Exploring Together

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Bill and Marie Part 2- Exploring Together

They wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight with everything they wanted to talk about.

That was Marie’s thought a couple days after the events at the hot spring in the mountains. How that night blended into the rest of the weekend…they’d shared an amazing three day weekend because the day at the hot spring had been a Friday both she and Bill had been lucky enough to have off.

Both were still incredibly turned on but hardly talked on the ride home.

What did happen was to keep things on edge. As they started down the road, Marie had pulled her top off again in the fading sunlight and ditched her bra in the back seat. Her shirt felt different somehow as the fabric brushed over her nipples. But it felt amazing, like she was electrified with a laser focus on the sexual energy. The air felt like the temperatures were dropping, not because they actually were, but her skin was warm from what she felt in every part of her. The entire day played over and over again in her mind as she sensed the movement of the car.

Marie was glad Bill was driving, otherwise they’d be pulling off the road and camping in the car without clothes. Not a bad idea, but she had other ideas for when they were back in their own bed.

Plus, she was afraid that if they stopped before getting home, she’d have Bill turn around to go back.

It wasn’t a problem, but she just needed the space to breathe and examine how she felt. As much fun as it would have been to stay, she knew that stepping away to figure out the experience was the better option. Anything after that would be a fully aware decision not driven in the heat of the moment, even with how badly she wanted that too.

Bill noticed her nipples very clearly pushing through the fabric of her shirt even in the darkened setting of the car. He became aroused and hardened thinking of how sexy his beautiful wife had been. Something had clicked for him too, but it was more of watching her let herself be free and open about her desires. Fulfilling those desires opened him too in letting his mind wander into fantasies he hadn’t had since college if he’d ever had fantasies like that at all. Watching two naked women kiss his wife was a sight beyond the words he could ever fathom.

Marie noticed his hardening cock through his shorts, which made her realize her own wetness.

Both of them were straining against their own pure lust by the time they pulled into the garage of their home. The silence in many ways was equally deafening as it was comforting for both of them.

Leaving everything in the car to clean up in the morning, they started to head into the house. Just as she closed and locked the door behind them, she felt him behind her. His right hand took her arm as his other came up to caress her left breast. Softly he pulled her into him, caressing the sweet, sweaty, and slightly salty nape of her neck causing her to moan gently as she fell into his control.

Bill’s right hand explored along the edge of her shorts again making her shutter.

He flipped Marie around against the door and pressed his entire body into her. Without warning, he whipped her shirt off and his other hand unbuttoned her shorts to leave her standing naked.

Her creamy white skin and glowing strawberry red hair were perfect.

His clothes fell away as he moved towards her pressing her again into the door. Bill’s stiff cock nearly drover Marie over the edge as the skin on skin contact began and continued deeper even though it was outside of her. Just the thought of it made her even wetter while he devoured her nipple with his tongue and one of his thumbs found the sensitive part of her hip.

This made her moan loudly.

Unable to control herself any longer, she grabbed him by the hand while pushing him away slightly. She didn’t stop until they were in the bathroom. Getting the water as hot and as steamy as they could both handle, she pulled him in. Soaping off his dick, she wanted it clean and ready. That done, she kissed her way down and sucked his cock right in to deep throat him. It was the first time she had done something like that, not wanting it any other way.

The hot water running down over her, flowing freely off the tips of her nipples, and between her legs only helped. But the sensation of her husband’s throbbing cock hitting the back of her throat felt glorious while she sucked on him like there was no tomorrow. It also made her clit throb.

Her inhibitions were gone in a way she never thought they could be.

Marie massaged his balls and cock until he couldn’t hold back. As Bill began to spasm, she backed off enough to let his cum fly onto her face and breasts. The warmth combined with the water only served to turn her on further.

Standing up, she wiped it off of her and took her fingers into her mouth after she got each bit. His cum was slightly salty, but tonight she craved it. Except a little bit.

She took it and rubbed it Kütahya Escort into her nipples, making her feel closer to him. It was sexy.

Bill wasn’t to be outdone though. He flipped her around under the running water. His hands dove in between her legs to massage her lips and clit. Her hands massaged her nipples as she felt him grow hard again with his cock resting between her butt cheeks. The pressure on both sides and the running water gave her one of the biggest orgasms she’d experienced to that point.

Both of them were spent. Soaping each other off and exploring the other’s body as if it were the first time, they made sure they were clean after everything. They dried off and crawled into bed.

Clean skin on skin and the warmth between the sheets calmed them down for a much needed break. Both of them were truly spent and needed it before they could do anything more. But they were ready for what the morning would certainly bring. While they cuddled and dozed into a gentle sleep, Marie softly asked Bill a question.

“We talked about exploring before. Today though made me think that we really should without any inhibitions; we should come up with new ideas and fantasies to try. Nothing held back and no limits. I want to try more than I had ever thought about until now. I know you said you would be, but are you? Willing to be that open in trying new things I mean.”

Quietly, a very satisfied Bill responded in the dark.

“I agree, and yes, I am. Seeing you feel sexy and amazing drove me wild. Let’s see what happens.”

“Where should we start?”

“We already have unintentionally. But we need to decide what’s right for us.”

“It was hot, especially kissing those two and riding you so publicly. Your cock is beyond words. But yeah, we need to better understand what we both want.”

“Let’s take our time and you should take a little more of the lead. My ideas could be a little out there, so you doing that will make sure it stays comfortable and fun for both of us.”

“I can’t wait,” Marie said quietly.

With that, they fell asleep with his arms wrapped around her. The arm under her neck came around and his hand rested on her left breast, feeling her heart beat. His left hand rested on her thigh massaging mindlessly as they both drifted off to sleep. Both dreamed about what they had seen that day and it made them horny in their sleep for what was certainly to come.

It was a deep and wonderful sleep.

Around 2 AM, she awoke but was still nearly asleep when she felt his finger massaging her clit. His cock was stiff between her butt cheeks again, but he was sound asleep. Without thinking she rolled up onto him and slipped him into her soaking pussy.

Softly they rocked back and forth. It was blissful sleep sex. Neither were fully awake, but enough to enjoy this and remember it even through the darkly lit room. Not having much, he came inside of her causing a small orgasm for her as well. Satisfied, she rolled back and they fell asleep without thinking about it any further but feeling fulfilled.

They slept until 9:30 AM that Saturday. Both needed it even though they were usually up around 6:30.

It was a slow wake up as Marie felt a light pressure on the edges of her pussy lips. Bill was still sound asleep, but massaging his wife’s body in a way that she loved. Gentle and tender, but very clearly sexy in a way that communicated passion.

As he faded back fully into sleeping, his hand dropped away. This gave her a chance to roll over and watch him sleep. She knew her husband was dreaming about something enjoyable with how hard he was.

After a little bit of watching, she slipped out of bed to get some coffee while letting him recover.

The fabric of her soft cotton bathrobe felt good against her otherwise bare skin. She felt it graze, glide, and sooth her with every step. Marie was both comfortable and very alive simultaneously, loving every second of it. It was very clear of everything that had happened. Finishing her coffee, she slipped into their home office. Ready to explore, she opened her laptop to begin looking at sexual activities that might appeal to her. All of the ideas that were on even just the first page of her screen almost overwhelmed her.

But they got to her as thoughts began to run freely of the feelings she wanted to experience.

She became very aware of the slightly cooler air around her in the room as her skin flushed with warmth from what she was reading. The sensation of the cotton resting around various parts of her body only heightened it further.

While Marie was that focused and aware of what she was feeling, she was equally engrossed in reading the information in front of her. A site she had picked covered the most common subject of toys. It was intriguing though and after yesterday had her attention. She had never considered the idea of using a butt plug during sex. While looking at those, it led into seeing prostate Kütahya Escort Bayan massagers for men. After watching a couple of very hot videos on it, she liked the idea of trying that with Bill to see how much more powerful things would be for him, especially with her giving him a handjob as well. Curiosity over the butt plug with a tail from it was also lingering in the back of her mind. They would need to find a local toystore.

The thing she missed though through it was that part of her robe had slipped down her smooth skin, leaving her left breast uncovered.

Marie’s rock hard nipple stuck straight out. Not a fact missed by her husband as he slipped in silently.

Bill’s light, gentle, loving, but equally passionate kiss on the bare skin of her neck and shoulder caused her to jump nearly out of the house. But his hand wrapped around her waist calmed her instantly as he let his fingers slide under the cotton to find the edge of her hip to stroke it. Everything was powerful for her.

With his other hand, Bill turned her around in the office chair to face him. His 6 foot build was amazing to her. The shorts and boner didn’t hurt either. Her focus wasn’t on that for too long though.

He was kissing along her neck and collar bone. Every part of her chest was sensitive.

Kissing along slowly, it didn’t take long to find her breast bone. His hands pushed the rest of her robe out of the way to leave her sitting naked with her husband kneeling in front of her. No time was wasted to tease the bottom of the left breast with his soft kisses while his one hand pinched her right nipple lightly and the other hand lightly scratched her side. This made her soaking wet.

Surprising her though, he started to move. His lips were kissing her left hip with his teeth grinding lightly into her skin while his hands picked up speed.

The kissing led down the crease between her pelvis and leg to her soft, smooth pussy lips where his nose and mouth disappeared. His face may have disappeared from view, but that was because she put her head back closing her eyes while his tongue found her swollen clit. He introduced a light hum as his tongue swirled between her lips. Sensations of the pleasure spread through her, making her body truly electric radiating out from between her legs as it flowed to her toes, fingers, and scalp.

Bill knew he was doing great when her pussy flooded while she tensed. Not letting up, he was able to make it intense enough and then back off to stack orgasms. Four or five times in, he figured it was time to give her a massive release. Her body was frozen as his tongue finally grazed across her clit to let her explode in a loud rush taking her breath away. It was the most massive orgasm she’d ever had.

Regaining consciousness and movement, she leaned into the smiling face of her husband to kiss him. The taste of her on him turned her back on.

It would need to wait though.

He convinced her that they should go get lunch. Frustrated at the abrupt action, she figured out he was doing it to tease her when they got dressed and he put on the loosest shorts possible. It was a game to go nuts while doing otherwise normally boring things. This could get really interesting.

And it did with the flirting that went on as they went through driving and eating their burgers.

What she wasn’t expecting when they left the restaurant was that he was turning away from home. She was right, it did make things more interesting as they pulled into an adult toy store a few miles from their home. Both of them had driven by many times and she had never gone in. Bill smiled.

“So, I did stop after we had talked about starting to explore because I figured we’d end up here at some point. It’s clean and I think it’s pretty safe.”

This was a bit of a surprise, but Marie was up to it. More the shock of what was going on got her attention. She was ready though and hoping to find some toys to help them explore even further. They took their time in the quiet store teasing and flirting as they looked at different things that intrigued them. Feeling between her legs were only enhanced by seeing the slight bulge between his from the ideas that were flowing as openly as the cum from her pussy.

Some of the things they agreed on were some soft hand restraints, a blindfold, and a large bottle of lube.

She decided to throw all caution to the wind and just try some new things all at once. One dildo caught her eye that was a vibrator that could fill both her pussy and butt. The other one that caught her eye was double ended. After yesterday’s events, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to have around.

Joining Bill in the men’s toys, he was looking at ideas for cock rings. It didn’t take him long to decide on one to that would only slip on, but would vibrate both him inside of her and against her clit. That fact was not lost on her when she looked at it. Nearby were prostate massagers and after a little bit Escort Kütahya discussion, he agreed to at least try it out. They also picked up a DVD with a variety of fetishes to let themselves get some more ideas of what to try out.

The afternoon was still going with teasing and looking forward to trying out some new things. But where to start?

Slowly was the best option.

Tension was building for both of them. They wanted a huge release after flirting and teasing all afternoon.

Stripping down to just underwear, a tank top, and laying out a comforter from their bed in the living room, they slid the disk in to start watching it. Even though they had porn on their computers and streaming feed, this made it a little bit easier to see a number of things without having to search. The first scene was a warm up with an all female threesome that included some BDSM. Bill watched as his wife laid there with her legs spread feeling herself and watching the scene. It wasn’t something that they had really discussed, but she seemed to be enjoying it. That made him hard while her hands roamed up and down her sides, pressed the spots on her hips, and occasionally twisting her nipples through the white cotton tank top or massaging her clit through the light cotton of her panties.

This gave way to a scene that neither expected.

A couple flirting transitioned into a sexy strip tease leading into the bathroom of an apartment. The woman was entirely naked and it didn’t take long for a blowjob to begin. But it was followed by a surprisingly sexy golden shower as the guy let loose on her chest and down her body. Marie started masturbating furiously as she saw this. Bill wasn’t far behind.

Suddenly, Bill felt her grab him and lead him to their bathroom by holding his cock. Kissing him deeply, he felt the fabric of her soft cotton top and underwear pressing against him as she pushed him into the wall to make it as close as possible.

As she backed away from him, she looked him square in the eye and said, “Let’s try that.”

Turning the hot water on in the shower, she kneeled down. The warmth of the water ran down the back of her head. Some of it continued running through the soft shirt to her butt. The rest went along feeling amazing from dripping over her shoulders, causing her chest and nipples to show through the thin cloth. It was a perfect look for her.

It continued to her abdomen; from there it made the cotton between her legs entirely see through.

Bill was incredibly turned on, especially when she motioned him closer.

Amazingly, he was still able to do what she was asking. He began peeing on her chest which was warmer than the water. The temperature difference made her orgasm and shudder when it hit her. Not wanting to feel it through the cloth, she pulled her top off and exposed herself to it. The erotic experience of fully releasing herself to this made it feel even closer to her husband. Everything was different, naughty, sexy, uninhibited, and a free connection. It caused another orgasm.

He felt the same way. On finishing, he decided to make this an equal experience for her.

While getting onto his knees after pulling her up, he slid her underwear off and kissed the point of her lips that showed. His tongue worked back into her slit making her shudder again.

Looking up, he asked her to go ahead. This was a surprise. But he honestly wanted to keep it equal.

Some maneuvering with the hot water was needed, but it felt good on her back as she let herself not only pee in front of him but on him. It was even more erotic to her with the thought of a little bit of domination. It was time to try something new.

Soaping off for both of them, she kept slapping his hand away from his cock. As much as she wanted to take him right here, there was a new idea that popped into her mind.

Drying off, she told him to go lie down in bed and relax. Waiting for her felt like an eternity.

She came back with lube and the prostate massager, smiling deviously. To add to it, he had her use the handcuffs on him. It was an immediate increase in the tension between them for the pure desire and raw lust they felt. Making sure everything was lubed up, she slowly worked it into him. With how gentle she was with it, he began to understand how it felt for her. The tip of the toy found his prostate with her using it to massage him slowly.

Adding to it, she began stroking his cock. It was harder and slightly larger than she had ever seen it. After a few moments, she decided to really do something new. Leaving the toy in him, she swung over him and lowered herself in reverse cowgirl. The soft white well toned skin of her back was just the proverbial icing on the cake as her tight pussy wrapped him deep into her. Rocking back and forth while gaining speed, she also moved the toy around slightly. His senses overloaded as he stiffened from the sexual stimulus. He did his best to massage her back and butt, at that point though he couldn’t think of anything else.

Her thought was right. His cock let loose inside of her releasing stream after stream of hot cum deep inside of her. It filled her and began spilling out as her body released her own orgasm. His cock was stretching her to a new limit.

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