Erika Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Oral

The steam rose off the pot as she stirred a milky broth. Another twenty minutes on slow simmer and it would be ready for more spices and then the noodles and the soup would be done. Damned hot day in El Cajon and she wasn’t about to go around in the house fully clothed, but at the same time, three days after her period ended, anything is an excuse to fuck. Leaning over the food again and getting a good sniff, her course, dark hair fell off her shoulder and unceremoniously into the soup. Erika closed her eyes and inhaled while a lock or her hair soaked up the fruits of her labor. Few things on earth make her happier than food. She’s not fat, just a little on the plump side, but deep inside her is the soul of Rubins himself. Let’s just hope she never fully embodies his vision and keeps the fat quarantined to its allotted positions of ponderous breasts and a fat Mexican ass. Her head was still in the pot when the door opened and in walked her lover, going directly into the computer room, not even seeing her. She perked up and pouted her lips as the soup laden hair splatted on spaghetti strap top leaving a yellow stain on the white fabric. No problem I got it she told herself poking both her hair and her strap into her mouth to be happily sucked clean at the same time as an enormous grin split her face. God I’m such a little kid… Where the hell is he? “Did he just come home and not say hi to me?” she asked her self indignantly, out loud this time. We’ll see about that.

It is always bad around this time of the month, and she berated herself for a slut as she unbuttoned the top of her ripped off shorts and rolled the hem over exposing the soft curve of her lower stomach. She reached back and checked to make sure a hint of her ass was showing out the top of her pants and that the jeans were hiked up into her crack at the bottom. Two long fingernails stopped to caress the top of her ass, breathing slowly as her middle finger dipped between bostancı escort the folded flesh scratching back up to her back. That hand hiked up the back of her shirt while the other pulled the front down, exposing her light blue bra and enormous tanned breasts. Just enough so he’d have to be blind to miss it. She pulled down the bottom to cover her stomach but it was useless, her pants were folded down already and a good three inches of mid drift was visible all the way around her supple hips.

Pulling it down was just an excuse anyway and she knew it as her fingers pushed inside the front of her pants and over her mound Damn… and touched the wetness already soaking her lips. Her toothy grin was long gone as her lips parted with the touch of those nails on her pussy. Masturbation is fun but she knew what she was doing and pulled her fingers from herself once they were completely lathered in… her.

One more tug on the shorts to make sure her crack was showing and she walked slowly out of the kitchen and around the corner, pausing to see her lover’s back as he faced the computer screen.

She didn’t say a word as she walked quietly into the room. She just swayed her hips up behind his chair and said: “Hey, Fred. Have fun out there today?”

“It was ok; nothing special. I found some plants for the porch though.” He said still staring into the monitor, reading his email.

“That’s good, I’m working on a late lunch/early dinner if you’re interested.”

“Maybe in a bit.” He looked dead into the screen.

“Don’t I merit a kiss?”

He stopped reading but kept looking into the screen. Would it be better to piss her off and ignore her or be sweet? It was safer to be sweet even if it meant passing up some really great rough sex if she got mad in the right way. He spun his chair to face her and was greeted with a sight that made him wish he’d been mean. Her stomach was exposed from her ribs çeliktepe escort all the way down to her hip flexors and her breasts seemed to scream for release from her over-tight bra. Her hair was down and her lips swollen. I’ve got to marry this girl he though for the hundredth time. For a man with strange tastes and a love of chub this one was a wet dream…. and his best friend… and loved him back.

Standing up before his erection kept him from doing it he hugged her hello and gave her a loving, lustless kiss. A little tongue, but not enough.

Figures she thought with a chuckle before she reached down and squeezed his growing erection and gently pressed her still-wet fingers into his mouth. Fred sucked her fingers clean while she unzipped his pants and brought out his throbbing cock with her hot little hand. They shared one long sucking kiss and sweaty palmed stroking before she sank to her knees in front of him and raised her eyes. Deep brown eyes glittered in a round face as her swollen lips caught the head of his cock in her mouth. Gently raking her teeth over the shaft of his penis, just an inch down, while her tongue pressed against the underside. Erika sighed and gripped the top of her bra and pulled it down, revealing enormous breasts and dark hard nipples. It was mostly for the view it would be giving him as he looked down at her but for a girl who hates her entire body, except her breasts, showing them off was a thrill. And she could squeeze her nipples for a little while to give them some relief while she sucked his dick.

She didn’t relish the sucking as much as the noises he made when she did. Quiet moans issued from his throat while her pursed lips ran wetly up and down the side of his erection. She liked sticking out her tongue and licking his penis slowly, ever now and then glancing up to see his pained expression. Releasing a throbbing nipple she grasped the base of her subject and inhaled cihangir escort it in one quick movement, pushing it slightly down her throat and then raking her teeth over the sensitive flesh as she pulled it out again. His breath caught and she dripped in her panties, feeling the power of her mouth. Once he was nice and wet she reached up and gave him a tug, slowly but firmly stroking him towards orgasm while her mouth sucked away at his head. The wet noises echoing in her ears made her shiver and she moaned as her ran his hands over her face and through her hair. Her free hand slid down over her fat chest and down to her folded down belt line, and was unceremoniously stuffed down the front of her pants for another touch. Well practiced fingers rubbed madly and her other hand and mouth moved as one, her breasts undulating above her bra and smacking against her ribs as she threw her body into the action.

Her hips snapped back into her hand and she moaned around his cock, vibrating it, and ripping gruntal sighs from his throat, making her juices flow even more freely. Raking her teeth and sucking freely at his cock, she drew him in deeper and deeper, her throat opening ever so slightly as she forced it down. Now was the time. She wanted him to cum NOW. The power washed over her as she tore her slippery hands from her sopping pussie and his hard cock and latched onto his hips. She squeezed her eyes shut and moaned as she thrust herself forward and engulfed him. She vaguely felt his hands raking through her hair and pulling her in, but the moans she ripped from him and the wet sounds of her sucking echoed in her head. She pulled it in and out of her throat and then out of her mouth to look at it before inhaling it again. She didn’t bother to look up. She knew how he looked when he was close. She just wanted to hear him catch his breath again and again as she dominated from her knees.

Teeth, tongue, suction, and Throat worked him over and over, never giving him enough of the same so he could cum till She decided to make him. She sucked him hard and then swallowed him whole in time for him to cum down her throat. At least part way, the rest she caught in her mouth and swallowed it slowly while looking triumphantly into Freddie’s flushed face.

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