Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 13

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Team Blue Buffalo’s: Andy and Jake, score: 2816.

Team Red Tigers: Cody and Valentine, score: 2726.

All teammates have been…released

Guys in the control room: Mike and Tristan.

The doorways from the last task led the 4 jocks immediately to a new room. Cody, Valentine, Andy and Jake entered and looked around. The room was 6 by 6 in size, with soft light illuminating the room. Some heating pipes, fuseboxes, control panels, and switches were spread across the walls of the room. There was a giant monitor screen in the middle of the room. In front of the monitor screen were 2 giant cushions, a red one and a blue one. Near each cushion stood a row of the black mannequins, forming a half-circle around the cushion. There was, however, no door to the next room.

“What the hell is the purpose of this room?!” Valentine asked when the guys had looked all over the room, but there was no sign of a doorway or passage anywhere.

Cody was looking at the cushions in front of the monitor screen. Everything seemed to point out that they should sit and watch whatever would be portrayed on the monitor screen. There seemed to be a cushion for both teams, and there was plenty of room for both 2 guys on each one.

“I think it’s pretty obvious,” Cody said as he let himself fall on the red cushion. As soon as his back hit the cushion he made a relieved and satisfied moan. The cushion was made from the flexible, bouncy castle material, like the floor was made of in the last room. Cody closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath, realizing how tired his body was from all the running, thinking, climbing, crawling, fucking, and fighting Brad. The cushion was nice and soothing on his sore back.

Valentine placed himself on the cushion next to Cody. Jake and Andy took place on the blue cushion. Jake and Andy looked to the mannequins behind them, forming a half-circle around the cushion. They did not wear strap-ons, but stood in various, sexy, flexing poses. “This looks inviting,” Jake whispered, looking at the tall masculine fake bodies above him.

“Are you cheating on me with some dolls?!” Andy joked.

Jake chuckled and shook his head, “Nah, you’re more fun,” he said, “At least you have something nice and thick between your legs.”

Andy laughed and kissed Jake on his mouth. While the two Blue Buffalo Jocks were kissing and cuddling on their cushion, Valentine took a closer look at the mannequins. He noticed the middle one was holding something. The mannequin held a plate with two folded towels, two bottles of water, and two energy bars.

“Hey look at this” Valentine said to Cody, “Some refreshments.” Cody opened his eyes and looked at what Valentine had found. He handed Cody a towel, a bottle of water, and an energy bar. Cody took the refreshments gratefully, realizing how much this escape room required of his body. Valentine took some refreshments too.

Jake and Andy looked at their mannequin in the middle, who held the same things on a plate. Jake took a towel and wiped his face clean of the sweat and oil from the last task. Andy munched his bar down and took large gulps of water.

“You can say about our captors what you want, but they take good care of us.” Valentine said while taking a bite from his bar.

Jake looked up, that reminded him. “Speaking of our captors, do you guys remember Mike Becker?” he asked.

Cody also remembered the last clue they had received. Jake and Andy seemed a little confused.

“You mean that Chemistry geek we used to push around? Yeah, I remember him.” Andy said, sipping on his water bottle.

“Before we entered the wrestling pit in the previous task, we found a clue that reminded me of him.” Jake said, “The sentence ‘take someone your own size.'” he said.

Andy was thinking, “Yeah, I remember him saying something like that indeed” Beylikdüzü Escort he answered, “But how are you so sure that he is keeping us captured here?” he asked.

“He being a top-notch Chemistry student seems to add up with various things we encountered here,” Cody said, “Think about it. The aphrodisiac drugs that keep us hard, the specialized lubrication, the entrancing smoke that was used.”

Jake nodded, “That combined with Tristan’s knowledge of engineering and machinery makes a great combination.”

“So a nerd from our school and a nerd from your school have teamed up against us.” Valentine said, “That’s the theory?!”

“I wouldn’t believe it at first too, but it makes way too much sense now,” Cody said, while thinking back. “Remember that they had done some science project together at school? They won first prize. If you ask me they make the perfect team to create an escape room like this.”

“Plus weren’t they…you know…” Andy said, while making a fucking motion with his fingers. “Boyfriends.”

“We defiantly are” A very familiar voice spoke, all of the sudden.

The 4 jocks, surprised by the sudden reaction, looked in front of them at the monitor screen. On the screen they saw 2 guys, sitting on a large couch, both with wicked smiles on their faces.

The one sitting on the left was a south-east Asian-looking guy with gelled-up black hair, brown eyes, and a gorgeous smile. This was Mike. Tristan sat on the right, he was a bit taller than Mike, with short, blonde hair, silvery-green eyes, and a smile just as beautiful.

Jake jumped up and looked mad at the screen “WE KNEW IT!” he yelled “We knew it was you guys who kept us hostage, here!”

“Yes, and you figured out our clues relatively quickly.” Mike smiled calmly.

“But, I wouldn’t call it ‘being kept hostage'” Tristan said, “You guys seem to enjoy yourselves.” he said

Jake wanted to reply but ended up blushing, the other guys had their attention focussed on the monitor screen as well.

“Still, despite that we like it now, it’s no reason to bring us here against our will!” Valentine said. “You’ve kidnapped us! You’ve kidnapped our teammates!”

“Yeah, what’s the big idea with all of this!?” Andy yelled.

“Boys, boys, there is no need to be so hostile.” Tristan said, making a calming gesture with his hands.

Mike sat up a bit more straight at the couch and looked closer at the screen. “Please, sit down, take a break, then we will clarify some things.” he said.

The jocks were still angry, especially now that their captors had revealed themselves. But they placed themselves back on their cushions, while keeping their gaze on the screen.

“We mentioned before that we had some history with you.” Tristan said, “Let’s just say, we’re…teaching you a little lesson.” he said.

“So, this whole escape room, is payback?” Cody asked, “Payback for the times we bullied you at school.”

Mike and Tristan looked at each other, “Yes, that, amongst some other things.”

“You keep us here against our will, and force us to do all this gay shit because we bullied you a few times?” Andy said mad, “Really dudes, grow a pair!” This seemed to amuse Mike and Tristan however.

“Ahh, poor baby. How terrible it is that you are FORCED to do gay things, which you are getting more and more comfortable with by the minute.” Tristan chuckled, “How bad it is that you are here AGAINST YOUR WILL, a place where we plan to get you out of.” he said.

Cody looked confused and was thinking, what was Tristan referring to, saying it like this. Was it about that time that Valentine and he forced Tristan to make that Math test? No, that couldn’t be all, there had to be something more to their motivation.

“But what of our other teammates?” Valentine asked, “They never, or barely bullied Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan you. Why are they here?” he asked.

“True, we don’t have as much quarry with your teammates.” Mike said, “Our initial plan was to bring the 4 of you here by after you ate those drugged pizzas.

That your teammates were with you that night was not in our original schedule, but it seemed to work out in the end.” Mike said.

“It was nothing personal against them, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Tristan followed up. “And besides, you have to admit, you got to know your team in a whole different way guys.” Tristan said.

The jocks kept quiet, thinking back on the task they had to fulfill to help their teammates. All 4 of them gained a smirk on their face, they would be lying if they were saying that it wasn’t at least…entertaining.

“Not only my teammates,” Cody said as he took Valentine’s hand, “Also myself.” Valentine looked at Cody, rather surprised, but flattered by his sudden sweet reaction. “Valentine is my best friend, but I never imagined I could be so…intimate and close with him.” Cody whispered.

Valentine smiled and kissed Cody on his lips while squeezing in his hand. “That’s true guys, this whole game made me realize how much I care for Cody,” Valentine said to the screen, “I long for him more by each minute.” he said softly.

Mike and Tristan each made a warm smile. “How about you Andy and Jake?” Mike asked eventually.

The Blue Buffalo Jocks kept silent for a second, thinking over their reply. “Well, despite I am still a bit uncomfortable with this whole gay thing,” Andy said eventually, “I agree with Cody that it made me discover Jake in a whole new way,” he said, as he laid his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Aah, that’s sweet of you,” Jake said, wrapping his hand around Andy’s waist and kissing him.

“Well, I actually meant I discovered what a horny, thirsty little cockslut you are.” Andy joked.

Jake chuckled, “I take that as a compliment.” he said, “And to be honest, I rediscovered my best friend as well. The lengths he is willing to go for us, the things he is willing to do and sacrifice.” Jake said. He laid his hand on Andy’s knee which made the larger jock gain an emotional, grateful smile on his face.

“Andy, I always said I loved you as a friend.” Jake said softly “But after being with you, here, doing these tasks, I discovered how much I actually love you, more as a friend, more than any girl I ever had.” he said.

Andy was taken completely by surprise, he didn’t know what to say, this touched his heart. He crawled up a little and laid his hands on Jake’s cheeks. “Honestly, after all of this, I don’t want to be with a girl anymore.” Andy said, “Hell, I can’t even remember the last time I had such an intense relationship with a woman. I only want you, Jake. I love you.” Andy spoke softly and emotionally.

Jake and Andy kept silent, and looked each other in the eyes, they drowned in each other’s gaze, and kissed one another, deeply, passionately.

Valentine and Cody looked at the two jocks kissing each other. Valentine laid his fingers on Cody’s cheek and turned his face in his direction. “The same count’s for me baby.” he said, “I first couldn’t even imagine such a thing, and now I never want this between us to change.” he whispered. “Cody, you mean the world to me, I couldn’t imagine someone I’d rather be with than you.”

Cody looked at the larger Italian Jock and laid his hand on Valentine’s chest, feeling his heart beat a little faster. “Oh you big silly goofball just kiss me,” Cody said with a wide, happy smile and shed a tear from happiness.

That was all that Valentine needed to hear, he closed in on Cody and within no time the Red Tigers were making love as well.

In the Escort Beylikdüzü control room, Mike and Tristan looked at each other with satisfied smiles. “I have to admit, this goes better than we expected.” Tristan said.

“And to think this whole escape room is going so much better than those fake-ass reality love series you have on TV.” Mike chuckled.

After a while, the Jocks came out of their trance, remembering that they were still trapped. “Despite that you made us discover something beautiful, it doesn’t change the fact that you drugged us and locked us up here.” Jake said eventually.

“And it doesn’t help you now that you’re cover is blown,” Cody said.

“True, but that doesn’t matter too much,” Mike said

“You guys would have met us as soon as you would finish the escape room anyways” Tristan explained, “So revealing ourselves now is not really a biggie.”

“Besides, there is still some…information waiting for you when you meet us at the end,” Mike said, “Information of what makes us believe you won’t beat the crap out of us.” he said.

The jocks looked confused and a bit shocked at each other. What kind of information? Tristan and Mike seemed to be having way more up their sleeve than the guys thought.

“Fine, let’s just say we won’t beat you up anyways.” Andy said, “all I care for is that we get out of here and find out where this is all about.”

“Yeah, I want some answers too, and we can’t get those if we were to punch the teeth out of your mouths.” Valentine said.

“It is agreed then, we won’t hurt you.” Cody said, “But as soon as we’re out of here, we demand you tell us you’re whole reason for this…kidnapping!” Cody demanded.

“Agreed.” Mike said, “You won’t have to wait for very long, because you have nearly beaten the escape room.” he said.

“Just a few challenges lie ahead of you before you’re with us and the winner is determined.” Tristan followed up.

The jocks looked at each other, they completely forgot about the point system in the heat of the moment. Jake and Andy smiled brightly because they were almost 100 points ahead.

“Just one more question.” Jake said, “Why did you motivate this whole escape room and the point system on our last football match, while you’re keeping us here for bullying you?” he asked.

“Honestly, the escape room itself is to teach you a lesson about your history with us.” Tristan said, “All we needed was a…theme, if you will.” he said.

“Your last match ended in a draw, so the Blue Buffalo’s and Red Tigers competing against each other once more seemed a perfect theme to us.” Mike smiled.

The jocks looked with a smirk at each other. “Fair enough,” Andy said. “Which reminds me, Jake and I have a match to win, and some red pussies to fuck!” he said, looking at Cody and Valentine on the other side.

“Tristan, Mike, let us continue the game so we can shut Andy’s big mouth once and for all!” Valentine said.

Tristan and Mike chuckled from the eagerness of the jocks. “Sure thing!” Mike said as he took a remote from the desk next to the cough.

“For the following rounds, you will not see the other team anymore.” Tristan said, “There are still some challenges and tasks you guys must face to collect as many points as possible.”

“Now, to make this more interesting, we will choose sides as well.” Mike said, “Tristan will advise Cody and Valentine in the next rounds, while I’ll guide Jake and Andy through their tasks.” he said.

Jake and Andy smiled at each other and looked at the screen, and so did Cody and Valentine. “Let’s do it! Let’s finish this!” Jake smiled.

“Mike pointed the remote to the screen that he was looking at. “Stay at the cushions boys,” he said as he pressed a button on the remote.

The guys were startled by a sudden movement in the cushions, they were going down. It seemed that the cushions were placed on some kind of elevator. The two teams held on to the cushions as they steadily made their way down. They gave each other a last, competitive look before the other team disappeared out of sight. Both teams were excited, eager, and tensed about what their last challenges were going to be.

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