Fantasies can Come True

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Simone’s ‘Pretty Barista’ moment inspired her favourite movie fantasy. But never in her wildest dreams did Simone think she would be a high-priced escort. Even Simone’s harmless naughty streak wouldn’t venture that far. That was until she discovery her new doctor’s sexual therapy and how the Practice can turn any Guest’s fantasy into reality.

Every session gets even better and naughtier. This story is my favourite! Simone.


The Practice isn’t just an exclusive medical centre for women. It’s where they make my fantasy come true. It’s a beautiful old terrace building with a prestigious address, heritage classic charm and luxurious facilities. There wouldn’t be a Guest who didn’t love attending an appointment. I smiled to myself as a gazed around the lovely Sitting Room.

I was enjoying a particularly good Pinot Noir and the warmth of the open fire, flames devouring a half-eaten log in the antique wrought-iron fireplace. The room is gorgeous for relaxing before seeing my doctor. The period furniture and furnishings are lovely and the chandelier is magnificent with its pendants glistening in the sunlight from the lace-filled bay window.

I’d come to appreciate fine wines and many more luxuries of life since meeting Marcus. We’ve been married almost a year. He enjoys having an attractive 32-year-old wife and I’ve always had a thing for handsome and much older men. Being 20 years older and considerably wealthy made Marcus quite a catch. Never married or in any type of relationship just made him perfect, having had my fingers severely burnt a few times.

In an around about way, my last indiscretion was how I came to meet Marcus. I like to think of myself as a model and a part-time barista but in reality, it’s more the opposite. I left a café in a trendy Italian precinct after being caught having too much workplace fun with the owner. A new café job in the inner-city harbour business area is where I first saw Marcus.

I’d never served so many well-dressed customers. The women looked hot in their executive outfits, expensive accessories and attractively made up. But it was Marcus that caught my eye with his salt and pepper hair and designer three-piece suites. Even the table conversations about financial markets, business restructures and corporate governance were nothing like what I was used to, or had the slightest idea about.

It was during one of those café chats when I had what I call my ‘Pretty Barista’ moment. Pretty Woman is one of my favourite movies. I didn’t realise how much I loved the movie until that day. I’ve been living the fantasy of a high-class escort ever since.

I overheard Marcus mentioning that it was always awkward not having a partner for corporate events when I placed his short black on the table. ‘I’m available,’ I joked with a sexy smile, neither of us even knowing each other’s name.

I’ll never forget his reaction. His puzzled gaze lifted to mine and his eyes suddenly widened. The conversation paused as they roaming over my body as if assessing what was on offer. I just stood there, listening to my heart thumping in my chest as I embarrassingly waited and wondering, ‘Why on earth did I say that?’

Marcus’ gaze drifted from my face, framed in jet-black hip length soft curls to my full 34D breasts, slender waist and defined hips to linger at my toned legs in a mid-thigh skirt, probably imagining me in heels rather than the comfortable flats. I’m use to that look from men but it didn’t prevent a shiver rippling down my spine.

It wasn’t like me to blush so much and of course I made a joke of it. But Marcus gave me two business cards and asked me to write my name and address on one and said to be ready at seven in evening wear. It gave me just enough time after work to get home, shower and get ready. I didn’t have an idea of where we were going. All I could think about as I drove home was what I had that closely resembled evening wear!

I searched through my collection of clubbing dresses, finally selecting the one that I thought the least revealing. A smart jacket covered most of what the dress didn’t and I slipped on a plain pair of high-heels instead of my favourite platform pumps.

‘What have I done now?’ I thought to myself as I nervously waited, passing the time doing an Internet search for KPMG that was on the business card.

Marcus looked gorgeous in a black tuxedo and I started to feel a little underdressed. He took me to a charity black tie dinner and the evening actually went very well. All I had to do was smile and look pretty, have a lovely dinner and keep sober while wondering if he was expecting sex. Not that it was a concern. I finally looked on in amazement as Marcus presented a cheque for a quarter of a million dollars on behalf of the business!

A couple of days later Marcus came in for a coffee and asked if I’d be available for other occasions. I eagerly accepted, which brought a cute little coy smile to his face. He paid for his coffee, handing me 20 one hundred-dollar notes and asked me to gaziantep escortları purchase a couple of outfits. I thought I was dreaming! I bought four gorgeous evening dresses but could have got a dozen of my usual outfits and still had change.

I accompanied Marcus at several functions over the next few months. We were corporate guests at international sporting events, hosted an overseas trade delegation and a couple of business conference dinners. There were also the occasional cocktail parties. It was exciting living life like a high-class escort. I noticed the way other men looked at me, imagining me as his expensive bit of fun. But Marcus was always the perfect gentleman.

Marcus mentioned that he managed the risk management division of KPMG, heading a team of business consultants. Their work involved frequent travel, assisting organisations world-wide with change management and restructuring to make them more efficient and profitable. It just made my pretty barista head spin.

I was really enjoying his company and on my best behaviour, leaving me a little sexual frustrated with the longest dry spell in my adult life! A new toy I named Marcus certainly got a workout, making me wonder If I should ask Marcus about purchasing shares in Duracell. But I thought better of it, not really knowing his sense of humour that well.

Marcus picked me up one evening to go to the ballet. When I asked what was the connection with his business, he simply said there wasn’t one and he thought I’d enjoy the ballet. It was our first real date, the first time he took me back to his luxurious high-rise apartment and the first time we made love. The drought was broken. I moved in with Marcus a couple of weeks later and we were married within six months.

The sex is great but wonderfully different in a way I hadn’t experienced before. There isn’t the thrill of an affair with a cheating lover, the naughtiness of daddy sex or even the inappropriateness of a much older man. Somehow that didn’t seem to matter. Marcus is such a wonderful person and we’d fallen in love and that’s what makes our lovemaking so special. It was my Pretty Barista happy ending.

I still get goose bumps recalling how his eyes roamed over me at the café. Then giving me the two thousand dollars and being his young and pretty trophy partner. I’ve often fantasised what being an actual escort would have been like. Marcus was too much of a gentleman and isn’t into that sort of thing. I mentioned it once to my doctor and his suggested treatment just blew me away. It’s made me even more excited about the Practice.

I was finishing my drink when I heard my phone buzzing in my shoulder bag. The word Agency was displayed and I glanced at Maddisyn at her desk who seemed to be distracted with a call of her own. My heartbeat became more noticeable and my pussy moistened as my fantasy assumed a life of its own.

‘Hello, it’s Simone,’ I answered in a sexy purr. ‘Yes. I’m available . . . A doctor? Sounds interesting . . . You’re kidding me, right? Doctor Love, really? What an appropriate name,’ I softly laughed before ending the call.

Although working through an agency, I’m choosy who I have sex with. I much prefer my regulars who genuinely enjoy my company. I like clients that want me to enjoy the sex rather than some guy who starts fucking like there’s no tomorrow as soon as the money changes hands. I’ve turned down professionals before. Just because they can afford my fee doesn’t make them ideal clients.

Maddisyn was still on the phone as I waited for the agency to text me the client’s details. The pretty brunette manages the Practice and looks after the Guests before their appointment. Maddisyn’s in her mid-20’s and attractive with petite rounded breasts and a slender waist. I’ve always found her friendly but with a quiet and innocent quality, even a little reserved.

I was looking for a new doctor after moving in with Marcus and the Practice looked exclusive and very interesting. Maddisyn gave me a tour and impressed, I registered as a Guest. I just love the Practice. It’s like stepping back in time. The period features of the building and antique furniture and furnishings in every room are just gorgeous. It’s terribly expensive but Marcus insisted. I always look forward to my appointments.

I received the client’s details and noticed Maddisyn had finished her call. ‘The wine was lovely,’ I mentioned, catching her attention and receiving an acknowledging smile. ‘I’m just going to the Guest Lounge,’ I added, feeling the stirring of arousal.

I prefer not to drink when I’m working, other than one or two to be sociable if a client offers. For some it’s a way of relaxing and enjoying my company before the actual reason I’m there. For others it’s a means of lubricating any lingering inhibitions, particularly if it’s their first time paying for sex. Fortunately, I’d only enjoyed one glass of the Pinot Noir. A clear head and sharp wits are so much better when meeting a new client in my line of work.

The lounge is off the Sitting Room and a lovely room to freshen up before an appointment. A lovely selection of cosmetics is provided and the white antique dressing table with a large ornate mirror is ideal for grooming and makeup. I slipped out of my dress and sat at the mirror in my black silky Coco De Mer lace panties and matching bra, feeling like a very naughty Guest as I touched up my hair and makeup.

My heart began to race as I took out a Louis Vuitton dress and Saint Laurent clutch purse out of my shoulder bag. It was my favourite black sleeve-less fuck me outfit that I wouldn’t dare wear anywhere other than when working. It’s funny how the less they cover, the more expensive that exclusive brands can be. But with plenty of cleavage, body clinging and ridiculously short, the client knew they’d be getting value for their money.

I removed my bra and slipped into the silky fabric, my full breasts threatening to fall out of the dress with its spaghetti cross-over strings and keyhole opening, almost big enough to shoot baskets. I couldn’t have worn a shorter dress and my legs looked great in black Jimmy Choo high-heels with cute matching cross-over ankle straps. I finally slipped my jacket back on.

I couldn’t resist smiling at my reflection in the mirror as I rearranged my hip length loose black curls before leaving the lounge. Using the side door that conveniently opened to the passageway, I tip-toed to the front door, wary of my high-heels striking the polished wooden flooring.

I opened the large stained-glass front door and closed it to catch someone’s attention and sashayed into a room with beautify antique furniture. ‘Hello, I have a booking with a Doctor Love,’ I smiled down at the attractive young woman, only several years younger than me, sitting at her computer on a lovely old wooden desk.

She gave me an inquisitive but polite smile. ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know your name?’ She asked, seamlessly joining the fantasy.

‘Simone,’ I smiled back before gazing around the adorable room. ‘You have a lovely place,’ I added, turning to meet her confused gaze.

‘I don’t have an appointment scheduled for a Simone. What’s your surname?’ She inquired.

‘Oh . . . just Simone. It’s Doctor Love who made the booking,’ I continued to smile. ‘And your name is?’ I added, opening my clutch and handing her my business card.

The pretty brunette’s eyes narrowed in thought as they drifted over my outfit, lingering on my breasts. ‘I’m Maddisyn. Are you from the nursing agency?’ She quizzed sceptically before glimpsing at the card.

I softly laughed, almost to myself at a wicked thought. ‘Oh no, an escort agency,’ I replied. ‘I don’t have a nurse’s uniform but if the doctors into that sort of thing, maybe you’d like to join us in one,’ I grinned suggestively.

Maddisyn’s eyes widened with comment. ‘Excuse me!’ She said rather indignantly. ‘There must be some mistake. I’ll call Doctor Love,’ Maddisyn added, picking up the phone.

I listened as Maddisyn spoke with Doctor Love. ‘Hello doctor. I have Simone with me and she’s from an escort agency. Oh . . . okay,’ she mumbled sheepishly, raising her eyes to gaze at me. ‘Yes doctor, I’ll show her through to your suite,’ she finally said, ending the call.

‘Everything all right?’ I grinned, knowing the answer.

‘Apparently,’ Maddisyn simply replied in a disapproving tone.

I enjoyed the roll of Maddisyn’s ass cheeks in tight-fitting pencil slacks as they lead me down a long passage way to the back of the building, our high-heels striking the polished Baltic Pine floor. We passed a pristine white wooden staircase and balustrades with polished wooden steps and decorative handrail leading from the entry hall to the second floor.

‘I love these old buildings. I couldn’t wait to see inside,’ I commented, gazing around as if I’d never been in the building before.

Maddisyn paused at a closed dark-stained four-panel door and turned to meet my gaze. My lips formed a knowing smile as her eyes disdainfully took in more than the exclusive dress I’d chosen to wear, lingering a few seconds longer than necessary before knocking on the door.

We entered the suite and a man, who must have been in his late 50s, was seated at a large wooden desk. ‘This is Simone, doctor. She’s your escort agency appointment,’ Maddisyn said disbelievingly.

Standing to join us, his eyes made a brief tour of my body before a broad smile filled his face. ‘Thank you Maddisyn. That will be all,’ he said, not breaking our gaze.

‘Oh . . . I see,’ Maddisyn replied a little awkwardly before leaving, closing the door a little more forcefully than expected.

‘I’ve seemed to have upset your receptionist,’ I mentioned gazing round the exquisitely furnished suite.

‘Maddisyn manages the Practice,’ Doctor Love corrected, flawlessly joining the fantasy. ‘Please, let’s have a seat,’ he added, directing me to two luxurious couches nestled in front of an ornate open fire place.

I was surprised how lovely the doctor’s consulting room was. There were the same high ceilings with decorative cornices that were throughout the building and a magnificent chandelier hung from a delicately painted ceiling rosette. The lovely table lamps and period furniture provided a much more comfortable and informal atmosphere than I was expecting.

I crossed my legs and enjoyed the client’s eyes wandering up my thigh, a tingle trailing behind the warmth of his gaze. ‘I love your suite,’ I said, his smile finally meeting mine.

My own assessing gaze more covertly roamed. The client was handsome for an older man with an engaging smile and his deep blue eyes gave him an alluring look. My arousal surged with the prospect of the doctor being better than some clients I’ve entertained. There’s just something sexually intriguing about an older and attractive man. Even better when he’s paying for what we both enjoy.

‘We wanted period décor that suited the building and to provide an intimate and relaxed setting for Guests,’ Doctor Love explained.

It’s interesting meeting a new client and discovering what they desire. Some seem compelled to justify hiring an escort, their wife or partner not satisfying their needs or simply not interested. Some hide that they’re married while others make no secret of it, even getting off by cheating on their wife or belittling her for what she won’t do. Other clients actually do need a partner for the evening and satisfying a more intimate need later. Sometimes it’s fulfilling a fantasy or a fetish. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Noticing no wedding band or even a tell-tale marking, I wondered what the doctor had in mind. ‘Are we going somewhere or enjoying the intimate setting?’ I asked, my eyes widening suggestively with the image of sex on the couches or on the large antique desk at the other end of the room.

‘No plans, just some lovely female company,’ he replied, a gorgeous smile forming on his lips.

I took the opportunity to raise the matter of financial business. ‘It’ll be two thousand and you’ll find me very good company,’ I answered, biting my lower lip provocatively as a little insurance.

The client’s eyes widened with the price. ‘I should imagine it would be,’ he slightly frowned, his tone a mixture of aroused intrigue and financial unease.

Being a doctor with such a prestigious Park Crescent address and what I’d seen of the exquisitely furnished building, I wouldn’t have thought money would be an issue. I was also feeling comfortable personally, even aroused which is even better when meeting a new client.

Sensing his surprise, I decided to make things a little more tempting. ‘How about your pretty manager joining us for the same fee?’ I suggested, curious to see what would develop.

Women clients are more common than some may think and not just gay singles. There’s been a few married closet lesbians and the gay curious, even those that get excited about a threesome with hubby. Like I said, nothing surprises me anymore.

His interest was obvious as his blue eyes twinkled. ‘Maddisyn’s gay,’ was his frank rely, leaving me wondering if two clients were always on the cards.

I had my suspicions and wasn’t surprised, Maddisyn showing just as much interest in my womanly curves. ‘I’m sure you’ll both enjoy my company,’ I replied, offering him a convincing smile.

‘There’s a bedroom with an ensuite off the suite,’ he mentioned but the client’s gorgeous smile before going to his desk would have been acceptance enough.

‘Why a bedroom?’ Entertained my mind while my eyes explored the image of the client’s toned and athletic body concealed beneath his finely tailored suit. The building also didn’t have that medical centre feel about it. The beautiful wooden desk and some other antique office furniture were the only indication it was a doctor’s suite otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue it was a consulting room. I started to wonder if there was more to the Practice.

The doctor removed some money from a draw and returned. ‘Isn’t it a little unusual having a bedroom off the consulting room?’ I asked with a coy smile full of curiosity.

He paused thoughtfully before answering. ‘I’m a sex therapist. The room is for therapy,’ Doctor Love replied, ever so matter of fact.

‘So, we’re in a similar line of business?’ I teased, the doctor’s knowing grin his only reply.

The client handed me 20 crisp one hundred-dollar notes. ‘I don’t give receipts,’ I smiled. ‘Nobody’s asked for a refund,’ I added jokingly, placing the money in my clutch.

The client offered me his hand and led me through an ornate plaster archway into the bedroom. ‘This is lovely,’ I feigned surprise, pausing in front of a wonderful white marble open fireplace and taking in the lovely period décor of the room.

Velvet drapes and fine lace filled the bay window and beautiful lamps on the cherrywood bedside tables provided an intimate setting. An exquisite king-sized bed attracted most of my attention. I slowly strolled through the room, my pussy moistening and throbbing with the possibilities as I trailed my fingers over the luxurious quilt covering the bed.

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