Family Friend

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“Hello,” I answered my cell phone, pressing it between my cheek and shoulder as a familiar voice greeted me on the other line.

“Jelly Bean!”

I let a small smile slip as I continued to stir my coffee. Hearing my dad use his silly nickname for me (even as I was quickly approaching twenty one in a few weeks) always made me chuckle.

“Hi dad, what’s going on?”

“Not a lot…but you’re not gonna believe who called me the other day,” my dad exclaimed, seeming more excited than usual. Before I could even guess who, he blurted out, “Seth!”

My eyes widen as I dropped my spoon. I clanked loudly in the sink. I could feel my heart race increasing as I blinked rapidly, trying to process the information my father had just told me. I couldn’t help to think back to the last time I had seen Seth Kirkland. I was an awkward, skinny sixteen year old but I had still felt the dull ache in the pit of my stomach as I watched through the thin fabric of my window curtains as Seth drove his old Chevrolet out of sight. Seth had been a friend of my dad’s since high school, and after my mom had died when I was six, Seth had moved in to our tiny three-bedroom home. He had made a huge impact on my life, and as I grew from a little girl into a young woman, I realized that I truly cared for Seth as more than just a family friend.


My father’s voice snapped me back into the present moment as I braced myself against the kitchen counter. As far as I had known, Seth and my father had spoken only a few times since he had moved out, and had lost contact completely once I was away at college, which had been about four years ago.

“Wow,” I breathed. I couldn’t help myself, my shock was only replaced by a flood of feelings I had repressed but had never truly given up. I had had relationships throughout high school and in college, some of them more serious than others, but no boy could really replace or even come close to what I had felt for Seth.

“He’s coming to visit for a week or so in about a month-around the time of your birthday in fact. You wouldn’t believe how long we were on the pho-,”

“With Jackie?” I questioned, interrupting my father. I swallowed the inevitable lump in my throat as I thought back to Seth’s wedding to Jackie shortly after he had moved out of our house. She was a very nice woman, but I couldn’t help but to resent her for taking Seth out of my life.

“What? Oh, no Jess…they got divorced about a year ago,” my dad replied as I closed my eyes, surprised by how happy hearing that news made me. I felt almost…giddy with excitement.

“I want to come down,” I quickly stammered out.

“Well..uh, alright about next weekend or-,”

“For my birthday,” I smiled to myself as I heard my dad pause and then chuckle.

“Well…I can’t imagine why you’d want to spend your twenty first birthday with a couple of old fogies, but you know you’re always welcome whenever, Jelly Bean.”

“Great! See you soon, dad,” I sighed as I placed my cell phone on the counter and tried to repress my overwhelming feeling of nervous excitement.

About a month later, I found myself sitting idle in my father’s driveway, clutching the steering wheel as I let out a small breath to try and calm myself. Finally, I gathered up the courage to grab my overnight bag, stuffed with clothing and shoes, and make my way to the door. Even though I had lived in the quaint house for most of my life, I studied the worn wooden door frame as I tapped the door with my knuckles. I heard some shuffling coming from inside as my father gingerly open the door and greeted me with a big grin.

“Jessie!” torbalı escort He exclaimed as I stepped into the doorway and dropped my bag, hugging him. He patted my back with his hand before scanning me over.

“Are you eating enough up there, Jess? You’re looking kind of skinny, kid.” He quipped as I rolled my eyes. I knew I was a healthy 120 pounds for my 5’4 frame, and he patted my shoulder again saying, “Welcome home.”

I stepped past him and scanned the living room, feeling the nervous butterflies in my stomach rising up again as I looked around for Seth. As I opened my mouth slightly to begin to ask my dad, I instead heard my breath slowly being released from my lips as Seth entered the living room from the kitchen. He stopped in the frame of the kitchen doorway, as our eyes met for the first time in four years. Even though Seth was nearly forty five, he had kept fit, and aside from the small lines around his eyes and mouth beginning to form, looked exactly the same as that last day I had laid eyes on him so many years ago. Neither of us blinked for what seemed like an eternity before my dad spoke up.

“You may not believe this Seth, but you’re looking at little Jelly Bean Jessie herself,” My father chuckled, placing his hand on my shoulder and breaking both Seth and I out of our momentary trance. Seth let a small smile form on his handsome face as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, something he had always done ever since I had known him.

“Hello Jessica,” He greeted me in the smoothest tone I had ever heard. His voice sparked memories that I had kept for so long in the back of my mind.

“Long time no see,” I replied, smiling back at him. I crossed my arms across my chest as we continued to study each other from across the room. I had worn a sundress that clearly showed off my figure, and had my honey colored hair pulled back into a loose bun. Seth wore a casual button down shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His dark brown hair was cut shorter than I had ever remembered it being, and a few gray hairs were beginning to become noticeable at his temples.

“Well let’s get these bags back to your room and we’ll figure out something for dinner…you do remember which one is yours, Jess?” My father winked as he slung my overnight bag over his shoulder and stepped into the hallway that led back to my old room.

That night, we order take out from our favorite local Chinese restaurant and sat amongst the scattering of empty cartons talking and laughing about old times as my dad and Seth had a few beers. My dad sat back in his favorite recliner, leaving Seth to sit beside me on the old but comfortable couch. He chuckled after taking a swing of his beer before asking, “Is this the same damn couch?”

My father grinned and nodded replying, “Why get rid of it when it’s just getting good and broken into?”

I fingered a hole in one the arms and flipped some of the stuffing at Seth, giggling. He raised an eyebrow at me but grinned back with a thoughtful look.

“Remember all those great nights sleeping on this couch before all of your stuff was moved in?” My dad asked Seth, who rolled his eyes and laughed.

“Oh yeah, I slept on this bad boy for a over a month waiting from my bedroom set to get here…,” Seth trailed off momentarily before starting up again, “but I always felt at home here.”

I smiled to myself as my dad got out of his chair, picking up the few empty bottles and stretching out slightly.

“Well it’s getting pretty late, way past my bed time. I’m heading in,” my dad yawned before telling us goodnight. “So urla escort you guys in the morning,” His voice trailed off as he got further down the hall. I heard his door close with a thud and concentrated momentarily on the silence that had surrounded us. After a moment Seth cleared his throat and took the last swig of his beer, setting it back down on the small coffee table before leaning back onto the couch with his arms behind his head. I studied the muscles in his arms before suddenly speaking without intending too.

“Did you ever think of me?”

The question blared through the stillness of the moment like a marching band, even though I had barely uttered it. Seth turned to me with a look of faint surprise crossing his face as he replied, “Yes Jessie. Of course..,”

I turned to him, sitting cross legged on the couch, our bodies merely inches away from each other. My knee gently brushed up against his thigh and he slowly brought his arms back to his sides and sat up, turning slightly to face me. I scanned his handsome features, feeling my heart pounding in my chest as I bit my lower lip nervously. I felt the inevitable build of emotions taking over me, and I knew that I was about to blurt out all of my secret desires. I also knew I couldn’t stop myself even if I had wanted too. I was lost in Seth’s flashing brown eyes.

“I thought about you too. A lot…I’ve never been able to…to even be with another boy without thinking abo-,”

Seth shot up his hands up as if guarding himself from a heavy punch. He shook his head, stopping me in midsentence.

“Wait wait wait…Jessica that isn’t what I meant. I’ve known you since you were a little girl-“

“I’m not a little girl anymore!” I spat out in a mixture of panic and anger. He tried to stand up to begin to leave, but I bounced off of the couch and to my feet quicker, trapping him in between the glass table and couch. He eyed me hard, his gaze giving away his uncertainty.

“Please don’t deny me,” I whispered, grabbing his arm gently. He didn’t budge, but simply let me grip his forearm without hesitation. His mouth parted slightly as we stared at each other again.

“Jess..,” He breathed out before we our lips met each other in a crushing blow of a kiss. My head swirled as our arms grasped each other, and Seth pulled me closer to him. Our mouths invaded each other in a roughly exploratory way as Seth swirled his tongue over mine. I let out a soft moan as he broke our contact just as quickly as it had happened. We were both practically panting.

“Yes I thought of you,” He sputtered out, gripping my sides, “but this is wrong…you’re so young, and I’m your father’s best friend.”

I still had my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders. I wanted him to kiss me again with that same pent up passion we had both held in for so long.

“You were…are….just as much a part of my life as you are my father’s…,” I stopped to suck in a breath, unsure if I should say those inevitable words that I had felt for so long. Finally, I exhaled breathing out softly, “and I’m in love with you.”

I could feel my heart racing again as the wall within Seth finally broke and his cradled my cheek with one of his hands. He brushed his fingers over my full lips before leaning in to kiss me again. I moved forward and pushed him down gently into a sitting position on the couch. I quickly slide out of my dress and panties, no longer feeling any sort of restraint within myself. Seth unbuttoned his shirt while I crouched down to unbuckle and pull off his jeans and boxers. His thick erection stood upright in front of my face, his precum buca escort glistening in the pale light that drifted in from the windows. I dragged my tongue over the tip of his rock hard dick, and felt him shiver underneath me. Before I could wrap my mouth around his cock however, he grabbed my arms and pulled me up to stand before him. I watched his eyes trail over my body in a longing way as he moved his hands from my arms to my hips, running his fingers over my smooth skin. I felt tiny goose bumps tickling my skin as his hands gently rubbed my thighs.

“You are so gorgeous,” he breathed out in his low smooth voice. I blushed slightly, and he smiled as we kissed again before I got on my hands and knees beside him on the small couch. He ran his hand down my back as I finally dipped my head down and took his cock in my mouth, letting my tongue slide down his length. He groaned in pleasure as I began to slowly bob my head. His dick head brushed against my throat as I sucked and tongued him.

“Oh Jessie…baby, that’s so good..,” He murmured as he thrust into my wanting mouth. He rolled back his head into the couch cushions as he fed me his hard cock with each small thrust, pushing himself further into my mouth each time. I wrapped one of my hands around the base of erection, steadying myself with my other hand as Seth began to rub his own hand over my round ass, dipping his finger over my puckered pink asshole and reaching my wet slit. I moaned softly against his dick as he began to run his fingers up and down my juicy pussy, teasing my clit with his touch.

“Mmm, so wet,” He growled, slipping his finger into my hot hole. I gasped in excited pleasure as he gently bent his finger and rubbed my g-spot. The pressure was so good that I felt like I would cum in a matter of seconds. I slipped my mouth off of Seth’s hard cock and quickly straddled his lap. I grabbed his thick erection and steadied it while I pressed my dripping pussy onto him. I slowly slid down on Seth’s dick until he was completely inside of me. He gripped my thighs and brushed his lips over mine as I began to bounce up and down on his throbbing member. The pleasure washing over me was indescribable as I slammed myself onto his rock hard rod over and over. I cried out as Seth trailed his mouth down to my small breasts and began to tongue my pouting pink nipples. I knew I was dangerously close to having the hardest orgasm of my life.

Suddenly, Seth scooped me up, his strong arms grasping me as he walked awkwardly over to the nearest side of the room, still buried deep inside of me. He pressed my back against the cold wall, making me gasp as it chilled my flushed skin. My legs were wrapped around his waist as he thrust into me harder and faster, crushing his mouth against mine again. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened my mouth to scream in pleasure, but only a series of moans and gasps escaped me as Seth rocketed his cock in to me deeper and deeper.

“I-I’m cumming!,” I wailed as Seth thrust his hips upwards, rubbing my swollen g-spot and panting in heat as his kissed and licked the sensitive skin of my neck and collarbone. I felt my whole body shake as my tight pussy clamped onto Seth’s hard cock. My orgasm washed over me like a tsunami as I began squirting. Seth continued to pump into me in long hard strokes as my orgasm convulsed, finally burying himself deep into me and spurting his hot cum into my pulsating pussy. We both groaned and panted, covered in sweat and each other’s hot juices.

Seth kept me propped against the wall and himself inside of me as he affectionately brushed away a few strands of hair from my face. Our breathing began to return to normal as he kissed me again before saying, “I love you too.”

His words felt better than the amazing orgasm I had just had, and we both fell asleep that night knowing that after so many years apart, we had finally reunited in the most pleasurable way imaginable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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