Family Drama Pt. 05

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AN: Inspired by Scouries Two Pregnant Moms & A Sis?

Dearest Readers, while this story borrows the original story premise I have changed it to suit my narrative while keeping the characters, and some lines of dialogue. from the above-mentioned story, The character portrayals have been changed to suit my writing style and many other things were fleshed out.

I sought the author’s blessing but after waiting a month with no response (he hasn’t been active here since Nov of 2020) so I am going ahead with my story. I hope you enjoy my take on this tale.

~ Friday, September 8th, 2006 ~

It was only a few days before my darling older sister was due to return that mom informed me of Krysta’s plans for the year. I didn’t know Krysta had called our mother at some point in time and informed her that she was taking the year off from school for personal reasons. I asked Sofi if she had any more information but she didn’t. Sofi was concerned but in the end, it was Krysta’s life and her decision to make.

Sofi knew that her son/husband was plotting her daughter’s seduction, and since Krys was taking time off she decided to help things along and planned a family trip to Cancun, Mexico. The only person she informed of this was Vanessa who grinned wickedly at her sister-wife/mother-in-law’s sneakiness. Vanessa covertly began packing bags for herself and her husband. Sofi didn’t need help but she did ask for the younger woman’s opinion on what she thought she should take to the exotic local. Contacting Krysta, Sofi informs her of her desire to have some family time together before she goes off and does whatever it is she plans to do in her time off from school.

So it was the second Friday in September that Krys flew to Cancun from Paris with a short layover in Miami. The Taylors had flown in the day before to get settled and check out the sights before their wayward family member joined them. The three Taylors were waiting patiently for Krysta at the arrival gate with David holding up a Welcome to Cancun sign. The second she saw her mother and brother after walking through the gate she ran shrieking into their arms. “Oh god I missed you guys,” she cried as she hugged her family.

I have to admit I almost missed her as my sister looked like a new woman.

“You’ve cut your hair…” Sofia says looking at the hair in question. When she left her hair was down to just below her shoulder blades. Now, it was barely touching her shoulders. In addition, she has red streaks in her dark hair reminded me of Courtney Cox’s Scream 2 hairstyle. In addition to her new hairstyle, it is obvious during her trip to Europe that Krys spent quite a bit of time on the beaches. While Krys has always had more of a tan complexion like her mother she now had a golden tan complexion exactly like our mother.

“And you’re very tan,” I add.

“I think it’s a good look for you,” Vanesa chimes in making Krysta aware of her presence for the first time since her arrival. “you look very sexy,” Vanessa continues. Vanessa hugs her younger (sister) and kisses her on her cheek.

“Oui monsieur David… I didn’t know you were going to bring your girlfriend.”

“It was my idea.” Mom chimed in. “Vanessa and I have gotten very close over the summer while you were away.” I watch as a slight scowl appears on Krys’ face at that particular bit of news. While Vanessa made a good impression on Krysta at the wedding I suspect she just lost a lot of points with that remark from my mother. Mom notices this as well and just continues. “Vanessa really helped me out of the funk I have been in since your father left me and now I have a whole new outlook on life.”

“Well… I have to admit you look amazing mom. You look as beautiful and energetic as you did before dad left us for Kat.”

“Exactly. You and your brother helped me emotionally, and Vanessa helped me mentally. Given how well she and your brother are getting along it only felt right to include her in our family outing.”

Mom’s statement about how close Vanessa and I are obviously upset Krysta some as well so it was time to move things along. Vanessa decides to defuse any animosity that Krys might generate by taking her bag and asking her about her trip. Focusing on her life was exactly the distraction Krys needed to take her mind off Vanessa’s presence. We escorted my dear sister to luggage where I will collect her bags and carried them to our rented SUV.

As I drove us to the resort we would be spending our time here at, Sofia requests a girl’s day out. Not privy to whatever it is exactly my mother has in mind (at least for the moment), I reluctantly agree. We stop at the resort and once the bag boys collect Krysta’s belongings, they hastily follow the girls to the room. My mother/wife booked two rooms but so far only one has been used. I imagine that Krys will be set up in the second room but whether or not Sofia will be with her tonight remains to be seen.

As I now have the day to myself I go change into my swim trunks and hit the beach. I decide to hit the ankara escort water first and spend quite a bit of time swimming. Once I’ve relaxed in the cool clear blue water for as long as I wanted I make my way out and notice that several ladies of various ages are eying me like a lioness eyes its next meal. Of the women looking me over, only one of them appears to be alone. I decide to approach the woman and see if she would like some company. The woman is wearing a large sunhat concealing most of her brown hair. She had on dark Rayban sunglasses and a very sexy almost non-existent yellow string bikini. From the look of her complexion, she hasn’t been in the sun very long as her alabaster skin is still pale. I walk over to talk to her and it is only when she lowers her sunglasses that I realize I know her.

“Surprise!” Kat announces putting the end of her sunglasses in her mouth and giving me a sultry look.

“Wha… what are you doing here?” I ask in surprise.

“You didn’t really think that I was going to let you leave me behind, did you?” She asks. I watch as she gets onto her legs. “Go get your things and set up beside me.” Kat insists.

Not needing to be told twice I go collect my belongings and bring them over to the sexy older woman. Once I have my towel laid out I park myself beside her.

“I didn’t originally intend to make the trip but the more I thought about it the more I decided Sofia, Vanessa, and Krysta didn’t deserve to have you all to themselves for the weekend.” A grinning Katrina informs me as she hands me a bottle of sunscreen. “Rub my back please.” Kat requests.

Applying the lotion to my hands, I rub the lotion into my hands, warming it up in the process. Kat unties the strings behind her neck and holds the cups in place with her arms as I slowly, and erotically, rub the lotion into her neck, shoulders, and back. Kat moans appreciatively as I start with her neck and shoulders. When I”m ready to move down her body she carefully lays down on her front and allows her bikini top to fall forward so that I can apply lotion to the sides of her breasts.

“How did you manage to come here without your husband?” I ask, whispering my question into her ear.

“Mmmmm… I told your father that I was attending a conference for new psychologists. I’m sure he won’t lose any sleep over my absence. He probably called his mistress the moment my ride left the driveway. Can you do my ass please?” Kat asks me lowering her sunglasses and looking at me intently.

Saying nothing, I undo the strings at Kat’s hips and remove her yellow bikini bottoms. Once she is exposed I go to work carefully applying the lotion to my stepmother’s generous alabaster ass. Once it is properly coated in sunscreen I lean over and whisper, “It is my pleasure to do this ass.” Kat shivers at the double entendre, remembering the sensation of my large cock fucking her virgin ass.

As my hand moves over her backside Kat gasps as my right thumb slips inside her backdoor with ease and she whimpers at my penetration of her ass. I still vividly remember the night I broke in her ass. I was gentle and loving, and I relished her squeals as I stretched out my stepmother and claimed her most forbidden hole as my own. I took great pride in breaking in her formally virgin ass. Since that night Kat has become quite the little butt slut and if there weren’t so many people on the beach I’d peel myself out of my trunks and take her ass right now. Slipping my thumb from her asshole, I plant myself on her ass, my engorged cock presses into her asscrack and she groans as my suit is all that separates our flesh from one another.

“You are being horrible to me,” Kat whispers.

“No, I’m being naughty dear stepmother,” I reply in the same hushed tone of voice. “Of course, I can always be naughtier.”

Kat doesn’t even have a chance to inquire about what I was going to do. With lotion still on my hands, I slip my hands down and under her chest. She gasps loudly as my hands grasp and begin kneading her melon-sized breasts. “Ohhh Gawd… my tits feel soo sensitive… more so than usual.”

“Take off your hat and soak up that sun sweet Kat. When the beach clears up some I’ll let you know when you can turn over.”

Kat does as I suggested, removing her hat so the shade doesn’t shield her skin. I adust her blonde locks so that her neck is exposed and she makes herself comfortable and takes a nap. While she is sleeping (and she is out) I make sure to keep her skin properly shielded with sunscreen so she tans safely. Ninety minutes later I am coaxing her out of her deep sleep and helping her roll over. As the sun is starting to go down a lot of the teens are heading out to the clubs to drink the night away while families are vacating the beaches to go get dinner. When only a handful of guests remain I have Kat roll over and resume her nap. When I am sure it is safe (and I am standing watch over her) I remove her bikini so that she can get an all-over tan. Kat wakes up from her extended nap before I can rouse çankaya escort her but her timing is excellent as her body is completely tan after almost four hours in the sun. I watch as she removes her tanning goggles (she thought of everything to bring) and looks over her body.

“Wow… I never knew I could get this golden naturally. Your dad never let me stay out in the sun when we were on our honeymoon.”

“Kept you in the hotel did he?”

“Sometimes. We spent quite a bit of time talking with other couples site seeing. Not how I hoped to spend my honeymoon honestly.”

“Well… let me make it up to you.” Before she can ask what I mean she sees that I have already packed up all of our things. Rolling up her beach blanket I pull her toward the showers and tell her to go rinse off while I though our things in my rental. I watch which stall she enters and quickly run our things to it, toss them nonchalantly into the back, and race back to join her.

I slip into the shower with her and quietly close the door behind me. Kat is already under the spray of the shower water. There are several stalls like this one and Kat and I are the only ones in this area. Her eyes are closed and she is soaping up her hair for a quick rinse. Taking the soap from the tray, I lather up my hands, and Kat gasps when my arms come around her and begin fondling her tits.

“David!” She squeals as I press my cock into the crevice of her ass.

“As promised, we’re alone, and your ass is mine.” As it is the only thing present I coat my cock in soap and pressing Kat firmly against the wall, I slip my soapy cock up her sexy ass. Kat bites down on her right arm to muffle her cry as the head of my dick slips into her sacred hole that only I have ever been in. Despite the fact that I have taken this hole at least once every three days after planting my seed in her womb, her ass is still incredibly tight. She loses herself, lets go of her arm, and begins moaning. As much as I can see myself flooding her bowels with glob after glob of my cum when I reach that point I won’t do it. Until she pops positive my seed is reserved solely for her womb. Kat is panting as I feed her my cock, I can tell my sexy stepmom is loving what I am doing to her. Her ass is squeezing my cock and I wonder if she can feel the veins in my dick as it moves in and out of her anal passage.

We stay in the shower until Kat reaches her climax, by which point I have gone from slow and gentle to outright pounding hard into her ass. I don’t know how Kat manages to muffle her scream when she finally reaches her peak but she does and soon I am pulling her limp body against mine. I clean her up and once I put her swimsuit back on her I pull my shorts on and carry my lover to the rental.

As we drive away from the beach trying to decide what we are going to do next I receive a text from Sofia telling me that she and the girls have dinner plans so I am on my own tonight. She tells me not to stay up too late as Krysta wants to go out with me first thing in the morning. So I take Kat out to dinner (Kat has a pullover dress in her bag and simple sandals) and we have a simple night out, just the two of us. Once dinner is over we journey to her hotel room which happens to be in the same hotel as my other lovers, just on a different floor. So once back in her room (with all her things) I strip her out of all of her clothes, divest myself of mine, and go back to breeding the sexy blonde. Having ingested a large helping of oysters, chocolate cover strawberries, and watermelon my energy level and libido are in full form and Kat lets our neighbors know it into the early morning hours.

~ Saturday, September 9th ~

Despite the fact that I was up into the early morning hours ensuring that my stepmother would be bringing another Taylor into the world, a cold shower, and two Red Bull energy drinks had me wide awake and ready to spend the day with my dear sister. Krysta surprises me in the dining room with some of my favorite breakfast foods. What surprises me is that my older sister is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed already. We kiss one another on the corner of our mouths before sitting and having breakfast.

“I know mom said that you wanted to start first thing but I didn’t think you would actually beat me downstairs,” I say as I adjust my seat.

“My internal clock is still wonky so I went to bed shortly after dinner and got up a few hours ago. For that matter, where were you? Van gave me the key to your room to make sure you were awake but the bed was already empty?”

“I got up early to take care of a few things as I didn’t know what you had planned for today,” I say lying to her with a straight face. I didn’t want her to know that Kat was here and that I spent the night with her. “Sooo, what are our plans?”

“I chartered us a boat. Yesterday was girl’s day, today is our day.”

So, after we finished eating breakfast Krys and I are shuttled to the boat that my dear sister chartered. To my surprise, it is an uncrewed kızılay escort charter boat. It has a lower deck, full of amenities for a day out at sea, and my dear sister has apparently become well versed in boats during her time in Europe as she begins barking at me in nautical terms (that I am equally versed in having spent many trips like this with our father). The weather is beautiful and Krys and I take the boat away from the main tourist destinations. Krys states she talked to a few locals and was given the location of an out-of-the-way little aisle. Once we are near the island we drop anchor and I sit at the back of the boat. Krys runs down to the little galley and pulls out two wine coolers.

I can’t help but notice my sister has shed her shorts and t-shirt and is strutting around in a sexy bikini. It is a Bohemian-style two-piece black bikini with all-over yellow leaf prints on the cups and bikini bottoms. When she hands me my drink she places hers in a cup holder to my left before she adjusts the triangle cups of her 32C breasts.

“Do you need something before I join you?”

“Yeah, can you please hand me my sunglasses? I left them in the passenger’s chair.”

Krys smiles and turns about to go get my glasses and I stare at my sister’s shapely bottom as it moves from side to side. Her bikini bottoms are what is known as a Cheeky style. If you’re wondering how I know all this I was given a crash course in women’s lingerie and swimwear by Vanessa once we began our journey together. She thought it would help me to know should one of my ladies ask my opinion or if I should want to buy one of them a gift.

Krys returns carrying my glasses and two more wine coolers. She sits beside me and snuggles into my warm embrace and puts our next round in cup holders. We clink our bottles together and say cheers before we begin working on our drinks. As we drink we talk about her trip to Europe and she tells me how fun and exciting it was. She tells me how all of her friends had one or more romantic adventures while they were abroad.

“And what about you dear sister? How many men did you bed while you were away?” I ask her playfully.

Krysta mumbles her answer so low that I can’t hear it.

“What? I didn’t hear that.” I say.

“None.” She answers.

I look at her dumbfounded. Not because I don’t believe her answer… on the contrary, I do. I just don’t understand why she didn’t. Finally, I just say, “Why not?”

“Because I was saving myself.”

I gulp hard. I am hesitant to ask her the question but know that I must. “Saving yourself? For who?”

Krysta takes her last drink of wine. With the bottle now empty she deposits it in the bin beside our seat. Krysta doesn’t say anything. She simply reaches over and takes my almost empty bottle from me and places it in the holder to my right. Once the bottle is gone she stands up, takes my left hand, and pulls me from the back seat. Krys walks backward until she is almost to the steps leading below decks. She turns about, still holding my hand, and draws me downstairs.

Once we are both down the stairs Krys turns back to me and leads me backward until she sees something out of the corner of her left eye. I thought I was an expert planner but apparently, my darling older sister memorized the floor plans of this rental, and the moment she saw a “landmark” knew that it was time to push her plan forward. Releasing my hand, she reaches behind her neck and unties her bikini followed by the tie at her lower back. I watch as her bikini top falls away and I see my sister’s naked tits for the first time in several months. Next, she unties the knots at her hips and her bikini bottoms fall away from her shapely hips. I am now staring at my naked sister for the first time since we were very little. Krys finally reaches the bed, sits back, and scoots to the center. I have been in this situation enough times to know what my sexy sister wants and I have been aching to give it to her.

“Is this what you want David?” My sexy sister asks parting her legs and lewdly showing me her pussy. It is a sexy shade of pink and her clit looks extra sexy to my eyes which hadn’t left that treasure since she showed it to me.

I move in, stalking her like a lion about to pounce on its prey. Krys is taken aback at the hungry, an almost animalistic glint in my eye. She swallows hard, nervous at my intent. “I have wanted you for as long as I can remember,” I tell her not breaking eye contact with her. “What I want to know… Is this what you want? Do you want me to make love and consummate our love?”

We are inches apart, my sexy older sister is panting, and her 32-inch breasts are heaving as she reaches with her right arm behind my head. her hand is soft and pulls my face toward hers and our lips meet and give me the answer to my question. Her eyes are closed as we kiss passionately. Krysta suddenly sequels as I pull her pussy against my cock. I run the underside of my rigid member between her lips and I can tell she is ready for this. When I pull back I change the angle and I thrust in and instantly shatter my sister’s innocence. Never in a million years would I have ever suspected that she was still a virgin. Sure, she told me as much but it wasn’t until this moment that I knew for a fact that it was true.

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