Erika’s Toy Ch. 02

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Daniel’s painful encounter with the sexy Erika was now two weeks in the past. The welts and bruises she had inflicted on his backside were now mostly faded if not completely healed. The first two days had been the worst. Any form of sitting, be it at his desk at work or on the toilet, he was continually reminded of what Mistress Erika was capable of doing to him. The really crazy part was the psychological effect of Erika’s punishments. His painful buttocks triggered constant thoughts of the wild redhead using him for her entertainment and pleasure. The crazy bitch had invaded his mind and there was nothing he could do to stop her.

It was a warm October afternoon and Daniel was enjoying an excellent football game. The Texas Longhorns were trailing Baylor by two points but were on the march with less than two minutes left. Just as the Longhorn center snapped the ball the doorbell chimed. Daniel cursed silently and went to the door expecting to meet some dumbass asking for money. However, upon opening the door Daniel was rewarded with the sight of three incredibly hot women.

The first one to speak was a beautiful 5′ 7″ brunette who cocked her head to the left and smiled, “Hi, I’m Lenore. I’m so sorry to bother you but we are supposed to lead a pump fitness class that starts in about twenty minutes, and we seen to have the wrong address for the gym. And of course none of us bothered to bring our purse or cell. Would you be a dear and let us use your phone?”

Daniel who had been instantly mesmerized by the dark haired beauty who looked to be in her mid-thirties pulled out of his trance long enough to reply, “Absolutely, please come in.”

Lenore who was showcasing her legs in a pair of skimpy yoga shorts strutted past Daniel while introducing her two companions, “This is Katrina and Kendra!”

Katrina was about the same height as Lenore but with hair a shade lighter. The 30 year old looked stunning in a pair of black workout capris and matching sports bra. Following her was the equally attractive Kendra. While Lenore and Katrina were of average height, Kendra was a towering six feet tall. The amazon was attired in tight black capris like Katrina, but her 36D breasts were encased in a much more revealing top.

Daniel eyes were so completely occupied with the tight athletic bodies of the three women that he didn’t even notice the small gym bag Kendra had carried in with her.

Daniel finally found his manners and managed to introduce himself, “I’m Dan, there is a phone in the kitchen that you are welcome to use.” Lenore flashed him a knowing smile and headed for the kitchen. Daniel took more than a cursory glance at her swaying bottom as she walked away. His staring was quite obvious to both Katrina and Kendra who smiled with amusement.

Lenore dialed some numbers into the phone and after a brief pause began to speak. However, Daniel could not understand a word she was saying. She was conversing in a language that to Daniel sounded like Russian.

The conversation went on for over a minute. Daniel exchanged small talk with Katrina and Kendra while Lenore was on the phone. Lenore’s phone call seemed to be quite pleasant. However, unbeknownst to Daniel the phone call had already ended and Lenore was now speaking directly to her two comely companions. Having been given the directive from Lenore to proceed as planned, Kendra positioned herself behind her unsuspecting victim. The voluptuous vixen grabbed Daniel’s right arm by the wrist and effortlessly twisted it behind his back into a painful hammerlock. Before he know what was happening, Kendra wrapped her left arm around Daniel’s throat while still maintaining a firm hold of his right arm. Acting on Kendra’s cue, Katrina took care of Daniel’s left arm. She used her left hand to secure his wrist, and her right arm to completely immobilize him.

Daniel attempted a brief struggle with his two female abductors. His efforts elicited a triumphant smirk from Lenore who commented, “Don’t knock yourself out struggling! I can assure you that Kendra and Katrina are more than capable of handling you!” Lenore punctuated her remark by striding up to her prisoner and playfully pinching his cheek between her fingers.

Lenore’s comment resulted in a playful scolding from Kendra: “Don’t discourage him Lenore! I love when they try to be willful!” The buxom babe tightened her grip on Daniel and continued, “The more he struggles now, the more docile he will be after we tie him up!” With her boobs providing a soft cushion for Daniel’s upper back, Kendra pressed her lips to his right ear and whispered, “Isn’t that right sweetie…”

Both Lenore and Katrina giggled at Kendra’s taunting. However, Lenore quickly turned her attention to the gym bag that Kendra had brought with her. She opened the bag and retrieved a long strip of terry cloth material. The one inch wide material looked like a bathrobe belt only much longer. The leggy brunette gripped the material with both hands and turned to face porno Daniel, “Open wide Danny Boy!” Daniel did not obey her request but it did not really matter. With her two accomplices firmly holding him, Lenore forced the material into his mouth. The terry cloth was plenty long enough for Lenore to wrap it two times around his head and still tie a very secure knot. Very satisfied with the double-wrapped gag Lenore traced her bright red fingernail under Daniel’s chin and cooed, “That should keep you quiet!” The humiliated Daniel could only reply with a soft muffled groan.

The next item on Lenore’s agenda would be stripping the prisoner of his clothing. She asked Katrina if she would like to perform this little chore. Katrina replied the she would be delighted. Daniel put up no resistance as Katrina passed ownership of his left arm to Lenore. Taking a secure hold of his arm Lenore made an extra effort to snuggle in close with her 34C chest knowing only too well the strain it would but on his already tightening crotch.

Katrina turned to face Daniel and stared confidently with her piercing brown eyes. She got close enough for Daniel to feel her breath on his face as she reached down to unbuckle his belt. She took her time to slowly pull the belt through the loops of his khaki shorts and deposit it onto the living room sofa. Daniel could sense the soft scent of her perfume as she unbuttoned his shorts and ever so slowly pulled down the zipper. Katrina slid her hands inside the waist band of the khakis pausing as her fingers “incidentally” brushed over the bulge in his underwear. She felt a sense of power as her hands gripped the sides of his shorts and slid them onto the floor. Daniel now found himself not only under the control of three beautiful women, but wearing only a tee shirt and his dark grey jockey briefs.

Katrina smiled with amusement at the bulge in Daniel’s underwear. She also noticed a growing wet stain on his crotch and quipped, “So very typical! The poor little dear gets anywhere close to an attractive woman and starts dribbling all over himself!” The three women giggled with delight. If Daniel was not already thoroughly humiliated, this would certainly do it.

Despite the embarrassment Daniel was still sporting a significant hard-on as Katrina slipped her left hand inside the waistband of his jockeys. She pinched the underside of his penis with the sharp nails or her thumb and index finger. The sharp pain elicited a whimper from her gagged captive.

Lenore more than amused at his predicament taunted, “Don’t be such a baby! Or I will really give you something to really cry about!”

Katrina continued to play with Daniel’s erection while slowly sliding her other hand inside the backside of his underwear. She took some time to play with his ass before sliding the briefs down his legs and onto the floor. Now completely naked from the waist down, Daniel’s cock stood out like a flagpole.

Lenore turned to Katrina with a smile and inquired, “If you are done molesting him, I would suggest we take our generous host to the bedroom and tie him up!”

Katrina ran her fingers through Daniel’s hair and replied, “I’m finished with him!”

She then closed her fingers around a handful of his hair and pulled him close enough to whisper into his ear, “For now!”

Halfway through Katrina’s production of stripping Daniel of his clothing, Kendra had concluded that Daniel was of no threat to escape and had released her choke hold. However, she did maintain a firm grasp of the right arm that she had twisted behind his back. When Lenore mentioned taking Daniel to the bedroom, Kendra replied, “You can let go of him Lenore. If you can bring my bag, I’ll put him to bed!”

Kendra gave Daniel a more than gentle nudge and proceeded to perp-walk him from the living room and down the hall. For some reason it never occurred to Daniel that Kendra seemed to be very familiar with the layout of his townhouse. Kendra led him down the hall and into his bedroom.

Still controlling him with a painful hold of his right arm, Kendra ordered Daniel to crawl onto the bed. She made sure he was properly centered on the king size bed, and with him in a facedown prone position maneuvered herself into a sitting position with her tight ass resting on the back of his head.

Lenore carrying the gym bag, and Katrina had followed Kendra into the bedroom. Lenore set the bag on the corner of the bed and retrieved a long strip of terrycloth identical to the one she had used to gag Daniel. With Katrina holding Daniel’s left leg Lenore double-wrapped the material around his ankle. After repeating the procedure with his right ankle, Katrina lifted both legs which were now bound together while Lenore wrapped two more times and secured both ends with a double-knot.

Katrina ran he fingers over Daniel’s bound ankles and commented, “Lenore, you do such a nice professional job!”

With Daniel’s legs tied together Kendra lifted her bottom off of his anime porno head and released his arm. The lovely amazon rolled him onto his back and ordered him to sit up. She instructed him to lift his arms while she quickly removed his tee shirt. With Daniel now completely naked, Kendra shoved him back onto the bed and retook her seat, this time with her ass firmly planted on his face. Daniel was being served a generous dose of Kendra’s musky scent while Katrina and Lenore went to work on securing his arms.

Lenore went back to the gym bag and pulled out two more long pieces of terrycloth. Giving one of the strips to Katrina, the two women employed the same technique on his arms as Lenore had used binding his legs. With Lenore taking the right side and Katrina the left, they double-wrapped the material around each of his thighs before doing the same to his wrists. They finished the process by wrapping over both wrist and thigh and tying the ends in a double-knot. Daniel now had his ankles tied together and his arms secured to his sides. The bondage project now complete Kendra playfully rubbed her steamy crotch across Daniel’s face a few more times before climbing off of him.

Daniel who was no longer blinded by Kendra’s bottom noticed that one of his female captors was missing. Lenore had made a quick trip out to their car and returned carrying some clothes and shoes. After complimenting Katrina on her knot tying skills, Lenore turned to Daniel and smiled, “Hope you don’t mind if we change! It’s almost happy hour!”

Lenore and Kendra took their clothes into Daniel’s adjoining bathroom to change while Katrina placed her dress and shoes on a chair in the bedroom. Katrina eyed Daniel like a hungry lioness as she took off her tennis shoes and removed her tights and sports bra. Feasting his eyes on Katrina’s 36C boobs and neatly shaved pussy greatly increased the blood flow to his aching penis. Katrina took her time stepping into a pair of white lacy thong panties and slowing pulled them up her tan legs into a snug fit around her hips. She turned her back to Daniel giving him a courtesy view of her “whale tail” and retrieved her white spaghetti strap sundress from the chair. Not bothering to put on a bra Katrina slipped into the sundress and completed her outfit with a pair of white high-heeled sandals.

Katrina finished by putting on her shoes and got up from the chair. Her heels clicked on the hardwood floor as she approached Daniel’s bed. Daniel’s eyes were fixating on her jiggling breasts and the outline of her nipples on the sheer fabric. She sat down on the edge of the bed allowing the short hemline of her dress to hike far north of mid-thigh. The brunette beauty traced her red manicured nail along the underside of his erect cock before placing her lips to his ear and whispering, “I can’t say I’m sorry for all the things that we have done to you! But I can assure you that this will not be the last time I see you naked. I have all sorts of naughty plans for you! Some very pleasurable and others I’m afraid quite painful!”

Kendra and Lenore had entered the bedroom while Katrina was informing Daniel of what lay in store for him. The two women were had changed into attire similar to Katrina’s. Lenore cleared her throat to get Katrina’s attention.

As Katrina turned her head Kendra smiled and added, “Kiss your boyfriend goodbye! We are already late for happy hour!”

Katrina turned back to Daniel, grabbed his face with both hands and placed a kiss on his lower lip just below the terrycloth gag. She stood up, straitened her short dress, and turned to her companions. “Lets go girls!”

Before the trio made their exit, Kendra tossed the jockey underwear they had stripped from him onto his chest and smirked, “Sucks to be you!”

The three ladies paraded out of Daniel’s bedroom, leaving his with only the sound of heeled shoes clicking on the hardwood floors followed by the opening and closing of his front door.

Daniel was now all alone and free to contemplate what had just happened. Three hot women show up at his door unannounced and proceed to strip him of his clothes and leave him bound and gagged. It did not take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that the nutty redhead Erika had to somehow be involved with this. Surely, there was a plan for someone to come back and release him. But for how long did they plan on keeping him like this?

Daniel struggled to try and loosen his terrycloth bonds. Unfortunately for him, Lenore and Katrina were quite talented when it came to tying knots. After twenty minutes of trying he realized there was no way out of this by himself!

The shadows of evening were rapidly taking over Daniel’s bedroom. Because the girls had not turned on any lights, his bedroom would soon be completely dark. With no television or sexy women to entertain him, the helpless man slowly drifted off to sleep.

Some two hours later Daniel was startled awake by the sound of his front door arap porno opening and closing. A splash of light was now coming through the entrance to his bedroom, and the sound of hard soled shoes were rapidly approaching.

A moment later a tall female strode into Daniel’s bedroom. Even with the limited light source Daniel immediately recognized the killer body and flowing red hair. It was the return of Erika Reeves!

Erika who was adorned with pink tights, matching pullover top, and ankle boots sat down on a chair and crossed her legs. She flashed Daniel an approving smile. “Look at you! I see you met my three friends!”

Daniel could only reply with a muffled sigh…

Although not the least concerned with Daniel’s discomfort Erika cheerfully explained, “I want you to know the gag in your mouth is not due to my request. When Lenore called to inform me that they were inside your home, my only instruction was for you to be tied-up and put to bed! Unfortunately for you, Lenore is of the opinion that men need to be forcibly silenced if they are to accept their rightful place in the bedroom!”

Erika recrossed her legs and continued to talk of her close friend Lenore, “She has been married for two years. Her husband Mike is a nice enough guy but a little too uptight with regards to sexual relations. Lenore has been doing her best to mold him into a more submissive role in the bedroom. She started slowly by maneuvering herself into the female superior position whenever they engaged in sex. Once she had him regularly accepting being on the bottom, she began introducing her hubby to some light bondage. She has progressed to the point now where all sexual relations must involve him being restrained in one way or another. Unfortunately she has not been able to move him to the next level and provide him with some experience with gags, paddles, and whips!”

She went on to explain, “Lenore has made what I believe is a most wise decision to bring her reluctant husband to one of our Sunday Afternoon Wine & Tea Parties. One Sunday a month our club of like-minded women get together to socialize and discuss all things regarding female-dominant relationships. No men are allowed with exceptions for two well trained slaves to serve drinks and o’dourves, and members may with advanced notice bring a male for a public training session. Having one’s ass whipped in front of nearly thirty approving women does wonders to break a man of his reluctance to accept a submissive role. Anyway, a week from tomorrow Lenore’s husband Mike will be subject to a crash course of Femdom 101!”

Erika rose from the chair and took a seat on the bed next to Daniel. She playfully fiddled with his rapidly hardening cock while she completed her story: “Of course Lenore’s tight-ass husband would never agree to attend a women’s afternoon club meeting. However, fortunately for Lenore he has a strict habit of jogging every Saturday and Sunday at precisely 6:00 A.M. Did I mention that he is a tight-ass? Anyway, next Sunday along one of the more quiet streets of his regular path he will encounter a “chance” meeting with both Kendra and Katrina! I think you can guess the fate awaiting dear Mikey Boy!”

Erika giggled at the thought of two women abducting her friend’s husband.

Daniel couldn’t help but feel some regret for Lenore’s spouse and the humiliation he was going to endure. He would have been three times more concerned had Erika been completely honest and revealed that there was a second name on Kendra and Katrina’s docket for the following Sunday!

Erika ceased playing with Daniel’s penis and turned her attention to his gag. She pressed her large round tits against his chest as she went to work on untying Lenore’s knot. “Shit! I can’t say Lenore doesn’t tie a secure knot!”

While attempting to pick at the knot and not break a nail, the sexy redhead continued her one-sided conversation with Daniel, “I understand Katrina has taken quite a shine to you! Not that you have any choice in the matter, but I think that I should warn you not to be fooled by her innocent face and big brown eyes. That girl loves to play rough!”

Erika finally loosened the knot as she continued, “Katrina took a special interest in you the night I picked you up in that bar. Of course you were not aware that she and Kendra were following us from the moment we left the bar until I put you to sleep inside my car. They helped me carry you into my house, and later to put you back to bed at the end of our evening!”

Much to Daniel’s relief Erika removed the gag from his mouth. However, his relief was short-lived as Erika picked up the pair of jockeys that Kendra had tossed onto his chest. Her voice quickly changed to an angry tone, “Jockeys! My friends come here to prep you for a session and they find you wearing fucking jockeys! I thought I had made it perfectly clear our first night together that I expect you to wear panties!”

Erika stood up as she continued her tirade, “My plan for this evening was to have a few glasses of wine with my girlfriends at happy hour, and then reward my newest slave for his obedience by balling his brains outs! But then you go and fuck everything up by putting on a pair of fucking jockeys!”

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