Family Reunion – College Visit Pt. 01

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Inspired by L.A. Wicker’s A Visit With My Daughter

AN: Dearest Readers, while this story borrows the premise, character concepts, and some lines of dialogue. from the above-mentioned story, I have changed it to make it my own. The character portrayals have been changed to suit my writing style and many other things were fleshed out.

I sought the author’s blessing but after waiting a month with no response (they haven’t been active here since 2012) so I am going ahead with my story. I hope you enjoy my take on this tale.


It was evening time in the home I bought for my family what seems like ages ago. The only problem is that I have a nice-sized home but have no family to share it with at this moment. My name is Alexander “Alex” Michaels. I am 38 years old standing six feet tall weighing a good 180 pounds and the majority of it is muscle. I am Caucasian with blue eyes and chestnut brown hair. I am clean-shaven and don’t have much hair on my body which is how I like it. Up until a few years ago, I worked in commodities but after several investments made me a substantial amount of money I cashed out, put most of my profits into several low-risk long-term investments, and the rest into gold and silver, and retired.

One would think with my money and being single I would run out and splurge. Not me. I simply bought a few new clothes, I traded in my sports car for a new SUV and that was it. I married right out of college and we were happy for a few years but my long work hours wore on my wife quickly. We were divorced before I turned twenty-seven. My marriage had one bright spot, it got me Cecilia Marie Michaels, my only child, my beautiful daughter. Cecilia is currently twenty years old and is a junior in college. It has been two years since I last saw her and I miss her terribly.

I was sitting in my study looking at photos of my baby on the large flat screen tv that was connected to the computer when the house LAN line rang.

“Hello,” I said into the phone, waiting for a reply from the other end.

“Hi, Daddy, it’s me.” The voice on the other side of the line stated.

Even if she hadn’t called me daddy I would recognize my sweet daughter’s melodious voice anywhere. I could hear the happy tone of her voice which in turn made me happy. Her voice brought a smile to my face as she has been away at college for the last two years. When the school sends me her grades I am very proud that she is doing very well in all of her classes.

“Hello, baby… how have you been?” I ask my daughter.

There is a long silence before Cecilia says, “I’m sorry daddy!”

I can hear the shift in my daughter’s tone and mood. She has taken an emotional 180 and as I await her next words I can hear her sobbing like a little girl on her end of the phone. We hadn’t spoken a word to one another since she left for college and she hasn’t been home in all of that time. The night before she left for college, my sweet daughter wanted me to make love to her and for some reason, I refused her. Hell, she was one of the sexiest women I had ever laid eyes on. Her light, brown hair was just to the middle of her neck, and always found a way to cover one of her lovely hazel eyes.

Cecilia cried for several long minutes and I let her work it out of her system before I finally said, “It’s ok baby.”

“Oh, daddy… I never should have tried to seduce you.” I could tell she was still crying intermittently. “I’m your daughter for goodness’ sake.” Her sweet-sounding voice made me hard as hell. Her voice was just so soft, so sweet, and always so full of love for me.

As she is balling on the other end of the phone my heart was breaking. Over the last two years I have relived that evening over and over again and every time I do I scream at myself for doing the right thing when I wanted to fuck her sexy ass. The main reason (besides our familial bond) that I didn’t was that if I had, she would never have gone away to college. I knew she was scared about leaving home but she needed to go venture out into the world, even if only for a little while. If college wasn’t for her I would rush out and bring her back in an instant. If we had made love that night I know that I would have made her stay home and be my lover.

“Sweetheart… I was so very tempted by you.” I inform her for the first time.

“Really daddy?”

“Really baby. I’ve been thinking of you non-stop since you left. But you had to go out and experience the world, or else you would just have lived a sheltered life.”

“Ohhh daddy… I’ve missed you so much.” Cecilia declared and this time she let out a loud cry. Once she had done this she managed to recompose herself and hearing her sniffle a bit she says, “I finished my associate’s degree dad. I know you paid for the semester but I’ve decided that I don’t want to stay here for another two years… I want to come home.” Cecilia informs me.

“Are you sure honey? Two more years and you can Çeşme Escort have a bachelor’s degree.” I remind her. I personally don’t care but I feel I have to at least encourage her to go for it.

“I would stay if I thought that it would matter dad. But I know what I want in life and a Bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary for my chosen path.” My daughter adamantly states.

“Ok honey, so what precisely do you want to do with the rest of your life?” I ask her.

“I don’t need a degree to be a mother… I want to have children… Specifically, I want to have YOUR children!” Cecilia declares. As soon as she says this I heard her let out a sigh of relief.

“Cecilia… are you sure that’s what you really want?” I ask in a husky tone. The thought of taking my daughter in every sexual position that I know has me so hot and hard that I can barely keep myself standing straight.

“Daddy… I’m so sure that you’re the man I want that I’ve saved myself for you. I’m still your pure baby girl.” Cecilia pauses. “I want to be your woman and to give you the full family you always dreamed of. I want you to make love to me anywhere, any time, any day, any way you want.” She giggles with happiness in her voice.

I couldn’t help but moan when I heard her sweet words, “Oh honey… I haven’t been with a woman since before you left for school.” I honestly inform her. “I know that’s pretty odd coming from me, but after that night when you came to me so pure and alive; I knew that I couldn’t be with another woman until you and I worked through our issues.”

“Oh Daddy, come and get me!” Cecilia begged me. “I can’t wait for us to be together.” She moaned in the sexiest voice. “I haven’t worn the bra and panty set you bought me since that day. If I couldn’t wear them for you I wasn’t going to wear them for anyone else.”

I thought of her big breasts, how good they looked in the black transparent lace bra and panty set, “Do they still fit?” I asked her. “I know it was pretty tight before.” I closed my eyes and her breasts filled my mind, 36C, and her nipples looked like big silver dollars.

“I hope so, As I said, I haven’t put them on in two years,” Cecilia says.”Daddy, come and get me tomorrow. I’m so hot and wet at the thought of you popping my cherry and giving me your seed!” Cecilia said running her long finger up her recently shaven pussy.

“Keep your hands off your pussy sweetie. Go take a cold shower and go to bed early. I’m going to bed now and leaving early. I should be there before noon at which point in time your ass belongs to me!” I inform my daughter and soon-to-be lover.

“Yes, daddy.” Cecilia meekly whimpers into the phone.

“I love you, sweetheart.”

I can hear Cecilia kiss the receiver and she declares her love for me before she hangs up.

I take my own advice and go upstairs, I turn on the water and stand under the cold spray. I have to force my hands to stay away from my cock as I remember the sight of Cecilia in her sexy lingerie two years ago. I wonder if she still looks the same, not that I care. She could weigh 100 pounds more than the last time I saw her here and I would still love her. It has been some time since I’ve jacked off and I want to save the massive load that I have stored for my baby girl’s first time. Once I am refreshed I dry off and make my way to bed. It was hard for me to get a good night’s sleep as I was too worked up thinking about what was going to happen in the next twenty-four hours. I would doze off for a bit but then my raging hard-on would wake me up. This went on until 2 AM when I finally fell sound asleep.

I woke up four hours later and decided that I was not going back to bed. I pulled myself out of my king-sized bed and made my way to the master bathroom. Climbing back into the shower, I proceeded to wash up, shave my stubble, combed my hair, and put on deodorant and aftershave. Once I was ready I put on my black cargo pants and a red button-up short sleeve shirt. Now that I was ready I hopped into my Lincoln Navigator and peeled out of my neighborhood. I drove as fast as I legally could through the major cities but on the deserted open roads… all bets were off! I knew it was wrong, but I needed to get to my sexy daughter.

Driving as I did I made great time and pulled up to the off-campus apartment complex where my daughter resided at. The apartment was a three-room with a full bath and a nice-sized kitchen. Cecilia had made friends with a girl during the school visit before she graduated and the two girls decided they wanted to room together off camps. Her roommate had a car so commuting to the campus was convenient for the pair. Cecilia and her roommate lived on the first floor and the apartments were accessed from the outside. Once at her door I took a deep breath and knocked on it. I stood there, my heart pounding for what seemed like ages before I heard the padding of soft feet approach. I watch as the door slowly opened and there, standing in my Çeşme Escort Bayan line of sight, wearing the transparent lace bra and panty set that I had bought for her was my daughter.

“Hi, daddy…” Cecilia says in a whispered tone. Despite asking me to come, despite me promising that I would, she looked at me as if she couldn’t believe this was really happening. “I hoped you would come and not back out… I…”

I don’t let Cecilia finish whatever she was about to say. The moment I saw her I lost control of my higher brain functions. I push my way through the door, my hands claim my daughter’s shapely bubble butt and I lift my daughter up by her ass. Her legs wrap around my waist and I can feel her wet sex pressed against my cock as it strains against the material of my cargo pants. I have no words for her, I simply lean forward and drive my tongue into her mouth as my hands squeeze her fantastic ass. Cecilia moans into my mouth as I gently squeeze each of her rounded cheeks. The smell of her light perfume filled my nose and made my cock even harder.

She pulls her mouth away from mine and points me to her room. “Hurry! I need you inside me so bad!” Once inside the room, she slides out of my grasp and begins pulling off my pants and she fell to the floor in front of me. She then does a sexy little striptease for me taking off her panties and bra. I walk up behind her and kiss her neck as I feel up her naked tits and rub my cock between her legs. I can’t believe how wet she is but my daughter knows what she wants and how she wants it.

Cecilia steps away, crouches down in front of me, and gives me the sauciest look I have ever seen on a woman. “I bet you thought I’d forgotten how I said I wanted this to go two years ago.” She winked at me and swallowed my cock to the root. Until this moment I had put the events out of my mind. She had told me the night she tried to seduce me what she wanted and the list of events of how she wanted it.

Today, that list was about to come to fruition.

Her warm mouth moved up and down my long, hard shaft while her pretty eyes looked up at my face. Each time my cock sank down her silken throat, a moan of pleasure came from her throat. She was pleasing me as I’d never been pleased before. There was a time that I thought her mother was the best cocksucker I had ever known… but my ex would be envious of the skill her daughter possesses. Cecilia gave me just the right amount of movement and suction to please me without sending me over the edge.

“Stop baby!” I order when I feel the pressure in my cock starts to build up. “That feels so amazing that I could fill your sexy mouth full of my cum!” I said moving my hips forward and pushing my long cock all the way down the back of her throat.

“Mmmmm…” Cecilia moans with a smile on her lips.

“But… I’ve been saving this load for your virgin pussy. I want to stick this hard cock in your pussy and pop your cherry. After I have you screaming in ecstasy I plan to fill your womb with my viral seed!” I moaned pulling from her mouth.

“Oh, Daddy!” Cecilia moaned as she wiggled her round ass as she slid out of her panties. “I want that too.” My baby girl admits. “I want to watch from underneath you as your big hard cock fills my poor little virgin pussy to the brim. When we can’t take any more I want you to flood my womb with your potent sperm and I want to hold you inside me forever and ever.” Cecilia states.

I looked at the beautiful prize between her legs, “I’m going to split this in two!” I said moving my hand to gently caress her bare pussy. “Think you can take it all?” I asked as one of my fingers ran up her swollen slit.

“YES, Daddy!” she cried out and fell against me.

I place my cock head at her opening and I stare my daughter straight in her eyes as I thrust into her and instantly shatter her cherry, just as she said she wanted me to.

“OOOOOH, GOD!” Cecilia screams as her innocence is taken. Her back arches and I latch onto her left nipple with my teeth. I can feel the blood flowing from her vaginal passage down her opening and along my hips as I pull her to me and releasing her tit I hold her body against mine. I kiss and lick along her shoulder, neck, and ear as my lover wraps her arms around me and whimpers.

We stay like this until Cecilia whispers to me to lower her back to the bed. Once she is laying flat she lifts her legs and I take that as my cue to continue. For the next half hour, I slowly break in my virgin daughter giving her two orgasms. She saved herself for me and this day and I was determined to make her first time truly memorable. It was not easy for me to draw out the experience for her but when she informs me she is about to come again I know now is the time.

“Wrap your legs around me, sweetie,” I instruct my little girl.

Her athletic legs come around me and she locks her feet together. I begin thrusting into her with reckless abandonment and Cecilia’s screams Escort Çeşme of pleasure fill her bedroom. I imagine the police will be knocking on the door shortly so I quicken my pace and I can feel my daughter’s pussy walls squeezing my cock.

“Here I cum baby…” My cock twitches and finally erupts inside her pussy.

“AHHHHHHHHH! DAAAAHDDY!” Cecilia cries in pleasure as she has her third orgasm.

Sweat is falling from my forehead down onto my daughter but she doesn’t care. Once she is capable of breathing normally she pulls my face down to hers and we kiss passionately as lovers do. Once my cock has shrunken I pull it from my daughter’s freshly fucked pussy and roll onto my back. Cecilia snuggles up to me and after our animalistic mating and the fact neither of us slept last night, we begin to drift off.

“I love you, daddy,” Cecilia says to me as she kisses my peck.

I kiss her forehead and can feel her smile. “I love you, baby.” I wrap my arms around her and pull her naked body tightly against mine we quickly fall asleep.

I am pulled out of my slumber by the feeling of a pair of soft lips and a wet feeling. I open my eyes and find my daughter going to town on my cock. She must have been working me over for some time because I explode in her mouth as soon as I am coherent.

“MMMMMMM…” Cecilia moans as she sucks down my load. My little angel is like a human vacuum and inhales every large spurt that I give her. “Yummie!” my daughter says after releasing my cock from her mouth.

I am surprised she swallowed every drop but I can see that my little girl is proud that she accomplished that feat. “I took it all in both times, daddy,” Cecilia whispers in my ear before she kisses my cheek.

“You sure did baby girl,” I say and I pat her sexy bottom lightly. I did notice before now but she is wearing a dress.

“I’m hungry daddy… for real food,” Cecilia informs me.

“Mmmmm, me too,” I say as my stomach took that opportunity to growl and lets me know that it was running on empty.

“Go get cleaned up daddy, I know the perfect restaurant for us to go to,” Cecilia states.

“Anything for my little girl,” I say.

Cecilia and I went to a quaint little Italian restaurant about twenty minutes away from her apartment. Instinct told me before I came to bring some nice clothes so I brought dress pants, a white shirt, and a nice dress coat. We walked in arm and arm and the hostess sat us in a nice quiet part of the restaurant in a booth for couples.

My daughter and I had a nice intimate meal (late lunch/early dinner) over a bottle of wine. After our meal, we went for a walk in the park and sat and watched the sunset. I put my coat over my daughter’s bare shoulders and she snuggled up against me as we took in the beautiful sight. When the sky turned black I escorted my baby back to my SUV, opened the door for her and we drove back to her apartment.

Once we were inside the door my daughter was all over me again. We made our way back to her room where she went about divesting me of all of my clothes. Once I was naked again she took the time to strip before me. This time she had me get on the bed first and lay on my back.

“Do you mind if I get on top this time?” she asked with pleading eyes as she exposed her panty-covered mound. She was once again, soaking wet. “I want that long cock of yours as far in me as it will go!”

“I’m ready if you’re ready,” I tell Cecilia. I could see the want in her eyes. “Does it look hard enough?” I teasingly asked her. I hadn’t been this hard in a very long time and I knew my cock was going to tear her in two again.

Cecilia slowly crawled across the bed with a very sexy look on that pretty face of hers, “I think it looks just perfect!” she softly moaned out, kissing my throbbing cock-head. “This is going to feel SO good, Daddy!” she moaned and slid up my body until her wet pussy found my long cock. “I’ve waited so “long” for this beautiful thing to be inside me!” her tiny hand guided my cock-head to her virgin opening.

“Go slow, you’ve never taken me like this before.” I remind her as I held her round hips, I could tell my baby girl was on fire. I held her as she started to sink my cock inside her wet pussy. Inch by inch Cecilia descended onto my cock.

My little girl bounced up and down on my cock and I watched, mesmerized by her large bouncing breasts. Eventually, she leans forward and we kiss but she never stops riding my cock. She is soon riding out another orgasm, her mouth sealed around mine when the door to her apartment suddenly flies open.

“GOD, Brad is such a LOSER!” The enraged voice of a young woman screams as she slams the front door of Cecilia’s apartment shut. “I’m so horny I could just DIEEE!”

Cecilia’s bedroom flies open and the angry young woman is about to say something when she sees my (formerly) virginal daughter having an orgasm as she is sitting on my cock. She can tell Cecilia is hot, sweaty, and coming as my daughter is visibly shaking and she can see the vein in my cock pulsing.

“Oh, my God! I’m sooooo sorry Cici.” The girl says turning her back to us. “Ummm… who’s that beneath you?” she asked as looks over her shoulder and her eyes saw my hard cock sliding out of Cecilia.

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