Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 09

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The hallway wasn’t very long, the next door was already in sight. There didn’t seem to be any sideways or obstacles either. The hallway was lit up, like so many others by bright TL lights.

Cody and Valentine made their way through the hallway, heading towards the next door. Cody stopped, laid his hands on Valentine’s chest and pushed him against the wall.

“Did you really mean what you said back there?” he asked. “That you’re jealous at Brent because I sucked him off, that you wanted me?”

He looked up to the taller man with his twinkling eyes and hungry smirk while keeping his body pressed close to Valentine’s warm, strong torso.

Valentine smirked and slid his fingers over Cody’s cheek while keeping eye contact with his lifelong buddy. “Every word.” Valentine hissed, “Dude, I don’t know how much longer I can keep myself from not pushing you on your knees and shove my dick down that beautiful mouth of yours.” Valentine spoke softly.

Cody looked down at Valentine’s raging hard erected cock. Despite that his newfound slutty needs had been satisfied somewhat he felt his mouth getting dry and longing for cock again.

“We have to win this.” he whispered, “We’re in the lead, now we need to push it, you and I can do this.” Cody spoke while sliding his hands over Valentine’s muscled chest. “After that, I’m all yours,” Cody smirked.

Valentine looked down at Cody, the gorgeous young stud looking at him with his hungry puppy eyes. Both keeping quiet for a few seconds and sinking at the moment with each other.

Valentine looked down at Cody’s chest, some white drops of Brent’s cum were still resting and sliding down Cody’s chest. Valentine slid one of the cum drops with his fingers off from Cody’s chest and brought it to the blonde’s mouth.

“Hmmm, he cummed on you hard didn’t he?” Valentine smirked while teasing Cody’s lips with his cum stained finger.

Cody smiled and opened his mouth, giving Valentine’s finger access, who happily accepted. Valentine stuck his finger in Cody’s mouth and allowed him to suck the cum from their teammate off.

Valentine looked mesmerized at his friend, imagining that it was him who was being sucked dry by Cody. He swirled his finger around in Cody’s mouth, making sure he got every corner of the blonde’s mouth touched.

“Hmm, never realized Brent was so tasty,” Cody whispered seductively.

Valentine smirked. “You better get used to that taste, because you’re getting all of mine when we’re out of here,” he growled.

Cody popped Valentine’s finger out of his mouth and gave the larger man a seductive smile. “I’ll look forward to it.” he smiled. Both of them started to move to the door again, curious and excited for the next task.

Jake and Andy walked towards the next door, laughing and having the time of their lives, despite having lost the last round.

“You know, I have to admit, having Owen tied up and milking him like that was surprisingly fun!” Jake chuckled.

“Yeah, never thought it would be so fun to milk a guy for all he’s got.” Andy said, surprised that was coming out of his mouth.

“That will be quite some way to keep the team in line.” Jake said, jokingly. But Andy saw something in that, he looked back and smirked at Jake.

“Hmm, that sounds like a plan.” Andy whispered while closing into Jake. “If Damian is acting all cocky again…”

Jake smirked, liking where Andy was going with this, “Hehe then we’ll tie him to the table and get one of those milking machines on his dick.” he smirked to the larger man in front of him.

“We’ll make the other guys watch to teach them not to mess with us.” Andy suggested smirkingly.

“Yeah, just force all the cum out of him with those toys.” Jake whispered.

“Honestly, I don’t mind watching you blow him, you did an excellent job with Owen.” Andy smirked, laying his hands on Jake’s hips.

“Well, what can I say…Once I had a taste of you I wanted more.” Jake said, while placing his hands on Andy’s chest.

Andy smirked and brought his body closer to Jake’s, their chest and rock-hard boners touching each other. When they were standing just an inch away from each other Andy laid his lips on the ones of Jake. Both of them growing very comfortable with the idea of kissing and pleasuring each other.

“Once we have won this game, you can have all of me, don’t you worry about that.” Andy whispered. Jake smiled and kissed his friend in return.

“I hope that if we win, we can suck Cody and Valentine off as well.” Jake whispered, his mouth watering at the thought.

“I would rather see them both on their knees in front of me.” Andy smirked. The two friends made an agreeing smirk, kissed each other one more time, and agreed that it was time to move further. They had already wasted enough time standing here and kissing.

Both of the doors opened at the same time and both teams walked into the new room. Cody and Valentine were on the right side of the room, Jake and Andy on the left side. maltepe escort The room was large and high, about 15 meters by 8 meters and 4 meters high, a large fence in the middle separated the two parts of the room. The fence went from one side all the way to the other side of the room. The two teams looked at each other for a brief moment before inspecting the room further.

What the guys immediately noticed, were 2 guys bound on the fence. One guy was on Jake and Andy’s side, the other one on Cody and Valentine’s. All 4 of the guys ran towards the people that were strapped to the fence in the middle to see who they were. The guys were bound in a way that their backs were facing each other.

“Hey who is there?! Get us out of here!” One of the guys yelled as they noticed that more people had entered the room.

The man on Cody and Valentine’s side of the room was their teammate Seth Tyson. On Jake and Andy’s side of the room was Juan Chavez.

Seth was a large beefy blonde guy. He had half long blonde hair that hung partly over his blue eyes, moist from sweat. Giving him a bit of a nonchalant look. Seth was clean-shaven and had a chiseled jawline. His body was large, bulky, and strong, though hairless like Cody’s. Seth didn’t have many shaped muscles, the bulkiness of his body showed his impressive strength. Seth was completely naked as well and had a raging hard boner, probably due to viagra as well.

Juan was a half Mexican half American young man. He had short, gelled-up black hair and quite an impressive beard. His eyes were brownish hazel. Juan was a bit less bulky than Seth and slimmer in shape, though he had more formed muscles over his body. A thin layer of short hair covered his chest and ran downwards through his abs unto his erected cock.

Both guys had their hands and legs tied to the fence with the familiar magnetic braces. They stood with their legs spread out and with their backs against each other. What was noticeable was the device that both guys were wearing. It seemed like a transparent harness of some sort. It seemed not to be made of iron or steel, but of plastic. It existed out of a torso, reaching from the shoulders to the waist. Arm and leg pieces and a crotch area. Covering both guys their bodies and erected cocks behind this transparent material. Despite some lights and sensors, nothing else was to be seen on the harness.

The guys didn’t even listen to the pleas and screams of Seth and Juan, they were more focused on what the transparent harnesses were.

“What is the purpose of this thing?” Andy asked, looking at the transparent material covering Juan’s body.

Jake slid his hand over the transparent material covering Juan’s body. The Latino breathed faster, anxious about how calm his friends were about him being bound like this.

“Damn Seth, I always knew you were big…but damn.” Valentine said, looking at Seth’s erected cock through the plastic.

“DON’T FUCKING PLAY GAMES! Get me out of this thing!” Seth screamed angrily.

“We can’t,” Cody said, “We have to wait for instructions first.”

The words had not even left Cody’s mouth or the intercom was activated and the distorted voice was to be heard again.

“Welcome to the second stage guys, this task will be a little more complicated.” The distorted voice said. “In order for you guys to continue, Juan and Seth both need to cum, you have 600 seconds to do so.”

“Wait, WHAT!?” Juan yelled, no idea what on earth was going on.

“What is…what is going on?!” Seth followed, stressing out as well.

The guys didn’t answer and looked at the transparent material covering Juan’s and Seth’s bodies. How were they supposed to do this? Their dicks were covered underneath the plastic sealing, so how were they supposed to make them cum.

“The harnesses that the guys are wearing, are a device we like to call ‘The Hells Angel’. ” The distorted voice said. This seemed to make Juan and Seth even more anxious. “The reason for that name is because it will start to hurt like hell, and what you need to do…is make it an angel.”

Cody and Valentine looked at each other and also Jake and Andy were puzzled about how to do this. It was clear that this whole harness would be for pure sensations, but they saw nothing like a control panel to make it ‘pleasant’.

“In this room, on either side, you will find ways to turn this torment into a feast for the senses.” The voice continued. “You’ll each find 3 control panels in this room. Each one requires a code to turn the Hells Angel more…angel-like. Good luck boys.”

At that moment lights on both sides of the room illuminated, revealing the walls behind Cody and Valentine and behind Andy and Jake. The boys looked behind them, this scenery was familiar to Cody and Valentine. 3 mannequins on each side with the strapon dildos attached to them. One on the left side of the wall, one in the middle, and one on the right side.

The two teams looked at each other a bit puzzled, so much information escort maltepe came in at once, they didn’t know where to start. When the timer on the other side of the room showed ‘600’ and counted down, Juan and Seth started screaming and hissing from pain. The Hells Angel was activated.

“Juan, what’s happening?!” Andy screamed, in panic by this whole change in scenery.

“Aaahhh! It burns, It itches, It electrocutes me!” Juan screamed describing the senses as best he could.

On the other side of the fence, Seth was suffering the same fate. The harness plagued his nerves with the most unbearable sensations. Valentine stood frozen, not certain what to do. Cody grabbed his arm. “Come on! We need to find those control panels!” he screamed as he pulled Valentine along to the other side of the room.

Jake watched Cody and Valentine run towards the mannequins. He pulled the anxious Andy out of his trance, signing that they needed to get a move on as well.

Cody and Valentine hurried to the mannequin on the left side of the room. It was coal-black, muscled, and had an 8-inch strapon attached to its waist, just like the ones they encountered in one of the first rooms. The mannequin had its arms crossed and looked down. Cody saw the control panel on the wall next to the mannequin, he wanted to type in a code, but then he realized, he didn’t even know what.

“What are we to do with this?” Valentine asked, a bit puzzled by the situation. Cody remembered that they had to suck the mannequins off the first time, so he guessed this wouldn’t be very different.

“Suck it!” Cody demanded and pointed at the strapon.

Valentine looked at the fake dick and back at Cody a little confused. But when he also remembered this from the other room, he smirked. “Yes sir.” he whispered. He dropped to his knees and closed his lips around the fake dick.

Jake and Andy arrived at the mannequin on the left of the wall. They looked at the tall male being, dark-colored, muscled, hands behind his head and a strapon on its waist. Andy and Jake looked puzzled at this scenery, not sure where to begin. Jake walked to the control panel next to the mannequin and inspected it.

“It needs a code…errr…look on this mannequin, perhaps you’ll see something.” Jake said as also he started inspecting the fake male body. Andy took the other side and searched for anything that looked like a code. Nothing was to be seen, no numbers, or anything that hinted at a code. But these mannequins were here for a reason.

The hisses and painful screams of Juan and Seth weren’t really helpful either. “Guys, hurry the fuck up! This hurts like hell!” Juan screamed.

Andy got annoyed and turned his gaze towards Juan, “We’re doing our best here! But it’s not as easy as it seems so just SHUT UP!” he screamed.

Jake looked confused at the black material of the mannequin, this was so strange, why couldn’t they find any clues. But then he realized it, the strapon. Of course! They had to do something with that, perhaps they would activate something.

Jake peeked to the other side of the fence to Valentine and Cody, he saw Valentine on his knees in front of the mannequin. Jake followed the example, he placed himself in front of the mannequin on his knees.

Jake patted Andy on his arm, bringing him out of his discussion with Juan. “Watch if anything changes alright!” Jake said and started sucking on the 8-inch fake dick.

Cody looked at the mannequin that Valentine was sucking, nothing happened for the first few seconds. Then, something appeared on the chest of the mannequin, something bright red lit up. Cody smiled when red numbers appeared on the mannequin’s chest.

The puzzle was not yet over though, a math problem appeared on the chest. ’47 + 59′ it said. Cody was making a quick calculation in his head, “106” he thought. Cody typed in ‘106 at the control panel and pressed enter.

The screen turned red for a second and nothing changed. Cody looked confused, he was sure the sum was right. But then he realized it, this control panel needed 4 numbers. He rolled with his eyes from the obviousness and typed in 0106. The screen turned green.

Seth’s painful sounds seemed to decrease a little. He still made pretty uncomfortable noises, but the Hells Angel wasn’t as unbearable as before.

“Yes…something is happening!” Andy shouted as he saw some red number lit on the mannequin’s chest. They revealed a math problem: ’58 + 43′.

“58 + 43, that’s…errrr….” Andy stuttered.

Jake brought his mouth off from the fake dick. “Andy really? That’s 101.” he said sarcastically.

Andy typed in ‘101’ on the control panel and pressed enter. The screen turned red. “It’s wrong?” he said surprised, being sure Jake was right, he was the one better at math.

Jake thought for a second or two, “Try 0101” he said.

Andy typed in ‘0101’ and pressed enter. He smiled when he saw the screen turning green. Immediately after, they heard Juan’s hissing and maltepe escort bayan moaning calm down. He made still some annoyed hisses, but it didn’t seem as terrible as a minute ago anymore. “We’re doing good, we gotta keep going!” Jake said and the two of them ran towards the mannequin in the middle.

Cody and Valentine rushed towards the mannequin in the middle, this one had his hands on the wall and his head thrown back. Valentine wasted no time, he fell on his knees and started sucking like a good boy. He wanted Cody to solve the math problems because he was the smarter one.

The red numbers on the mannequin’s chest appeared, a little more complicated this time. ’23 x 48′. Cody closed his eyes while counting in his head. The sounds of Valentine slobbering on the fake dick and Seth hissing. “48 x 10 is 480 so times 20 is 960. 40 x 3 is 120, 8 x 3 is 24…144. 960 + 144 is…1104.” he thought.

Cody pressed ‘1104’ in the control panel and pressed enter. Seth’s moans turned from annoyed to pleasurable. The itching, annoying sensations were gone and the Hells Angel send more pleasurable waves through Seth’s nerves. It warmed up and started softly vibrating all over his body.

“Holy shit, what’s happening?” Seth said with a shaking voice, his mouth slowly turned into a wry smile as this device was actually starting to feel real good.

Jake and Andy had arrived at the mannequin in the middle of the room. This one had his hands on his hips and looked down at the person sucking. Andy started sucking this time. Jake looked at his friend for a brief second, surprised and aroused. Never expecting Andy to be so eager all of a sudden.

When the numbers appeared on the mannequin’s chest, Jake was slapped out of his trance. He looked at the math problem: ’51 x 32′.

Jake was counting the sum in his head, he did decent with the larger numbers, but he always had to break it down. “10 x 32 is 320 so 50 x 32 is 1600. 1600 + 32 is 1632. Thankfully this sum wasn’t very hard.” Jake rushed to the control panel and typed in 1632 followed by enter.

Juan stopped his painful hissing and started moaning in a beautiful tone. The feeling of the Hells Angel changed from annoying to pleasant. You could clearly see the smile grow on Juan’s face and the blush on his cheeks as the Hells Angel massaged his body so deliciously.

Cody and Valentine hurried to the third and last mannequin, on the left side of the room. Seeing that they had a slight advantage over Jake and Andy. This mannequin had both his strong arms aimed to the ground, basically holding the shoulders of anyone who would be in front of it.

Valentine got on his knees and maneuvered himself under the mannequin’s hands. He started to suck the fake dick while Cody watched for changes on the chest. What seemed weird and uncomfortable to Valentine about an hour ago, was now getting pretty normal. He noticed how easy he reached up to 6-inch on the strapon, and also that he quite enjoyed doing it. No wonder Cody loved to suck off Brent in the previous room and longed for his cock.

Cody saw the numbers appear, a bit slower this time, but they became visible. Cody gulped however when he saw the math problem: ‘6^4’.

“Oh god, exponentiation.” he thought while he started counting in his head. “6 x 6 is 36. 36 x 6 is….errr…216.” Calculating the very large numbers proved difficult, especially with Seth’s moaning sounding quite distracting and beautiful.

“Cody what are you doing? Fill in those numbers!” Seth said between his moans.

“Shut up! I’m concentrating!” Cody said, throwing Seth an angry gaze because he lost count.

Andy and Jake had arrived at the last mannequin. This one had one hand behind its head and one hand resting on its hip. Andy dropped on all fours this time and started sucking the strapon with great zeal. Both because he wanted to win this game and because he really started to like this. Though they both knew from their time here that Jake was the better cocksucker, he had to admit that he liked it as well.

Jake was a bit distracted by Andy sucking this large fake dick and his smooth ass wiggling behind him, for Jake and even Juan to see. It took all of Jake’s willpower not to drop to his knees and fuck Andy then and there. When he saw the red numbers appear he smiled, something else to focus on. However, his smile faded when he saw the numbers: ‘7^3’.

He was reasonable at math, but not at exponentiation from his bare head. Thank goodness it was just to the power of 3. “7 x 7 is 49. 49 x 7…errr…7 x 40 is 280…9 x 7 is 63…280 + 63 is…343.” Jake had his eyes closed and counted in his head. Andy had one eye focused on Jake but didn’t stop sucking the strapon. He didn’t know when Jake needed the sum again, and also because he liked doing it.

“1296 x 6…6 x 1000 is 6000…6 x 200 is 1200.” Cody was mumbling to himself, dividing and adding the sum up. “7200 + 576 is…7776!’ he said. He ran towards the control panel and typed in ‘7776’ followed by enter.

Jake was counting the numbers out loud. It was a matter of dividing the numbers and adding them up, though it took some time. “300 x 7 is…2100, 7 x 43 is..err…301. 301 + 2100 is 2401. Andy type in the number 2401!” Jake said.

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