Entirely His

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Adriana Maya

Wanting everything to be perfect, I give myself a last look in the mirror before heading back into the bedroom with him. He was right to buy me this outfit; the white teddy and thigh highs contrast perfectly with my tan skin.

I can’t wait to see the look in his eyes when he sees me wearing this.

Perhaps I was taking too long changing because he gently calls my name, making the butterflies take wing in my stomach again. I wonder if I will ever get used to him saying my name.

The bedroom is still dark but for the single shaft of fading sunlight on the chair that he sat in earlier. As my eyes adjust I can see him on the bed, still sitting against the headboard. With his finger he beckons me to come to him.

Summoning all of my courage I saunter over to the bed, and wanting him to get a good look of me, I do a slow turn before climbing over to him on all fours. I notice that he is rubbing himself through his pants and for the first time I see the look in his eyes. Its a mixture of barely contained excitement, lust, need and satisfaction. Seeing him look at me so intensely sends a shiver up my spine. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Crawling up between his legs I greet him with a deep long kiss that, if it is possible, is more passionate than the ones earlier. His hands reach up into my hair at the base of my head and he pull me closer to him as our tongues probe and taste each other. I pull away to go down on him, but stops me and holds my ear close to his lips as he breathlessly whispers, “You look even more beautiful than I ever dreamed you would.” Brushing my hair out of my face he smiles at me before kissing me again.

When I pull away this time he allows me to make my slow trek down to his pants, gently kissing, licking and biting as I go. My fingers, thankfully, are working this time and I slowly ease out his very erect Sakarya Escort cock from his pants. Smiling up at him I stroke his manhood a few times before running my wet tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip. He immediately grasps the bedding and releases the deepest growl that I have heard him make yet. This response is extraordinarily delightful and all of my thoughts are now focused on bringing the most pleasure that I can to this man.

As my warm, wet mouth encloses over his cock I look up at him again. I want to see the reaction on his face as I take his whole cock in my mouth. As usual, he does not let me down. The look in his eyes as he bites his lip, watching me, is almost frightening. I think I underestimated how much he has lusted after me this whole time.

Loving the sound he makes as I drive him closer and closer to coming undone, I start gently humming as I quickly glide up and down hoping this will bring him to his climax faster. Suddenly he grabs my hair and pulls my mouth from him. Before I am able to ask him why, he leans down to kiss me fiercely. “Not yet,” is the only explanation I receive for the rough treatment. But I don’t mind; I secretly like being dominated.

“I want to unwrap you from your pretty little outfit,” he growls as he flips me over on my back to look up at him as he crouches over me on all fours.

I decide to let him do as he will while I try to casually rest my hands behind my head. But even though I am concentrating with all my might, my restraint doesn’t last very long. I can’t seem to keep my hands from him as he ravages my lingerie covered body with his hands, lips, teeth and tongue. The feeling is slowly driving me insane. I don’t know if I can wait much longer for him to give me what I crave.

Finally, he begins slowly removing my stockings, gently peeling them away from Sakarya Escort Bayan my skin. Once the first one is off, he kisses his way back up my inner thigh to the other stocking and removes that one as well. He asks me to roll over and unhooks my teddy, gently pulling it off of me. Instead of rolling me back over, he licks me from the tip of my tailbone to the base of my neck, gliding his body against mine as he goes. I’m not sure when exactly he took his pants off, but I can feel him slide up between my legs and the feeling has my mind reeling in anticipation.

He pushes himself up from my body and not liking the absence of his cock between my legs i arch my ass up towards him, begging without words for him to end my torment and enter me.

Looking down on me he smiles and tells me to roll over again so he can see me better. Spreading my legs wide he lays his body between them and takes up his familiar place at my neck with his arms cradling me from behind, fingers tangled in my hair. His breath feels wonderful upon my skin.

I can feel his cock just brush against my already wet lips when he whispers, “You alone can make my song take flight, help me make the music of the night.”

The quote from one of his favorite movies drives a wave of warmth through me and causes me to grasp at the bedding above my head at the same time he finally thrusts his manhood inside of me. The shock of it drives a gasp from my mouth and I can feel him tense at the pleasure we are both feeling. He pulls it out again, only to roughly slam it back in again and again. He fills me up so much that it is almost painful.

The feeling is pure bliss.

I have waited for so long to feel him inside of me and again, I am definitely not disappointed.

His rhythm does not falter as removes his hands from my entangled hair to Escort Sakarya grasp fiercely onto my hands above my head.

“Tell me you are mine, and mine only,” he whispers commandingly.

As he is bringing me closer and closer to my climax there is no question in my mind. I am his, and his alone. He has marked me as such with all of his kisses and bites. His soul calls to mine and mine to his. I haven’t forsaken the rest of my life for anything less than being entirely his.

“I am all yours. Mind, body and soul.”

No sooner does the last word leave my lips, than an orgasm such as I have never felt before erupts from my loins, floods my body and I scream his name. Just as I am riding the first waves of my orgasm, clenching his hands to help me hold on to reality, I hear and most importantly, feel, that he is reaching his peak as well. Our voices intermingle in the dark room during our climax. I’ve can’t say that I’ve ever heard my name sound so wonderful.

I have never had an orgasm this strong, or even in this position at all before. Usually I have to be on top or I am left feeling unsatisfied. I realize that the closeness of this position is wonderful. I open my eyes to find his face hovering above mine and I notice that the lust that I saw earlier in his eyes has been replaced by something else. He smiles down at me as he untangles a hand from mine, to cup my face with it as he leans in to kiss me again. I vaguely wonder why I have never enjoyed kissing before.

“I love you,” he murmurs.

Understanding blossoms in my mind, love is what replaced the lust in his eyes.

At the same exact moment I realize that I love him too. I have from the first day, but I was too afraid to admit it to myself for fear of what it would mean. How it would turn my life upside down. This is why I could never seem to ignore him or forget him.

My brain finally seems to come out of the lust filled fog and screams at me, “What are we going to do next?”

I didn’t realize that I said it out loud until he replies back “Don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of it my Love. You are mine now, and I will never share you again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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