Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 28

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I awoke in my usual position, nestled firmly in the backside of my blonde lover and business partner, Britt. Her long blonde hair tickled my nose and I brushed it away before reclaiming her right breast. I nibbled at her neck while teasing her butt crack with my morning wood. She mumbled something undecipherable and put her hand over mine and we both gave her tit a loving squeeze. Her butt cheeks did the same as she clinched my cock with her talented ass. As much as I would have loved to just lie here, I did need to take a piss, and badly. I rolled to my back to disengage, or at least I tried to, but my backside was pressing against something much more unforgiving that another warm body, and it was a bit scratchy to boot. I raised my head and forced my eyes to open.

It took a couple seconds to do a bit of reconnoitering; hells, bells, I was in the new company motor home, and to make it even more confusing, as President and CFO of said company, Britt and I were in one of the spare beds in the front of the coach. We surely ranked the use of the queen size bed located in a private room at the rear of the house-on-wheels. I groused and grumbled and made my way, very un-gracefully over the top of my sleepy bed-mate. It only took me two tries to remember where the bathroom door was and I made it just in time. After the mandatory three shakes, I washed my hands in the mini-sink and then, like a grumpy old bear, made my way to the bedroom to see who was sleeping in my bed. I already knew, but as foggy as my memory was of all that went on last night, I needed to be sure.

There, snugly intertwined were Gina, Becky and Kate, in that order from left to right. With enough body heat to keep them warm, the blankets and sheet had been cast off onto the floor. My cock and I stood there for a minute and just admired the view. Gina, the brunette of Amazonian proportions was spooning Becky, the red-headed cowgirl whose Aunt’s ranch we were currently camping at. She was nose to nose with Kate, our long, black-haired pixie; and, oh yeah, they were all dressed in their birthday suits. They softly snored in three-part harmony.

As much as I wanted to roust them and reclaim the much more comfortable bed, I remembered my very comfortable blonde was waiting up front. I quietly made my way to the kitchen and found a carton of orange juice and took a big swig right from the carton; no witnesses in sight. Britt had rolled around until she was in my spot, her back against the less-than-soft couch back. I lay down beside her on my back and she automatically rolled over beside me, resting her head on my chest in the crook of my arm. Her right hand stretched across my lower belly and her right leg wrapped over mine. She hugged me tight and lightly kissed the side of my chest before drifting back into a blissful sleep and I quickly followed suit.

I woke sometime later to soft whispering and squelched giggling. I kept my eyes closed; hoping to hear what was so entertaining this early in the morning. My bat-like hearing placed them at the dining area across from the couch/bed where Britt and I spent the night. I reflected briefly that I didn’t wake up with a backache, so the sleeping areas I’d earlier been apprehensive of turned out to be acceptable after all.

“So he wakes up like this every morning?” one of them said softly. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that the question came from Becky as she was the only one of the four lovelies in our little family who hadn’t shared my bed overnight, at least not yet. As soon as I made this deduction, I probed my foggy brain to verify my conclusion, but I clearly wasn’t awake enough yet.

“Yeah, cool huh?” I heard little Kate respond with a giggle. “It also means he needs to take a leak, so he’ll probably wake up in a minute.’

“Nah,” Gina replied, discounting that prognosis; “He was up earlier; it sounded like he was emptying a five gallon bucket in there.” The other two snickered at Gina’s vivid description.

“Well I sure didn’t hear it, I was out like a light,” Becky whispered.

“Yeah, I know, you and Katie were doing duel-snoring when he came in to check up on us. I just pretended to be asleep; I was too comfortable snuggled up to your sweet butt.” I assume she tickled Becky as I heard a muffled yelp.

“Quit it,” Becky hissed, “We’ll wake them.”

“Aaah, they need to get up anyway, I’m starving,” Gina replied. “I assume that that beautiful, horny Aunt of yours has the makings for breakfast in the house?”

“Yeah,” Becky giggled; “and I want to thank you guys again for putting on that little show for Virginia last night. I didn’t tell you last night, but when we were up in the loft, I’m pretty sure she was watching us live, cuz when it was quiet, I could hear the camera in the dome rotating.”

“So that’s why you drug us over to the middle of the floor for the money shot,” Kate said excitedly. “I heard some kind of funny noise earlier, but figured it was some kind of bug or something.”

“Yeah, I gaziantep escortları wondered what the hell that was all about,” Gina jumped in. “That was really fun and if you’d have asked me a couple months to do that, I’d have told you where to put it.” Kate stifled a laugh and I could imagine Gina scowling at her. “So you think your Aunt really liked it?”

“I have absolutely no doubts that she got off about the same time George did. It’s kind of twisted, but I really love him for doing that for her, err, well for us…anyway, I doubt she’s seen a dick like that in a long time.” Becky’s comment got to me a little and my cock did a little lurch. “Oh my gosh,” Becky half screamed in surprise, muffling herself with one hand and the other probably pointing my way; “He heard, his cock moved, he heard us.”

“Don’t be silly,” Kate said, with a straight face, I know; “Dicks don’t have ears!”

Gina laughed out loud, unable to contain herself. That was my cue to stretch and yawn. I went through all the motions of trying to get my eyes open and focused and I turned my head to see the three lovelies, still naked, sitting at the table and looking my way. Britt was still snuggled up, breathing softly; she could sleep through a nuclear blast; “Morning ladies,” I said quietly.

“Morning, George,” Gina and Kate said in harmony.

Becky was somewhere else, her attention locked on my cock, still hard and proud. “Becky…Becky,” I whispered a little louder. Still focused elsewhere, Gina looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, in a ‘Got me,’ manner. I winked and then flexed my cock, nearly bouncing it off my lower belly. Becky jumped and the others giggled at her. “Good morning, Becky.”

“Uh, yeah,” said the flustered redhead, “Good morning George…are you hungry? I think I’ll go get breakfast started,” she said hurriedly, standing up quickly and turning toward the bedroom.

“What, no good morning kiss?” I asked, bringing her to a halt. “As a family, we always give each other good morning and good night kisses, though I don’t remember last night to well,” giving a disapproving glance at my make-shift bed.

Becky turned with a big smile on her face and stepped over to me, leaning down and planting a big kiss on my lips. Turning her head, she gave Britt a kiss on the forehead and then turned and skipped back to the bedroom. Katie giggled and then jumped up and planted a kiss on me, her tongue working its way inside my mouth. She too gave Britt a kiss on the forehead and bounded after Becky. Gina now stood, but then dropped to her knees beside me and looked into my eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered, before giving me a deep, passionate kiss. Her eyes glistened as she moved to kiss her friends forehead.

I wrapped my arm around her waist to keep her from getting up on her feet; “Thank you for what?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said, puddling up, “you know, just everything.”

“Well,” I said, running my hand up and down her strong back,” I guess I don’t know, but you’re welcome, “and I drew her down for another kiss. She smiled and sniffled as she stood. Turning to make her way to the bedroom, she stopped, leaned at the waist and gave my cock a kiss on the head, “Thanks for that too,” she winked before sashaying to the rear, her own rear undulating as she walked.

“That was sweet,” Britt murmured, startling me.

“Uh, yeah,” I responded, wondering how long Britt had been playing possum.

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to watch that one, I think she has a crush on you,” she said softly, her hand now on my cock, only making matters worse.

I tried to turn the tables, Rolling to my side and taking her mouth with mine. Our tongues danced, but her hand never retreated. We made out like teenagers, writhing around on each other. Given a couple more minutes, I would have pinned my voracious lover to the bed and made love to her till we both screamed out each others name. Timing though really is everything and our three fellow camper mates emerged, somewhat dressed and ready to start the day.

“Hey you two,” Becky giggled as she gave my butt a swat before resting her hand there and rubbing it lightly; “We’re going to go get breakfast started, so get it together and we’ll see you inside.” She gave me another playful pat and they all paraded out the door.

“Well I guess we better get up,” Britt said as she pushed up on my chest.

“Do you feel this?” I asked, rotating my hips, my cock wedged between her muscular thighs.

“Yeah,” she said, smiling as she tried to capture my hard-on; “What about it?”

I stared into those deep blue eyes and just waited, waited until she busted up laughing, and it didn’t take long. She laughed and screamed as I held her tight and nibbled at her neck and ears. She tried mightily to kick me off of her, but I had her confined to the small couch-like bed and she had nowhere to go. Recognizing my advantage, a thought raced through my mind and I suddenly stopped my attack, pushing myself up on my arms.

“What?” Britt asked, looking at me with concern.

“It just dawned on me that the motor home hasn’t been properly christened yet; it’s our coach and we haven’t even been able to use the bedroom yet.”

The revelation caused her to gasp and this time she easily pushed me aside and stood upright. “C’mon,” she said, reaching her hand out, “We need to go make that bed ours.” I was on my feet and right on her ass, literally as she raced to the bed. We threw ourselves on the un-made mattress and quickly began marking our territory.

Grabbing her by the waist, I flopped down on my back, dragging her on top of me. With little resistance, I had her legs on either side of my head and her ass cheeks in my hands and was enjoying my first course; sweet, warm pussy with a side of pink, puckered ass. Britt opted for the full serving of sausage with a side of testicles. We were both enjoying our meal, no talking, just eating. My tongue began to tire and I had a crick in my neck, so I let my fingers do the walking. With practiced precision, I soon had her on the ropes and she released her hold on me and bailed off, landing beside me on her knees. Her eyes were like coal and without a word, she straddled me, never losing her ocular grip. She licked her lips, staring, daring me, and without hesitation and with laser-guided precision, she took me deep.

“Oh my god!” I moaned as her pussy wrapped itself around my hardness and hugged me tight. I grabbed her hips, holding her in place so that I could regain a little control. Her pussy rippled on my cock and it wouldn’t have taken much to surrender to her.

“I was getting a little jealous last night of Kate getting to ride this mighty bronco,” her pussy hugging my cock. “Now it’s my turn to ride and I’m not stopping until I’ve broken him,” she said with a smile. I didn’t smile back; the word ‘broken’ made me cringe. “Oh shit, I’m sorry babe; I could have worded that better.” I winked at her with a knowing smirk and gave her a little buck. “Oh you little shit,” she exclaimed as she willed her pussy to pull up on the reins and get my attention; “Now I am going to ride you hard, buster!” and she began to bounce in the saddle.

The feeling was exquisite and the view was even better. Her perfect C-cups bounced as she rode. She chewed on her lower lips as her eyes bore down on me. I broke eye contact and looked down, watching my cock disappear and then reappear, growing wetter and harder with each bounce. Her gaze followed mine and she slowed, hypnotized by the sight of her hungry pussy consuming my cock. She kept up the slow pace for a bit and then reacquired my attention; “I could watch your cock fucking my pussy all day long, but I need to cum baby; I need to cum hard… grab my tits!”

I happily obeyed, taking a firm breast in each hand, her nipples stiff and poking into my palms. I squeezed them as she grabbed my wrists; “Uh, Uh, Uh,” she grunted as she rode me, gyrating, looking for just the right spot, the right motion. “Fuck…right there baby…don’t move…Uh, Uh…Yes, fuck, right there…so fuckin’ good baby!” I chanced a glance downward again and her milky white nectar dribbled down my length, her pussy lips sucking my cock tight with each stroke. The visual was more than I could take and my cock swelled. “Yeah baby,” she moaned, picking up the base. Her fingernails dug into my wrists, a sweet pain, tempered by the feeling of the rippling walls of her pussy as her climax began. “Shii…I’m cummm…baby, please… cum…meee,” she moaned and then gasped, her eyes big. She looked at me, unable to speak as her pussy convulsed, her stomach muscles rippling; she could only nod, giving me permission…no…begging me to cum, cum now.

My lover lost her grip as her body gave in to her orgasm. I released my hold on her tits and pulled her to me as I bucked one last time, my ass off the bed, driving myself home and cumming hard. Britt groaned her pleasure in my ear as I held her tight and let her pussy claim all my cock could give. The heat of her sex was intense, our juices seemingly boiling inside her, mixing and marinating my cock. Her breathing evened out and she sighed and nibbled on my ear before pushing herself up enough to lay her head on my chest. I kissed the top of her head and ran my hands over her back and shoulders; “I think we properly christened our ship here,” kissing her head again and playing with her long, blonde hair.

She purred, her fingers playing with my chest hair as I petted her; “Yeah,” she said softly, “this has been an incredible couple of days. I’ve never felt so comfortable and so loved as I do right now.” She paused to kiss my nipple and nibbled playfully. “I just want it to be like this always, you and me, making love every chance we get, no matter where we are; and the girls…I love them all, and I love that you love me and them and that we…” She paused again and then twisted and looked up at me; “Do you suppose,” running her hand through my hair and then down the side of my face; “Do you think it could still be like this, I mean you and me, all of us still together when we get to be Becky’s aunt’s age?”

My mind tried to conjure up a visual but it refused. Thinking about it, I replied, “Well, that would be an interesting scenario, wouldn’t it. I hope I can keep up with you in thirty or forty years, let alone two or three more of you.” I pulled her up for a kiss and continued, “As long as I have you, I’ll be happy. I’ve thought a little about what may happen when you girls graduate, but that’s a ways off and a lot can happen between now and then, so I’m content to just live in the moment and see what tomorrow brings.”

“Yeah,” she sighed, stealing another kiss; “I’d like to think that we can go on like this forever, but I know things will probably change and that it will be for the better, whatever it is.” She shifted around until she was completely on top of me and she wiggled around like a cat settling in for a nap; “the one thing I do know,” kissing me lightly on the lips, “is that you are stuck with me for the long haul; I don’t have any intentions of being anywhere but with you.”

There was a hopeful, questioning look in her eyes after that statement that begged for a response. I ran my hands down her sides until I was cupping her butt and I pulled her tight; “I feel the same and I’ll never give you a reason to think otherwise…I love you so much Brittany!”

Her eyes began to tear, “Oh god, I love you more! “And we kissed until our bellies rumbled in two-part harmony. Laughing, we kissed once more; “Well, I guess we better get up and join the others for breakfast. I’ll bet we have to do the dishes cuz we’re so late,” she giggled.

“It was worth it,” I said as I goosed her sweet butt; “Now where the hell are our clothes?”

Britt found her favorite satin running shorts and it didn’t go un-noticed as she slipped them on over those long legs that she had neglected to put any panties on underneath. She pulled out another of my purloined t-shirts and knotted it under her tits and slipped into her flip-flops. She was about to throw me a clean pair of boxers, and then stopped; “You want to go commando, babe?” pulling the leg of her shorts to the side and flashing me a little slit, giggling.

“Gimme those,” I said, holding out my hand; “the seams and zipper in my shorts are a little rough for your favorite toy.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, throwing me a pair of Yosemite Sam boxers,” we don’t want George Jr. getting chafed,” she giggled again. I shook head in wonder and finished up with about the only shirt I still had that the girls hadn’t stolen; “I guess I’m going to have to go shirt shopping soon, I seem to be running out of them,” raising an eyebrow.

“Good idea,” she replied without missing a beat; “I’ll go with you; you need some that have a little deeper ‘V’ “, lifting her tits up to show off some more cleavage.

“Heaven help me,” I said as I slipped into my flip-flops. “Let’s go eat,” and we walked to the house hand-in-hand, enjoying the sun and the sounds.

“Good timing,” Gina said as we made our way into the kitchen. She walked up and gave us both a kiss and I felt her damp hair in my hand. “We knew we had time,” she winked, “so we took a shower before we made breakfast.”

“Yeah,” said Kate as she set out the silverware, “the shower here is a little snug for three, but we made it work,” she giggled.

Becky blushed a little as she was standing at the stove, tending the scrambled eggs. I stepped up next to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and my hand lingered on her butt; “Did you check for cameras in the bathroom?”

She gasped and then turned to me, her blush even deeper; “You don’t suppose?” and then she caught my smile. “You ass,” she said before wrapping her hand behind my neck and kissing me hard.

“Hey sis, don’t burn my breakfast,” Britt said from behind her. Becky dropped me like a hot potato, handed me the spatula and grabbed Britt’s head with both hands and kissed her until they both had to come up for air. I perved for a couple seconds; two women making out is a sight I’ll never tire of. I heard a deep sigh behind me and looked over my shoulder at Gina and Kate, arms around each others bare waists, love in their eyes, as they watched their adopted siblings kiss.

“Okay, let’s eat,” I said, breaking up the moment…for the moment. I turned off the stove and pulled off the pan of eggs. Britt and Becky remained nose to nose, sniffling and wiping each others tears off their cheeks. “Are we serving up here or are we taking it all to the table?”

“Oh, oh,” a flustered redhead answered before giving Britt another quick peck on the lips. “Here,” she said, turning and hip checking me out of in front of the stove; “everything else is staying warm in the oven. We’ll just serve everyone up here. Katie, would you grab the plates and Gina, would you see what everyone wants to drink?”

“Yes, sister dear,” they said, laughing and high-fiving. Becky looked at me and another tear ran down her cheek. I kissed it away and whispered, “Welcome to the family.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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