Facade: The Student / The Beg Ining

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Linda set the pictures he sent her to print as she rose from her desk. Anticipation began to gather in her chest as she went from room to room opening the windows and turning off the lights. As she checked the door locks she giggled thinking how useless they were now that the windows were open. The breeze that had now filled the house with cool night air seemed to be ushering her up the stairs, caressing her naked form in the darkness.

She picked up the pictures from the printer and settled onto her belly on the bed, with her feet toward the pillows and one elbow for support. Her eyes wandered over the stranger’s form while she slid a hand under her belly and toward the moistness. As her palm worked on her clit and fingers wiggled on her lips, she writhed gently brushing her hardened nipples along the bedspread. Almost instinctual her eyes focused on the printout of his large erect member and shivers worked through her body. A tiny moan escaped between heavy breaths as her imagination began working.

The sensations mixed with her thoughts. She could feel his hands caressing her breasts as her nipples stroked the bed. The head of his cock pressed on her lips as her fingers worked them, the pressure of her own squirming body forcing her palm firmly against her clit. Her eyes half closed as she moved faster, aching for entry. Even in her imagination he teased her, keeping his cock at the precipice of entry.

With a frustrated squeal she rolled her hips and dipped her fingers inward. Her face lowered toward the spread and her mouth hung open as she stared intently at the image through half closed eyes. Suddenly his cock thrust in with her fingers. She felt so warm and slick that they went fully in and shook her with excitement. A loud groan escaped as she felt the tremors of orgasm surge through her. Quickly her fingers began darting as her hips rocked. Her palm was grinding on her clit and her eyes rolled back as she panted heavily like an animal in heat. When the second wave hit, she buried her face in the soft cloth and screamed. His cock (her fingers) buried deep inside and refused to be removed as she writhed.

As the orgasm subsided, he started thrusting again. Much faster and harder this time. She arched with a perverse smile on her face moaning loud. Her supporting hand now free, grabbed the carved wooden bar at the foot of the bed. She clenched on it hard as her pussy tingled, overly sensitive from the workout she was giving herself. Her eyes widened and she took a deep breath as she spread her fingers, feeling the imaginary cock swell. Through the darkness, in the doorway, she could barely make out a figure. The sight of the shadow urged forth the largest orgasm she had in some time. Screaming and groaning, her fingers went wild. Her hips began circling with their own will, and for a second her eyes darted to the ceiling. When she peered back to the door, the shadow was gone. Just before her eyes went blurry she saw the clock. 2am. Spent and hyperventilating, she drifted into a dizzy sleep as her fingers slowly slipped from satiated mound. Her last thought was, “God, I hope the neighbors didn’t hear that.”

The next day a message was waiting for her when she logged in.

“From now on when you come home you will strip all of your clothes off and leave them off until the next morning. Until instructed otherwise you will not touch yourself. Something came up, so I will see you Monday.”

Linda sucked her lip in disappointment, but did as she was told. As she removed her clothes, she thought of how much she wanted to share the previous nights pleasure with him.

When Monday arrived she was greeted with another message, and to her disappointment it was much like the one on Friday.

“You will buy 5 wireless web cams and have them ready Thursday. Place one viewing your front door, one for your bed, one in your kitchen, one for your shower, and one on your couch. They will be working by Thursday but not connected until I tell you. Things are still busy here, but they should be back to normal by then.”

She wondered if he was really busy or just teasing her as he had before. It was odd how this stranger could turn her on by ignoring her, and more so that he knew it would after just meeting her. The fact that she enjoyed his pseudo-intimate knowledge of her disturbed her, but she was having to much fun to back away.

Thursday had arrived much too late in the week. Linda had been a ‘good girl’ since the messages. Every night she had been naked, and it had driven desire through her. She couldn’t help but brush her hands over her nipples and wet lips from time to time, and once she had even cupped her ass cheeks in her hands as she stared out a window, but she had not given to temptation once by bringing herself to orgasm. She hadn’t even tried, though she desperately wanted to a thousand times.

It was a little uncomfortable to sit and xslot chat with the kids completely naked, but it was exciting being so naughty at the same time. As she discussed the week’s events, her mind continued to wander into sexual scenes. Her pussy was soaking wet and the adrenaline coursing through her had shortened her breath.

When she finally payed attention, she discovered that exams had been given all week in preparation for college. As she expected, all of her boys and girls did well. She congratulated all of them and made some random comment that she didn’t even pay attention to. Her mind had drifted again. Peter apparently noticed all of her incoherency, and brought her back into reality with wide eyes and a burning blush over most of her naked body.

“Linda, pay attention or we will spank your pretty behind!”

She quickly responded as if he hadn’t posted it to change the subject. A round of bdsm comments was more than her aching libido could handle at that moment. As the conversation continued she began to wonder where that comment came from. He had never made a comment like that before. He was ‘the sweet one’. Sure, she knew there was some sort of interest from him, but never more than stealing glances or the veiled compliment. He was always so shy, so why did that change she wondered.

When it was down to her and the boys, she was having a wonderful time. For the first time ever, she indulged their flirting. She bit her lip at the innocent comments they made, knowing the intentions behind them were so much more than innocent. In her mind she was trying to discern where Peter had found his new boldness, to no avail, but deep down she knew that being naked and horny had much more to do with it than anything else. A fact the wet tingle between her legs wouldn’t let her dismiss.

When she glanced at the clock it said 10:00. She abruptly excused herself as she had so many times in the past, and logged into her other account. Before she had a chance to mention being late, a follow invitation was sent to her. She accepted, and was virtually whisked off to a full chat room. In private message she saw:

“Turn on your cams, we are going to do some exploring.”

Linda began reading as she turned on the cams. The room was fairly dull. Idle chit-chat mostly, occasionally interrupted by a not-so-clever sexual pun directed at one of the few women in the room full of men. Much more to her interest were the names people picked. There seemed to be no creativity in them at all, and for the most part looked like random words shoved together. Of course, she knew that the owner had a reason for picking it and that was the fascinating part for her. For example, why ‘fdp9118’? What could that mean?

Her stream of consciousness was interrupted by a series of messages. All of them, she presumed, from horny strange men looking for a quick release. When she finally closed them all out, her master returned.

“You have a nice house. I think we should show it off. Invite everyone on the room list to view your cams.”

“You think that’s a good idea?”

“First late now questioning me. Do what your fucking told!”

Linda was shocked at what she read and was sure he could see it on her face. She wanted to respond but for the life of her could not think of how. She wasn’t angry or insulted, even if she would’ve been had someone else spoke to her that way. It was as if the profane statement was something she saw everyday even though it was definitely not. So, her response was to do what she was fucking told. It took her several minutes, but everyone in the room had been invited.

Suddenly the room chatter stopped. For minutes there was not one word on the screen. Suddenly, it erupted into a flurry of comments starting with “WOW”. A message from master popped up.

“Go to the kitchen and get something from the freezer.”

Slowly she rose up and headed downstairs. As she reached the first floor Linda saw the cam pointed through the hall to the door, and realized she was now on full display for all these strangers. Her nipples hardened instantly, feeling like someone had tugged at them. She blushed as she began to sway her hips. Purposely strutting, wiggling her ass and bouncing her tits for the cameras. She was beginning to feel like tawdry stripper on stage, but she kind of liked it.

Unsure of what to pull from the freezer she settled on some ice cubes and headed up to her office again. When she sat down she was greeted with a critique of every inch, every crevice, of her body from 350 strangers. Every second 3 more lewd comments about her were displayed on the screen. For the most part it was men lusting over her; describing what they wanted to do to, on, and in her. Intermingled, and quickly being drowned out, were comments from the women. Most of them were describing flaws they saw, and just outright jealous insults. After a few xslot Giriş minutes the women gave up trying to shift the focus away from Linda and left the chat room, quickly replaced by new names which she invited to the show.

Linda was smirking through the obvious embarrassment, her nipples aching and pussy tingling more with every sentence that passed. As the appraisal of Linda began to die down, she was biting her lip from the mixture of humiliation and excitement. Master stirred them right back up with a comment in the room.

“Tell her what you think her name should be.”

Her eyes widened as the ‘names’ began popping up at her. Perverse. Lewd. Degrading. Everything from slut to things never to be typed were offered as a suitable nom de guerre. Each one made her face and body more red. The more red she turned the hotter her mound melted. Finally, Master interjected with a private message.

“Turn on your mic for the room and answer me with ‘hi my name is,’: Which name suits you better, ‘cum bucket’ or ‘fuck toy’?”

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and tried not to lose her composure. She smirked wantonly into the cam and thoughts raced through her mind in an instant. What if some of these ‘internet letches’ were people she knew? For all she knew she was naked and smiling like a slut at her co-workers. She could be flaunting it for the neighbors, or worse; what if her father was in here. Linda quickly sent her mind to the shadow she imagined last week. They would have to all be strangers if she was going to answer that question. Her mind refused, though. It kept conjuring images of men she knew, even if she didn’t find them attractive.

As seductively as she could with the picture of friends and acquaintances standing around her in mind, she lusted to the cam somewhat to her surprise, “Hi boys, I’m fuck toy.”

When the words left her mouth, her face burned like never before and so did her pussy. Three mini-gasms shuddered her body as she gasped. A wicked grin crossed her face as she read the responses from the audience and she couldn’t help but giggle softly and rub her fingers over soaked slippery lips.

Another private message shot up, “Since you are so eager to touch yourself in front of everyone you will follow ALL of their requests as if they are an order from me unless I message you not to. You better not cum until I tell you to. Now ask them what they want to see, fuck toy.”

Linda closed her eyes a moment to envelope her mind around what she was doing. Seeing him call her that, after having said that was who she is by his command, hit a nerve. Until now the number of men who saw her fully naked, not including family, were a select few. She could literally count them on her fingers and have left overs. She didn’t even know him, but here she was completely naked in front of cameras at his whim. Not just cameras, but hundreds of men watching through those cameras. A pang of regret seeped into the humiliation and excitement of the moment, and along with that the feeling of being totally debased was undeniable. The mood of this encounter had completely changed, and her desire had waned to the non-existent.

Now her emotional state was akin to losing her virginity to a jerk who would break up with her a month later. That thought, however, helped her to put things in perspective. She came to the conclusion that the first time with most things would be difficult, and regret of losing innocence would accompany new territory, but once you move beyond the regret and allow yourself to enjoy the carnal sensations you wonder why you had wasted so much time not doing it. Why on earth had she waited?

With faith that this would be one of those experiences she decided to embrace her new name wholeheartedly while she was on camera and ignore the misplaced guilt. She was going to seize the day rather than letting self-condemnation waste any more of her time. They were only words after all, and a bunch of men jerking off to her could hardly point a finger at her. The pun made her smile as she looked to the cam once again, “So, what do you little perverts want to see?”

Fuck toy was barely able to read everything as the requests scrolled over the screen, but followed them as she was told. She stood and slowly turned around for the men to get a second look at everything. Then she took the camera in her hand and brought it as close to her smirking lips as she could and still stay in focus. The excitement had stirred again, signified by a little flutter between her lungs shortening her breath.

She licked her upper lip and gradually lowered the camera down her neck. When it reached her cleavage she paused a moment while visions of her 8th grade English teacher drooling filled her mind. A soft giggle escaped as she panned casually to her right nipple and again paused. She imagined her co-worker’s eyes widening as he watched her xslot Güncel Giriş nipple harden before the camera. Her pussy tingled again and she bit her lip, moving the camera to the other nipple and letting it linger.

Then she descended it downward, stopping at her belly button as she felt her hot amrita accumulate between her spreading thighs. Her breathing was heavier as she moved the camera lower. Staring at the chat room comments, she stopped an inch above her pussy. Frustration from the audience began to fill the screen, and she grinned wickedly at the vision of her neighbor in mid stroke pounding at the keyboard in anger. As requested, she continued down and hovered over her glistening labia.

Gently she slid her middle finger up her thigh toward her craving niche to obstruct as little of their view as possible. Her finger pressed to her cleft and slid lazily side to side. As she dipped her finger inward she moan softly. With a deep breath she placed the cam on her desk and turned away from it to show them her ass. Then she bent forward and looked over her shoulder to the chat screen.

With visions of the gas station clerk licking his lips and feverishly jerking off, she extended her ring finger to join the other in her soaked cistern. She had to close her eyes and bite her lip to keep from cumming as she spread her fingers, allowing the room a full view inside herself. With a shiver she opened her eyes to a new private question from Master.

The look of hesitation and fear was very apparent on her face as she spoke to the cameras, “Um, yes Master.”

Fuck toy rushed to her nightstand and reached into the drawer. She giggled realizing that her breasts were jiggling directly in front of the camera she placed there while she rummaged around. With a sigh she pulled a vibrator out and wandered back to her desk. Waving it for the camera with an embarrassed smirk and blushing, she managed to squeal, “What do you guys think I should do with this?”

Her mouth dropped as she read the suggestions, the most depraved grin she had ever gleamed worked its way onto her burning face. Closing her eyes she returned to her previous position, bent over in front of her desk. Humming filled the silent room and she gasped at the sound, “Ohmygod.”

Again reading the screen over her shoulder she leisurely slid the shiny silver wand up the back of her thigh. She was anticipating a message to stop from her anonymous commander, but saw none. She whimpered wantonly as the vibrator bounced along her ass cheek, “You really want me to do that?”

Once again she was biting her lip and closing her eyes to brace herself against having an orgasm. Her breath was heavy and increasing in tempo. With one last look for the message she wanted, she held her breath and settled into the fact he wasn’t going to stop her. Suddenly, the vibrator pushed inside and the hum grew louder as her sphincter tightened around it.

Her eyes were wide from the shaking in the virgin hole. A loud groan emanated from pursed lips as she squirmed, trying not to move the vibrator too much lest she cum from the pure perverseness of it. She shook as she withdrew the wildly quaking device. Gasping, not sure if in relief or desire, she read the chat room comments. A halfhearted chuckle tried to escape her as she pleaded at the camera with desperate eyes.

“Oh come on guys…. Again? It doesn’t go any higher.”

“I’m going to cum if you make me do that.”

Hesitantly she moved the chair into frame and knelt on the seat with one leg, resting her shoulders against the back of it for support. She let the vibrator palpitate on her asshole as she slid two fingers inside her pussy. Her palm grazed her clit as her fingers thrust in and out slowly. She moaned immediately. Once her hips started to swivel with lust she let the buzzing plastic delve in. A groan masked her scream of awe as pleasure surged along her spine and filled her head like the opposite of brain-freeze.

Fuck toy looked over her shoulder mouth agape and eyes frenzied as she continued to work both ends of the same fire. Panting and nearly screaming she implored, “Oh, can I cum, please?”

“Please?! Master, please, I need to cum!! Oh god please!”

She began shaking and tears started to fill her eyes as she desperately sought for a message to pop up, “Oh fuck! Pleasepleaseplease!!! Please let me cum! Oh god I can’t hold it anymore!”

The message arrived, but she was unsure if she was cumming before or after he sent it. Her eyes widened and she screamed as loud as she could. The wave was as intense an orgasm as she ever dreamed. Her entire body lit afire then went cold and shook relentlessly. Surge after surge burst through every muscle.

When it finally subsided, Linda slumped to the floor with exhaustion. Breathlessly quivering with delirium on her face, she whispered, “Thank you…”

A message popped up as she picked the vibrator up from the floor and switched it off. “Leave your cams and mic on. I want to be able to see you when I feel like. I have to go. You no longer have to follow their instructions, but may if you wish.”

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