Family Harem Pt. 02

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I got the sudden urge to write a follow up, no matter what the comments said on the first part. It came to me after seeing a girl in a bikini jumping off a yacht into the Mediterranean. Maybe if I get the proper inspiration again, I’ll write another story following this family!


Prologue: Italian Vacation


With the pandemic putting a halt on the trip the first time, plans were finally getting set back in motion for the entire family to go to Italy. They’d all fly out and then cruise along the coast on a yacht rental. The entire itinerary was laid out by Aunt Diane with some help from the other women in the family. A lot of the family RSVP’d but a few stayed behind because of work.

The weeks before going away flew by for Tony. This would be the first time he would be out of the US. He was excited to go back to the motherland and see all its beauty. It wasn’t the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean he wanted to see the most though. His younger cousin Greg was coming on the trip and so were all the aunts and cousins he’s regularly been sleeping with.

Tony had been hitting the gym and slimming down while gaining more confidence in himself, but there’s only so much working out can do. You need to have something natural that you can’t fake, something that Greg had. It was noticeable as all the cousins grew up together, he was fun to be around, naturally all the girls in the family got closer to him than anyone else. Over the most recent years though is when he worked his way to where he is now with them all. It helps when you’re one of the tallest, more athletic and the most attractive of the bunch.

Even with all the working on himself he did, Tony still preferred to watch. Greg would let him join in if he wanted and he knew this, which made him happy. Tony looked at it as a learning experience from Greg on how to please women in bed since he’s been with a lot of girls. Greg was being the cool younger cousin showing his inexperienced older cousin the ropes.

Everyone landed in groups of their families and joined up together at the yacht after exploring the first town a little bit. The yacht was huge, almost something you’d see a billionaire charting around. Even with its size, it might be a tough time with the rest of the family around for Greg to get any action.


Jet ski Hideaway: Tori and Allie


A lot of the cousins slept on the top floor of the yacht. The girls were in their own room while the boys were in theirs. However, since there were a few more boys and not enough beds, Greg offered to sleep in the girls room. None of the guys questioned it but Tony knew what was brewing.

During the first day, Greg got a lay of the land and how he’d be able to sneak around with the girls. Tomorrow, he wanted to go on a jet ski excursion and have Tori and Allie come with him.

Greg rolled over on his bed to see if the girls were awake. He wanted it to just be a day for the two sisters so he got up and whispered to them individually.

“Hey Tori, you awake?”

“NNNNnnn kind of, what’s up?” Tori stretched.

“Wanna take a jet ski out with Allie and I today? We’ll have a day to ourselves!”

“Yeah that sounds amazing, though I do want you all to myself.” Tori smiled at him and went to kiss his lips.

They smooched before Greg broke the kiss.

“I’ll be sure to get us alone sometime this trip.” Greg smirked.

He then turned to Allie who slept in the same bed. She was already awake but had her eyes closed.

“Jet skis sounds fun Greg.” She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“Great, lets leave before anyone else gets up so we can sneak out.”

The three sneakily packed up some items for the day and made their way out of their room. Greg stopped at the boys room.

“Go on ahead, I’ll be right behind you.” He whispered.

Slowly opening the door, all the guys were still out cold. He tiptoed over to Tony and lightly shook him.


Tony stayed quite while he opened his sleepy eyes to see Greg standing next to the bed.

“C’mon and get up, were sneaking out for the day. Don’t wake the others.”

The cousins crept out of the room and made their way down to the back of the boat to meet Tori and Allie. Though the girls welcomed him this time, Tony still felt a little bit like a third wheel. Even though the jet skis were only two seaters, both girls got on with Greg while Tony rode alone on his.

“Wait do we have towels and sunscreen?” Tori asked.

“No, I don’t think so.” Allie looked around.

“Tony, can you get that for the girls?” Greg asked.


He got off the jet ski and crept upstairs to get the sunscreen and towels for the girls, but before he could get back, Greg raced off with them. Tony jumped on his and followed not too far behind. As they raced along the coast for a few bursa escort minutes, Greg pointed out a secluded spot on the beach. The beach was empty because it was still morning, but it was nice and sunny out already.

Tony watched his cousins disembark and walk up the shore before he parked in the sand. Tori and on a red one-piece that looked amazing on her petite pale frame, resembling Emma Roberts, her dirty blonde hair cascaded halfway down her back to her tight ass. Allie, who looked like a more curvy Anya Taylor-Joy, had on a wavy retro looking bikini that was a mesh of purple colors and a similarly styled pullover, her brunette hair a little longer than her sisters almost went all the way to her bubble butt. Their asses swayed as they followed Greg into a sandy spot between some boulders for cover in case anyone was looking. Tony met them and gave the girls the towels who then laid them on the sand. He then handed over the sunscreen to Greg.

“So who should I lather up first?” Greg laughed.

“OH ME ME!” Both girls yelped.

“Hmm I think I’ll take…Allie!” Greg announced and Tori sighed.

“You can get Tori.” He motioned to Tony.

Both girls laid on their towels and the boys straddled them. They traded the bottle back and forth squirting the cream all over the girls. As Greg kneaded Allie’s skin, she was moaning and humping her ass back into his crotch. Since Tony was still a virgin, he hadn’t much experience with girls so Tori was kind of just laying there.

“Ok your turn!” Both girls announced wigging out from under the boys and pushed Greg onto one of the towels.

“Oh fuck!” Greg laughed as he fell while the girls landed on him.

Giggling the whole time, rubbing Greg’s tone and tanned body was the center of the girls attention. His large dick was spraining in his trunks from their sexy hands covering every inch of him. Tony was rubbing his dick in his trunks watching it all go down. Then the girls grabbed either wide of his trunks and simultaneously yanked them down, releasing the beast. The girls gasped like they never saw it before, even Tony was still surprised at how much bigger Greg was than him.

“Cant forget this now can we?” Tori giggled.

“There’s no way I forgot about it!” Allie exclaimed while squeezing out some lotion along Greg’s dick and balls.

They ran both their hands up and down his shaft and balls until it shined. Letting it dry a little, Greg’s mouth was attacked by their lips and tongues. The girls ran their tongues down his toned abs and eventually to his meaty tower. Moving over top both his legs and moving their faces as close as they could get to his dick, Tori and Allie each wrapped one hand around the base. Two tongues snaked up either side of his shaft. They swapped mouths bobbing up and down a few times each. Sometimes fisting the entire length with a few strokes making the veins pop. Greg just laid there with his arms behind hid head enjoying the view. The waves crashing on the beach, the breeze lightly blowing some sand on his skin and his two cousins moaning and slurping was sensory overload.

“Alright I need to fuck you both now.” Greg interjected before he was getting close to cumming.

Tori stood up and shimmied out of her one-piece, making sure to point her tight little ass towards Greg. Allie followed by removing her cover and throwing it on Greg, then pulled at the strings until her bikini fell. The boys ogled her bubble butt, they agreed she had a way better ass compared to her older sister.

“Now who should he fuck first Tony?” The girls asked their third wheel cousin.

“Sorry Allie but he chose to put sunscreen on you first, so I think its time Tori goes first.”

“Cant argue with that!” Greg laughed.

“Ok I wanna ride you and do all the work, open your legs a bit.” Tori ordered.

Greg opened his legs just enough for Tori to kneel in between and scoot her ass back putting her legs under his. She reached back and took hold of his dick before impaling herself all the way down until her ass was sitting on his lap. Moaning the whole way.

“Maybe I should have a seat?” Allie smiled.

She stepped over Greg’s head and lowered her ass onto his face as her sister continued to ride. Both girls twerked on him. Allies amazing ass jiggling, making it hard for Greg to breath. Tori’s pale butt became a shiny blur. Their moans echoing off the rock face behind them. Soon enough, Tori was spasming with her first orgasm and flew forward onto the sand, disengaging and panting hard as she laid there.

“My turn!” Allie exclaimed.

“Damn I’m about to fuck a girl who’s getting married soon!”

“I think we can still keep this up after I get married.” She laughed.

“Get on your back.” Greg ordered.

Allie laid down on the towel and instinctively opened her legs to her stud of a cousin. Greg took her ankles and pushed them back to her head, luckily for him she was very flexible. He stood up on the balls of his feet and got into a serious squat over bursa escort bayan her. Behind them, Tori was still reeling from her intense orgasm.

While Allie held her legs back, Greg aimed his dick and shook it all over her labia to tease her. Then he gave her what she really wanted and started inching into her slowly. Greg wasn’t too close to cumming and since Tori did all the work in the first round, he had more than enough energy to start hammering away.

Loud claps of their skin and Allies screams bounced off the water. The position was getting to his back, so Greg knelt on either side of his cousins hips. Sensually sawing in and out of her, taking hold of her ankles again. Allies moaning was now sounding more pleasureful.

Tori regained her composure and waked passed Tony to rejoined them. She was on one side kneeling next to Greg. He turned towards her and they began to make out. Greg would go from holding Allies ankles together to spreading them as wide as they’d go all while still kissing Tori. Watching her sister kiss their cousin while furiously rubbing her clit, must’ve sent Allie over the edge because she screamed and began to squirt. Her legs were spasming while Greg tried to control them. Not letting her rest, he continued to saw into her until he was getting close.

Voices yelled out from the water, only Tony looked. It was some people on a row boat. “Woah look at that guy fucking those two babes! What’s the other guy doing? Who cares about him, you go dude!” Greg just extended a thumbs up into the air as they whistled and paddled away. The new onlookers excited Greg that he was right on the edge.

“Get ready for a facial ladies!” Greg groaned.

Dick covered in cousin pussy juice, Greg stood up and began to beat off. Tori who was already keeling scooted in front of him. Allie shifted around quickly and joined her older sister. Both girls wagged their tongues and starred into the eyes of their cousin.

His nude form dripping in sweat, his muscles shaking as he was nearing the end. Tony watched in awe as his younger cousin, who just brought their two cousins to orgasm, was now reaching his own. A low grunt was heard before ropes of thick jizz rocket out Greg’s dick and landed on Tori and Allie’s faces. He switched between both of them after every spurt.

Three lines of cum painted each of the girls faces before nothing else would come out. The sisters kissed his softening dick and started to lick each others faces. There wasn’t a drop of their cousins cum on their faces after they were done cleaning. Greg stepped back and admired the view as his cousins smiled up at him.

“Lets cool off!” Greg raced off into the water and the nude girls followed him.

Tony watched them jump in the water and emerge from the surface. The three of them joined into a beautiful embrace. They kissed and moved heir hands all over each others wet bodies. The mid-morning sun sparkled off them, the waves lightly splashed around their half submerged bodies. They’d have to get back to the yacht soon so Tony ran into the water to clean off his trunks filled with his cum from watching the amazing spectacle his cousins put on.


Sauna: Aunt Diane and Gemma


Diane woke up at the crack of dawn wanting to go to church. She woke up her three kids and her godson Tony. All of them groaned as she pulled them out of bed and told them to get ready. Diane was tame around her other son while they were out as not to arouse any suspicion.

Not much for beaches or the ocean, Diane wanted to try out the onboard sauna and stone showers. When they all got back to the boat after mass, she asked who wanted to join her.

Tony was the first to speak up. He other son left them before she even got to ask. With only Greg and Gemma left, with a wink, she took her son by the hand and lead him to the sauna area. Gemma followed quicky behind not wanting to be left out. Tony also lagged behind.

After changing into towels, all four of them met in the steam filled room. Greg sat in one corner and Tony only a few feet away. Then Aunt Diane and Gemma came in and joined. Both girls sat on either side of Greg.

‘Lets get you out of that towel.” Diane suggested, looking at the outline of his member.

She and her daughter gawked as he stood up and released his towel so it dropped to the floor. His tone body covered in a layer of moisture. Small reservoirs of water were close by so they grabbed spoons and began to pour down Greg’s body. Their hands rubbed all over him, squeezing and pulling his large tool of course. Eventually, both girls got on the floor on their knees.

Gemma and her mother Diane looked so sexy between Greg’s legs. Both of their asses lewdly pushed out, their cheeks marked with droplets of warm water.

“I’ve been working on giving head at college, wanna see how much better I got?” Gemma asked her brother.

“I cant believe escort bursa the daughter I raised.” Diane shook her head.

“You shouldn’t be talking mom, you’re on your knees with her!” Greg laughed.

With that, Gemma popped her head around her brothers dick and began to work her mouth further and further down until she gagged. Withdrawing with a gasp, Diane quickly took her daughters spot and did the same. She wasn’t as good because she never sucked off her husband, but gave it her all. Both girls swapped back and forth, copious amounts of saliva coating Greg’s dick, stringing from their gaping mouths. Soon Greg was thrusting up into their mouths, tears ran down their faces attempting to deepthroat him. Heaving for air, the girls sat there to recuperate.

“Sorry mom but I think Gemma did a better job, I’m gonna fuck her first.”

Greg took his sisters hands and pulled her on top of him where he sat on the wooden seating. She spun around so her back was to him and put her feet on his knees. Reaching down between her legs, Diane held her sons dick straight up so her daughter could drop down. Greg held under her thighs and helper her squat up and down. Their pace starting to ramp up as they got more used to the position and worked into a a rhythm. Gemma screamed and began to squirt, going limp and rolling off her brother. Diane took initiative and began to suck her daughters pussy juice off her sons dick.

After all the fun in the sauna, the girls followed into the boys showers. As Tony was cooling himself off in his shower, he started to hear clapping echoing from Greg’s shower. Peeking around the corner, three figures could be seen in the frosted glass. The larger one had to be Greg and he slammed into the smaller frame, from the yelping, it had to be his mother he was fucking now. In a quick motion, the bodies shuffled to the glass and pressed up hard against it. Diane’s face was pressed up lightly on the frosted surface, her hands applying pressure as she was humped from behind, her nipples and tits were pressed against the glass as well.

“Have…you been showing…Tony how to please…a woman?” Diane asked Greg.

“Yes mom.”

“You’re such…a good cousin…to him!” She labored through the thrusts.

After some solid fucking, the pair rejoined the other figure under the water. The two smaller figures looked to get lower whole the larger one stood, Tony heard a few manly grunts, Greg must be giving his mother and sister a facial. A few more minutes passed of the trio actually cleaning and toweling off. Then they rejoined the rest of the family one at a time as to avoid any suspicion.


Aunt Date Night: Aunt Mary


Throughout the trip, Aunt Mary has been dropping subtle hints to Greg that’s she wanted to have a night out with him. Her husband was clueless to her flirting with their nephew, but their son sure knew what his mother was up to.

Their night finally came when the yacht charted to another city along the coast. Tony and Evan went along as to not raise suspicion with any of the other guys. At dinner, Aunt Mary and Greg were wrapped around each other the entire time, talking amongst themselves and even kissing. Tony and Evan had their own conversations but Evan was clearly still not taking it well. Seeing his mother falling all over his own cousin must’ve been a hard pill to swallow.

Dinner wrapped up and they all walked through the tiny streets. Aunt Mary held hands with Greg while Tony and Evan followed close behind. Dance music started to get louder as they approached a night club.

“We’re going in to check it out, you two coming?” Greg asked his cousins.

“Sure, c’mon Evan.” Tony coaxed him.

The club was packed. Techno music was playing. Lights and colors shot all around the room, briefly highlighting all the dancing people.

Greg pulled Aunt Mary into the crowd and they disappeared. Tony and Evan stood there for a bit until a beautiful Italian girl caught their eyes. She happened to be constantly glancing back at Tony. Even with all that’s been going on, Evan was a great wingman. He encouraged Tony to go talk to the girl who kept looking at him. So he did and made his way to her. It all came natural to him, he offered to buy her a drink and after some small talk, they both went to the dance floor.

In the middle of the crowd, Mary grinded on her nephew as the music made her feel alive. She titled her head back and they made out. After abut 20 minutes of dancing and getting all hot, Mary wanted to get out of there.

“I need to fuck you now baby. We don’t have time to go back to the yacht. Lets find a hotel and spend the night there. Sound like a plan?” Mary pressed her forehead to his and smiled while waiting for his response.

“Sounds like a fuckin perfect plan!” He yelled over all the noise.

As they were walking through the crowd, Greg spotted Tony dancing with a foreign girl. He tapped him on the shoulder signaling they were leaving. Tony told the girl he had to go but got her number and the hotel she where she was staying. Even though he had it in the bag with her, he needed to be somewhere else. Evan was by the door as they all exited the club.

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