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“Nefronians rejoice as the long war ended just two days ago” The reporter said. “The deputy Prime Minister announced that much damage has been done and the people of Nefron only wants the war to end.” The video of our Prime Minister giving a speech flashed on the screen on my wall. “We have endured through such an obstacle in our time, many would consider this a pyrrhic victory but as we all know, we Nefronians still emerged as the victor to this brutal war against Zetch. Now, as we end of the period of brutality, peace be with you.” The screen flashed back the the image of the reporter “The total number of casualties has not been concluded, however, the estimated deaths in this inter-planet conflict up to date is 4 billion.” I gasped “In other news…” my mind trailed off.

What a loss! I thought our planet had one of the most advanced technologies in our galaxy but the fact is that more than half of the world has just died… Nefron has been one of the leading planets in our galaxy for centuries I just could not believe we lost so much through a small conflict with Zetch. Many of our soldiers were men, and now with the global population at an all time low, it would be a catastrophe if Zetch’s allies attacked, we would be defenseless.

I felt uncomfortable staying at home, I think all of the people should head out and comfort one another, consoling from their losses. I decided that that was what I was going to do. I could not comprehend the damage the war has done, the street were filled with people roaming around with no homes (I would be considered lucky). Walking down the street to what was used to be times square, I saw rubble and debris everywhere! The magnetic grid in the ground was damaged, the levitating railways fell, people were just roaming the streets for food or money. Anyway it was heart wrenching.

“Attention Nefronians!” I spun my head around to see a temporary levitating screen put into place. “Attention Nefronians!” It caught everybody’s attention. An image of the Prime Minister came up. “With our population at an all time low, we have come up with a new policy to alleviate that problem. We have the urgent need to regain the population and manpower. From today onwards all males will be required to participate in operation ‘Baby Boom’ where their semen will be extracted to be used in repopulation. The government thanks you for your participation” The screen went black, and men in uniforms appeared from behind the huge screen to escort all the males older than 15 years of age into a large ship slightly hovering above ground. One of the men in uniform came to me “This way sir” He gestured toward the ship. “Wait–” I was cut off by him. “Sorry sir, this is a global policy we have gather all the men as soon as possible so we can proceed to regaining population.” Then he pushed me on my back and ran off to another antalya escort bayan guy not far from me. I was pretty sure all the other people were as confused as I was, but I still moved forward.

Upon closer inspection, the ship was actually one of the war ships used to transport oversized weapons during the war. All males were in a queue to get our hand prints scanned, there was a makeshift reception right at the front of the queue and a scanner in place to check our identities. I moved along with the other people and when I reached the front of the line, there was a female in uniform “Right hand please” I held out my right hand and placed it on the scanner. She check the screen on the table “Mr. Nathan Halls?” I nodded my head at her. “Right on board please” She smiled gesturing towards the ship. I walked cautiously toward the warship, there was a ramp in place for people to walk up the ship. When I was at the top of the ramp, there were two guards in uniform to escort me just like everyone else. One of them walked me further in the ship and once I lost view of the ground, the guard took out a needle “This is nutrition to support your body for the long flight Mr. Halls” I was suspicious but nonetheless let him inject it in me. He showed me my seat along with a bunch of others who boarded the ship first. He sat me down and left for the entrance.

Immediately, a nauseous wave hit me. I felt extremely dizzy and tired, I fought to sit up but my body would not let me. “Help…”, I felt my strength drained away and as I looked to my left and my right, I saw two other guys also unconscious. It was too difficult to fight, and then my eyes closed. I passed out on the seat.

The next thing I knew, I was strapped down by my wrists and ankles on a bed, I was stripped naked. There was some kind of a pump, fixed on my cock. “What in the world–” I looked around and I saw that I was not alone, there were thousands of us all in a huge room with beds all lined up in rows and columns, men all over the place. All stripped naked and all tied down. Then I noticed the ear plug fitted in my right ear. I suppose it was a transmission device used to communicate with me, and the rest of us, the others also had the same thing.

“Hey kiddo” I looked to my right, there was a man around the age of 25 to 30. “Nice hot body you got there.” I knew what he was talking about, I liked to keep myself fit, so exercising was a routine. I had a nice ‘V’ shaped body with well toned abs. I laughed “Yeah, not bad yourself too” He looked down at his body, he looked like a male stripper especially with the fine chest hair, beefy arms and…. a prince albert on his cock. I am guessing he is gay. “Gotta name kid?” He asked “Hey dude, you gotta stop calling me kid, but yea, Nathan” I replied. “You?” “I’d shake your hand if I could, but call me Charlie.” escort bayan “Nice to meet you.” I smiled back at him. “Do you know anything about this ‘extraction’ crap?” He shrugged “If I knew I wouldn’t be tied down to this bed right?” That was logical. “Did they inject something into you on the ship?” I asked. “Yea, they said it was nutrition or something like that?” I nodded. “I have no idea why they had to knock us out but here we are huh?” I laughed “stripped naked and taking part in some science experiment using my cock.”

“Ahh!” I heard someone scream from across the room, “let me go!”. I thought the person was hurt, but as I looked closer, he was just struggling to break free from the bed. “What is this! It’s against my will, this is raping!” It was kind of serious but ironic because I found it comical. “Relax dude!” I heard another person shout “they’re just gonna jerk you off, no big deal!”

Suddenly, the ear plug in my ear started to sound “Greetings gentlemen, once again we appreciate your participation in our mission. You are tied down to prevent unplanned aggression, this extraction is meant to be pleasurable, additional stimulation will be provided if required. Lay back relax and enjoy.” The soundtrack ended there.

“Pleasurable? How is forcefully extracting my sperm supposed to be pleasurable?” I thought out loud. “A forceful extraction will not need a penis pump will it?” Charlie laughed, “they can simply cut your balls out you know?” Come to think of it, it kind of made some weird sense.

I heard the the whir of a machine, and then the ceiling opened to reveal a huge hemispherical container. Each of our ‘penis pumps’ automatically started to ‘grow’ a transparent tube towards the huge container all the way up at the ceiling. After a few moments, all the pumps had a tube connected to the ceiling, it was like a monster which had thousands of tentacles raping us for our cum. The thought of that really turned me on. I felt my cock begin to grow erect. It almost took up the entire container. The machine then started to suck on every single tube there is. The force was mild but already, I saw some tubes filled with creamy cum being sucked up the tubes. Charlie was really enjoying himself, his eyes were closed and he was arching his back upwards as if someone was giving him a blow job. No matter how aroused I was, the machine has got to work harder, because I was not feeling enough to ejaculate.

The machine seemed to have read my mind, a light green viscous liquid was released from the container on the ceiling into selected tubes, I was one of them. The goo dripped down and filled up my pump covering my whole cock. It felt somewhat warm, I thought it was used a lubrication. Then smaller tubes were deployed into the tubes which had the green gooey liquid. The smaller tubes were much thinner antalya escort and about half a centimeter in diameter, as it got closer to my dick, I saw that it had a rounded head. To my surprise it was inserted into my urethra! My pee hole! I never thought of masturbating that way. It felt heavenly, and I heard gasping around the room the moment the tube went in. Slowly but surely the moaning and groaning in the room was building up, I could hear an occasional ‘fuck!’ but mostly moaning. Even I was moaning myself! It felt like fucking, it felt like I was the one being fucked! The smaller tubes began to move in and out my dick at a moderate speed, I could feel the texture of the tube inside my cock. Slowly, the tube picked up speed and was moving at a fair rate. I have no idea how, but the pump-like container itself started to move thrusting up and down my rock hard cock simultaneously with the smaller tube. At this point I figured I should just relax and enjoy it. I arched my back upwards and back down with the momentum of the pump, my moans were also getting louder. I love this! It felt like I was getting fucked and sucked at the same time. I closed my eyes and relaxed, enjoying the ‘extraction’, a while later, the room started to get noisy everyone was moaning and groaning from the pleasure.

My eyes were closed as I tried to imagine a hot girl sucking me off, and then I felt it. I felt someone sucking me but not on my cock, my nipples! I wanted to laugh, but stifled it to a giggle. It felt like someone was licking and sucking my muscular man boobs. I opened my eyes and saw yet another tubing device from the ceiling with a tongue like structure and sucking system, it was extremely real and just made me hornier. I could see my nipples erect to a standstill as if I had goosebumps. To my right, Charlie was moaning loudly, he had a dildo fucking his ass! The motion of the thrust was mesmerizing, the dildo came out of his bed and was just pumping his ass like a machine! (Duh.. it is a machine) Charlie tried to move his body with the thrusting of the machine, “Ahhh… This feels awesome!” He shouted at me over the loud groaning everyone was making. I was so aroused I could not think right “Ohh yeaa, fuck me!” That was all I could make out.

The pump on my cock started to increase in speed and I felt it tighten around my girth, “Oh my god!” I almost screamed, I could feel cum moving up the length of my cock, “I’m cumming!” I shouted and ropes of cum squirted out of my dick, most of which was sucked up by the smaller tube, but the rest was collected by the larger tube which was still pumping my penis. I counted sixteen times, I squirted cum sixteen times. The cum was sucked all the way up the long tube and disappeared into the large container on the ceiling. I was totally amazed by myself, I never knew I had that much cum. The machine finally started to slow down on me. I sighed a relief. It was exhausting but it felt so good. I was actually glad our government implemented this policy after being jerked off by a huge machine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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