Family Massage Therapist Pt. 01

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Family Massage Therapist 1: Aunt Teaches Nephew Wrong By Mistake

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2020 Charlie Flemming

Dave’s Mom, Liona, was always on his ass to get a job since he graduated high school, which was over a year ago now, but he always told her the same thing, “I’m just not interested in regular work.”

“Well, you need to figure something out.” She told him.

After complaining to her sister about it, Aunt Wendy said, “Look, I can teach him how to give massages. Just send him over to my place and I’ll teach him how.”

Liona thought this was a great idea and almost immediately sent her son over to Aunt Wendy’s house, dropping him off and telling him that she’ll be back in two hours to pick him up again.

Dave’s voice caught in his throat when he set his eyes on his aunt. Her long blonde hair flowed around her like some kind of Egyptian queen’s might, and she approached him in high-heeled stilettos and nothing but a slightly transparent silk robe, “Hello, handsome,” she said as she approached, “As you can see I’m already ready for my first massage. Follow me, I’ll show you where the magic happens.”

Dave swallowed hard as his aunt spun around and he tried really hard not to stare at her firm and shapely ass, just able to see her buttcrack underneath the thin material. He could feel his cock twitch in his pants and he reminded himself this was his aunt he was ogling, but that thought could not get him to look away from the gorgeous flesh before him.

They came into the kitchen and then around the corner to the stairs leading down to Aunt Wendy’s basement. “Now,” she said, turning to him, “I’m going to get naked in front of you and then drape a towel over myself, but as a massage therapist you’ll have to get used to seeing naked women and occasionally men.”

“Uh-huh,” Dave agreed, not really listening after his aunt told him that she was about to be naked in front of him.

“Good,” Wendy said before dropping her robe right in front of her nephew.

David’s mouth dropped open as he gawked at his aunt’s beautiful body. Her huge boobs were complimented by large areolas and hard, pink nipples. His eyes drifted down her marvelous and tone belly to her shaven pussy, aside from a small tuft of blonde hair just above her slit.

“Stop staring,” Aunt Wendy said to her nephew, “now I’m going to lie on my belly, and I want you to come over and start rubbing my back. We’ll see much I’ll have to teach you after we see how far along you are.” As Wendy said this she laid on her stomach and grabbed a nearby towel that was next to the massage table that was there. She lay on it and draped the towel over her ass at the same time.

David sighed as his aunt’s body was hidden from him and walked over he lightly put his hands on her smooth back, his boner already straining in his pants from seeing Aunt Wendy’s glorious body, but now it started to noticeably throb as he laid his hands on her sexy skin. Thankfully, Dave noted, Aunt Wendy currently had her face turned away from him and his throbbing crotch.

“Oh, that feels good,” Aunt Wendy exclaimed as her nephew started to touch her aching back, “Really, really good,” Wendy started to lightly moan through her nose as pleasure was sent down her spine, “You have a gift.” She commented as David started to apply more pressure to his rubbing her soft back. David really did seem to have a gift, pleasure blossomed out of every minor touch as her nephew naturally found every kink and knot in her back and remove it with his touch. Wendy was Puddy in David’s hands, and she knew it.

“Wow, that feels absolutely amazing, Dave, but we should continue your training.” Wendy said, remembering that this was about making herself feel good and about David getting a real job out there in the world and move out of his mother’s house, “You seem to have mastered a woman’s back, let’s see how you do on her legs.” As she said this she bent her knee and pointed at him with her toe. But also as she did this, Aunt Wendy turned her head towards her nephew and saw the huge, hard cock in uşak escort his shorts and thought wow, my nephew seriously has a pussy pleaser in his shorts! She started to have naughty thoughts and would have stopped herself from having them but they got even worse as David started feeling her legs.

David started with his Aunt’s feet and moved up her legs. Wendy moaned out as she felt her pussy gush as her thoughts got more and more sexual. Dave was getting closer and closer to her vagina with every upward stroke, only to go back down her legs again and send pleasure throughout her body. David’s hand went up her leg once again and got close enough that the tips of his fingers just barely brushed against his Aunt’s exposed pussy lips, but his magic touch was turning her on so much that Wendy immediately started to cum.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned out and started to squirt all over the massage table, “Oh wow, I can’t believe that just happened!” Wendy shouted as she continued to cum.

David wasn’t very sexually experienced, he’d made out a few times but every girl he’d been with had been too intimidated by the size of his dick and turned down going any further than that. But he was pretty sure that Aunt Wendy was cumming in front of him as she squirted juice onto his fingers as he continued to rub her legs.

“Oh shit, um, well,” Wendy said as she came down from her surprising orgasm, “I just came, and I want you to know that’s sometimes normal for women to get turned on during the massage process.” Really Wendy was just trying to rationalize what she was feeling, and how much she wanted more now. “I’m going to turn on my back now and you seem to have a fair amount of natural talent so we’re going to do a few things that are more advanced, okay?”

Dave gulped as his cock twitched, “Uh-huh,” he mumbled, still processing that he just made his Aunt cum and he wasn’t even sure he had touched her pussy or not.

She turned on her back, as she did the towel fell down and she exposed her glorious body to her nephew once again. “Okay,” Wendy said, “start by lightly rubbing my belly and, um, we’ll take it from there.”

David didn’t have to be told twice as he placed his hands on his nude Aunt’s body. He started by rubbing her ribs and started moving up her sides, lightly rubbing the sides of her huge tits and then back down to her belly again. On the next trip up he openly rubbed her tits, and then moved his hands, almost instinctually, so he was now rubbing her tits openly.

Aunt Wendy started moaning, “Oh, yes, pinch my nipples. That feels so fucking good.” She couldn’t believe how turned on she was, she reached up and grabbed her nephew’s cock through his pants. She gasped, she knew it was huge just to look at its outline through his shorts, but now that her hand was on it she could tell it was absolutely gigantic. She could feel herself getting ready to cum again as she started to stroke David’s enormous cock through his shorts and he tweaked and pinched her nipples, but not yet. It was time for the next lesson.

“Okay David,” Aunt Wendy said, “It’s time for something more advanced.”

“What’s that,” David said as Wendy took his hands off her tits and spread her legs. He started to move his hands down there fingering that Aunt Wendy wanted him to finger her, but she stopped him.

“No, David, this is an advanced course. I need what we call in the business an ‘oral massage.'” Wendy was so full of shit and she knew it, but she knew Dave didn’t know anything and would probably believe anything she told him at that point.

It turns out, she was right, “What’s that?” David asked, “I don’t have to massage your mouth, do I?”

“Yes, and other parts,” Wendy explained, “But with your mouth, lips, and tongue. You said mouth so that’s a good place to start. Come here.” Wendy said this and took her nephew’s head as he leaned down to her and they kissed. David was unsure what she wanted but Wendy didn’t hold back as she stuck her tongue into her nephew’s mouth. She moaned as she felt his tongue meet hers and they uşak escort bayan Frenched for several minutes as David started feeling up her giant, glorious tits again. She moaned from the pleasure of it all and felt her pussy spasm in a tiny orgasm as she loved the taste of her nephew’s saliva on his tongue.

She pushed him away, “Hmm, yes, well, I see you’re very good at oral massage already. But it’s a massage therapist’s job to know what parts of the body are in the most need of attention. And right now, I need you to give attention to my vagina. I need you to lick my cunt.” Wendy started pushing her nephew down her body until his head was between her legs.

David immediately started lapping away at his aunt’s deliciously wet pussy. He licked pensively at first, unsure if he would even like the taste, but as soon as he started getting into it, it was the best thing he’d ever tasted in his life. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy and sucked on her clit and labia. He then started fucking her cunt with his tongue, and he could tell Aunt Wendy liked that as she started moaning out his name in pleasure and she came, hard, on her nephew’s talented tongue.

David stood up as Aunt Wendy came down from her latest orgasm. “Wow, David, that was amazing. You’re going to be a great therapist.” Aunt Wendy’s body was still aching for more though, “Okay, I think it’s time for you to take your clothes off. There are a few techniques that you have to be naked to perform.”

David cocked an eyebrow but shrugged. Aunt Wendy would know what she was talking about, she’d been a massage therapist for a very long time at that point. “Alright,” he conceded as he quickly took off his clothes and left them on the ground.

Aunt Wendy whistled, impressed at her nephew’s huge cock as it sprung out, she guessed it was at least 11 inches long. “Okay, Dave, you have a very large cock.”

“Um, thanks.” Dave said as he blushed, “I mean, girls at my school seem to be pretty intimidated by it.”

“Oh, they’re just girls, they don’t know what they’re missing.” Aunt Wendy said with a laugh, “But having a huge cock is very important for this next part.”

“What’s that?” David asked.

“I need you to give me, what it is called in the business, a ‘throat massage.’ It’s something that will help massage glands that are impossible to reach without a penis as large as yours, and most women need these glands massaged as they help them to live a longer and happier life.” Wendy was just making shit up at that point, but she didn’t care, she was going to suck her nephew’s cock and there wasn’t anything anyone could do to stop her.

“Okay, so what do you need me to do?” David asked, totally innocent that this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

“Well,” Aunt Wendy said, “I need you to stand up here,” she motioned to the front of the table so that when David came over her nephew’s huge cock was directly above her face and his huge balls rested on her forehead, “And now, I need you to fuck my throat.” She opened her mouth as wide as she could, not sure if even then David’s cock would completely fit.

David lined up his dick and slowly thrust it into his Aunt’s mouth, from this angle he could see her beautiful body in front of him, but all Wendy could see was her nephew’s balls as her head was upside down as she felt David thrusting his cock all the way down her throat.

“Is this okay?” David asked as he could see his Aunt’s throat expand as it filled with his dick. He worried he might be hurting her. But she gave him a thumbs up and he started to fuck her throat.

David started to pick up his pace, the pleasure of being so far down his aunt’s throat made a suction on his dick that David found simply intoxicating. He could feel himself getting ready to cum. His balls smacked his aunt in the face as he started thrusting harder and harder, determined to cum down his aunt’s sucking throat.

As her nephew moaned out in pleasure and started to cum in copious amounts down her throat, Wendy was scared she was about to choke escort uşak on it and pushed her nephew out of her mouth. He kept cumming though and quickly covered her face and part of her tits with his white love goo.

“Oh fuck, you cum like a racehorse,” Aunt Wendy said as Dave came on her face and body, “Um, I mean, you should always cum on a woman’s face at the end of the massage, as a man’s semen is very good for a woman’s skin. That’s why they call it a facial.” She explained, thinking it kind of hot that as she said all this her nephew hadn’t even slowed down in covering her in jizz.

But eventually, David did stop cumming, and his Aunt Wendy’s face and tits were now covered in his cum. But his cock was still completely hard, “Hmm,” Wendy said as she looked at her nephew’s huge boner in front of her, “I see you’re not satisfied yet, good, this means we can do one more thing that’s just a bit more advanced than that.”

David was feeling very high and mighty after cumming with another person for the first time ever, but he remembered that he had to do this to become a good massage therapist, “What’s that?” He asked.

“Well, it’s another massage that’s very important for women,” as Aunt Wendy said this she started licking as much cum off herself as she could, “Oh your semen tastes delicious by the way, but this next massage is what’s called a ‘deep vaginal massage’ and can’t be performed with just your fingers or tongue. It has to be your cock thrusting deep into your client’s pussy in order to correctly stimulate for this massage.”

Aunt Wendy then took her nephew by the cock and dragged him around the table until he was lined up with her cunt. “Now, thrust in gently and- OH FUCK! JUST FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR AUNT! FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” She shouted, David didn’t listen about being gentle, Aunt Wendy was so wet his cock just slid right into her and before either of them knew any different he was thrusting his dick into her cunt and fucking her like his life depended on it. He’d never fucked a pussy before but now that he was fucking his aunt’s cunt he never wanted to be doing anything else ever again.

“Oh shit this is so good,” Aunt Wendy moaned, “Let me get on top.” She ordered, she had eaten most of the cum off her body but some still fell off the side of her face when she moved and David got below her. Then she lined up his cock with her moist opening and sat on him. “SHIT NEPHEW! YOU’RE TOO GOOD AT THIS! MASSAGE ME! MASSAGE MY CUNT!” She started grinding against him as David grabbed his Aunt around the waist and fucked her as best he could, meeting her thrusts upwardly just as she was bouncing on him downwardly.

Without warning, David started to cum into his aunt’s cunt and Wendy felt it but it only set off her own orgasm, “Oh fuck David, cum in me! Fill your aunt’s pussy with your cum!” She shouted.

But David wasn’t done yet, right after orgasming he threw her back on the massage table and began fucking his aunt harder than he had before, she had to ride it through her orgasm as David was roughly fucking her as she came down and then back up again, it was like a continuous orgasm as she didn’t seem to be stopping or slowing down at all, “THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! DAVID DON’T STOP FUCKING ME! FUCK ME FOREVER! THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING MASSAGE I’VE EVER GOTTEN!” She shouted as her nephew fucked her cunt raw.

They had been fucking for almost two hours when the phone started to ring, “Oh shit,” Wendy moaned as she saw who it was, “It’s my sister and your mom!” She said and even though David was currently fucking her doggy style with no sign of stopping, Aunt Wendy answered the phone, “Um, hello Liona, OH FUCK!” She suddenly moaned into the phone, “oh shit, sorry Liona, David started, mmmm, um, giving me a massage and it just got a little late. Um, he’s, OH FUCK THAT’S SO GOOD, um, sorry, he’s a very good masseuse, and I’ve been hoarding him. I’ll be sure to take him back right away.”

They ended up fucking for an hour longer though before they were both satisfied. David was dropped off at home believing that he’d been taught real legitimate massage, and he seemed to be quite good at it. He wondered if he could get some clients now or if he should practice more. Maybe his hot MILF mother would want a massage? Or his two beautiful sisters? He decided he would have to ask them when he saw them next.

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