Explorations Ch. 08

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Three days later was the next time that Laura and I were able to be alone. Really alone. For a change it was just the two of us having sex.

We had taken a long time that afternoon, getting to know every nook and cranny of each other’s bodies. Heaven knows we had explored it all before, but that afternoon we really got to know them. I really loved her tits. Brianna’s were amazing, but Laura’s were just as nice, though in some ways of course different. They were so firm. They sat on her chest. They didn’t hang, they sat. There didn’t seem to be a bit of sag in them. They were like two perfect scoops of ice cream, with little red cherries sitting exactly in the center. It seems that I was a tit man. Large or small, they were a natural delight. I loved them all.

After we had thoroughly explored and enjoyed each other’s bodies for a long while, we ended up in a 69 position, each laying on our sides in her bed. We brought each other to climax slowly as well, until the end when the desire to orgasm became overwhelming and our bodies took over control from our minds. My orgasm was first, splashing my cum on her face before she got my cock aimed lower, onto her chest. I kept licking and fingering her for a few minutes longer until her orgasm hit. Her legs squeezed my head while she came and I gasped for breath.

We both stayed in position as we came down from our highs. Slowly I crawled around with my head on the pillow, and cradled Laura in my arms. We were both lost in a bliss that I, at least, had not known before. Perhaps it was the slow way we had pleasured each other, but we seemed to feel unusually close.

“I feel especially close to you,” she said.

“Me too,” I replied.

“Closer than ever before. I thought you were special to me before, but I think it is much more than that now.

“Are you talking love?” I was a little worried.

“No, no, not dating, romantic love. More like family. Really close family.”

“Yeah, REALLY close,” I smiled. That was about how I felt as well. I was relieved when she said it wasn’t romantic love. I didn’t feel that way either, and it would ruin a lot if either of us felt that way.

We lay there silently in each others’ arms for several more minutes.Then Laura said, “I made a decision about something.”

“About what?”

“I’m ready to lose my virginity.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I knew this was a big moment. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I nearly did it when you screwed Emily, but I wasn’t sure then. Now I am. But,” she paused, “I wouldn’t want to do it in front of others.”

“But you said you like watching others. And being watched, I thought.”

“Yeah, I did like watching,” she said, looking a bit embarrassed. “Maybe people watching me, too. But not losing my virginity!”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“There’s one more thing,” she added. “I want you to do it.”

I was surprised. Shocked. But then, I didn’t know why. It made sense that she would want me. No-one was closer to her. We shared everything. But this? I was still surprised.

“You don’t want it to be romantic? With someone you are in love with?”

“I don’t have a boy friend. And I don’t want to wait long enough for that,” she answered. “Besides, I am in love with you, in a way. And I know you will be good and kind and thoughtful. It might be better if your thing wasn’t so big, but who else can I be sure would treat me so well?”

“Hmmm. When would you want this to happen?”

She turned and looked at me. “I was thinking now.”

“Now?” I was surprised again. “I just had an orgasm, you know.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” she laughed. “But I’ve seen you get ready very quickly before. Besides, I thought we could get something to eat first. I didn’t have lunch. And that will give you time to recover. Okay?”

“If you’re sure, I’d be happy to do it.”

“You mean ‘to do me!'” she giggled. “Come on then. Let’s eat. Just one rule.”

“What rule?”

She stood up, looked at my penis, then at me, and said, “No clothes.”

Interesting. So we went to the kitchen and had a little something to eat, sitting at the table naked. It was an advantage to me. I sat and had my dick pretty well hidden by the table. Not that we had anything to hide at this point, but it still felt weird to be sitting there naked. Laura was fully exposed while she got some food out of the refrigerator and brought it to the table. As we sat there I looked at her breasts more than anything else. I loved her breasts. Yeah, I loved all breasts.

It did serve to get me turned on. My erection sprouted in spite of my efforts to ignore it. By the time we were done eating… Well, we didn’t really finish. We left it on the table and went into the bedroom.

“Are you sure?” I asked once we got there. “It’s not something you can take back.”

“Shut up and fuck me,” she said. “Nicely.”

We laid down on the bed and began feeling each other again. I was hot, and canlı bahis she felt hot as well. My hand went to her crotch, her damp crotch, and my mouth went to her breast. I licked her nipple – just her nipple – and then blew air across it. She seemed to shiver. She giggled and made an “Oooooo” sound. I tried it on the other nipple with similar results. Then I stuffed my mouth full of one tit, sucking on it and running my tongue around her nipple. Still sucking, I pulled my mouth away from her tit but not off, and bit her nipple with my lip-covered teeth. Then I sucked her tit into my mouth again.

While I did that, my hand in her crotch was sliding along her slit from bottom to top, back again, then repeated it. I worked my finger in deeper between her folds. Finally I found her hole and pushed a finger into it. I pushed in deep, pressing all around the walls of her vagina. Soon I slipped another finger in. I pushed against the walls, stretching it but not going too hard. She needed to get stretched, but I wanted to be sure she was enjoying it. Her moaning and thrusting told me she was. Eventually I would get three fingers in her at once.

She was definitely hot, but she wasn’t ignoring me. Her hand was squeezing my dick, then slipped down to my balls. She kneaded them together, pulling each one down and exerting a little pressure on them. She had learned her lesson well, and didn’t hurt me at all. It felt wonderful. Then she held them in her palm and squeezed upwards, reaching her thumb and finger around the base of my prick at the same time. She started twisting, letting go of my balls and twisting more of my dick as she moved upwards. She worked her way up to the head, twisting the sensitive tip. She didn’t jack me. Perhaps she wanted to save that feeling for the actual intercourse.

I rolled over on top of her, pushing her legs apart and settling in between them. My dick stuck straight down between her legs, sliding along her wet pussy lips. It also excited her clit as it was rubbing across it. She was breathing hard. Shallow, quick breaths with lots of moaning beginning. My dick was soaked with her juices. It seemed that she was ready.

“Are you ready to do this?” I asked.

“YES!” she answered. “I’m ready. Do it.”

“Okay. Slowly.”

My dick was pretty well coated with her juices. I placed it at her opening, and pushed it in. Just an inch or so, where it was already pretty loosened. Her body suddenly got very stiff.

“Relax. If you tighten up it will hurt more.” At least I thought that was true.

She tried to relax, and I pushed another inch or two into her. She moaned a little. I looked at her face, which seemed to be in pain. I guess that one wasn’t a good moan.

I pulled almost out of her, then pushed slowly in again, going about the same depth. I did that again, then started pulling out and trying to push a little deeper on each down stroke. She was still moaning, but nearly silently. She was biting her bottom lip.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Um hum,” she mumbled.

I was at least 4 inches in, and waiting to hit her hymen. That would be the most painful for her. I thought I would have hit it by now. I kept up the penetrating a little at a time while starting to pull on her nipples. Mostly pulling on them with my mouth.

I kept going deeper into her, not hitting her barrier. Perhaps I went through it already. She was my first virgin. I knew nothing about virgins except stories. But nevertheless, she was tight. It seemed she was hurting less now. Her moaning seemed to be a little more pleasurable, and she had quit biting her lip.

I was in nearly six inches, but I was getting close to losing my control. I had been making slow progress and I tried going slower, even stopping, but the excitement was too much. My cum was going to burst no matter what. I realized this, but was able to remember that I had to be gentle. I could not just drive in to the hilt when I came like I had done with the others.

“I’m going to cum.” I warned her.

“Do it. Cum. Let me feel it.”

“You’re not ready?” I asked hopefully.

“It’s okay. I want you to cum. Now. Cum in me.”

“In you?”

“It’s okay. Cum in me. Let it go.”

I was still pumping during this, slowly, trying to get my mind off it. I did a little, when she said to cum in her. I hadn’t even thought about where I would cum. She said in her, and while I tried to process it I could feel my cock getting thicker. I felt the cum in my shaft, and knew it was on its way out.

“Oohh!!” I cried as my cum shot out of my cock. I drove into her further than I wanted to when I shot, but I controlled my next thrusts a little better. Another couple of moans as I finished my spurts and I was done. I stopped pumping, but I kept my cock in her pussy. It felt so warm, wet, and tight. I loved how it aqueezed my whole shaft all over.

Laura sighed when I quit pumping. It was a good sigh, her face looking bahis siteleri peaceful and a happy smile was on her lips.

“Are you okay?” I asked again.

“Mmm, yeah,” she answered. “That was good. And I am no longer a virgin.”

“But you didn’t cum,” I said. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, that’s okay. Most girls don’t cum their first time,” she said.

“Really? I didn’t know that.”

“You can make me cum lots another time.”

“We can do it again in a little bit,” I suggested.

“No, it’s going to be time for dad to be home before long. Besides, I feel pretty sore down there.”

“Down there?” I said, smiling, making fun at her use of the phrase.

She smiled. “Okay, my pussy! Does that sound better?”

“Yeah, I like that better,” I smiled. Then with a little concern, “Are you really sore?”

“With that big thing ripping me open? You bet I am, but it’ll be fine.”

“I, ah, didn’t feel, you know, your hymen.” All of a sudden I felt shy, or embarrassed. Perhaps she did have a secret from me.

“That was probably a good thing for me. Emily said you were long and thick. Not a good combination for a virgin. It was hard enough on her. I’m glad I didn’t have a hymen to deal with, too.”

I liked hearing that my cock was big. I thought it was, but I didn’t really compare it to others very much. Especially erect! But I was still curious about her hymen. “What happened to it?” I asked.

“Probably my gymnastics took care of it. They break a lot of times when girls are physical like that,” she explained.

“But you don’t want to do it again?”

“”You bet I do,” she said. “And very, very soon. But not today.” she said getting off the bed. “Time to get dressed before Daddy gets home.”


Two days later we had a replay of that event. Not quite exactly the same. This time I was able to drive all the way into her pussy, mashing our groins together and rubbing my pelvis on her clit. Laura was able to have two orgasms while we fucked. I told her that made up for the one she missed the first time.

She insisted she enjoyed that first time, but admitted that the second time was better. In fact she enjoyed it so much that when she heard that my parents were going out that evening, she paid a visit to my room just after they left.

“Are you up for another hot session?” she asked, grabbing my crotch which held my already hardening dick. “Oooh, I see that you are.”

We shed our clothes quickly and got in my bed. Our hands roamed all over our bodies. I had felt her tits several hours earlier, and I enjoyed them as if it had been days. My hands found her pussy very wet. I understood why she needed to come over. She needed to cum.

Laura held my cock straight up in the air with her hand, then placed her mouth over it. I moaned, not needing to be quiet since the house was empty except for us. Her mouth slid down over the head and her tongue licked the end. She sucked hard as she pulled herself off, then started over.

“You’d better not do much of that if you want to fuck,” I managed to say. I was barely able to speak with the job she was doing.

“Okay,” she answered. “I think you’re ready, and I know I am.”

She straightened up, on her knees, and threw one leg across my body. I looked down at a beautiful shot of her spread pussy, and my erection standing tall just in front of it. She reached for my dick and pulled it back a bit, the head making contact with her pussy lips. Damn, they were wet. She leaned forward and pulled my dick back, sliding my dick along her slit. It was soaking wet, and soon my dick was as well. Laura moaned as my cock head pushed in between her lips further. Of course, she was controlling it.

Soon the head was held just at her opening. I wanted to shove my hips upward and sink my cock into the hole, but I waited patiently. Well, I waited. Laura’s eyes closed, she took a deep breath, and brought her hips forward, sinking her pussy down onto my pole. It went in a couple of inches before she stopped. She let out a loud moan. I probably did too, and my eyes got very large at the sloppy, hot entrance my dick was making into her love channel.

“Where did you learn this position?” I asked.

Laura said, “I heard it was a good one for the girl to be in control. Just lay there and let me fuck you.”

That didn’t answer my question, but I didn’t care at the moment. I was very willing to do what she had said.

She let her body down on my rod a little more, then pulled it up a couple inches and let it down again. Each time she impaled herself she would moan quietly. Her eyes were shut the whole time, as if to concentrate on what her pussy was feeling. Again she lifted herself up, then down. Again. And again. She had most of my cock inside her by now, and her moaning was a little louder. She took a deep breath and pushed down, her pussy sinking all the way down as she groaned loudly.

She sat there bahis şirketleri on top of me for a moment, my cock embedded deeply into her. It felt divine. It felt like the deepest I had gotten into her cunt. My cock head was straining with the pressure of forcing itself through the tight channel. It was so wet, but the opening was quite narrow, especially the last couple of inches. Slowly, Laura started moving her hips, rotating them around. My cock stayed deep inside her, but her pussy walls moved around it, massaging every centimeter of its skin. Laura seemed to like it also, as she was moaning constantly and began rotating at a faster speed.

She began to lift herself up off me a little, sinking back down to full penetration. She lifted up only a couple of inches at first, then slowly increased the distance. She lifted up, or rocked back, perhaps some of each, and as she got comfortable with that, her hips started driving back down harder, shoving my cock into her inner depths with more force. She kept doing this, and gradually built up to where she was able to slide most of my cock out of her cunt, then push back down, driving it all the way down until her cunt was smashed against my pubes. She did this with increasing force, and her groans grew from “ahh, ahh, ahh,” on each downstroke, to “AHH, AHH, AHH.”

Then she would stop at full penetration, pushing down hard, grinding our groins together, grinding her clit on me, moaning loudly. She started grinding after every few pumps. By this time I had started pushing back. As she pushed down I would shove my hips upward, meeting her, driving my cock deeper into her, causing a loud yelp when I timed it just right. Her pussy was sloppy wet, and I felt her leaking onto my stomach as each thrust caused a squishy sound.

We both were starting to pound at each other in pure animal lust, harder and harder, straining to release, when I finally felt my cum entering my prick. I couldn’t hold it any longer. It shot into her, one strong stream after another, my cock pulsing, pushing at her walls, stretching her pussy wider. I held my hips up off my bed as I climaxed. Laura held still for my first couple of shots, then went back to driving herself back down onto me, as if trying to drive my cock clear through her cunt to the other side.

When I finished cumming my hips relaxed and my body sank back down to the bed. Laura kept driving at me, now nearly out of control, rotating her hips and pounding down onto my rod with all she had. I knew I had to keep my erection until she could cum, and that was no problem. It showed no signs of softening as I was enjoying the velvety sheath it was sliding in. It didn’t take much longer, however, until her groaning became uncontrolled squeals. She was leaning forward, holding herself up by her hands, while her hips were impaling herself on my still hard cock.

She screamed – yelled – as she slammed her pelvis hard aginst mine. Once. Twice. Three times. She sounded like she was in agony. She held her hips hard against me, moving them around and around, with an “AHHHahhhAHHHahhhAHHHHahhh” coming from deep inside her. Then she stopped. She moved herself up and down a little more, now whimpering like a puppy, and dropped on top of me like a rag doll. My cock twitched and it sent a chill through her causing her to jump and moan. She was now super sensitive.

We lay like that for what seemed a long tome. She was wet. No, I mean wet, all over, from sweating. She was as limp as a dish rag. She couldn’t move or talk. When I asked if she was okay, the third time she managed a sound, but it was nowhere near a word. I just hugged her, enjoying the feeling of her breasts mashed against my chest and my cock still held snugly in her pussy.

After several minutes of laying there on me and not moving, she finally mumbled, “Oh, my God!” She shifted her hips just a little and moaned. She gently lifted them up, then her entire body rolled off me and limply flopped beside me.

“Shit,” she said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said. “Holy crap. Nothing.”

“Are you okay?” I tried again.

“I can’t believe how that felt. I love it! Is it like that all the time?”

“I don’t think so. That seemed kind of special,” i told her.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have done it twice in one day. I feel very sore again.” She giggled to herself. “Daddy’s really going to wonder about me. I couldn’t walk right after my first time, and he noticed. I told him I was hurt.” She giggled again. “Well, that was true! And it’ll be worse after this. But it is sooo worth it.”

She changed the subject. “Emily wants you again, but I told her to wait. I wanted you ready for me, and you definitely were!”

“What did Emily say about you losing your virginity?”

“Oh, I didn’t tell her,” she said.

“What? I thought you told her everything.”

“Almost. I thought I wanted to keep this to myself for a while. It just seems personal. Either that or I should take out an ad and tell everyone.” she said.

She still was not back to normal. She was in a dreamlike state, post coital they call it. To the extreme. It had been great for me, but I envied her.

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