Fara, Sharifah and Emilia together

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Emilia stepped out of the communal shower in her university hall. Being in an all girls wing of the dormitory, Emilia didn’t think twice about wearing nothing except her long towel and her Japanese bathroom slippers to walk along the corridor. She was a freshman, staying in the Temasek Hall of the National University of Singapore for the semester. As she was walking along the corridor, she smiled widely thinking of what had just happened. Emilia couldn’t believe that she had just masturbated with the thoughts of her friend, Sharifah, in mind. Emilia had masturbated to Sharifah several times before, but this was the first time that Emilia was actually able to taste and smell Sharifah. Emilia had used Sharifah’s lace g-string to masturbate herself. Emilia felt closer to Sharifah than she had ever felt before. The best part about it was that Emilia was walking back to her room where Sharifah and another of her long time close friend, Fara, were in. They had arranged to study together tonight for the final exams that were just around the corner.

Emilia was about 20 metres away from the door and through the window, Emilia stood, gleaming and basking in the sunlight. Emilia was 18, a 1.65m tall malay girl with fair skin. Emilia had long, black hair that reached her silky broad shoulders. Emilia had the most amazing body, at 36-24-34, her full breasts were the envy of her secondary schoolmates at graduation last year. She was in a top girls-only secondary school in Singapore, and that was when she had met and became close friends with Sharifah and Fara.

As Emilia reached the door to her dorm room, she could hear Sharifah and Fara’s mumbled voices coming from inside. Emilia turned the handle to open the door, it wasn’t locked. Emilia couldn’t believe what she saw with her eyes.

“Oh my God!” Emilia exclaimed, “What are you two doing?!”

Emilia saw that Fara was sitting up on the edge of the bed, while Sharifah was on her knees, head between Fara’s legs. Clearly startled, Sharifah immediately removed her head from between Fara’s legs emek otele gelen escort that were spread wide and Fara then began to slowly bring her legs together again, looking embarrassed.

“I can explain, Emilia..” Sharifah started, “It was a spur of the moment thing..”

“We’re so sorry, Emilia..” Fara chipped in. “But we were both feeling a horny and we missed each other so much..”

Emilia had a stunned look on her face, “You mean you guys have done this before? Who else knows about this?”

“No one else, Emilia.. can you imagine if the rest of our friends know?” Sharifah answered, “I’ll be so humiliated.”

“So does this mean that you guys are lesbians or what?” Emilia asked in disbelief, “Does Raihan and Lenny know?”

Fara looked up when she heard the names of their boyfriends. “I don’t know WHAT this means, Emiliaaa.. I know I still love my boyfriend but I just love this feeling with Sharifah too, whatever this feeling is..”

By now, Sharifah had gotten up from her knees and had joined Fara sitting down on the bed. Emilia, with her long towel still wrapped around her, stumbled to the chair of her nearby table, “I’ve got to sit down for this..”

After about a minute or two of taking the whole matter in, Emilia finally realized that this wasn’t so serious at all. Emilia herself had had fantasies about Sharifah although they were only in her mind. What she saw was an opportunity to finally express physically her most intimate thoughts and feeling that she had about Sharifah.

“How does it feel?” Emilia asked softly

“Hhmm? It feels so good, Emilia..” answered Fara.

“You don’t want me to say anything to anyone, right?” asked Emilia. Both Fara and Sharifah nodded in agreement.

“Then I want to feel what you’re feeling..” declared Emilia, as she stood up and slowly removed the towel that was covering her naked body underneath. Standing across the bed, Emilia was completely naked in front of her two malay friends, Fara and Sharifah. It felt embarrassingly emek anal yapan escort liberating to Emilia, she was wondering what her two friends might be thinking of her and her naked body.

Fara did not hesitate, “Oh Emiliaaaa.. you are so beautiful..” Fara stood up from the bed and walked towards Emilia. Fara stared deep into Emilia’s eyes and brought her own lips towards Emilia’s. It was a long and deep kiss. As their lips locked, Fara began to move her body closer to Emilia and brought her arms around Emilia to embrace her tightly. Through Fara’s thin purple tee, Emilia could feel Fara’s breasts against hers, heaving with anticipation. Meanwhile, Sharifah went to the door and locked it, ensuring no one could disturb them this time.

Sharifah looked at the couple and immediately began to feel wet between her thighs. It was such a sight, two malay girls kissing passionately, it turned her on so much. Sharifah began to remove her white tee and got out of her blue shorts, she was wearing nothing underneath and now she too was now naked. She went on top of the bed and laid there. When the two finally broke away, Sharifah looked at them knowingly.

“Come here Emilia..I want to taste you so bad…” Sharifah pleaded.

Not needing to be asked twice, Emilia went to the bed with Fara’s hand in hers, and planted a kiss on Sharifah’s left cheek. This was finally happening, Emilia thought. I finally get to make sweet love to Sharifah. I finally get to taste her real flesh.

Sharifah returned Emilia’s kiss but this time fully on the mouth, sticking out her tongue slightly to taste the insides of Emilia’s lips. Emilia was slightly startled, it was the first time had been french kissed by a girl but Emilia loved it. Now Emilia slowly began to get on top of Sharifah’s naked body. The feeling was incredible, Emilia and Sharifah were touching flesh to flesh and breast to breast.

“Emiliaaa… come here and lie down next to me, luv..” Sharifah said. Emilia did as she was told. “Who would you emek escort like to taste first, Emilia.. Fara or me?”

“I want it to be you first, Sharifah..” Emilia couldn’t stand it.

Fara smiled, she knew she was going to taste Emilia now. Emilia’s naked malay body laid on the bed and she stared up to see Sharifah’s face above hers. Sharifah smiled widely and her dimples showed. Kissing Emilia’s full lips, Sharifah then parted her legs and started to move herself on her knees towards Emilia’s face. Emilia then brought her right knee up and crossed it over Sharifah’s face.

“OOOOHHHHhhh.. Sharifahhhhh…” Emilia said, “Sit on my face right now, Sharifah.. I want to taste your sweet pussy..”

Both Fara and Sharifah turned to look at each other, smiling. They hadn’t heard words like that coming from Emilia before and it was such a turn on. Sharifah was more than happy to do what Emilia wanted and positioned herself right over Emilia’s face and slowly brought herself down.

Emilia didn’t wait to start munching away, the taste of Sharifah’s already moist pubic hair first reaching her thin, wet lips. Emilia had never done this before and she was flicking her tongue all over, parting her lips slightly and trying to taste every inch of her malay friend’s pussy.

Sharifah arched her back slightly, enjoying the feeling below. Then suddenly, Emilia felt exploded. At the same time she was having her tongue in Sharifah, Emilia also was having her pussy eaten by another of her close malay friend, Fara.

Fara was on the floor, comfortably kneeling in from of Emilia’s legs that were spread wide open. Fara stuck her tongue out in full, trying to reach as close to the bed as possible. Fara’s tongue tasted the start of Sharifah’s crack and Fara slowly flicked it up to Sharifah’s pussy.

“AAArrrggghhh… uuumff…Ooohh, Faraaaa.” Emilia almost screamed. ” don’t stop, please!”

Fara and Sharifah had no intention of doing so. They wanted their friend, Emilia’s, first experience to be the most memorable ever.

“Aaaaahhhh..” Sharifah moaned. “We won’t stop till we all have had enough..”

“MMMmmm.. oHhhh Sharifahhh… Ooo Faraaaaaa..” Emilia said.

The night went on with the three hot, beautiful malay girls enjoying each other’s bodies. All three came together that night, and unkowingly, Emilia had it all on tape.

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