Fantasy Fulfilled

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Real estate agent, Catherine Thomas carefully straightened the For Sale sign on the front lawn, critically eyeing the luxurious four bedroom two story home she was hoping like hell to sell. With any luck the couple arriving any minute to view it wouldn’t be more looky-loos with nothing better to do with their Saturday afternoon than go house browsing, wasting her time.

That was providing of course she’d read him right. At least Jason Rider had sounded serious when she’d talked to him on the phone about what he was looking for. Explaining to her that he was interested in finding a nice family home, since he and his fiancée wanted to start a family as soon as they got married, they’d need the space. She smiled at the well-built Colonial as she mounted the wide steps onto the big front porch, sure that this one would fit the bill and make a perfect place for them to raise a family. Not unlike the home where she’d raised her three boys, before her husband had decided that at forty-one, she was well past her best-by date, and traded her in for a newer model.

Heaving a sigh, she let herself in, deciding she might as well leave the door unlocked while she did her usual last minute inspection, since it was almost time for the young couple to arrive.

Doing a quick once over, she plucked a few pictures off shelves and stashed them in drawers, well aware that no one wanted to see another family while they were trying to imagine themselves living in the house they were touring. Glancing around, she nodded. Lucky for her the place was pretty tidy, so she wouldn’t have to do much.

But upstairs, she gasped out loud when she got a look at what awaited her in what had to be the kid’s bathroom – a soggy pile of wet towels still on the floor, and a few inches of murky-looking water sitting in the bathtub, complete with an abandoned rubber ducky – yikes. She knew the current home owners, the Wilsons, had left that morning for a holiday in the Bahamas – and by looks of things, they’d been running late and barely gotten their kids out of the tub before they had to go.

So, with no other choice, getting down on her knees, hoping she didn’t ruin her sexy red heels, or get soaked, she fished out the little ducky, let out the water, did a cursory wipe of the tub with one of the towels, hurriedly stashed everything under the sink, then got up on her tiptoes to unlock the window, so she could open it and let some of the dampness out of the room.

Noticing a big unsightly stain on the outside of the window, she grabbed some toilet paper off the roll, wet it at the sink and crawled out as far as she dared to try and clean it off. But when she tried to shimmy back inside, she couldn’t believe her luck, groaning, when she realized her dress was stuck on the lock at the bottom of the open window, nearly choking her. Now she wondered why in hell she’d chosen to wear a loose knit dress, no matter how stylish, since the big knitted loops were making it impossible to get free.

She could feel the cool air on her nearly bare bottom, too, and hoped no one came along now, or they’d see a lot more than just the sexy undies she’d taken to wearing since her dip-stick ex had kindly informed her that somewhere along the way, she’d lost her sex appeal as well.

Rolling her eyes, she looked skyward – of all the times for something like this to happen. Why now?

Desperately tugging on the loop in the lock, doing her best not to strangle herself, she groaned when she heard, “Hello?” coming from downstairs. Perfect. Her ass nearly bare, trapped in a window, with her clients waiting for her to greet them, she wanted to scream. Trying to decide if she should just wriggle out of her dress, she remembered that the intricate catch at the back of the neck would make that impossible.

And then she heard a deep male voice right behind her, saying, “Oh, hi? You okay?”

Turning her head as much as she could, cheeks burning with embarrassment, she admitted, “Not exactly. I seemed to have gotten myself stuck out here trying to clean the window.”

Quickly getting over the surprise of finding her like this, Jason’s eyes flared, staring appreciatively at what had to be the most gorgeous tight little ass he’d ever seen. So it seems his real estate agent liked to wear thongs. And the way the slender piece of black lace bisected those perfect pale round globes, he was damn glad she did.

After straightening his rapidly straining cock in his jeans, he stepped right behind her and asked, “So, how can I help you?”

Giving up trying to tear the thing free herself, she said, “Well, if you can find a way to untangle me from the stupid lock that would be great, I think one of the loops in my dress is wrapped around it.”

He nodded, getting his groin right up against that luscious ass for a better look, which wasn’t the smartest move since he could feel himself growing even harder. But on closer inspection she was right, and some of her long reddish hair was caught in there, too. And although he hated Ankara travesti to hurt her, he took hold of her hair as well as the dress and gave it yank. And although she yelped, it didn’t budge. It was really tangled, kind of wedge in behind the lock. “Sorry,” he apologized. “I can’t get it loose and it looks like you’ve put a hole in your dress, and some of your hair is caught in there, too.”

Then Catherine felt the first fat drops of rain hitting her face and she rolled her eyes. Un-freaking-believable. Now all she needed was a plague of locusts and she’d be done. Frustrated, she said over her shoulder, “Why don’t you see if there are any scissors in the drawers and just go ahead and cut it off.”

His brows shot up. “You want me to cut your dress off?”

“Yes, and any hair that’s caught if you have to; it’s really starting to rain, and I’m getting soaked out here.”

Okay, so this was one kinky fantasy he’d yet to act out, cutting a woman’s clothes off. Rifling through the drawers in the bathroom vanity, he found a small pair of scissors. Approaching her again, he decided they’d have to do, promising, “I’ll try to be gentle.”

She grinned, wondering how many times she’d heard that line before. Blinking as the pelting rain ran into her eyes, she said, “Don’t worry about saving the dress – just get it off me so I can get back inside.”

That he could do – happily. After unsuccessfully trying to dig at the dress around the lock where the clasp was with the scissors, Jason shrugged and did as she suggested, took hold of the bottom and began to cut the dress straight up the back, and soon it was open, exposing her bare slender back, and of course the glory of that gorgeous little backside. Then tugging at the neck, he managed to slip the scissors underneath and slice it right off her, thankfully without taking much of her hair. Catching her as she squirmed back inside, they both laughed when she landed on top of him, sending them both sprawling to the floor.

His hands around her breasts, she was wet, and now he was hard – really hard. And he knew, as much as he hated to, he had to let go of her and help to her feet. Finally on his feet facing her, he eyed her, in probably the sexiest sheer wet push up bra and black lace thong he’d ever seen, making her body look fantastic. Then he blinked and blinked again as recognition dawned. He knew her. And had even spent time at her house as a kid. Holy freaking shit. She was his friend Kevin’s mom, hot Mrs. Thompson. What were the odds of bumping into her again? As a kid, she had to be the sexiest mom ever. Probably every adolescent boy on the block had their first boner drooling over her. So naturally she was his go to whenever he’d wanted to jack off in his room. And now here she was, dripping wet, almost naked, and he sure as fuck wasn’t a kid anymore. Thank god for that.

Forgetting for the moment that her dress was off, she politely extended her hand. “I guess I should introduce myself, shouldn’t I? I’m Catherine Thomas, and you must be Jason Rider.” She looked past him over his shoulder. “But where’s your fiancée?”

With a shrug, he said matter-of-factly, “Got cold feet. The wedding’s off.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that.” Yeah, he had been too, until he realized that things had been going south for a while, since they’d wanted different things out of life, and he’d been ignoring all the warnings she’d been trying to give him. Now he knew it was just as well it had ended before they’d made it up the aisle.

“That’s why I kept postponing seeing this place, till finally I knew it would just be for me. But I’ve decided I still want to see it, even on my own.”

She nodded, trying to supress her relief. Normally a break up meant that there’d be no sale. Biting into her lip, she eyed him, deciding he was incredibly good looking, maybe a little young for her, but still… Then she finally glanced down at herself and laughed. “Oh, my god, I think I need to put some clothes on, don’t I?”

Jason grinned, holding her gaze, before he raked her over again, muttering, “Not on my account, I hope.”

Fully aware that she could never hook up with a client, even a potential one, she still grinned right back, her eyes sparkling with something she hadn’t felt in years. Full-fledged desire. Then her eyes widened with alarm as he started to unbutton his pale blue long-sleeved shirt, tugging it out of his jeans and baring the most spectacularly sculpted body she’d ever seen. What the hell was he doing, stripping off? Was he trying to even the score?

“Here,” he said, making her sag with relief as he held out his shirt, helping her to slip into it. “There’s no way you can wear that dress again, so you can wear this.”

Once she’d gotten it on, she could feel the enticing heat of his body lingering on his shirt. Tempted to burrow her nose in for a sniff, she could also detect the intoxicating musky scent of him clinging to the fabric. And if her pussy wasn’t wet before she’d put on his shirt, Antalya travesti it sure was now. “Thanks,” she said, holding his amazing green gaze for a long moment.

Staring into her stunning blue eyes, Jason figured she wouldn’t remember him. It had been ten long years since his folks had split up and they’d moved off her street. And he’d only been sixteen then, and still growing. But now at twenty-seven, standing at six foot-two, with a light beard, no way she’d ever remember the scrawny kid who lusted after her every time he saw her. Although her boys were younger, all the kids in the neighborhood played pickup basketball and street hockey together, so he’d been pretty tight with her sons, especially Kevin who’d been just a few years younger than he was.

Although she was pretty and sexy as hell back then, he decided she’d matured into something even finer. Sort of like Sophia Loren, in her prime. Even looked a little like her too, with those full pouty lips, and all that lush reddish brown hair framing her face. Without even thinking he brushed a few tangled strands back behind her ear, asking, “Better?”

She nodded, as she began to button up the shirt. “Yes, thanks.”

Flashing a devastating grin, he said, “So, guess I should see the house, huh?”

Fighting to tear her gaze off all that bronzed bare-chested muscle, she murmured, “Yeah, I guess you should.”

Holding his arm out, he allowed her to precede him out of the bathroom, and damn, in just his shirt, barely skirting her delectable little butt cheeks, in those sexy fucking heels that really showcased her model-perfect legs, he thought his cock would burst free from his jeans, straining so crazy hard as she sashayed that pretty ass down the hallway in front of him. And once she stopped inside the master bedroom, his eyes lit on the king size bed, and all he could think of was her on her back, with those long, lean legs wrapped around him tight, of course still in those insanely sexy shoes as he plundered her pussy with his aching cock. “So?” she asked, breaking into his lusty thoughts, “what do you think?”

On the tip of his tongue to tell her all he could think of was how damn hot she looked right now, he forced his gaze off her and around the room. And it occurred to him then, it really was a good size room. He could easily picture himself enjoying sleeping and relaxing in here. Stepping over to look out the window, he loved the spacious green, lush back yard that was more than big enough for a pool. “It really is nice,” he finally told her.

She took a moment to glance around then, too. “It is isn’t it? I liked this house the moment I saw it.” Pretty much fell in love it, if she was going to be honest.

“Yeah, so did I,” he agreed, “when I first saw the listing on line, I knew I had to see in person. And it’s a beautiful home.”

Although hating to lose the sale, she still felt she had to ask, “You don’t think it’s too much house for you now that you’re… on your own?”

Jason shook his head. “Naw. I’m the one who wanted the big house, not her. And truth is I still want it. And hopefully one day I’ll have someone to share it with.” Once his folks had split up, his mom had moved him and his two brothers into a tiny little townhouse where they’d had to sleep in bunk beds, and he’d hated it. And he could still remember how claustrophobic it felt to wake up looking at the bottom of another bed every morning, like he was in a cage. Especially after having been lucky enough to grow up in roomy house like this, before his parents had decided to go their separate ways. And now that he’d made a small fortune running his own successful tech firm, he could finally put down roots, liked he’d always dreamed of. And of course a place like this would be putting his money to good use. Not into fancy cars or partying his life away, like so many of his friends, this was what he wanted to invest in. A place that could be his future – hopefully one day with the right woman.

His eyes trailing over her again, he tipped his head when he noticed she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring anymore. And before he could stop himself, he asked, “So, are you married, Catherine?”

Shrugging her shoulders, she said, “No, not anymore. I’ve been divorced for a few months now, and thankfully my sons are grown, so now I’m on my own.”

Forgetting himself, and almost asking her how the guys were doing, he decided he wasn’t too sure he wanted her to know who he was, and how they knew each other. He’d felt her checking him out in the bathroom once he’d taken off his shirt, and knew if she found out she’d known him as a boy, that would be the end of it. And she’d shut him down.

Touring the rest of the impressive house – although he decided there were a few things he’d like to change, like the flowery guest bedroom, that he could see would be perfect for his home office done in something more neutral – he figured it was exactly what he’d always wanted.

Catherine flicked on all the lights İstanbul travesti once they entered the kitchen, holding out her hand as they walked in. “Don’t know if you cook much, but this is a great kitchen, and it’s got all the bells and whistles you could ever want.”

He nodded, recalling that she was a phenomenal cook, and always made the most amazing meals. Which was one of the reasons he’d loved eating over at her place. Even her meatloaf was ten times better than his mom’s. But it wasn’t just the food. He was probably pretty much smitten with her even then. Thinking back, he’d never found her husband all that nice, though. Guy was kind of cold, especially compared to her. And she had the best smile. Then she grinned and him, and smiling right back at her, he decided she still did.

Then she asked him, “You want to see the basement now? It’s finished. And it has the most fantastic rec room, and a great work shop, too, if you’re handy.”

Nodding, he followed her down the stairs off the kitchen. And was he ever surprised when they walked into a good size nicely finished man-sized room and saw the size of the TV and all the leather couches. The man of house seemed to have the perfect man cave, and if he decided to buy this place, it occurred to him that he could have this, too. And if the price was right, they might even agree to sell it furnished.

A few minutes later, they had just finished checking out the furnace and well-equipped work shop, when the lights flickered and went out, leaving them standing in the dark. And suddenly he had his boyhood crush with her head pressed to his chest and her arms wrapped around him tight. “Sorry,” she whispered against his chest. “But I hate the dark and I’ve always been afraid of it.”

A little surprised at seeing her so vulnerable, he hugged her close as he dug out his cell phone. Once he put the flashlight feature on, she went to let go of him, but he just kept holding her close, suggesting, “Probably better stay close till we get back upstairs.”

Grinning up at him, she said, “Yeah, guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Then a loud crash of thunder shook the house and she was back crushed against him all over again. “You’re okay, I’ve got you,” he assured her, running a soothing hand up and down her back. And without even thinking, he tipped up her chin and pressed his lips to hers, and damn if she didn’t open up for him. Then it hit him. Finally, after all these years, he was kissing his first serious crush, and even better, she was kissing him right back.

Shamelessly moaning against his mouth, running her hand over his soft beard, Catherine knew she should stop, but it just felt so good, she just couldn’t find it in her to pull away. And then when his tongue touched hers and he cupped her ass and squeezed, sending her pulse into overdrive, every rational thought in her head fled. All she could think of was the feel of his mouth and how amazing it felt to share this kiss, never mind how wet he was getting her. She could feel he was hard, too. And that alone should have made her pull back, but grinding up against him, foolish or not, she wanted what he was offering, deciding that later she’d worry about the consequences – much later.

Oh, god. Once his fingers slipped inside her thong and began to slide along her pussy, busy sucking his tongue into her mouth, somewhere in the back of her foggy brain she knew where this was heading, but no way could she stop it now. And why would she even want to? How often would she get a chance like this? A hot young stud, who wanted her just as much as she wanted him? It would probably never happen again.

His lips still locked on hers, vaguely aware he was lifting her into his arms, and they were headed back into the rec room, she didn’t resist. And once he set her down on one of supple brown leather couches, as she watched him strip off his jeans, her mouth began to water at the sight of him, like it had never watered before. And her eager little pussy was so hot, so wet, and so ready, it literally ached for him. It felt like ages since she’d been with a man. And she knew she’d never been with one this hot – at least not in this lifetime.

Once he pushed down his clingy black boxers and she got her first look at his thick, hard cock as it bounced up and slapped him in the belly, she lifted her smoky gaze to his and licked her lips, grinning. Oh, yeah, she wanted this. She wanted him. Right or wrong, this was going to happen.

And then he was pushing her back on the couch, his fingers tugging her thong down along her thighs as he found her mouth again, mating with her tongue as his hands slowly slid back up her legs. Quivering from the feel of his hands tracing over her skin, she moaned into his mouth, sure she’d never been more ready for a man in her life.

Sliding his body down over hers, she whimpered as he un-fastened her bra, freeing her breasts. And then his mouth was on her, sucking her deep into the heat of his mouth, rolling her sensitive nipple with his tongue. And all of a sudden nothing else mattered, only the feel of him, and what he was doing to her, and how he was making her feel – like she was levitating right off the damn couch. And good lord, he sure knew how to work a woman’s body, like a maestro of sex.

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