Esmeralda’s Pet

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“No! Stop-” Alexandria’s voice broke between sobs. “Please… please have mercy!” The woman’s screams echoed through stone corridors. Her wrists were tied with rope, and those bindings were attached to another long one that suspended from the ceiling. She could still touch the ground, but had to stand on her toes as she swayed. Some sort of silky fabric obstructed her vision, tied as an effective blindfold. The rope and thin fabric over Alexandria’s eyes were the only things she wore.

“‘No, stop’ isn’t your safe word, my sweet little pet.” A soft voice whispered in Alexandria’s ear. Alexandria hushed before nodding. She grew still, feeling a hand gently caressing her long, messy hair. In that moment of calm, she thought of how she should have pinned it back, though it would have shaken loose either way.

The touch moved from Alexandria’s hair down to her breast, slowly massaging the bare flesh. Alexandria shut her eyes tightly despite already being in the dark. She had prepared for the expected, but still gasped as her nipple was twisted suddenly and harshly. “Good girl…” Alexandria flushed at the voice of her mistress. She was the only person she could ever love. “I’m going to continue your punishment though… You and I both know that ‘mercy’ is not in my vocabulary.”

Alexandria quickly nodded, “yes, Mistress.” She responded in a breathy whisper immediately, just as she had been trained. She braced herself though as she heard her mistress pick up the whip. It was the sound that almost scared the bound woman more than the contact. She tried to stand as still as she could as the bringer of both her pain and pleasure continued to lash her, focusing mostly on her ass, but moving to other spots though.

Alexandria tried not to cry out or squirm, even though she knew that her mistress thoroughly enjoyed hearing her cries and begs for mercy. She knew that this was a punishment, and not meant to feel very good, but she still felt that rush of adrenaline as she bounced on her toes, suspended from a rope. The most invigorating to her was the encouraging sounds spoke to her by her love.

———— ————— ————

The princess, Esmerelda smiled as she set down the leather instrument of torture she had just gotten very good use out of. She looked around ayaş eve gelen escort the room in complete satisfaction with her session. “Very good girl…” she cooed once more as she brushed the sweat from her own face. Her long, curly dark hair was pinned back in an elaborate weave of braids. She had requested Alexandria’s assistance just that morning to get the style just right. She was twenty-three years old now, and had only gained more influence in the monarchy she had been born into.

“I’m going to take off your bindings and blindfold now, alright?” Esmerelda asked before reaching up to skillfully untie the rope around her pet’s wrists. She made sure to help the girl sit down, knowing her legs would probably be weak. She rubbed some oils around where the rope had bitten into the tended, pale flesh. After tending to the rope burns, the princess untied the fabric from around the girl’s eyes. She still had tears running down her face. Esmerelda smiled big, “Aw, you are so cute.” She scooted closer to the girl on the floor, and soon had the silently crying Alexandria pulled into her lap.

Esmerelda couldn’t help but feel deep empathy for her pet, for Alexandria was now clutching to the expensive fabric of Esmerelda’s dress, crying into her mistress’s chest. “There, there… you remember why I had to punish you though, right?” She said in a gently voice, still petting Alexandria’s now extremely long, golden hair. “You’re lucky that all you got was a good whipping session, for what you did.” The blonde quickly nodded once again and bow her head low, agreeing graciously. Esmerelda thought back to the first day she met her girl.

———— ————— ————

A younger Princess Esmerelda stood with her arm’s crossed. Her cold, calculating eyes stared at the girl who had brought before her. Ew. What was this pathetic little human. “What is this… thing?” She asked, hoping she didn’t already know the answer.

“El, you know what she is for. All of the members of high court are assigned their very own personal companion. This girl will be alongside you at all times, she will remain human, so you may use her to feed from anytime you need. However you will keep her protected, for she will be completely devoted to you. We have hand selected ayaş sınırsız escort her for you.” Esmerelda’s father’s voice spoke solidly. The young princess continued to look on, feeling disgust at the pitiful creature that shook before her. She looked about eleven from malnourish, but was likely older if she had been selected.

Her father, a very powerful king of vampires, continued to speak, “Her name used to be Alexandria, and she is rather educated. She was once from royalty. When her family fell to ruins, they sold her to us. So she is not just a common blood-slave. We took into account how much you hate common things.”

Esmerelda kept her little arms crossed. She let out a superior huff, “you should have let me choose… she looks like a little, ugly, albino mouse.” She spat out. She was not excited about this person her parents were assigning to be her personal… thing should she say? Esmerelda had just turned eighteen, and was receiving this girl now because of tradition. She was a princess from a long line of pureblooded vampire demons. They had a castle deep in the forests of a far away land.

The monarch ruled over their little slice of land with tactics that other parts of the world may disagree with. The people were oppressed and secluded as possible. It was just a rumor to the people they lead, that the ones who ruled over the land were vampiric in nature. To the human’s of their world, it was something rather unbelievable, so when her father continued, she was not surprised by what he said. “She had no idea about our race in the outside world, so she is a bit shaken up, as we just received her to train but a month ago. You may want to take it easy on your new companion.” Companion, Esmerelda laughed internally at the word. More like, pet. She didn’t want to have responsibility for this, but it was a required bond to be forged. “She is the same age as you, born under the same stars.”

Esmerelda’s steady, tad annoyed expression suddenly changed into a sly smile, and the other, much shorter, girl who was forced to keep her eyes lifted seemed to grow scared. The princess was glad that the thing before her could tell how cruel the smile she wore was. “Fine then, take her to my room… and bring up some food for ayaş escort kızlar her too, she looks half dead.” She resigned, waving her arm to the guards.

———— ————— ————

Lost in a daze, Esmerelda continued to run her fingers through the girl’s hair. “It’s okay though, I forgive you, and all is well.” She couldn’t believe how much her relationship had evolved with this once pathetic human. Esmerelda leaned forward and kissed the girl on the forehead delicately. “Also, I nearly came watching you dancing on those cute toes to the sound of my whip.” She cleared her throat. “It’s about time that I did cum though.” The princess said as she carefully wrapped a good section of the blonde hair around her fingers and tugged hard. She loved using that straight, well taken care of hair as a leash. She steadily led the little cum-slut’s face towards her dress skirt.

El’s consistant companion didn’t hesitate as she was led in between her mistress’s thighs. As soon as her face made contact with skin, the woman immediately put her tongue to work, her princess guiding her head by tugging her hair this way or that way. Alexandria’s face was pressed harder, forced by the pair of thighs that now wrapped tightly around her head. Alexandria’s body shook as she tried to pull back for breath, her tongue still swirling around, slithering desperately and deeply in the throbbing cunt. She must have hoped beyond hope that there would be release for fresh air if she made her mistress cum fast and hard.

Esmerelda gasped between words as she continued to grind her pussy against her cum-slave’s face. She even began using the little slut’s nose to rub against her clitoris. The princess’s legs trembled as she heard strangled whimpering from between her thighs.

———— ————— ————

As Alexandria’s mistress’s deadly grip around her head released, she quickly pulled back. She graciously accepted the breaths of air that her mistress granted her in ragged gasps. Her naked body was covered in welts and sweat, her hands slippery from the oils put on her raw wrists. She finally let her body completely collapse. She laid before the princess who was both so dark and so bright at the same time. She loved to lie on her stomach like this, and rest after sessions like this. “I love you…” Her small voice whispered, heart beating rapidly.

“I love you too, but that’s enough fun for tonight.” Alexandria graciously took Esmerelda’s hand to help lift her battered body after her goddess had stood. “You may head back to your room. I’ll see you first thing in the morning, kneeling at my bed.”

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