Evacuee 12 – David and caroline are discovered

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Rose could not believe what she was seeing…

Helen had suggested that she go for a stroll in the forest and had recommended the walk down to the lake. Rose knew that David and Caroline often played down there and secretly she hoped she might see David in his swimming shorts again. As she approached the lake, at first she couldn’t see the children but then she saw movement on the far bank. To her astonishment they were both lying there completely naked! Rose grinned to herself. She was all for a bit of nude sunbathing herself although she was unsure as to whether she should be allowing her daughter to sunbathe with David. She supposed it was pure jealousy.

Rose walked around the lake and as she approached the spot where they were lying she watched as David turned onto his side. Then, to her astonishment, they started kissing! Her stomach lurched and she quickly crouched down in the reeds. Her David was kissing Caroline! Rose knew he was her nephew but she felt very possessive after last night. He certainly hadn’t lost any time in trying out his new-found talents on another woman – and a much younger one at that!

She made a mental note to have a word with Caroline that night as she was worried that they would go further than just kissing. Then, to her horror, she saw David actually climb on top of her daughter!

There was now no mistaking what they were doing, or at least what she guessed they were about to do. Rose kept as still as she could, as she was only about 50 yards away, but unmistakably David was lying between her daughter’s thighs and he was about to make love to her! Rose put her hand to her mouth, stifling a gasp as her daughter cried out. Of course! Of course she was a virgin and David had taken her!
Suddenly her arms were around him and he was fucking her! David, her nephew, her lover from last night was fucking her daughter! Rose could not take her eyes away from the scene. To her astonishment she felt herself getting wet between her legs. Surely this could not be? Surely she could not be turned on by watching her daughter getting fucked? However the evidence was unmistakable. She slipped her fingers between her legs and her pussy was dripping!

She could now hear the orgasmic moans of the pair of them as they fucked. And then, to her astonishment, she realised that she was playing with herself! Rose hadn’t done it consciously but her fingers were now inside her pussy and she was kneeling on the ground, masturbating whilst she watched her daughter being fucked! How much lower could she get?

She heard Caroline cry out and realised that she had come. A few seconds later David also moaned and he arched his back as, unmistakably, he was pumping spunk into her daughter’s pussy, just as he had pumped into her last night…

And then suddenly Rose came as well.

Feelings of pure lust and degradation thundered through her and she could not help but cry out as she came. Rose suddenly realised she might be heard and ducked down, peering between the reeds to see David looking around. Had he heard her?

She didn’t think he had, as he seemed quite content to lie on top of Caroline and although she could see they were gorukle escort chatting, she could not hear what they were saying. Rose knew she had to get away and carefully backed out of the reeds, keeping an eye on the pair of them until she was able to walk unsteadily back around the lake, hopefully unseen.

She ran back to the cottage and upstairs to her bedroom. She quickly filled the basin with hot water and taking her flannel, scrubbed herself, almost as if she was trying to wash away what she had seen. Eventually she started to calm down and started to shiver before quickly towelling herself dr. She dressed and lay on the bed for a few minutes before hearing voices in the corridor. It was Caroline and David and she bit her lip, not wanting to confront them. She heard two doors close and assumed they had gone to their respective rooms.

She quickly sat up on the side of the bed and wondered what to do. Her pussy was still glowing and, to her eternal shame, Rose had to admit she was still turned on by what she had seen. She stood up and left her bedroom. She tapped quietly on David’s door.

“Caroline?” Rose heard him call out. She smiled to herself and opened the door. He looked at her guiltily and quickly sat back down on the bed.

“Were you expecting my daughter?” she asked lightly.

“Um…no…not really.” He was a very poor liar. Rose closed the door behind her and turned the key in the lock, just as she had done last night. However this time the atmosphere was very different. She went across to David and sat beside him on the bed grinning at him. He still appeared very nervous.

“I strolled down to the lake this morning.” David went bright red and swallowed hard. “It’s nice down there isn’t it?” He nodded dumbly. “Do you and Caroline ever go down there?”

David made as if to shake his head but then nodded and said,

“Sometimes…just to swim. We go down there to swim sometimes.”

“Yes it’s a nice spot isn’t it?” she said gazing out of the window and then back at him. “It’s a nice spot for swimming and sunbathing…and fucking!” David’s face fell and he actually flinched away from her.

“Yes I’m afraid I saw you.” Rose thought he was going to burst into tears he looked so scared. She decided to tease him a little.

“Yes I saw it all. I saw you lying next to my daughter and kissing her. Then I saw you climb on top of her and she spread her legs for you didn’t she? She spread her legs for you and then you put that big cock into her pussy didn’t you? You fucked her hard didn’t you? Just like you fucked me last night, you fucked my daughter and you came inside her didn’t you? You fucked her hard and pumped your spunk into my daughter’s cunt didn’t you?” Her voice rose and she pushed him back onto the bed. He now looked genuinely terrified. She was getting hysterical!

“Was it nice? Did you enjoy it?” David stared up at her as Rose quickly grabbed his tee shirt and, not really thinking what she was doing, pulled it off over his head. His face now had a puzzled look on it as she continued to berate him, this time lowering her voice.

“Did you like the feel of her little titties eskort bursa against your chest?” Rose rubbed her hands across the firm flesh and muscles of his body. “Not as big as mine though are they?” As she said this she ripped off her blouse and quickly unhooked her bra so her breasts tumble out, almost in to David’s face.

“It wasn’t my idea…” David suddenly gasped, speaking for the first time.

“Are you’re saying my daughter asked for it? Are you calling my daughter a tart?” Now a look of fear spread across David’s face as she suddenly knelt over him and pinned his arms to the bed. Rose knew he could easily overpower her but fear seemed to have taken all the stuffing out of him. Her large breasts were now swinging in his face and she leaned down, brushing them over his face.

“She can’t do this though can she? Her breasts aren’t as big as mine are they? I bet it’s not as much fun as having my breasts sliding over your face is it?” As Rose said this she lowered herself further, almost suffocating David as she squeezed the flesh over his mouth.

“Go on David. Lick them and suck them! Lick these wonderful breasts; it’ll be the last time!” To his credit David opened his mouth and started to nuzzle her breasts. Heaven only knows what was going through his mind but she knew exactly what she wanted.

“Chew on the nipples! Go on chew them!” David did so and a surge of exquisite agony shot through her. Rose suddenly pulled away and jumped up. In one quick movement she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them, and her panties, down to the floor. She stepped out of them and then clambered on top of David once again. He looked at her uncertainly and then she shuffled up his body until her knees were either side of his face, resting on the pillow.

“I know you’re good at this!” Rose then gripped the headboard and leaning forward lowered her pussy on to his face and started to rub it up and down his mouth. “Your tongue! Get your tongue in there!” David obediently stuck his tongue out and she felt it a rasping against the lips of her pussy. She threw her head back and began to grind her pussy into his face, feeling his nose and lips and tongue sliding up and down the wet opening. He began to cry out and she quickly pulled up, not wanting to suffocate the boy. His face was red, and slick with her juices and he quickly licked his lips, still looking nervous.

Rose climbed off him and shuffled down to his waist. Holding his gaze she firmly cupped the bulge in his shorts. He was definitely erect! Despite everything he was obviously turned on.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” David seemed unsure as to whether to agree or not and just gazed at her blankly. Rose quickly unzipped his shorts and pulled them down so his cock sprang out.

“Yes you definitely are! Look at that!” she gazed at his cock and then back up at his face where he was still staring at her. “Did my daughter enjoy that?” She nodded her head towards the cock. “Did my daughter enjoying having 8 inches of meaty cock stuffed up her cunt?” Rose reached out and curled her fingers around the shaft squeezing it hard and giving him a quick wank. David karacabey escort gasped.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare come! You’re not coming anywhere except in my cunt!” With that she quickly straddled her leg across him and in one movement impaled herself on his cock, feeling it stretching her pussy.

“Jesus! Fuck! Yes that is so good!” Rose almost growled as 8 inches of flesh slid deep into her body. She put her hands on her breasts and cupped them, squeezing them and pointing them towards David.
“Watch me! Just watch me!” David stared up at her as she began to ride him and at the same time she squeezed and massaged her breasts. Rose held his gaze as she brought each one up in turn to her mouth. Rose had always been proud of her ability to lick her own nipples and she did so, while David gazed at her. She was able to chew the stalks and heighten the feeling as she raised and lowered herself on his cock.

“Are you going to come in a minute?” Rose asked staring at him. He nodded helplessly. He couldn’t deny it. Whatever this mad woman, as he now thought of her, was doing or planning to do, he was incredibly aroused by it. “Good.” she clenched the muscles of her pussy.

“Come now! Come on, come now! Come in my cunt!” By now she was almost in a trance as she bounced up and down on his cock and suddenly David gave a gasp and Rose felt the familiar explosion of juice in her pussy as he pumped into her, all the while grunting and moaning. After a while he quietened down and the occasional twitch was all that remained. Rose leaned forward and looked him in the eye.

“Right now – David. You’re not going to see my daughter again.” He nodded grimly. “I’m taking her away. I won’t tell your mum what happened but any problems and she’ll be the first to know. Understand?” David quickly nodded again. “Now I’m going to climb off your cock and sit on your face again. I want you to tongue me until I come is that clear?” He nodded nervously.

Rose carefully climbed off him and once again squatted above his face. She glanced down and noticed some of his sperm dripping from her pussy on to his face. She grinned at him.

“Ready?” He closed his eyes and nodded. She lowered her pussy on to his face and gently ran the lips around his mouth. Once again his tongue came out and soon he was lapping away at her pussy. Rose grabbed the headboard to support herself. The feeling was fantastic.

“That’s it David…that’s it baby… lick my cunt! Shit that is so nice! I’m gonna come… I’m gonna come… I’m gonna come all over your face!” Suddenly it hit her and Rose allowed the full weight of her body to fall on to David’s face. He gasped as she did this and she clamped his head between her thighs. A sensational orgasm thundered through her and she felt herself quivering as wave after wave of pure pleasure rolled through her pussy.

Eventually her climax subsided and she carefully lifted herself off. David coughed and took a deep breath, staring up at her, red faced and licking his lips. His face was covered in her juice again and Rose could see a few drops of his own semen splattered across his cheeks. Rose now felt she had got some sort of retribution.

For a few brief seconds she felt sorry for the boy and as she stood by the side of the bed she leant down and gave him a quick, sticky kiss on the lips. Then she quickly gathered up her clothes and went back to her own room.

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