Family Matters Ch. 04

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Emma and Lucas were able to leave university a couple days early for summer break so they decided to surprise their parents who were house sitting in England for the summer.

They took a train from London to Penzance and decided to take a cab instead of calling their parents for the short 20 minute ride to St. Ives.

When they got to their parent’s house Lucas grabbed Emma’s arm to stop her from knocking on the door. “Look,” he said. “Mom’s wearing plastic panties.”

Emma looked and said, “Yeah, and Daddy’s wearing plastic diapers and has a boner the size of the Eiffel Tower.”

“I didn’t know they were into plastic. I may be scarred for life,” Lucas said smiling as he knocked on the door.

Their parents quickly donned robes before answering the door. “We weren’t expecting you for two more days,” Sheila said. “This is such a great surprise.”

Emma hugged her father and whispered in his ear, “Daddy, those plastic diapers don’t do much to control your dick.” She pressed her pussy up against his cock wishing he wasn’t wearing his robe.

When Lucas hugged his mother he said, “You’re plastic panties give me a boner.” He slid his hand inside her robe and felt the plastic panties covering her pussy.

“Stop that,” his mother said and told him to get his hand out of her pants.

Emma finished her early morning run and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. Her mother was leaning over the sink with her plastic panties down around her knees. Lucas was holding her hips and slamming his long cock into her pussy over and over again. After cumming they both slowly sank to the floor.

Sitting on the floor with his mother sitting in his lap he looked at Emma and said, “Hi, this Çeşme Escort isn’t what it looks like”

“It sure looks like you were sliding your dick into our mother’s pussy.”

“I didn’t mean to,” Lucas tried to explain. “I thought it was you washing dishes at the sink, not Mom. When I pulled her panties down she grabbed my cock between her legs and before I knew it was Mom my cock was buried in her pussy. By then it was too late.”

Emma looked at her mother and asked, “Are you okay Mom?”

“I’m good,” she said pulling the plastic panties up. She looked Emma and said, “I thought it was your father. He comes up behind me at the sink and fucks me all the time when I’m wearing my plastic panties.”

Emma knew that her brother knew full well who he was fucking. “Hell, if he can fuck Mom I can certainly fuck Daddy,” she thought and started to hatch a plan.

Later that morning Emma asked her mother if she could borrow her plastic panties. “I want to see if it’s something my boyfriend would like. I want to send him a few photos.”

“They’re in the top left drawer of my dresser,” Sheila said. “I’m sure he will love them. Your father’s dick is like Pavlov’s dog every time I put them on. I like giving him hand-jobs when we go to the movies.”

That’s exactly what Emma was hoping for.

Sheila gave Emma a hug and said, “Lucas and I are driving over to Penzance. Your father is in the back, working in the yard.”

As soon as her mother and brother left Emma went to her mother’s dresser and got the plastic panties. She held up the panties and saw that the crotch was just two overlapping pieces of plastic like the fly on men’s tighty-whities.

“They aren’t crotchless but they may as Çeşme Escort Bayan well be,” she thought. She stepped into the plastic panties and pulled them up tight against her pussy. “My boyfriend will love these,” she thought looking at herself in the mirror.

Lucas joined his mother in the car. “This is going to be fun,” he said. “Dad let me borrow his plastic diapers, see?” Lucas unzipped his pants and let his plastic covered dick out.

Sheila looked at his stiff cock and said, “You shouldn’t be doing that,” she said, but the wetness between her legs said something else.

“Come on, Mom. You let me fuck you yesterday and you said you liked giving Dad hand-jobs when he wears his plastic diapers.”

Sheila looked longingly at her son’s hard cock covered in plastic and finally gave in. “Okay, but only this one time.” She reached over and grabbed his cock through the plastic and jerked him off.

When he finished cumming she said, “Put your dick back in your pants and zip up.” She put the car in reverse and backed out.

By the time they got to Penzance Lucas was hard again and asked his mother, “Just one more time, please.”

“I said just the one time,” she said looking at his hard cock. “But I guess once more won’t hurt anything.” What she really wanted was to lean over and suck all the cum out of his cock and balls.

Walking through the store later Lucas said, “It feels weird wearing plastic diapers. I can feel my balls soaking in my cum.”

Back at the house Emma was still modeling the plastic panties when she saw her father coming up to the house.

She hurried to the kitchen and started washing dishes just as her father came in.

Steve looked Escort Çeşme at the plastic covered ass and quickly dropped his pants. “Perfect timing, honey. Lucas told me he and Emma were driving over to Penzance.” He walked up behind her and said, “The place is all ours and you know how your plastic panties turn me on.” He grabbed both her breasts and stuck his cock between her legs.

Emma spread her legs and reached for her father’s cock, helping it find it’s way into her pussy between the flaps in the plastic panties.

“Harder, slam your cock into me,” she demanded when she felt her father’s stiff cock pounding her from behind.

Steve started to pull his cock out when he heard Emma’s voice instead of his wife’s, but the deed had already been done. He rammed his cock back into his daughter’s wet pussy.

“Don’t stop, Daddy. I’m about to cum.” Emma had to bend down and lean on the counter to stop from collapsing to the floor when she climaxed. She felt her father’s warm cum in her pussy as her orgasm swept over her.

Emma was kneeling on the floor sucking the last bit of cum out of her father’s penis just as her mother and Lucas returned from Penzance.

Sheila just stood there looking at her husband as he pulled his dick from their daughter’s hungry mouth. “Let me guess, you thought it was me you were fucking?”

Steve nodded.

Sheila looked at Emma and Lucas and said, “Fucking your parents is wrong. You should both be ashamed of yourselves.”

She tried to sound angry but wasn’t very convincing. “Give me back my plastic panties,” she said to Emma and told Lucas to return the plastic diapers to his father.

Lucas and Emma stood there, naked, as their parents retreated to their bedroom. Lucas looked at Emma and said, “Care for a quick fuck?” Emma didn’t say anything but jumped up on the kitchen counter and spread her legs. Lucas could see his father’s cum running down his sister’s legs as he guided his cock into her well lubricated pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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