Facing the Frat Boy Ch. 04

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Ch. 04: A frat party full of pledges and promises.

It was Thursday afternoon and Ryan was volunteering at the animal shelter. He’d been there two hours already, having already cleaned out a couple kennels and helped out with a few adoptions. He loved the look on little kids’ faces as he walked out with their newest friend, feeling a sense of happiness when he handed the leash over. As the day slowed, he was back in the large cages, working on one for his favorite pet in this whole place.

“That’s a good girl.” He said as he pet Nova, feeling her soft fur on his fingers. Even as old as she was, the dog was beautiful- looking into him with her clear blue eyes like she knew all the boy’s secrets. He hoped that wasn’t the case.

Part of joining PAWS meant taking some time out each month to volunteer, so he picked today, knowing that Levi had similar engagements with Pi Kappa Phi. The two of them had developed this nice routine over the past two weeks- with each boy making a conscious effort to the other. Levi continued his playful, yet heartwarming sweet gestures- pulling away from the Pi Kappa house whenever he could and being a mainstay at the boy’s freshman dorm. Ryan too, pushed himself to put in more of an effort, though it came quite easily- seeing how the older boy rewarded him every time they were together. He didn’t know what to call them just yet- not sure if the older boy even believed in being someone’s boyfriend. Somehow he pictured Levi laughing at the thought and making some comment that they weren’t in high school anymore.

Still, Ryan knew that beyond what the older boy thought, they clearly weren’t just hooking up. He loved the smile that washed over Levi’s face whenever he walked into the room, and clearly loved all the attention the older boy gave him when they were alone- with nothing but their naked boys to share.

They were something more- he just didn’t know what.

“Figures that I’d catch you with some bitch.” Levi teased as he walked into the large kennel, wearing a bright Pi Kappa t-shirt and hanging his sunglasses just over the neckline.

Nova barked at the stranger and ran over, lowering her head for the petting she was due. Levi eagerly ran his fingers through the pure white hair as Ryan came over.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had some Pi Kappa thing.”

“I do” he said, with that handsome smile. “The chapter said we had to volunteer today so I chose to do my hours here.”He pulled off his shades and hooked them on the collar of his shirt.

“How come you didn’t say anything?” Ryan asked as he joined in on the petting. “We just talked last night.”

Levi winked, “And miss that face you made when I walked in?” Ryan blushed a bit, still not used to the cocky boy getting all sappy. “Come here.” He said as he moved his fingers back and forth.

The older boy pulled Ryan into a short, but strong kiss. It’d been over a day since he’d tasted those sweet lips. He pulled away after a few seconds, resting his forehead on the other.

“I missed you.” Ryan admitted as he bore into the boy’s deep brown eyes.

Levi gave him a wink, replying, “I missed you too.” They pulled away in case anyone would walk by. “Sorry this week’s been super crazy- we’re busy doing all these activities for the new pledges.”

“No, it’s totally fine.” He replied, knowing that any bit of free time the older boy had went to him. “Really.” He said, putting his hand on Levi’s wrist.

“You’re cute.” Levi said as Nova barked, reminding them they weren’t alone.

They got to their feet as Ryan walked Levi through the rest of the tasks. The older boy came back from the supply closet a few minutes later, lugging around a large bag of dog food as they ripped it open and started to fill each bowl. Later, they filled all of the water bowls and tidied up the shelves with toys and leashes. Their last task was showering up all of the dogs, which proved to be smooth sailing up until they got to the last one- an excited little terrier that got them even more wet than he was. Still, they laughed it off and dried themselves with some clean towels as they put him back in his kennel.

Ryan had just tossed the soiled towel into the bin when Levi proposed,

“Come to the Pi Kappa party with me tomorrow.”

Ryan looked skeptical, “You want me to come to the frat-house?” He chuckled, “Why so you can corner me in the living room again?”

“Come on, you refuse to even step foot there every time I offer.” Levi said as he poked at the boy’s side, “Besides every dude there is gonna be hitting on some chick, trying to get laid.” He pouted, “Seeing as I won’t be doing that, it’d be nice to hang out.”

Ryan was about to protest again, not wanting to subject himself to another awkward night. Sure, Levi would be there, but when he wasn’t, the boy would be left standing in the corner of a crowded room just waiting to leave. He also didn’t want to have to play the cautious game around a bunch of Pi Kappa brothers- poker oyna regardless of how well Levi could hide it. He looked back at the boy who’d pounded his lips and hooked his fingers into the belt loops of his jeans.

“Okay fine, I’ll go.” He relented, hoping that a night spent with the frat boy would make up for any situation they could get into.

Levi smiled wide, treating the boy to that infectious grin that instantly made him happy.

“Just come to the house around 10 and tell them I invited you.” He winked, “I promise you’ll have a good time.”

He nodded yes before Levi pulled him close, planting a soft kiss on his lips that only the dogs could see.


Friday rolled around and Ryan was walking through the small streets, on his way to the Pi Kappa Phi house. It felt like he was walking into a reaping- echoing the words that Levi told him the last time he was here. He spent most of the past hour thinking of some exit strategy if one of the brothers were to figure out what he was and why he was there. Ryan hated how the thought even came over him as he chose what to wear- as if every shirt came with a nametag that read: “I’m gay, and having sex with Levi Truong.”

“It wasn’t this hard being gay in high school” Ryan thought as he continued down the sidewalk. He also had a lot more friends back then while now, the closest person he had was the one guy who could make him unravel everything. He hated how his feelings for Levi- whatever they were at the time- felt like a gift basket so intricatly wrapped up in fear. He needed to peel through that layer in order to get to what he really wanted.

And he really wanted it.

The Pi Kappa house wasn’t hard to find. That first night, he barely paid attention as Lawrence led the way, insisting on getting shitfaced after a week of freshmen activities. This time, Ryan simply followed the sound of EDM that whistled through the neighborhood. According to Levi, the house wasn’t technically a “frat-house” by most college standards. It wasn’t even recognized by the school as legitimate housing. Apparently the house was owned by an alumnus and old Pi Kappa Phi brother from back in the 80’s. He eventually set it up to be their unofficial frat house- giving options to any of the current brothers who didn’t want to bother with on-campus housing. It basically meant that they had their own space to sleep, hold meetings, and on nights like this, party.

As he walked towards the large house, he noticed a pair of tall guys waiting out by the door, seemingly talking to everyone who walked through. He didn’t remember having to talk his way through the door that first time- likely because he was so fresh-faced and willing to do whatever Lawrence said in order to not have a shitty night. He walked up to the pair of Kappa bro’s, who’d paused their conversation to turn to the brown boy.

“Hey man, do you know someone here?” One of them asked politely as the other took a sip of his cup.

“Yeah” Ryan said casually, “Levi Truong invited me.”

The two exchanged a glance as they stepped aside. The serious looks between them turned to kind smiles as one motioned towards the back of the house. It was almost as if Levi Truong was some magic phrase that could get him whatever he wanted around here. He only slightly rolled his eyes at the influence the boy had.

“Drinks are in the kitchen. Just don’t get shit faced or break anything and you’ll be good. If you puke, you’ll be asked to leave” He warmed.

Ryan nodded as he walked in to see the same scene as the other night a few weeks ago- blurry bodies of people dancing away to the latest top forty remix with scattered red solo cups like buoys floating in the ocean. He walked towards the middle of the room, feeling it start to close on him like a sea of faces waiting to sweep him up with the tides.

“You made it!” Levi said with a drink in his hand as he emerged from a hallway just off the kitchen. The boy was clad in his best frat-boy impression: an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt with either pineapples or palm trees- Ryan couldn’t really tell. A pair of khaki shorts and some Vans that looked like they’d already been subject to a few spills had finished off the look. Probably the most noticeable thing the frat boy was wearing was the wide smile plastered on his face, exposing at least twelve perfectly white teeth.

Levi pulled Ryan into an inconspicuous half-hug as they weaved through the crowd to a spot far less noisy.

“I told you I’d come, so here I am.” Ryan said with a smile. He caught the older boy eyeing him up and down, practically fucking him with his pair of milk chocolate eyes.

Levi leaned in close, giving the boy a whiff of his woody cologne and only the faintest scent of beer. “You look good, Ry.” He said, amazed at how the boy could make a simple pocket tee and jeans look so classy.

The younger boy did the same, taking in the get-up. “And you look like you’re on vacation.” He teased, “All that’s missing is a lei canlı poker oyna and a little umbrella for your drink.”

The frat boy chuckled, “It’s Luau night” he said, pointing towards the other frat boys dressed up in bright colors with floral prints and shell necklaces. In walking in, he’d missed the scattered tiki torches outside and inflatable palm trees- as well as the various fruit that’d been cut up and used to hold mixed drinks. “Our Events Coordinator forces us to pick a theme for every big party and most of the stuff were on clearance at the supply store in town.”

Ryan laughed as he shook his head, “I’ll bet none of you guys have ever been to a real luau.”

“Have you?” Levi replied, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah.” He said, “And I’m not even Hawaiian.”

The older boy unfolded his arms and gave the brown boy a smirk. “Alright, you win Moana. Now let’s get you caught up to me. You’re far less annoying when you’ve had a drink.”

Ryan ignored the boy’s teasing, focusing only on the touch of Levi’s hand as it encircled his wrist and dragged him to the bar.

“Rrrrrico!” The older boy said, rolling his r’s as a shorter guy turned around the bar. “Mix my friend here a drink, would ya?” He asked, pressing their fists together.

“Coming right up, bro.” The other boy replied as he turned back and grabbed a bunch of half empty bottles.

“Rico’s parents own a bar back in Modesto, so he loves to play bartender here and try his hand at mixing.”

“That’s awesome!” The younger boy said as he watched the man get to work.

Rico nodded as he turned back with a drink in hand, “It helps that these college kids don’t know their whiskey from their rum. You could give them a cup of Svedka from a plastic bottle and they’d be happy”

Ryan laughed and thanked him for the drink as Levi led them off to a quieter corner that wasn’t blaring EDM. He took a sip, giving an audible moan as it went down, “Fuck that’s good. You can barely taste how strong it is.”

He handed it to the older boy who gave a similar reaction as he licked his lips. “We typically stick to kegs and cheap booze, but the pledges passed their first round and so we wanted to let them celebrate.” He peered his gaze, “It’s not too late for you to join, you know.”

Ryan snickered, “You don’t want me joining Pi Kappa..” He said, raising an eyebrow.

The older boy bit down on his lip, still tasting the drink and wishing it was something else. “Perhaps.” He said, diplomatically. “I definitely wouldn’t be able to concentrate with you around that often.”

“What about me is so distracting to you, Levi?”

The older boy stopped, unable to determine whether it was a genuine question or Ryan’s attempt at sarcasm. He chose not to care, instead, pulling the boy into a quick kiss. He smashed their lips together and felt Ryan pull his face to the side.

“Don’t want people to see.” He managed, still feeling Levi’s hungry lips on his skin.

“Why don’t you let me worry about that?” He asked with a slight growl. The older boy turned again, giving the frat boy a final taste of his lips before he pulled off completely. Ryan was red in the face, feeling his cock start to stir as he looked back at the incredibly handsome boy just a few inches away from him.

“Damn.” He said, visibly flustered while trying to play it cool.

Levi leaned in close, hanging his lips a few inches from the boy’s ear. “You look good tonight, Ry.” He said, drowning him in his baritone.

“You told me that already.”

Levi peered at the freshmen, dressed in a black shirt that brought out his dark features even in the dim room.

“It needed repeating” The frat boy insisted as he leaned in closer, “You taste good too.”

Ryan felt his lips quiver, looking back at the boy who didn’t hide how into him he was. If Levi wanted to take him away right now, he’d do so without question.

The older boy sighed, as he looked around the still crowded room. He gestured towards a group of brothers sitting by the couch. “Why don’t we go introduce you around before I start something I can’t finish?”

“Yeah let’s do it.” Ryan said, bringing a smile to his face.

Levi walked them over to a group of PI Kaps who were huddled around a legitimate beer pong table- complete with markings of where each cup was to be placed. The older boy slipped in easily, blending in with the other tall, muscular guys. “Bros, this is my friend Ryan.” He said as the boy came into view and sat down just beside him.

A slew of “What’s up’s” came his way, met with some nodding glances and a sea of perfect smiles. Really, the guys could have been tapped for whatever print media the school was working on because of how good they looked and how friendly they appeared.

“Sup guys.” The younger boy said casually as he looked around.

One of the guys- a tall blonde who looked like he’d just stepped off a flight from Los Angeles, peered his gaze, asking. “Yo aren’t you on internet casino my floor?” He asked with a thumb to his chin, “Yeah you’re in the single in 402 right?” Ryan nodded. “I haven’t seen you much since move-in day- kinda been busy with Pi Kapp stuff.”

Ryan gave a small smile, “Yeah I didn’t recognize you at first. I’m good.”

“I didn’t realize you were friends with Levi.” The blonde said with his mouth turned up into a smirk. He looked at Ryan, seemingly figuring out something the rest of the group didn’t.

Levi interrupted, “Good friends actually, Mac.” He said facing the blonde.

Mac seemed to fold, knowing better than to challenge the tanned boy. He turned to some of the guys, saying, “What do you say we welcome Ryan here with a game of rage cage?”

Levi was ready to come up with some excuse but Ryan replied too quickly for him. “Sure I’d be down to play.” He said, stunning the older boy.

The rest of the frat guys dispersed, clearing the table and setting down a bunch of plastic cups. Mac came back with a pair of ping pong balls and a devilish grin on his face.

“You realize you’re about to get your Freshman resident fucked up, right? Not exactly RA of the year.” One of the guys said.

Mac shrugged, “He’s only my resident in the dorms. Right now we’re just playing a fun drinking game.” Ryan watched as Rico filled the center cup with beer to the brim, as well as every other cup around it.

“As long as I don’t get written up for this, it’s all good.” He said confidently, getting a grin from his RA.

Levi pulled him aside, “Look you don’t actually have to play. These guys just love giving new people a hard time.”

“I’m not scared.” Ryan said. “Besides if I get hammered, you’ll take care of me, right?”

Levi looked into those soft brown eyes and turned his mouth up to a smile. “Of course.”

“Good” Ryan said as they turned back to the table.

The game started without much instruction and it took a few seconds for Ryan to figure out what the guys were even doing. It all moved so quick, that when he finally given the ball, he missed and was forced to drink the cup. Eventually he got it- though he did notice a bunch of the guys teaming up on him which resulted in drinking more beer than any of them. Not surprisingly, Levi was pretty good.

In under ten minutes, they’d managed to practically clear the table of beer, leaving only the large, overfilled cup in the middle and a few stray ones beside it. The Pi Kaps were ruthless, stacking cups in front of Ryan faster than he could drink or even bounce the ball. Eventually he was last and left to drink the oversized cup himself. Heckling came all around as he picked it up, nearly spilling it because of how full it was.

“Give it here, man.” Mac said, surprising the boy.

Ryan looked confused “But I lost- I’m supposed to drink it.”

“Yeah but it wasn’t really fair. We all pretty much ganged up on you and you’ve had a lot already. It’s a little game we play to see how down newbies are” He said kindly.

The younger boy thought for a second, but then shook his head. “Nah fuck that. This one’s mine.” He said confidently as he chugged the cup in one go- not stopping until it was empty. He smashed it down on the wooden table, getting a bunch of high fives and cheers from the guys.

Mac gave an approving grin as he called out to Ryan, “You got my respect, dude.”

Ryan nodded as the other guys gave him a round of applause. One of the other brothers called out from the opposite side of the room that they were starting yet another drinking game he hadn’t heard of. He watched as they shuffled over there, leaving only Levi standing beside the trashed table, gleaming with pride. He tipped his head towards the glass doors and led them outside for some fresh air. They sat on that bench from the first night as the older boy pulled out a bottle of water. Ryan took a few sips- thankful he didn’t have to drink any more beer tonight.

“Are you good? That was a fucking baller move to drink it even after he offered.”

The younger boy shrugged, “I was hoping to win points.” He said with a snicker.

Levi chuckled, “You sure did, Ry.” He put his hand on the boy’s thigh, “Thanks for coming tonight You definitely impressed me.”

The freshmen could help but blush, knowing that out of everyone, he only cared about Levi. He still wasn’t entirely sure what they were, but he liked it- whatever it was.

“So what happens now?” He asked, trying to distract from his thoughts.

“Typically the party starts to die down around one- and that’s if the cops don’t get called.” Levi started to explain, “We only get enough booze to last a few hours- any longer than that and we run the risk of some incident which we really try to avoid.” He smiled, “We’re just trying to have fun.”

“And what do you usually do until then?”

Levi gave a smirk, “Do you want an honest answer?”

“Of course.”

The older boy shrugged, “Depending on the night, I’ll be trying to seal the deal with whatever girl I had my sights set on. If I’m lucky, she’ll invite me back to her place and well, you know the rest.” He said, trying to gauge Ryan’s reaction.

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