Every Night

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He had blacked out his eyes in the photo. I didn’t blame him, who wants to be identified on a internet dating site? Especially one dedicated to one night stands with complete strangers. I managed to find a photo of me that both titillates and keeps my face concealed – a shot of me from the back wearing a black tank top, my hand caressing my neck, hips swayed. Sexy, classic, and tasteful. Most guys message me and say “Turn around!” I only respond to the interesting ones, like this guy. In his photo he is in a lake somewhere swimming, pushing himself up out of the water onto a dock. Muscular, young, and so totally hot.

After some back and forth emails and chatting online I discover he works for a national skateboard supply company that has stores in every shopping mall across the country. He travels a lot. He wants to talk on the phone so I give him my number. And then we arrange to meet.

He shows up one sunny summer afternoon at my door. He is hot. Dark hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and lips you just want to suck on. He comes in. We open a bottle of wine and sit out on the back porch. Chatting. It’s strange, but we are totally hitting it off. The conversation is natural and I would totally hang out with this guy all the time.

Our glasses are empty and we go in for refills but we both know we don’t want wine. We want to get naked, and fast. At the kitchen counter we put our glasses down and I turn around, put my arms around his neck and start kissing his beautiful mouth, licking him, sucking on his lips, searching his mouth for his tongue. He lowers his hands Kütahya Escort to my ass and presses me against his cock, sliding his hands to cup each cheek. Fuck I need these clothes off!

I lead him into my bedroom and then hungrily take off his shirt. I run my hands down his chest, cupping my hands against every curve of his muscles, and then down around to his ass. He unbuckles his belt, I undo the button and zipper, and off go his pants. I can see his cock straining against his underwear but he leaves them on.

I am dying to have him suck my tits so I take my shirt off. He looks at me in my bikini bra and tells me how much he likes my little tits. He reaches over and grabs a breast in each hand and starts massing them gently, and finally flicks the bra up and over my head. He pushes me back on the bed, straddles me and starts sucking on a nipple. I moan and arch up, pushing the nipple deeper into his mouth. He sucks me harder and starts squeezing my other breast, taking that nipple between his two fingers and giving it a squeeze too. I moan louder. He sucks harder and pinching my nipple really hard, but I like it. I like it hard.

He stops. He unbuttons my pants, lifts my hips and pulls of my pants and underwear in one deft motion. My ass falls back down onto the bed. He slides his underwear off and climbs on top of me. He takes both my arms up over my head and pins them down with his hands. His lips crash into mine, and then he thrusts his tongue powerfully into my mouth. I wrap my lips around his tongue and he starts to use it to fuck my Kütahya Escort Bayan mouth. Then he slides his cock into me forcefully, and starts fucking me in the same rhythm as his tongue. His grip on my hands tightens so he that he can thrust even harder into me. I wrap my legs around his hips and surrender every inch of myself to him. The tip of his cock probing deeply into me.

I never want it to end, but then he stops, takes out his cock and stands at the end of the bed. I look at him, his hand is rubbing his cock as he waits for me. I turn over and get on my hands and knees and back my ass over towards his hard cock. He slides a hand up my back, caressing me as he reaches for my hips with both hands and guides his cock into me. He moves slowly at first, taking his time. I can’t stand it, I start slamming my ass against him quickly, forcefully, I want it harder. He slaps my ass once, hard. I moan and slam my ass against him over and over again. He moans. I go faster, I want more, I want him to come. He grabs my hips harder, pulls me into him and then pushes me away. He comes all over my back. I kneel on the bed, panting. My pussy is soaked and I am not done yet.

He tosses me a towel he found hanging on the door and I wipe his cum off my back and then lay down on the bed, pulling the covers over me He starts looking in the pocket of his jeans and comes back to the bed holding a lighter and a joint. He lights it and hands it to me. He is quite possibly the hottest guy I’ve ever fucked. He sits down on the bed and we smoke the joint, all the Escort Kütahya while not speaking.

He heads to the bathroom, and when he comes back he lays down next to me under the covers. I crawl on top of him, and straddle his hips with my legs and lay down on his chest. I start licking and sucking his nipples. His chest is hairless so I start running my tongue up and down it, licking him.

“I wish I had you with me on the road when I’m in a different hotel every night.” he says as I shift lower so my tongue can lick his balls. He spreads his legs a bit wider apart. I start lapping his sack like a dog. I move up licking the length of cock and then encircle the tip of his cock with my mouth, give it a little suck and then make my way back down to his balls.

I stop and lay down on my back and ask him to straddle my face so I can lick his balls and play with my clit. Instead he kneels over my face, looking towards my feet and puts his cock deeply in my mouth. I wrap my mouth around his shaft and try not to move too much so I don’t gag. He doesn’t move an inch, just stands there watching me touch myself with his cock in my mouth. I can barely breathe, his balls are in my face, but the restriction and the utter stillness arouses me.

He finally leans forward far enough to place two of his fingers right at the entrance to my pussy. And he keeps them there, just gently tucking and pulling at my lips, teasing my cunt as my fingers circle my clit. I slowly guide his cock out of my mouth just long enough to lube up my other hand with mouth, and then use it to start stroking his cock while I suck the tip of it with my lips. I am on the verge of coming. I want his fingers in me, no, I mean I want his cock inside me. I tell him but he won’t. He keeps teasing me, knowing how much I need him. I tense, and then shudder and my orgasm rocks me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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