Eroslit Meets Johnnie Blue

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Gracious thanks to the lovely and talented Eroslit for her contributions to this story. Enjoy!

Johnnie Blue sat on the plane, making its descent into Columbus International Airport, and peered down at the flat, rambling farmland of the aptly-named Licking County, just to the east of Ohio’s capital city.

There is no doubt about it, the final ten minutes or so before arriving at any airport is exciting. Even after hundreds of flights to central Ohio for business and family-related reasons over the past decade or so, Johnnie still loved staring out of the window during final approach, but on this particular visit, his excitement was not exclusive to Buckeye geography. This visit, it was his carnal anticipation, which was profound.

He sighed contentedly, his always eager cock twitching in anticipation in his shorts. He knew that Traci, for whom he had flown to Columbus for the sole purpose of meeting for a weekend of sexual fun and games, anything-goes carnal explorations, had booked a room for them for just that purpose, so that they could develop their own story line for Literotica. Anything in the name of cutting-edge literary research, after all.

Johnnie made no pretense about his intentions with the sensational Traci, a/k/a Eroslit, from the very outset. Her writings aroused him, and he was a discerning man when it came to both literature and choosing his sexual partners. Traci was candid, sensitive, and best of all, an articulate and unabashed, though discreet and discerning, sexual dynamo, it was clear. And he used that phrase in the most complimentary of ways.

An intelligent woman is always the best and creative lover, and Traci was obviously both. He liked that in a woman. He liked the way she described her scandalous outfits and lingerie, her big tits, her always ravenous cunt, her spirit of exploratory adventure. He liked her photo and could envision her bright smile and lovely hair that he planned on tugging while she sucked and fucked him. He loved the curve of her nice tits and the smooth skin of her thighs that peeked provocatively in her pictures as she tucked them to her torso. He wanted to fuck her mouth, cunt, tits, hands, and most of all, her mind.

He also knew that he had just what Traci wanted and needed. A large cock with stamina that belied his age and a tongue that could lick the adhesive off of a hundred postage stamps. And the talent and experience to satisfy her in every way.

He rubbed his dick in his seat, contemplating what Traci would wear when she greeted him in the terminal for their weekend of pure libidinous pursuits, under the pretense of sexual research. And pure fun.

The sluttier, the better, he thought, and he closed his eyes and dozed as the pretty flight attendant smiled as she saw his impressive bulge while checking to see if everyone’s seat belt was secured.

Traci sat in the terminal, fiddling nervously with the ‘60% post-consumer fiber’ sleeve around her Starbucks latte. She grinned at the winter scene on the cup. Not because of the artwork, but because she wore a small sweater that was cut low enough to reveal a major portion of her tits and a skirt that Sakarya Escort barely covered her ass and pussy. And it was freezing outside. She grinned because she thought it was what Johnnie would want. And this weekend was all about finding out what Johnnie wanted.

Traci would provide it. She would provide it better than any woman he’d ever been with, or she’d die trying. She had reserved an outrageously priced room at the Hilton in Easton Towne Center and was wet just thinking about the possibilities. The outfit she wore for him now was only an appetizer of things to come.

She wondered what he liked sexually. Did he want aggressive or submissive; naked or lingerie; shower or bed. Traci desperately wanted to reach inside her skirt and rub the material of her thong against her throbbing clit. She considered going to the ladies’ room, but she feared missing him.

“God, I can’t wait,” Traci thought to herself.

Johnnie waited until all of the other passengers disembarked before getting out himself. As much as he was truly excited to meet his counterpart for their journey into hands-on research, literally in the flesh, he also knew enough to keep Traci waiting those few extra tantalizing minutes, further heightening her arousal. He could envision Traci at security gate to the terminal, anxiously craning her neck to get that first glimpse of him. Johnnie also imagined the many men in the terminal craning their own necks to get a look at her sensational body, oozing sex, her attire no doubt indicating what was the ultimate purpose for her ‘pick-up’ of her visitor.

Johnnie watched the numerous businessmen getting off the plane and smiled to himself, knowing that each of them would be salivating when they laid eyes on Traci, yet he would be the only one to savor her charms, again and again, over and over, alternating between hard fucking and tender lovemaking for two days and two nights. His already turgid cock twitched in his trousers at the realization, and this did not go unnoticed by the flight attendant when he grazed past her in the tight corridor. “Enjoy your stay,” she said seductively to him as he passed. “Mmmm, come again’, she thought to herself as she followed his trek up the aisle.

Johnnie saw Traci first, how could he not recognize THAT? His face lit up like Nationwide Arena’s facade on the night of a Blue Jackets-Pens game. She looked even better in person, if possible, all tits and ass and legs and long brown hair. A sophisticated slut, he mused, as he perused her daring wardrobe, or what little there was of it. She had adorned herself more than appropriately, or inappropriately as the case may be. He had jerked himself to sleep and in rousing wake-up calls on many occasions, anticipating this first look, and here she was, here THEY were finally, and her own lovely face beamed when she saw him, too.

He took her petite body in his arms, and she immediately felt his strength. Traci liked the feeling, and it answered her question of whether Johnnie liked to take the lead.

He brushed a lock of hair from her forehead and gazed down at her, admiring her beauty, pressing her tight body into his, Sakarya Escort Bayan and he felt the heat already radiating from her crotch. “Wet?” he asked, simply. He had already come to enjoy the brevity of Traci’s correspondence with him, and he had teased her about it incessantly. What’s in a word, after all, when her pussy spoke volumes.

Her lips opened to meet his for the first soft kiss, and she whispered in his ear, softly, “Soaked.”

Their kisses escalated in desire and intensity, in front of everyone, and he wanted to take her right there, such was their hunger and instantaneous chemistry. He wanted to see how daring she would be in public, a particular penchant of Johnnie’s.

Traci suddenly felt very warm, and very safe. ‘This was a very good idea,’ she thought to herself, sucking Johnnie’s tongue into her own warm mouth.

“Hard?” she asked him quietly.

He pressed their bodies together. “Rigid.”

“I can tell,” she said. “And so can everybody else, I’m sure. Did the flight attendant ‘assist’ you?”

Johnnie smiled. “She may have wanted to, but I was waiting for you. I’m glad I did.”

“Good. I have plans,” Traci told him.

“Give me a hint.”

Traci shook her head. “No, no. Not here. You made me wait. I’m going to make you wait.”

Her hand brushed across his crotch as they began to walk to baggage claim. She hoped he hadn’t packed much. Traci’s plans didn’t call for him to be dressed much. She wondered, as she had done for weeks, what he was into. Straight sex? Light bondage? Part of the thrill of this weekend for her was the unknown. Including what was hidden inside those pants.

Luckily, the baggage came quickly and they took the moving walkway and escalator up to her car. The doors were hardly closed when the couple were embracing again and kissing. This time Johnnie’s hands couldn’t resist molding Traci’s firm breasts in his palms, allowing the soft material of her to glide across her skin. It was evident she didn’t wear a bra and his fingers sought out her nipples.

“God. You’re going to make me cum right here,” she whispered.

“You can’t. You have to drive,” he replied, one hand slipping inside her tiny skirt.

“Yeah. You’re making that real easy.”

Johnnie touched her thong one time, confirmed her wetness, and said, “OK. Make me wait if you must. Now drive.”

Traci chose the Hilton for two reasons: it was classy and it was only ten minutes from the airport, given her penchant for speeding. Johnnie appreciated both facts and constantly stole glances of his chauffeur’s ample tits as she wove between slower cars. In return, Traci openly stared at the bulge between his legs with an immoral grin.

“Pay attention to the road,” he said with mock concern.

“Take it out,” Traci begged.

“What happened to waiting? Get me to the Hilton in one piece and you can do whatever you want with it.”

Her eyebrows rose in unison. “Really?”


Johnnie saw that they were merging from the airport loop of I-670 onto northbound I-270, indicating that they were only a few minutes from their destination Escort Sakarya for the next two days, the Hilton love haven. He leaned over from his passenger seat, and noticed that the speedometer was inching above eighty. He knew Traci was in a rush, but some things, he decided, needed to proceed at a more prudent pace. Besides, staying alive would greatly enhance their upcoming sexual escapades.

Before Traci realized what had happened, Johnnie’s left hand had snaked around the back of the drivers’ seat and extracted Traci’s sweater from her chest, and her beautiful tits were now exposed to the fellow travelers on the Interstate.

Before she could get a chance to object, her fingers locked onto the steering wheel in an involuntary death grip as she felt her both her seat belt and her minuscule pink, lacy thong being pulled aside. Seamlessly, Johnnie dipped one finger into Traci’s steaming cunt, curling it upward in exploration while his thumb drummed her already swollen clit gently.

Her face flushed, her naked breasts now fully visible to any passersby, immediately reacted to his touch and the cool autumn temperature outside. Traci tried to stammer an utterance of discouragement, but her impossibly erect nipples and breaching pussy betrayed her.

Johnnie grinned at her wickedly, pinching her left nipple teasingly, the sensations racing directly to Traci’s needy clit at a speed even faster than the car’s, and a second finger spread Traci’s folds, causing her to groan in a combination of sheer desire and anxiety, genuinely afraid she would lose control of the wheel, as her parted thighs trembled in response to his expert touch.

“I love to finger-fuck a woman first,” Johnnie whispered in Traci’s ear. She could feel his hot breath on that ultra-sensitive spot on her neck, while her pussy began to clench around Johnnie’s probing digit. “It’s like a road map of your cunt, finding all the right routes, searching for hidden tunnels, valleys, determining if we should traverse the scenic route or the short cuts.”

His second finger slid into Traci as she slowed the car onto the Easton exit ramp, joining the first, and the index finger and long middle finger found the spongy mass of flesh on Traci’s upper vaginal wall, and caressed it, ever soooooo slightly.

Traci saw white stars flashing in front of her eyes, serving as an overlay to the ‘Welcome to the Easton Hilton’ sign. She came in a gush just as they pulled into valet parking, the red-vested young man’s eyes widening in shock as he first saw Traci’s firm tits, and next the fingers of the older passenger buried beneath her tiny skirt.

The valet opened the door to see Johnnie ease his hand from Traci’s crotch, offering her nectar to her, which she lapped up eagerly, oblivious to her surroundings, and, in an instant, the youngster had the best tip of his young career.

“Um, welcome to the Hilton?” It was a question, not a greeting.

Nonplussed, but her slit still streaming warm juices onto the upholstery, which the valet would soon sit upon, Traci pulled her sweater down over her bustline. “Thank you,” she replied, cordially, as if there was nothing at all unusual about their arrival. Then she gave the flabbergasted valet a stern glare as she rose out of her seat, sweater pulled down and skirt pulled up, for the moment at least, and tossed him the keys.

“Try not to stain the seats, won’t you? I just washed them.”


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