Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 16

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** Saturday Morning **

I woke up hot and cold at the same time. I was shivering as I felt her soft touch on my forehead. “Poor baby,” she whispered, “You have a fever,” and lightly kissed me on the lips. I moaned and rolled over on my side, opening my eyes enough to watch Britt’s beautiful, bare backside as she stepped quietly into the bathroom. She came back with a cool washcloth and put it on my forehead as she ran her fingers through my hair. “Other than the fever, how do you feel?”

“I ache all over, like I worked too hard and strained some muscles.”

“Well,” she smiled as she ran her cool fingers over my cheeks, “You worked pretty hard last night and I can think of one muscle you might have strained, but I kind of doubt it. That particular muscle is in pretty good shape.” She ran the cool cloth over my forehead with one hand as the other strayed under the sheet in search of the aforementioned ‘muscle.’ Even in my weakened state, I began to rise to the occasion and Britt just as quickly retreated; “You need to just relax and let me take care of you, okay?”

There was a soft knocking on the door and little Kate stuck her head in the door. She was immediately concerned when she saw ‘Naked Nurse Britt’ sitting on the side of the bed with the cooling washcloth in her hand. She gingerly walked in, still wearing the muscle-t that she had on last night. “Is he okay,” she asked as she looked down over Britt’s bare shoulder.

“He has a fever and is achy, so I think he just caught a bug. I’m here all day, so I’ll take care of our man.”

“I have to go to work,” Kate replied. “I wish I could stay; I don’t like to see him feeling bad.” She was clearly concerned; I could hear it in her voice. I could also feel her running her hand up and down my leg through the sheet, a comforting caress.

“I’ll be fine,” I mumbled sleepily, my eyes closed. “I just need some rest; you girls are just wearing me out,” managing a slight grin.

“Okay; you rest up because I can’t wait to pose with Britt’s ‘Demon Car’. If you trust me, I’ll pick up a couple outfits that I think will look good with the car, okay?”

“That’s fine,” I slurred, ready to nod off.

“How about the other car; any ideas on that one?” Kate asked referring to the red and blue Petty Dodge.

“Ask Brii…” and I drifted into dreamland.

The girls got up and Britt adjusted the sheets while Kate leaned in and gave me a soft peck on the cheek. Grabbing a t-shirt, Britt pulled it on and led Kate from the bedroom into the kitchen. “Poor baby,” she said; “I’ve never seen him like this, but I’m sure it’s just a 24-hour thing.” Pouring some juice for the two of them, she continued. “The race car is some kind of special car that was driven by a guy named Petty and he evidently was famous for these cowboy hats that he wore, so George thought we should incorporate that into the shoot. We went shopping yesterday and he bought me a pair of really cute turquoise cowboy boots and a hat like the guy wore. The rest of the outfit will be some Daisy Dukes that I’ll make out of that old pair of jeans you’ve been after me to pitch and probably a string top.”

“Mmm…” that sounds really hot,” as she dug around for the English muffins. “Why didn’t we get to see the boots last night?”

“I guess we just ran out of time, what with you getting all wound up about that car out there,” referring to the Cadillac hearse; “and all the excitement about the website.” Taking a sip of juice, she added with a smile, “I did get to test drive the boots and hat last night though.”

“Oh you nasty girl,” Kate replied as she buttered her muffin. “So I take it you rode him cowgirl,” taking a bite.

“Shit,” Britt replied with a smack to her own forehead; “why the hell didn’t I think of that. No, I put on the boots and hat with that little blue panties’ and bra set Gina dared me to buy last year. I was standing at the foot of the bed with my hand on my hips and my feet spread, you know, all defiant looking. Well, I got the reaction I was looking for. He was hard in a flash and I walked up to him, kissed him, put my hat on him and then got on my knees and sucked on him till he was ready to cum.” Kate’s eyes were wide and her muffin was getting cold; Britt took another sip and continued. “I was too horny to just let him go, so I took my hat back and crawled up onto the bed on all fours, pulled my panties out of the way and told him to just fuck me.”

“Oh god,” Kate moaned as she held the muffin with one hand, nibbling at it and played with a nipple with the other.

“Well he fucked me until I came I don’t know how many times. Finally, I couldn’t stay up, so I flopped down on the bed and he lay down beside me and when I got my strength back, I sucked that big cock until he came. By the time I’d licked him clean, he was fast asleep. When I woke up this morning he was burning up.”

“God that was hot,” the little one said, finishing her muffin and taking a sip of juice. “Sorry, bad pun but I kağıthane escort hope he’s feeling better soon. I had a dream last night that he took me in the back of the hearse and made love to me and I asked him to fuck me in the ass,” she giggled. “I think I even came a little when I had the dream, cuz I woke up in a wet spot this morning.”

“Geez girl,” laughed Britt, “well it’s a good thing it’s laundry day then. Do you have everything in the hamper that you need washed?”

“Oh that’s right; thanks babe. Yeah, I don’t have much. Seems like since we moved in here, we don’t go through as many clothes,” she laughed.

“Yeah” said Britt, “It is nice not having to worry about what to wear or whether anyone will see you. It’s also kind of fun to watch George’s dick react to us. Poor guy, I thought he might get used to it by now, but maybe not. Last night when were all sitting around, Gina got up to get something, I don’t remember what, but I looked over at him when she bent over and flashed her butt at him. I swear, he got so hard so fast.”

Kate laughed at her; “Yeah, well you ought to see the way he checks you out when you’re not looking. I bet he’d fuck you all day long if it was physically possible.”

Britt smiled and blushed a little at the compliment; “Funny, just the other day, he said he wanted to have just one day alone with me and see how many times he could make me cum. Fuck, I nearly creamed myself just thinking about it when he said it.”

“Shit, I’m dripping now just thinking about it,” Kate replied. She dipped her finger under the hem of her shirt and brought it out wet; “See?”

Britt had Kate’s finger in her mouth before the little one knew what hit her and her pussy twitched watching her blonde roommate suck her juices off her slim digit. “Oh God Britt,” she moaned as she twisted around to look at the clock on the oven. “We’ve got time,” and she pulled her finger free and pulled Britt by the arm to the couch in the living room.

“Lay down,” Kate commanded, pushing her onto the leather. Britt’s blue eyes darkened as she pulled her shirt up over her head and lay back on the couch. Kate stared down on the obedient blonde, her eyes surveying the landscape; from her delicate toes, up her sculpted legs. Her pussy lips revealed her excitement; distended and wet; her tummy was tight, and her proud breasts rose and fell with her breathing. Unable to resist, Kate leaned down and took one nipple in her mouth while her fingers taunted the other. Britt’s hands ran thru the luxurious, long black hair as her pussy throbbed, directly connected to her nipples. Hungry for the main course, Kate abandoned the breasts and kissed Britt deeply, her tongue giving the blonde a preview of coming attractions. “I love you,” she said as she spun and straddled Britt, her own pussy now in harm’s way.

Leaning down, Kate ran her tongue over her friends’ pussy lips, sucking up the nectar that had bubbled to the surface. Britt’s clit peeked out from the fold and Kate pounced on it, wrapping her lips around it and nursing on it energetically. Britt squirmed as she tried to return the favor. Her fingers danced around Kate’s pussy, spreading her juices until she shined. Britt pushed her legs apart until one foot was on the floor and the other pushed against the wall behind the couch. She strained to get her lips on the young girl’s nether region, but their height difference made it a challenge. Frustrated, she reached around behind her, searching for a pillow or two. Meanwhile Kate was entrenched with both her arms wrapped around Britt’s legs, spreading them the required amount to allow her easy access to her lover’s creamy center. Her mouth and tongue ravaged the blonde’s pussy, probing her as deep as her tongue was long.

Finally after a lot of wrangling, tugging and twisting, Kate’s pussy was within Britt’s reach and making up for lost time, she spread her pussy lips wide and dove in, driving her tongue deep within while her chin worked over her clit. Britt went after her like she was starved and Kate moaned her pleasure into Britt’s pussy. Unable to breath, Britt backed out and let her tongue wander, parting her lips, working then up and down, side to side. Moving up, she stabbed at the little one’s puckered ass, slipping in ever-so-slightly. Kate had to take a break and concentrated on the feelings washing over her as Britt had captured her clit and was mauling it between her lips. “Oh God Britt, ah fuck, eat my pussy baby…fuck,fuck,fuck…eat me!” as she ground her snatch onto her face. Juices gushed; nearly drowning the blonde as she hungrily swallowed the sweet nectar.

Her first climax out of the way, Kate was determined to take Britt over the edge. Britt wasn’t about to let go now, so Kate put her fingers to work. She straddled Britt’s swollen sex with her index and middle fingers, riding her pussy, squeezing, pushing and pulling her clit which was captured beneath the folds; Britt rocked as though trying to kartal escort shake the little one off. Securely poised, her own pussy still distracting her blonde friend, Kate’s unoccupied hand slid down and slowly parted her inner lips, exposing her core. Softly, deliberately, she worked her way in, one, then two, then three fingers, working against her constricting pussy.

Britt felt her pussy being stretched wide; “Fuck me Katie” she growled, twisting and thrusting, “Fuck my pussy, oh fuck yeah, so good baby.” Britt’s pussy made a sucking sound as Kate worked her fingers in deeper, now four fingers, and her thumb strumming her clit.

Britt now resorted to Kate’s game, slipping two fingers into her tight cunt. Kate looked back at Britt and scowled at her, rocking her ass on Britt’s fingers. They stared at each other, daring the other to make them cum first. Kate upped the ante once again, now getting all five of her fingers between her pussy lips. Britt inhaled deep, shocked at the sensation of Kate’s hand working its way inside her. Kate broke their visual connection to look down and watch her own hand disappear inside her friends pulsing pussy.

“Ah fuck, you feel it baby?” Kate asked huskily. “My whole hands in your pussy; my whole fucking hand is fucking you. Can you cum on my hand baby? Let me feel you cum on me baby… Fuck I wish I had a camera so you could see your pussy.”

Britt’s body was soon out of control. Her pussy was full and Kate’s fingers tickled her insides, sending shockwaves through her. She felt her climax building and it was going to be big, so big she knew she had one last chance to pleasure Kate. Fighting the desire to let go and ride the wave, she focused on Kate’s dripping sex. With two fingers still working her pussy, Britt reached up with her other hand and probed Kate’s ass. She heard her shocked inhale as she slipped her index finger in, up to the second knuckle. Stroking both hands in unison, she fucked her friends holes, steadily, and then introduce another into her ass and yet a third into her tight pussy. “Goddddd….” Kate moaned as she felt all the fingers inside her, rubbing against each other through the thin wall that separated her ass from her pussy.

Kate looked back again; perspiration ran down Britt’s forehead as she concentrated on fucking her friend. “Fuck me Britt,” she wailed, “Fuck me, I’m almost there baby.”

“Fuck Kate, come on… fuck, fuck , fuck…….oh shit baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming….ahhhhhh shittttt!”

And as she did, Kate’s body convulsed, nearly sending her off the couch if not for her hand buried in Britt’s pussy and all of Britt’s fingers shoved up her pussy and ass. “Britttt….” She cried out; “Ahhh fffuuuuccckkkkk….” was all she could say as her body trembled.

Gradually, the girls breathing returned to normal and their heart rates leveled out. Britt ran her hands and sticky fingers over Kate’s butt cheeks, massaging her tight ass. Kate purred as she ran her hands up and down Britt’s sculpted legs. With a little slap on the butt, Britt said, “You better get going missy or you’re gonna be late.”

Kate whined as she slid off of Britt, standing on shaky legs. She leaned in and gave the blonde another kiss, tasting herself, and shuffled off naked to get ready for work.

Britt lay there for a minute, thinking about George and the girls and how all their lives had changed over the last couple months. And thinking of the past only made her think of the future and what that may bring. Britt had always taken each day as it came, but subconsciously, she was always plotting and planning for the future. She was fairly sure that the next three years were fairly well laid out.

Three years would get the three girls their college degrees and it seemed likely, as well as they all got along, that the living arrangements would probably stay the same. The only possible wrinkle in the living arrangements is that none of the girl’s families knew anything about George. It was unlikely that any family members would make an unexpected visit, so the unwritten rule was that ‘whatever they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.’

Britt was snapped back to reality as Kate rushed in; “Gotta go baby. Take care of lover boy and I’ll call you later. Bye.”

Britt jumped up and grabbed her t-shirt and followed her out the door; “I’ll get the big door for ya’ babe,” she shouted as she sprinted across the warehouse, trying to beat Kate to the door.

With Hollywood movie precision, Britt had the big rolling door open just enough for Kate to squirt the little car out onto the street. With a honk and a wave and a gnashing of gears, she was on her way. Britt shook her head in amazement, awaiting the day that a pile of broken gears and transmission fluid poured out of the underside of Kate’s abused ride. She cussed the door, glad that manually opening and closing it would soon come to an end, and started back to the house. She warily took a wider path, avoiding küçükçekmece escort the demon car and was glad to close the front door behind her.

Back in the kitchen, Britt rinsed out the glasses and heard the toilet flushing in the master bath. Glad that George wasn’t so out of it that he couldn’t find his way to the bathroom; Britt put the glasses in the dishwasher and poured her boyfriend a glass of juice and another of water. Walking barefoot into the bedroom, she was surprised to find Gina on top of the covers on her side of the bed, clad in a g-string and a cropped t-shirt. Her arm rested over George where Britt left him, under the sheet, out like a light.

Gina opened her eyes when she heard Britt set the glasses on the bedside table. “Hi babe,” she whispered, “I came in and you weren’t here. I gave George a kiss on the forehead and it nearly burned my lips, the poor guy. I didn’t want to leave him alone, so I pee’d and came back.”

Gina started to get up, but Britt put her hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down; “No you stay there. I need to take a shower and you look pretty comfy. If he wakes up, you can offer him something to drink.” She gave Gina a quick kiss and scampered into the bathroom.

After a quick and uneventful shower, Britt toweled off and wrapped a towel around her head. Stepping softly into the room, she was happy to see me sitting up and Gina standing beside me, wiping my forehead with the damp cloth as I sipped on the glass of water. Her eyes widened as she realized the only thing she wore was the towel atop her head. Maybe the nursing staff is supposed to be clothed; I’m really not sure why she was concerned now. “Sorry,” she giggled as she stepped over to the dresser to get something to wear.

“Don’t get dressed on my account,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah, mine either,” Gina chimed in.

“Okay then,” Britt replied, hip-checking the drawer shut. She walked over and stood beside Gina, running her hand over her barely-clad ass as she ran her other over my sweaty chest.

“Babe, you’re so warm. We need to get you cooled down a little,” she cooed.

“Well, maybe this isn’t helping,” as I ran his hand up the inside of Britt’s thigh.

She squeezed her legs together, capturing my hand and chastised me, wagging her finger; “No, no, now behave and let’s see about cooling you down.”

“Yes Mam,” I answered dejectedly.

“Gina babe, why don’t you go into the kitchen and get a couple bowls of cool water and I’ll go get another wash cloth and a couple towels; its wash day anyway, so we’ll just give our stud a sponge bath and cool him off a little.”

Gina’s eyes widened with excitement, “Oh goody,” she squeaked as she sprinted out the door, butt cheeks bouncing, and into the kitchen.

Britt laughed and leaned down to give me a kiss and I pulled her down into my lap. She squirmed for a second and then gave in and I kissed her neck and ran my hands over backside.

Finally finding a way to wiggle free, she jumped up, “God George, calm down. You really should take it easy and now I’m covered in sweat.”

Britt went into the bath to retrieve the towels and washcloths as Gina walked in carefully balancing two bowls of water. Setting them on the table, she said, “Okay big boy, let’s get you ready.”

More than willing to cooperate, I scooted around as she pulled off the blanket and top sheet. I laid back down with my head on a pillow as she grabbed the waistband of my shorts and started to tug them down my legs. “Lift your butt,” she grunted as I stared down at her tits hanging inside her cropped shirt. My cock, at about half-mast, popped free, causing Gina to giggle. Looking over her shoulder, Britt was nowhere in sight, so she took the opportunity to take me into her mouth, sucking and tonguing me for just a couple seconds.

“Ahem,” came from the bathroom door.

I looked up at Britt, who had an annoyed, but smirky grin on her face. “Busted,” I whispered to Gina, my fingers laced in her dark hair.

Gina stood back upright and continued to pull my boxers down as though nothing had happened, her eyes locked on mine. Britt walked up to the bed, gave Gina a little pop on the butt and sat the towels on the dresser.

So there I lay, buck naked, my half-stiff cock dancing in the wind, and two beautiful women staring down at me, pondering their next move. “Okay lover,” Britt directed, “roll over on your side and we’ll lay a couple towels down.” Ever obedient, I rolled over on my right side and felt the girls lay out a couple towels, tucking them under me as they went. After a few stray gropes of my butt, they had me roll back over onto my back and they adjusted the towels until they were satisfied with the arrangement.

Britt grabbed the two bowls of water after tossing Gina the washcloths. She sat the bowls on the floor and then settled onto her knees beside the bed and got one of the washcloths damp. Gina settled in next to her, taking my lower half, running her hands up and down my leg before grabbing her washcloth. Wringing out her cloth, the buxom brunette dribbled some water onto her cropped ‘T’. As big a fan as I am of wet t-shirts, I said, “Maybe you should just go ahead and take the shirt off before you get it all wet,” I kidded.

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