Extra Credit

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“Now the essay needs to be at least five pages long,” Prof. Kidd said. “Not four pages and a sentence on the fifth page, I mean five whole pages. Understand?” The classroom filled with disgruntled “yeahs” and “whatevers” and “oh fucks.” From my seat, second row from the right second seat from the front, I watched Prof. Kidd glance at his wristwatch then he scribbled something in his notebook before capping his pen and closing the notebook. “Due this Friday. Now get out of here.”

Everyone hastily packed up their books and notepads and the main crowd shuffled out, leaving a few of the stragglers hanging back. My friend Amy shouldered the strap of her bag and waited for me by the door.

“Coming, Kas?” she asked.

“I have a conference with Kidd,” I told her, tipping my head towards our teacher. “Meet up with you at the dining hall for dinner?”

“Five thirty, be there in the lounge,” Amy said.

“Sure, see ya!”

She gave me a two fingered salute and left the room, and I sidled up to my professor.

“C’mon, we’ll go talk in my office,” he said, stacking up his books. Together, we walked to his office in the English department. There were a few other professors there, finishing up their work, a few of them seeing their teachers about work as well. When we were in his office, he shut the door behind him and went to sit at his desk. I plopped down in the seat next to his, taking out my notebook before putting my bag down. “You’re my last thing to do for the day,” he said, stretching out his long legs.

“Oh,” I said, my cheeks turning a warm red. “I didn’t know, we can talk another time if you want.”

“Naw, we’re both here already, aren’t we?” he said. “Besides, I’d really like to talk about your story.”

I opened my notebook to a blank page, uncapped my pen, and sat with the tip poised over the empty paper. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Prof. Kidd grinned at me. He was a nice guy, one of the younger teachers on staff. A lot of the girls kind of had a crush on him, he was kind of cute; tall with that lean body look, dark brown hair that was longish and kept back in a little ponytail, warm brown eyes, and a perfect smile. I always felt a little shy and nervous when I was in his class or in a one-on-one conference with him. I’ll also confess that I did think of him sometimes in a very bad student way. But I probably wasn’t the only one.

“Now, with your story,” Kidd started, “You have a really good plot going on, with really good characters, but-” There was always a but. “I don’t think that this kind of story is suitable for this class.”

I blinked. Say what? “What do you mean?”

“Well, the dynamics of the two main characters,” Kidd continued. “I mean, look at this guy Jon. Here he is, bolder than life itself, out-going, his personality, if you developed it right, could jump right off the page and smack the reader in the face. And the girl, Lily.” He presented me with the print out of my story. It was covered in red pen marks in a series of scribbles, circles, and cross outs. “Lily is obviously a submissive type of girl. I can just see the way that she hesitates before she answers questions anyone asks her. Or how she second guesses every decision she makes. I think that these two characters, if played just right gaziantep escortları on the page, you could make them a memorable couple.”

I was speechless. How was this story not suitable for class? “Okay, I think I can do that,” I said, scribbling down his advice and his comments onto my sheet of paper. “But why isn’t it suitable?”

“Because it reads more like a piece of erotica.”

“Erotica?” The word barely reached a whisper when it was involuntarily pushed out from between my lips.

“It’s there, subtle as it is, it’s still there,” Kidd went on. He flipped through a couple of pages. “Like here.” He pointed to particular scene where Jon walked Lily home and I had left it off with them at the door. “And here.” He pointed out another scene and another and another, until I realized that if the story was read a certain way, could be seen as a piece of erotica.

“Oh,” I said.

“Now,” Kidd said, leaning back in his chair, ankle crossed at knee. “There’s a big market out there for these kinds of stories, you just have to put in the right kind of stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” I asked nervously.

“Well, for one thing you need more passion in your story, more desire,” Kidd said. “More of the physical attraction, and of course the sex.”

“Sex?” I squeaked. Was this getting a bit awkward?

“Of courses,” Kidd said. “I’m sure a girl like yourself has had sex already.” My cheeks went up in flames. “You need that in here, but not that cheesy shit. I know you, I know how you write, and I know that you can write something very compelling, something powerful enough to draw your reader in and trap them into your story till the very end.”

“I can? But I’ve only had sex once and it was really bad and-” I nearly choked on my tongue when I realized what popped out. Talk about Freudian slip! “Um … I didn’t mean to-um-to say that, Prof. Kidd.”

“Only once?” Kidd asked.

I could only nod.

He leaned in closer and my face heated up even more. “Well, sex is supposed to be good thing,” Kidd said. “Sex is supposed to be about pleasure for both parties.” The way his eyes looked at me, I felt my skin tingle with pleasure and a warm ache filled the place between my thighs. He reached out and to my surprise, shock, and pleasure, Kidd cupped my cheek. His hand was warm and his skin was callused. I sat still as his hand slid farther back, his fingers sinking into my hair. My eyes slid shut on their own accord and a soft moan slipped from my lips. “When a man and a woman have sex it should be about equal giving and receiving by both of them.” I gave a small nod. “But in the case of your characters, Kas, I think that it shouldn’t be gentle.” His hand in my hair fisted and he jerked it hard. Too startled to make a sound, I toppled off my chair, falling to my knees. My notebook fell with a thunk and my pen rolled under my chair. I looked up at Kidd, my eyes hazy with pleasure and pain. “In the case of your characters, Kas, I think one party has to be in charge, don’t you think?” When I didn’t give a verbal answer, Kidd gave my head a little shake.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered.

He smiled down at me, the light in his eyes both kind and hard all at the same time. With his other hand, Kidd undid the front of his jeans and fished out his cock from his boxers.

“Come here,” he said.

I came to him, eagerly, on my knees with his hand still tangled in my hair. He was average size, seven long and six around, and I took him in my mouth and sucked hungrily. I felt Kidd’s eyes on my as my mouth bobbed up and down on his cock. I used my tongue, fluttering it against the tip, over the slit in the head, then on the underside. Kidd gave a deep moan in the back of his throat and he began to control the movements of my head, forcing my up and down. At first I fought a little, but after a few slaps to the face, I gave myself up to him, relinquishing control. My professor fucked my mouth with slow precision, pulling my head back till the tip was just in my mouth, then pushing me down till the head of his cock bumped the back of my throat.

“Good girl,” I heard him murmur. After a few more strokes, he pulled my head back and I looked up him through glassy eyes. “What else do you think your characters should do? Remember, you have to keep to their personalities.”

I licked my lips. “Well … Jon, he-he should tell Lily to take off her clothes,” I said. “Because Lily’s shy about her body.”

“Then do it,” Kidd said. He released my hair. I blinked at him. “Stand up and take your clothes off, Kas.”

“Yes, sir.” I got to my feet, swaying on my legs, and I pulled off my shirt, stepped out of my sandals, then undid my jeans and pulled them down. I draped my clothes over my chair and was left in my black bra and my pink pirate panties.

“All of it,” Kidd ordered.

My cheeks flared and I unhooked my bra then pulled down my underwear. Now completely naked, I stood in front of my professor. I started to raise my arms to cover my breasts when Kidd surged to his feet and slapped my arms down.

“You don’t move until I tell you to,” he said.

“Yes, sir.” I watched him clear off his desk and I wondered what he was going to do.

“Bend over the desk,” Kidd ordered. “Hands flat on the surface, legs spread shoulder-width apart.”

I obeyed him without question and my skin tingled. My heart was thudding almost painfully in my chest and I could hear my blood rushing in my ears. I wasn’t even sure how I got into this but I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of this and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get out of this. I heard the rustle of clothing and I soon felt Kidd’s warm hands smooth over my thighs.

“What else would your characters do?” he asked from behind me. “What would Jon do to Lily with her in this position?”

“He’d touch her until she begged for him to have sex with her,” I answered, breathless.

“Would ‘sex’ be the word she’d use?”

“No, sir.”

“What word would Lily use?”

“Fuck,” I whispered.

“Then use that word, Kas.”

“Yes, sir.”

I felt one of his hands slide between my thighs and whimpered as his fingers dragged over my already soaking pussy. Two of his fingers slid into me, sinking in slowly. A small shuddering moan escaped my lips and I had to bite my lip to keep from shouting out loud when he began to finger fuck me. He twisted his fingers in me, pushing them as deep as he could. He curled them so he could touch the walls of my pussy and all the while his other hand reached under me and he played with my breasts, his fingers pulling and tweaking my nipples, forcing my back to arch in both pleasure and pain.

When Kidd added a third long finger in my pussy, my knees nearly buckled as I was stretched and forced to accommodate the new digit. My lips were parted as I sucked in air and I gave a small strangled cry when he twisted his fingers almost cruelly in me.

“Oh God,” I moaned, my forehead lowering to the table top. He twisted his fingers more inside of me, wriggling them around. I could feel the juice just oozing from my pussy, hearing the wet sounds as Kidd fingered me roughly. “Please … please,” I begged.

“Please what?”

“Please … please fuck me,” I whispered hoarsely, not believing what I was asking my professor to do.

“Why?” he asked almost coolly.

“Because I need it, sir,” I moaned, squirming my hips back against his hand. “I need your … I need your cock in me.” There, I said it. I looked over my shoulder at him. “Please, sir.”

“Look forward,” he ordered. I obeyed him, resting my forehead on the table. Slowly, Kidd removed his fingers from my pussy and wiped my juiced down over my spine. I held my breath and nearly melted when I felt the head of his cock push against my pussy. I ached to take a step back and take him all in but I managed to hold my ground.

Slowly, inch by inch, Kidd pushed his cock in me. My eyes closed as I felt him go deeper, all my attentions focused on that place between my thighs. I could feel him hit the hilt, he stayed there for a moment, still, before beginning to thrust. He didn’t start off slow, he went straight to hard, his hips smacking into mine. His hands went to my hips, his fingers digging into my flesh as he pulled my body back against him. I could feel my whole body shaking with each thrust I absorbed, my breasts swaying and shivering.

Kidd shifted his hips and his cock slid along a new angle in me and I could feel myself body seem to grow, my skin suddenly too tight for the fullness of my body. Kidd fucked me harder, hard enough that I knew I might bruise in the morning, but I didn’t care. I just wanted and wanted, needed and needed. My nails dug into the wood of the desk and just as I was going to cum, Kidd pulled out. His hand tangled in my hair and he wrenched me to the floor and onto my knees, presenting his pussy juice-slick cock to me. I opened my mouth and he shoved himself into my throat. I gagged and he pulled out just enough for me to cough a bit and gulp some hair before he fucked my throat, hard and fast with long strokes that allowed me short quick breaths.

“That’s it,” he murmured. I whimpered around his cock, my lips tight around his shaft. I could feel the difference in the stiffness of his cock and his strokes, the pumping of his hips, and with a final thrust, Kidd came, shooting his load right down my throat. I swallowed the best I could but a pearly dribble escaped the corner of my mouth. With a sigh, Kidd pulled his slowly deflating cock from my mouth.

I looked up at him, my eyes glassy, my head fuzzy, my lips swollen, and my pussy sore and aching for an orgasm.

“Do you understand why I don’t think your story is appropriate for class?” he asked with a smile on his face.

Licking my lips, I nodded my head.

“Good,” he said. “Now, how about we have another conference tomorrow, say, over dinner?”

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