice shaving, so they don’t think about it so much, they just do it.

He put down the razor and picked up my empty snifter. He dipped it in the tub filling it with warm water. He held it over me then slowly poured the water over my pussy rinsing away the suds. I moaned.


“Feel good Mel?”

He poured another glass of the warm bath water over me.

I raised my hips in response “MMM, wow, yes.”

A third glass of water cascading over my bare labia and trembling clit. Now he was just teasing me and stimulating me. All the suds were gone so there was no other reason to continue with the rinsing. I raised my hips again, further. When I lowered myself I felt a hand under my butt. I closed my eyes.

A fourth dip of the snifter into the tub was the only sound that interrupted the crickets and the gurgling water of the hot tub. The first drops of water hit my mound. At the same instant I felt my uncle’s thumb touch me at the base of my cunt then travel up through my creamy folds in the opposite direction the water was flowing. His thumb stopped at my clit, paused momentarily then began making long slow circles around my humming nub.

A fifth dip. This time the water found its way around that rolling thumb and between my lips, tickling my exposed opening.

“MMMMM… Ohhhhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhhh” I couldn’t restrain my pleasure any longer.

I bit my lip and rolled my head. I don’t know where I was getting my gumption from that night but there it was.

“Would like to taste me Uncle Mike? I tasted you and… mmmmmmm.”

Before I could finish his thumb slipped inside me and was replaced on my clit by his tongue. His other hand was caressing my stomach and breasts. It was all too surreal. It seemed to happening so quickly yet he seemed to be moving extremely slowly in the same instant in time.

His tongue roamed through my labia drifting over and exploring my contours, instead of poking forcefully like the tongues of the boys who had done this to me before him. His hot breath wafted over my delicate skin that had been cooled by its dampness and the night air. My hands found his head and encouraged him to focus on my button. He knew better and continued to raise my tension and enjoyment. He slipped his thumb out of my hole, moved his hand then slipped two fingers into my warm oven. They massaged my insides. MMM, so this is how a man is supposed to touch a woman, I thought to myself. My body was writhing under esenler escort his attention, drinking in the sensations from his hands, tongue and mouth. Suddenly he sucked my clit into his mouth and danced his fingers inside me. I pressed his head down onto me, froze with my hips in mid air trying to hold back my pending rush to orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhh..” I could hold back no longer. I bucked and quaked and released the power Uncle Mike had built inside me.

“MMM”. “MMM” “MMmmmmm”.

I twitched while the waves of pleasure continued to grow, exploded, then subsided. My clit reached that hyper sensitive state it does after an orgasm. He released my clit aware of my tender state. He kissed my thighs, long slow sucking kisses. His hands caressed my legs and abdomen and breasts comforting me. Tremors continued to roll through my body from my intense orgasm. I started to sit up.

“Just lay still and enjoy the sensations Mel. There’s no hurry to go anywhere,” Uncle Mike whispered to me.

I laid back. “Thank you Uncle Mike. That was incredible.”

“My pleasure Mel. Just lay there, relax, and enjoy.” He placed a few kisses on my cunt. Then he began gently sucking and licking my nectar from my freshly shaved skin. His hands still drifted over my body, releasing more aftershocks from my orgasm.

“Just relax Mel. Enjoy and relax,” he murmured to me gently.

I closed my eyes once more and followed his instructions, enjoying his touches and listening to the messages my body was sending to me. His cleanup was thorough but I’m sure my cunt was producing my honey as quickly as he was lapping it up. He pushed my knees up, raising my hips off the ground. His tongue trailed down my slit across my perineum following the trail of my leaking pussy juice. He hit my anus, a first for me, a tongue on my anus. My eyes popped open. I twitched then settled into his hands and enjoyed the new sensations, trusting he knew what he was doing, and he did. My juice that had flowed along my crack, I could feel between my anus and his tongue. He placed his lips over my bud and sucked gently. My eyes closed again not aware how enjoyable the sensation would be. My eyes quickly flew open once more. My uncle had pushed his tongue into me. Into my anus. Oh wow.

“God, that’s wild”, I blurted out.

Uncle Mike slowly slipped his tongue out of my cavity, gave my pussy one last kiss then stood and said “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself Mel. I am too. Now I think it’s time we went to bed. Ummm, you to your bed, and I to my own bed. I think this has been quite enough activity for us to digest right now. Don’t you agree Mel.”

I propped myself up on my elbows. “Ok Uncle Mike. I suppose you’re right. I just feel bad that, well you know, I got, well,” this was tough to say to your Uncle after he had just dined on your pussy, “well, I came and well.”

He chuckled and smiled, “You’re adorable Mel. As much as I would love to spend the night making love to you, or even just the next 15 minutes, I think we should both take a pause and think about what it is we’re doing.”

I was staring at his cock again. There must be a gallon of cum built up in his balls right now looking for some place to be deposited.

“I could finish the blow job I started Uncle Mike,” I offered wide eyed hoping he would accept.

“You know Mel, that sounded really good right up to the Uncle Mike part. Let’s just call it a night OK.”

I reached out and gave his cock a squeeze. “OK. But you still have a really nice cock Uncle Mike.”

We both laughed out loud at that comment. It seemed to relieve the tension of the last few moments.

“OK, help me clean up you little temptress.”

He moved away to gather his things. I slipped into the pool to rinse off a bit and to warm up. I was collecting my clothes and glass and razor when I reached for the soap. Damn, there was one thing I wanted to do before I went to bed. I had to get the sunscreen off me. I dipped in the tub up to my neck then stood and started soaping my tits. I turned around to face Uncle Mike and in all innocence asked “Uncle, can you just soap my back so I can get the sunscreen off.” He turned to face me, his cock was in a somewhat more relaxed state, but still was the only thing I could look at, his libido was obviously calming down, “I’m worried about it clogging my pores if I leave it on.”

“Sure Mel, understood. Then we’re inside and going to sleep. I do have to catch that early flight tomorrow.”

He dropped the things he had gathered and walked towards me. I handed him the soap and turned so he could do my back. He started at my shoulders. I started to melt again under the soft touch of his strong hands. I leaned on the side of the tub and enjoyed these last moments with him before I went to sleep by myself.

“I guess you want your butt done too since we put sunscreen there as well.”

“Sure Uncle”. I was almost drifting off to sleep being so relaxed from the hot water and esenyurt escort my recent orgasm.

He spread the soap to my ass, his soapy hands massaging the sunscreen out of my firm globes. His hands were everywhere down there running over my glutes and anus and brushing against my pussy at times. His massage worked its way up my back again finishing what he started there. I was rocking under his pushes and pulls. His hands roamed around to my tits.

“May as well get the sunscreen of these little beauties too Mel”.


My eyes popped open once more. Uncle’s excitement had returned to his loins. He reached further around my front to wash my tits. His hardened cock was sliding up and down the soapy crack of my ass, my body rocking back and forth in response to Uncle’s washing me. I pushed back hoping he wouldn’t notice. It felt so heavenly and opened the faucet between my legs once more

He stepped back a bit rubbing my back then my hips.

“Oh god, you’re so damn undeniable, forgive me Mel, I can’t resist your charms any longer.”

In a instant he gripped my hips a tugged me toward him. That beautiful cock of his hit my pussy and slid right past my slippery gate.

“Ohhhhhh. You’re forgiven. Oh. That feels wonderful. Take me uncle. Please. MMmm… Fuck me. I’ve wanted you to fuck me all day. Uhhh.”

“Uh Uh MMM MMMM…” we moaned and grunted together. He felt truly incredible thrusting in and out of me. My yoni stretched to accept the breadth of his probe. The stretch I had imagined when I first saw his glorious cock. It felt better, more pleasurable than I had anticipated it would. I trembled with excitement and tried to make this as a memorable a fuck for him as it already was for me.

“Oh Uncle. Do me. Do me.”

“Uh Mel. You’re incredibly hot and oh so tight.”

His thrusts became more forceful. His grunts louder. His breathing ragged. Our bodies slid together lubricated by my sweet juice and the soap on my back. The warm water of the hot tub splashed against my cunt and I’m sure his balls. An orgasm ripped through my pussy once again.

“uh uh”.

He pulled his cock out of me and slid it through the soap up and down the crack of my ass. Uncle Mike grunted again. My orgasm was still vibrating in my pussy. I felt his cock throb against my ass and then cum splash onto my hair and land on my back. Wave after wave of his spunk landed on my back and shoulders and ass. I pulled my hair to my mouth and sucked his cum out of the strands. I felt a warm pool of his seed collect at the base of my back and listened to his softening moans signal his subsiding orgasm.

I reached around and held him against me. He collapsed onto my back, wrapped his arms around me panting and held me close. I straightened and stood. His arms still wrapped around me in a warm embrace, his cock nestled against my ass. His pool of cum slid down along the valley between my glutes. He caressed me and kissed my neck and back. I reached behind me, held him closer and savored the salty flavor of his sperm in my mouth.

“Ummm… Thanks Uncle Mike. That felt so wonderful. Mmmmm.”

“Oh Mel. That was amazing. Just amazing.”

I smiled to myself, proud that I had so completely pleasured this man I had desired for so long. And how glorious it was to be fucked so thoroughly by a man instead of those boys I had been with.

After a while he released our embrace.

“Hold still Mel,” he ordered, “let me clean you up a bit.”

He found the soap and washed his cum from my body. I turned, took the soap from his hand and soaped his luscious chest, removing the cum that clung to him after our hug. I soaped his cock, lovingly cleaning his pleasure rod, remembering the sensations it had just given me.

“All done I think Melissa.”

I lifted my head and kissed him as sensuously as I could. He hugged me and kissed me back. I’m sure I felt his cock beginning to grow again in my hands.

He broke our kiss, “Let’s call it a night Melissa. Dip in the pool and rinse off.”

I released his penis from my grip. We both dipped and rinsed the soap and cum from us. The hot tub water was murky, filled with soap, my pussy nectar and Uncle’s creamy cum.

We gathered the things that were outside and carried them in.

“In the morning just throw these glasses in the dishwasher Mel. Now let’s get to bed. Our own beds.”

“Ok Uncle.”

I followed him upstairs carrying his robe, admiring his naked form moving before me. I held his robe to my face and inhaled. My senses filled with his scent. Musky. Manly. Heavenly. I felt my pussy juice flow once more and warm my insides.

“Here Uncle. This is yours.”

Uncle Mike stopped at the threshold to his room and turned to take his robe from me. I quickly leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

“And thanks for making love to me. It was mmm, delish.”

“It was very pleasurable for me too Mel. Thank you.”

His staid response revealed he was a little uncomfortable with what had happened. I suppose that was understandable.

I glanced once more at his cock. It had captured my imagination and consumed my thoughts. I longed to follow him into his room and play with it the rest of the night. But somehow I knew better. We both turned and went into our own rooms.

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