Fantasy Becomes Reality

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My blood pressure has dropped and I am feeling rather light headed because of it. I am sat on the bottom few steps at church round by the small meeting room. Whenever I try standing my head spins and my vision clouds over, so I just sit there. After a while, the door to the main hall opens and Luke walks out.

He looks at me and says, “Are you ok? Why are you sat there?”

I tell him about my low blood pressure and my vision clouding over when I stand up. He replies that this is not a good place to sit and he helps me up.

“And there goes my vision again.” I say, leaning into him.

He guides me to the door of the small meeting room, but as we are trying to get through, a man comes rushing through the other way with a jug of hot water and bumps straight into me. Although the jug has a lid on, it isn’t screwed all the way down, and a bit of boiling water sloshes out onto my t-shirt. The man doesn’t seem to notice and hurries out as he apologises. As Luke guides me to a chair I start noticing the heat.

“Ow, that’s hot,” I say as my vision returns, and pull the front of my t-shirt away from my skin.

“What’s wrong?” Asks Luke, who hadn’t realised the water had spilt on me.

“Ow, ow, ow.” I said, “He spilt some of the water on me.”

Luke looked concerned and went to the small kitchen, got a tea towel and soaked it in cold water. When he turned back to me I had pulled off my hot t-shirt and was sitting there in my bra. He hesitated for a second then brought me the wet towel. I thanked him and put it on my skin, to great relief. I then asked if he could get me a glass of water, to help with my blood pressure. He obliged, handing me a glass as he sat down, not quite sure where to look. I down the water, and thank him again. My chest is feeling a bit cooler now, so I lift the tea towel and have a look. There are no blisters or bad looking marks, only a slight pink colour.

I turn to Luke, who seems to be studying the wall, and ask, “Does it look ok to you?”

He looks at my face rather surprised, before dropping his gaze to my chest. “They look good to me.” He says going pink.

I smile, then put my hand to the left breast, before saying, “It seems to have cooled down. What do you think?” And I invite him to test the temperature.

Up to this point, my intentions have been purely innocent, solely focused on whether or not I was ok. As Luke gingerly puts a hand to the skin of my left breast showing above my bra, though, I seem to realise how inappropriate it now seems for Luke to be touching my chest, in church. The problem is that now I don’t think I want him to remove his hand, so I put my hand on top of his, preventing him from pulling it back. He mumbles something like it feels great.

I move his hand down under my bra cup, and he squeezes my breast a little before saying, “Your bra is wet.”

I reply, “You could always take it off.”

He answers, “Maybe not in church. Want a lift?”

I smile and pick up my t-shirt, then I mumble “It’s still a bit hot.”

Luke takes my t-shirt to the sink and pours cold water on the small hot patch, wrings it out and passes it back to me. I slip it back on and stand up. Luke leads the way back into the hall full of people. It takes us quite some time to navigate our way through the throng to the front doors, because as usual Luke is a popular man and many people want to talk to him. I stay half hidden behind him, hoping no-one notices my wet t-shirt. After what feels like Malatya Escort an age we finally walk out the front door and across to the car park.

He leads the way to a very nice looking BMW and opens the door for me, like the gentleman he is. I slide into the front seat and clip on my seat belt. He starts the engine and we drive off.

When we are out of sight of church, I say, “Sorry, this t-shirt is too wet.” And pull it off, throwing into the back seats.

We drive for a couple of miles like that, with the radio on, but not too loud.

Luke then says, “Your bra is still wet. Are you not going to take that off too?”

I reply, “Well I did consider it, but I thought it might distract you if I did.”

When he made clear he didn’t mind, I pulled the shoulder straps down, twisted it round and unhooked it, throwing it in the back with my t-shirt. It was amazing how few motorists on the road that day noticed a car with a topless lady in the passenger seat. It was obvious he wasn’t taking me to my flat, but I didn’t ask where we were going, assuming he was taking me to his place. We were on a motorway now, and I started thinking about what had happened back in that small room. I thought about the feel of Luke’s hand on my breast, and without thinking I put my hand where his had been. I start massaging and squeezing thinking about how good it would feel for him to be doing it instead. I notice him glancing at me whenever he can, so I start massaging my other breast at the same time. I sit there, while he drives, with my tits out, squeezing and massaging them, and tweaking and pulling on my nipples, getting really horny and wishing it was his hands.

Suddenly, Luke pulls over into a little parking lane at the side of the motorway, the sort lorries usually pull into. He turns in his seat and watches me properly as I continue to play with my breasts, squirming a little in my seat as I get aroused. After a short while, I lift my butt off the seat, pull my skirt up and my knickers down and sit back down again. I can clearly see the lust on his face as I start playing with my clit, legs slightly apart. My juices are definitely flowing now, so I slip a few fingers inside my pussy. Luke unzips his fly and pulls his cock out at this point, and I notice just how big and hard his cock looks. I watch him wank as he watches me fingering myself. As I slide my fingers in and out of my pussy, I imagine what it would feel like to have his cock stretch me and impale me. That thought takes me over the edge and I close my eyes and yell out as an orgasmic wave washes through my whole body, centered in my pussy. As I come down a little from my high, I can hear that Luke is still jerking on his cock, breathing heavily. I undo my seatbelt, bend down and take the tip of his cock into my mouth. I lick his head, swirling my tongue in circles on it, before sucking him deeper into my mouth. I only get half of his length in before his tip hits my throat and I gag a little. I wrap my hands around his base and move them in time with my mouth, pulling almost completely off before sucking him back into my mouth. As I hear him moan and groan, I pick up the pace, thoroughly enjoying the sounds he’s making, and the feeling of his big cock in my mouth. He gives a huge moan, and shoots his load into my mouth. I try my hardest to swallow it all, but some leaks out and dribbles back onto his lap. When he seems empty and is shrinking again, I sit up, smile at him and say, “Thank you. I enjoyed Malatya Escort Bayan that.” He smiles back at me, kisses me briefly before zipping himself back up, and turning the engine back on. I buckle my seatbelt back up, leaving my knickers on the floor and my skirt around my waist. He pulls off and drives us to his house, in a lovely little village. As we drive, I can see that it’s not too long before a tent reappears in is trousers and I smile.

When he pulls into his driveway, I try to gather up my clothing scattered about his car. By the time I have it all, he has my door open and gives me a hand up. He leads the way into his house, and we go to his living room. He takes my clothes from me and throws them on a chair. Then he leans in and gives me a slow, lingering, passionate kiss. I move closer to him as we kiss, so that as his tongue explores my mouth, I grind my hips and feel his erection. He breaks the kiss, bends down further and takes my nipple in is mouth. I breathe deep and moan slightly as he sucks on my breast. I manage to pull my skirt down, so it’s pooled around my feet, completely naked now. As he kisses my breasts and nipples, Luke puts a hand between my legs and teases my lips a little. I groan at the feeling of a man’s hand on my mound. He slips two fingers between my lips and up inside me, still sucking on my boobs. His fingers are larger than mine, and I go a little weak at the knees as he pumps his fingers in me, curling them in just the right places. I get louder as he takes me closer to climax, when suddenly he pulls his hand away and stands up.

“No! Don’t stop there.” I beg him.

He laughs a little and says, “I know what I’m doing.” He leads me up to the bedroom, and lays me down on the bed.

“Please,” I beg, “I need to feel you inside me. I need to come.”

Luke laughs as he strips off. He is gorgeous, 6 ft 4, manly hairy chest, not too muscley, and a long thick cock.

“Please.” I beg again.

He climbs on top of me, envelopes my mouth in his then pushes his cock slowly into my pussy. I moan in his mouth at the amazing feeling of finally having a cock, after years without. For a while he lays there on top of me, his cock buried to the hilt inside me, not moving, just kissing. I moan again and wiggle my hips. At this he moans a little and starts pumping himself in and out of me. He starts by slowly drawing halfway out, then slowing pushing back in, just to pull slowly back out and push slowly back in. Gradually he increases the pace. He pulls out almost as slow, but pushes back in faster, continuing like this until he can’t maintain the control and just goes at it, fucking me fast and hard, until I’m screaming out with orgasm and spasming around him. He keeps up the pace, riding me fast, and I start to feel his orgasm building up, which brings me closer to another one. He groans loudly as I feel his load explode inside me and I scream out again, my pussy spasms milking the cum out of his dick. As he goes still, I curl my arms and legs around him, hugging him as tight as I can, stopping him pulling out of me.

“That was amazing.” I pant in his ear, “Do you know how many times I’ve fantasized about that?”

“Really?” He asks, ” You’ve fantasized about me?”

“All the time.” I admit, “But the real you is so much better.”

I loosen my grip on him, and he pulls his now limp cock out of my dripping pussy. He gives me a peck on the lips, before disappearing through a door and I hear him relieving Escort Malatya himself. The sound makes me realise that I need to go too, so I follow him through the door into a nice little en suite bathroom. After we have both used the toilet and cleaned up a little he asks me if I’m hungry and we both head down to the kitchen, not bothering to get dressed. He puts some chicken breasts in the oven and puts some potatoes and veg on to boil. He pours us a drink while we wait for food to cook, and we chat. A short while later, we are sat at his table, both still starkers, tucking into a lovely meal.

“So tell me about these fantasies of yours.” He says as we eat.

“They are not very imaginative.” I reply.

“I’d still like to hear them.” He insists.

“Well, usually they either start with one or other of us walking into the wrong toilets, or me tripping or fainting and you catching me, normally I accidentally touch your willy as you catch me.”

“I see. Go on.” He encourages.

“It gets a bit vague in the details sometimes, but in that one, we often end up in your car down a quiet country lane somewhere.” He’s still looking at me expectantly so I continue, “You play with my tits a bit, then you push your fingers in my pussy and, you know. Sometimes I wank you or suck you off. Then you sit me on your lap fuck me.” I can see he’s starting to get aroused again.

“And what happens in the toilet one?” He asks.

“Um, it’s usually me walking in on you having a wee. When you see me, you bend me over the sinks and take me from behind.” I say.

“In your arse?” He asks.

“Oo, no. I don’t that. Just doggy style. I used to love doggy style. My favourite position.”

“Used to?” He asks.

“Before today, I haven’t had a man in way too many years.” I tell him.

“I see. And did the reality live up to the fantasy?” He queries.

“Couldn’t say about doggie style yet, but otherwise the reality is so much better.” I say, adding, “You are so sexy.”

By now we have finished eating. I stand up, gather our plates and start running water into the washing up bowl. I notice Luke is standing watching me, so I rest my elbows on the sink edge and stick out my rear, teasingly. As I start to wash the dishes in this position, he comes up behind me and starts stroking my buttocks. It feels nice and I wiggle my bum a little. He strokes down further and I feel his fingers stroke the outside of my pussy lips. I push towards the contact, but he slides his fingers away, then around my hips to the front. He finds my clit and rubs it with his finger, while stepping closer to me, so that I can feel his erection on my butt. I gasp as I carefully put the last clean plate on the draining board, and lean forward properly, thrusting my arse into his cock. He then slides his cock into my pussy from behind, and I moan loudly. He pounds into me as I stand there leaning on his kitchen sink, crying louder with every thrust. I spasm in orgasm very quickly, screaming as I come stronger than ever. He continues to pound into me, grunting behind me in pleasure, keeping my orgasm going longer than I thought possible. Finally the orgasm subsides, but he doesn’t let up. He fucks me doggy style, pure pleasure evident in his grunts and moans. I begin to climax again, and once again he keeps me there, screaming with pleasure, for a long time, then I feel the change in him and he spurts his load into my pussy again, as we both orgasm together.

“Still the best position.” I gasp, as Luke pulls himself out.

He gets dressed as I continue to calm down. Then he brings me my clothes, saying that we should probably leave the exploits there for now. I get dressed and we sit on the sofa, he puts on a film, as we snuggle into each other.

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