Escort Ch. 02

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Hard Cock

After my first foray into paying for sex with Elle, I really wanted more. As much as I enjoyed my first meeting, I decided that I would rather sample different escorts each time. I would meet up with Elle again but not before trying out what others had to offer.

I start looking through my local escorts on the website I joined and there were a lot that I’d love to meet. Luckily I discover that I can make a hot list and add escorts onto it so they are saved for me to look at later. I trawled through around 500 profiles and added just over 50 to my hot list.

There was one that stands out to me the most at the moment. Sacha from Spain. Her profile shows me that she is a touring escort and that she will only be in my area for a few days. Unlike Elle, Sacha has pictures and reviews.

Her pictures look great and the reviews she has confirmed she is a looker as well. There are no face pictures but the reviews reassure me that she is very pretty. Twenty-four years old, toned body but with fairly large breasts, tanned all over, dirty blonde hair, lovely peachy bum and a nice landing strip and £150 per hour.

Her reviews suggest she doesn’t really speak English that well but more than enough to ensure plenty fun is had. I’m sold, so I sent her a message asking if she will be available tomorrow at 13:00 for one hour and to cum several times.

Sacha replied quickly asking me to send a booking via the website and she will confirm the booking and send me her number and address. So I booked via the booking form and sure enough receive a reply with her address and a message to text her when I have arrived at the address.

I’m unsure of the area but I know its on the outskirts of the city. Good old Google Maps show me the location. I see that it is a large block of flats with parking at the back.

It’s a bit of a further drive this meeting, so I take a bottle of water and set off early as the traffic through the city can sometimes be a nightmare. Again I have a hard on for the full journey.

I arrived almost bang on time and park in the car park. I send Sacha a message telling her I have arrived. I don’t get a reply and I start to worry I have wasted my time.

I was almost ready to call it a day when my phone buzzed. It was Sacha.

“Sorry, in shower. Ready now. Flat 9 x” she texts.

Once again my heart was racing with excitement and anticipation. I pressed the buzzer and say hello. There was a loud click and the door opens. There was no lift, so I climbed up the 3 flights of stairs to her door. I gently clapped on the door and within 10 seconds it opens.

Sacha is standing in a pink fluffy dressing gown and says “Ola sexy”.

I reply with the same. She has a gorgeous face but looks a bit like she is ready for a night out with all the makeup she has on. I prefer the more natural look. I was looking forward to seeing what was under the dressing gown. Sacha held out her hand and I handed over five £20 notes. This put a big smile on her face, and she gave me a nice big deep kiss.

“Come”, Sacha said as she turned and walked towards a doorway. I followed her, and we entered a small bedroom that had a double bed under the window, a bedside table that had two bottles of water and some condoms on it.

The next second Sacha had turned and faced away from me, I though that was a bit odd, but then she dropped the dressing gown on the floor. I think my jaw pretty much hit the floor, Sacha had the best body I had ever seen from behind.

You could tell she kept her self fit, but she still had amazing curves where it counts. She span around to reveal her full body. I must have looked a picture because all I could newcratos do was stare.

She honestly had the body of a Victoria Secrets model. I couldn’t believe my luck. It was the sort of body that you only really see in magazines or online, and I was going to be experience it in real life.

Sacha walked sexily over to me and started to kiss me. She placed her hand on my heaving groin and gave a sexy moan and quietly said, “Very nice”.

I was slowly using both my hands to caress every inch of her fabulous body but not between her legs. I could have happily just played with her for the full hour. Sacha’s breathing had changed and I could tell that she was enjoying my touches. I decided it was time to explore her pussy.

I was pleased to feel that she was very excited and Sacha started to grind herself over my fingers. She was pulling my top over my head, so I decided to give her a hand and stripped off. I don’t think my cock had ever been as hard as it was at that moment. It was almost at the point of becoming sore and it felt like every bit of blood in my whole body was trying to get into it.

Sacha started massaging my balls nice and gently. She was doing it is a way that I had never felt before or since. It felt like she was massaging each ball separately but at the same time if that makes sense.

Sacha then said to me, “Spanish sex?”

I had no idea what that was, but I was enjoying what she was doing so much that I just nodded my head. She grabbed some lube and motioned me to put out my hands.

Sacha squirted some lube into my hands then thrust her pretty much perfect breast towards me. I started rubbing her breasts all over with the lube, and they felt so soft yet firm. The next thing I knew Sacha was on her knees and had my cock between those fabulous tits. She started off bouncing them up and down my super hard cock really slow and sensual. The feeling of the heat between them and the lube I applied all over them was unreal.

I realized that I wouldn’t be lasting much longer, but there was no way I wasn’t cumming over her like this. I start to feel the cum rising to an unstoppable point, so I tell Sacha that I’m going to cum. She picks up the pace and points her face downwards towards my cock. Mouth open, she is really fucking me with those unbelievable breast. I start to shoot strings of cum right into her mouth and all over her face at breakneck speed. Now I know what Spanish sex is.

It really was a knee trembler and i needed to sit down. I sat back on the bed while Sacha left the room for a few minutes. She returned with a towel and was drying of her chest.

We chatted for a around 10 minutes. It was a bit awkward with her lack of English and my lack of Spanish, but she was very friendly and told me her dream was to be a porn star.

Sacha started stroking my inner thigh which really started the blood pumping again. I leaned in, and we kissed while I ran my hands over her almost perfect behind. I slowly started kissing her neck which gave way to some lovely moans.

Sacha’s breasts were next on my list for some attention and I started softly kissing and stroking them gently with my fingertips. Sacha’s breathing changed now and I could tell she was enjoying herself. Going lower over her very firm, toned but at the same time soft and warm stomach, I reached her perfectly trimmed landing strip.

I first gently kissed to the left, just missing her pussy and down the inside of her leg, back up and round just over the top of her clit and then down the right side. Sacha was squirming in pleasure now, and I was having the time of my life. I finally ended my teasing and softly licked newcratos giriş the length of her, I stopped at her clit and gave a gentle suck.

This time Sacha let out a powerful moan of pleasure, so I continued to gently suck her clit and play using my tongue on it at the same time. I rubbed two fingers up and down her before very slowly slipping them in. After a few minutes of this Sacha pretty much grabbed my by the hair and was grinding right into me telling me she was cumming. I kept rubbing my fingers on her gspot whilst sucking her to a powerful orgasm. Sacha lay motionless for a few seconds, so I stopped.

She jumped up and said “Now you cum”.

She started sucking on my balls nice and slow using her tongue to really get me going. Slow, long firm licks followed the full length of my now solid shaft. Sacha now started very slowly sucking on the swollen head of my rock hard cock, every 20 seconds or so she would release me from her mouth with a massively satisfying and horny popping sound.

I had never experienced that before but it was a fantastic feeling. I was ready to finally fuck Sacha, but she had other ideas. She swallowed all of me right down to the balls. Once she could go no further she bobbed up and down a few times before releasing me fully. Sacha was looking at me licking her lips then repeated this a few times. I thought I’d had deep throat before with several girlfriends but this was on another level.

After a few minutes if this Sacha took me all in her mouth again but this time grabbed my hands and placed them on the back if her head. Wow I thought, she wants me to fuck her face. I started slowly and gently to move her head back and forth my extremely hard cock. This felt so horny and slightly wrong at the same time. I picked up the pace after some encouragement to do so, every thrust felt amazing. Super tight, hot & wet, I was nearing the point of no return, so I warned Sacha.

We stopped, and she told me, “When you cum, push me right down.”

Fucking hell, she wanted me to finish whilst I was all the way in. Sacha slowly worked my cock into her throat all the way to the balls. There really is no feeling like it, its just so fucking good. I gently and slowly thrust away but this time Sacha is massaging my balls again.

After a few short minutes my balls explode and the pleasure is almost unbearable. I hold Sacha’s head as I explode down her throat. I have never come so much or so hard in my life. She is now sucking me gently as I flopped onto the bed but after a few minutes it was far too sensitive and I asked her to stop.

We cuddle up together. The next few minutes were a bit of a daze after cumming so hard. I can’t even remember what we chatted about. Sacha then suggested it was time we fucked. I couldn’t have agreed more, so we started mutually playing with each other. I had been looking forward to fucking Sacha since I booked her but even more so since exploring her during our time together so far.

Sacha jumped in between my legs and started to suck my rapidly stiffening cock. Again she was giving me full deep throat and bobbing up and down at the base if my cock. I could have let her do that to me all day, but I was also desperate to be inside her.

Sacha seemed equally keen to fuck as she told me, “You lie, me fuck.”

God, I really loved that she was so horny and her broken English really added to that. I lay back and Sacha expertly slipped the condom on my solid cock. She slipped me in her incredibly tight pussy. I’m guessing the fact she must be in the gym a lot really makes all of her tight and toned. The feeling is incredible as she slowly starts to ride up and down my shaft.

She is like a steam train that has just started up, starting off slow and sensual, slowly building up speed, faster and faster, now really pumping up and down and a frantic pace.

All of a sudden her pussy grips me like a vice, releases me and grips again, I have never felt anything like this before but it is incredible. Each time she does this I could just come. It feels like my full cock is being milked. Sacha is gently moaning with her eyes closed. Each grip and release her moaning gets louder. A few more of these, and she is really lost in the moment, swinging her head back.

Sacha then opens her eyes and locks her gaze on me and once again starts to fuck me. As she comes she is really grinding her clit onto me and kissing me passionately. Her moans are the sexiest I have ever heard.

She starts pumping up and down and I told her I was going to cum. She keeps the nice steady pace and I explode into the condom inside her. She grinds me all round her pussy and gets every bit of cum out me.

Sacha cleans us both up and again we chat. She tells me she loves to travel and spent two years touring America. If she makes it in the porn industry that’s where she wants to move.

I then seen Sacha’s phone light up and guess that must be the hour up. It’s been the fastest but at the same time the slowest hour of my life, but definitely the best. I say to her that I should be going.

Sacha looks disappointed and says “No, one more fun. This time you fuck.”

She got on top of me and started kissing me and playing with my balls. I was hard almost instantly to her touch. I’m playing with her hot and wet pussy while she massages my balls in one hand and wanks me with the other.

Sacha then grabbed a condom from the bedside table and proceeded to put it on with her mouth. Again all the way down my solid shaft. After a few minutes of deep throat I asked to fuck her.

She turned round and got on all fours. What a sight I had before me. The hottest body I had ever seen and been with inviting me to fuck her from behind. I enjoyed teasing her by rubbing my cock up and down her slit. She seemed desperate to have my cock in her, so I very slowly entered her inch by inch.

Sacha seemed to love this and when I was fully in she started to grind on my cock. I started to fuck her slowly from behind. I had a hand on each of her wonderful breasts, massaging them with every thrust. I wanted to fuck her on top so signaled for her to change positions. Sacha eagerly agreed and flipped onto her back.

I admired her pussy for a moment before I plunged my cock back in. What an amazing sight it was watching my cock going in and out of this beauty’s amazing pussy. I pulled out and back in for several minutes to get the full feeling of her. I then picked up the pace and started fucking a bit faster, kissing and sucking on her breasts at the same time.

Sacha started bucking in time with me and I could feel myself reaching climax. Sacha held me close and kissed me passionately.

“Finish fast in me baby” Sacha whispered to me.

I really picked up the pace, and we were fucking like jackhammers. I started to cum, it felt like so much cum that the condom was in danger of bursting. Sacha started to clamp and release my cock with her pussy and this felt like I was cumming again.

We cleaned up and Sacha came back on to the bed for a cuddle. I honestly think we could have fell asleep we were so drained. I noticed the time on her phone and I had been with her for just over 1 hour 15 minutes. I grabbed a shower and had another quick chat. Sacha told me that she will email me next time she in my area. I could hardly wait for next time.

I think I had a smile on my face for about 2 weeks after that. I’ve still never had such fun for £150 and I can’t imagine I ever will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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