Farrah Moan

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I was on a bus heading to some lame magic show with two tickets in my pocket, alone because my girlfriend had a migraine and needed to lie down in a dark room. I saw this woman come aboard. She was pretty for a plump girl. Well, maybe plump wasn’t fair. She wasn’t thin but she was also hard and firm, not an ounce of fat on her, still she was shorter and thick with round features. Even from the front I could see her hips and I knew she had a full round ass: which I don’t object to in a woman. She had medium length dirty blonde hair, it was thin, and made her look frumpy, but still moderately attractive. She was at least a six on a scale from one to ten.

I don’t think her outfit helped. She was wearing those blue denim bib overalls. The kind a city girl would wear to create a Farmer’s Daughter theme. She had nice legs with a little flower tattoo on her ankle. The leafy stem twisted it’s way up her leg and disappeared somewhere under her shorts.

She came and stood right next to me holding the strap hanging from the ceiling. I was thinking I should offer her my seat. But I got distracted again by her tattoo.

I noticed that the little vine reappeared at her bare hip, crawled up her side, then vanished again under the tube top which peeked out behind the bib. Through the tube top her boobs looked better from the side.

I felt like I was looking too long so I stole a final glance where I saw that it completed its journey in the hollow of her pit, terminating as a bright red rose. The rose was composed of several distinct shades of red, indicating shadows, and was surrounded by vibrant greenery. Really it was the most intensely colored tattoo I’d ever seen.

Embarrassed I stared straight ahead from that point on, looking out the front window for clues that my stop was upon us.

I’m tall and she was short so my face was not too far from that rose. I detected a sweet smell while imagining that she might apply a rose scented perfume. My curiosity got the best of me, so in complete secrecy, I allowed myself to inhale a little deeper. The sweetness was still there, though upon reflection, it didn’t smell at all floral. It was sweet yet pungent. I wondered if it was one of those designer products made from the glands of a rare weasel or something. It wasn’t fantastic but it was mysteriously intriguing. The effect was that I kept asking myself if I liked it or not, So I kept stealing additional whiffs, leaning imperceptibly closer, always needing more.

When my stop was at hand I got up to leave. I should have squeezed out facing away from her, but I was compelled to get a last look at her face, so I swiveled while standing to look into her eyes.

I confirmed that she was plain, but somehow I also thought she was twice as beautiful as I remembered from minutes before. I guessed I’d misjudged her.

I pulled myself away to disembark. Safely on the ground again, I collected myself to get my bearings in this strange vacation city. Spinning around I saw her there in front of me again. She was waving a clear little bottle.

She approached me like a panther approaches its prey. “You can call me Farrah, Farrah Moan.”

“This stuff really works, doesn’t it? I mean, you can’t resist the smell can you?”

She invited me to smell. It was a distasteful idea. But I bent over right there in the street putting my nose close to the matching flower on the other side, as she lifted her arm, offering it to me. As I was taking it in, I was aware that the bus was just pulling away and people in the bus might be watching.

Self conscious I jerked upright, looking around to see if anyone had in fact been watching. I was relieved to see we were alone on the street.

The next thing I knew she was reading the label from the bottle, “…ambergris, indole, human pheromones, rhesus pheromones, canine pheromones, musk…”

She crooked her finger at me, inviting me to follow, “You want more?” or did she tell me, “You want more!” Recklessly, I followed the captivating mysterious sexy woman into her flat.

We went into her apartment. She pivoted suddenly, saying, “I put some here too,” pulling her shorts to the side so I could see her blue panties, “Does it work here?” I could see wisps of light blonde pubic hair and a part of her soft crinkly pussy lip.

I got down on my knees putting my nose as close as I dared. Yes! The intoxicant hit me just as hard. I answered without ceasing my inhalations. “Yes, it smells nice there too.” I fell forward to let my face rub against her thigh and the spot where it joined with her crotch but she put her hand on my forehead pushing me away. My cheek felt deliciously moist where it had momentarily touched her.

“Let’s play a game.” She announced. She picked up a necktie. “We’ll see if you can find all the places I’ve put it.”

In one move she unclasped the hooks and dropped her overalls. Wearing only the panties now and tiny knit top she stepped forward straddling my knees. She pressed her cotton covered mound lightly malatya escort on my lips and nose, “How does it make you feel?”

My head felt light. “It, it makes me feel like I need more.” She started to blindfold me with the masculine striped necktie, “But whose…?”

“Oh, that’s my boyfriend’s. He likes it as much as you do. Maybe more, now that he’s lived with it for awhile. He’ll do anything for me you know.

Do you like me? Will you play my game?” She proceeded to fasten the cloth, depriving me of sight. I nodded dumbly, now shamelessly inhaling deeply but also wishing she were nude.

“Stay right there.” She stepped away but in a few minutes I heard the couch cushion complain so I knew where she was.

Sweetly she commanded me: “Crawl over here, Baby. Follow your nose.” I couldn’t smell anything from that distance. Unable to see, I followed the sound of her voice. On my hands and knees, but with one hand in the air to feel my way, I worked my way forward.

When I was close she took hold of my up-raised wrist, placing my hand on her knee. This was the first time I’d touched her with my hand. Her skin was warm, no, hot, and smooth. I placed my other hand on her other knee as well.

Her knees were easily six to eight inches higher than I would have expected them to be for a woman sitting on a couch, which was fine by me since I wouldn’t have to bend as low.

I leaned forward inhaling deeply: the aroma was magical. My senses told me that all I experienced was the natural scent of a woman’s pussy plus some expensive perfume but my mind told me it was heaven.

For a moment a sat still, breathing deeply, methodically, in and out, but something inside me insisted I get closer, I needed to imbibe, to merge with her sex. I had a vision of my head slowly moving toward her cunny, of my lips connecting with hers, of my tongue penetrating the depths, and impossibly, of my face going inside.

The reality was that I was too slow. She pulled my head with both hands directing me to where she wanted me. Turning me sideways she guided me to her inner thigh where I planted kisses, starting near her unseen knee, then progressing to my goal. I left a trail of kisses, noticing how the scent captivated me more powerfully as I went.

When I reached the junction the undertones of the elixir took on more masculine notes. Her wrist was trapped between my head and her other thigh, but there was something else there too just on the inside between her wrist and my mouth.

All at once she squeezed my head hard while another set of hands reached around her legs to take hold of my blindfolded head as well. I struggled halfheartedly wanting to both escape and consume whatever smelled so amazing, but with four hands grasping me I didn’t have the will to fight.

She spoke: “We want this. I put some on my boyfriend too. On his dick. Doesn’t it smell great? Tell me you like the odor?”

I did. I liked it, and I told her…them. “I love it. Anything that smells so good must…” I didn’t finish my thought. On the surface of my thoughts I was thinking – it’s a man’s penis, gross, gnarly, probably dirty with the remnants of smegma and piss. I wasn’t gay, I wanted nothing to do with a man’s tool.

Then, inexplicably, I told myself that this one was different. This one must be special. I was overwhelmingly attracted to the scent. On some level I knew it only appealed to me because of the perfume she had applied but that didn’t change how I felt. Somewhere below, I was feeling that all I wanted was to make his cock and her pussy a part of me. I needed to inhale their essences. I needed to kiss and taste them.

I had never been so attracted to anything so repulsive in my life. I knew, intellectually, that I didn’t like it, but that didn’t change at all that, emotionally, I loved it. I reflected on how amazing it was that a little bottle of odor could have so much control over me.

They let go of my head. She repeated herself, sounding confident, “Just breathe it in. Tell me you like me? Now lick us!” I had been kneeling there between their legs, frozen, for what seemed like an eternity. Everytime I felt like nibbling on their flesh, I recoiled, only to want them yet again.

I knew I was under the influence. I knew it was all based on my olfactory nerves. I needed to alter the scenario, change the vectors.

I ripped off my blindfold: now I could see. My vision wouldn’t be affected by the drug. Before me Farrah sat astride a man who was, apparently, her boyfriend. His legs were spread wide and he rested his hands on his knees, her legs were between his, and subsequently, I was between theirs’. His were hairy while hers were smooth and milky and amazing.

I ran my hands up her legs from her knees to his cock which was sticking up from his groin right between and past her pussy lips. When my fingers touched his cock it was hot and powerful and ugly. Her fingertips touched it too. She rubbed it between her wet lips malatya escort bayan making squishy sounds. There was no chance it would enter her: it was way too long, reaching half way up her bush. She pulled it tight against herself then softly blew a gentle stream of air accross their sex organs. The warm smell of sweet summer sweat wafted over my face.

The sight of his cock helped me to resist. It had protruding veins popping out like on a weightlifter’s arms. I could see the shapes of the blood engorged areas which allowed it to become erect. It was dimpled on some parts and the swollen head was a deeper shade – almost reddish. Additionally, I could clearly make out the orbs inside his loose furry sack.

While her platinum pubic hair was beautiful his seemed wiry and disgusting. I couldn’t believe my fingertips were buried in his pubes. How was I not running away?

But those feelings ran over me stronger than ever. In a moment my lips were pressed against them. Her pussy was mashed under his cock and in turn I mashed my lips against both of them. The smells were strong now. The sweet attractive smell of the perfume, the familiar scent of a woman, and the revolting smell of a man’s dick – and I wanted them all.

My passion was uncontrollable. Feverishly I sucked in as much air as I could through my nose. I licked all over, licking her, licking them, and licking a hard throbbing cock for the first time ever.

Farrah’s boyfriend spoke for the first time, simply and to the point, “Do the balls.” And I did! First I kissed them. Then I licked. Tentatively, and fearfully, with the tip of my tongue, then firmly with the flat of it. Up and down then around. I curled my tongue under his balls and swiped between them, bathing them in saliva until they glistened with my spit. I both hated it and I loved it, but all the while, I knew surely it was just the effects of a chemical reaction in my brain. My attraction wasn’t real.

The lustful feelings filled me up. I had to lick anywhere I could. I especially liked licking Farrah, or at least the places where her pussy touched his cock. The more logical parts of my brain could more easily reconcile licking her. Simultaneously, the raw primal parts of me demanded that I lick all over regardless of who I was licking.

Farrah continued encouraging me to focus on her boyfriend’s hard cock but I fought, doing my best to ignore the urges to suck his cock. I could hear her getting increasingly annoyed until finally she straightened out her legs depriving me of access to her wet cunt. In this new position, his long cock stuck out from her groin giving the appearance that she herself was sporting a huge boner.

I buried my face into the crevice from where his cock protruded but could not reach any sexy parts of her. At this point I had lavished most of her puss with my lips and tongue, as well as his balls and the lower portion of his thick shaft. That delicious odor was more or less licked clean down there and now remained only around his upper cock.

kneeling there I was both blocked from her pussy and irresistibly drawn to his odiferous cockhead.

I let my passions have full reign feeling relieved to abandon resistance. I licked up the side all the way to the ridge where its crown began then back down. I treated it like a big lollipop going up and down repeatedly, gathering any trace of scent, but not ready to attack its head.

Passionately, I slathered the huge pole, grunting repeatedly in my efforts to consume the bewitching essence. Finally I had licked and sucked every part of him except for the bulbous top.

I steeled myself for the inevitable, opening my mouth wide. Farrah tightened her legs squeezing a disagreeable drop of dewey pre-cum from within his masculine pole.

The nasty substance dripped from the angry slit threatening to erase the seductive scent. I couldn’t let that happen – I had to have it first. Quickly I plunged the large knob into my wide open mouth.

As I’ve been relating this story I hope I have adequately described how the mystical scent overpowered my resistance. Nevertheless, the scent didn’t change the taste at all. His cock tasted nothing like the dreamy pheromone induced wonder my nose perceived. Instead, it tasted, well, like nothing else.

Which didn’t change the fact that the taste was pretty strong. It wasn’t a sweaty taste but it was close. Nor did it taste just like an elbow. I didn’t love it but, other than knowing it was a man’s cock, it didn’t taste bad either.

No matter what the flavor was, what I knew for sure was that it was overwhelming my senses in a way that was altogether different from the way the perfume filled them. I craved the pheromones and the only way to get them was to suck that big cockhead into my mouth. I was quite willing to be filled up by cock to receive the potion.

She must have put a lot here because it made my head swim, my chest thump, and my dick leak.

I couldn’t get enough! escort malatya I swirled my tongue all around the head feeling the crevice where the crown met the shaft. I darted into the piss slit to see if any was in there. I sucked so hard my cheeks caved in. And I pistoned up and down on the plump hard head.

It didn’t take long until all the pheromones were sucked off. It took longer for me to realize that I was still slurping away on the taut skinned pole. Then when it dawned on me it didn’t matter anymore.

My own dick was harder than it had been in a long time and was rubbing against a slippery wet spot in my underwear. Farrah was helping by twiddling my package through my pants with her naked toes.

I started fumbling with my zipper hurriedly trying to free my dick so I could get off. I wanted nothing more than to come while sucking his cock. I pictured a stringy load of spoo dribbling out of my penis while I simultaneously felt his shooting in my mouth.

With my dick free I jerked on it frantically. I imagined her with cum covered toes, but also my cum bathed tongue. Never before had either image impressed itself on my mind. Never before had I desired to cum on a woman’s toes regardless of how pretty they were. Never before had I desired a man’s cum in my mouth. Now I wanted it all.

I heard a man’s voice grunting and realized it was me, viscerally grunting each time I plunged his nasty cock deep in my mouth. I would have gone deeper if I could but was stopped when the blunt end punched the back of my mouth.

Farrah and her boyfriend were making noises too. His were a low murmer of appreciation and hers were a more lyrical lusty delight in our depraved activities.

My whole body was furiously working to achieve the end result of our work. My hand was a blur on my dick, my torso rocked up and down, while the rest of my limbs shook from the transferred energy.

The man’s legs started shaking as well. Farrah noticed too – screaming out, “Do it, Craig! Give him your goo! I wanna see your cock pulse when you feed him!”

Craig spoke up again, “You heard her. When I cum, pull off and hold still with just my head in your mouth.” I nodded without stopping my violent and determined efforts.

My nose kept rubbing on Farrah’s fingers which were digging into her cunt. I felt his cock twitch. Deep in my loins my own sperm rose up in me.

Farrah was mewling, Craig was lifting his hips driving his manly pole up into me. I clamped my lips on the head trying to stay still there while being taken for a mad ride.

Farrah came with a wail that dwindled to a whimper. Craig let out a long howl. For my part, I continued grunting, realizing my new dream by flooding Farrah’s toes in oozing white cum.

When the cock in my mouth started spewing it’s load I felt the gushing gobs hit various locations in my mouth before filling me. There was a copious quantity of the thick delicious slime. I moved my hand to Craig’s bat which, locked between Farrah’s thighs still looked like a massive Tranny Stick. I squeezed and milked his long cock trying to get it all out.

Focusing on the frenulum I stroked there repeatedly with my tongue then swished the creamy mouthful from side to side until there was too much to be moved around.

I didn’t swallow. I wouldn’t let it leave my mouth. Resting my head on her milky thigh I suckled his softening meat content to allow tiny rivulets to leak onto my needy tongue as a reward for my service.

Eventually, Farrah gently nudged me off causing me to fall back onto my haunches. She looked me in the eyes, “Swallow.”

They had used me for their twisted sport: tricked and bewitched me. Now having filled me to the brim their game was done.

I sat there sucking deep breathes through my nose. Likewise, Craig and Farrah were catching their breaths. Farrah climbed off Craig walking around the apartment nude. She was again the slightly frumpy round woman with dishwater hair I first spied on the bus. Craig relaxed on the couch satisfied, as was I.

Farrah spoke up, “We need to talk.” I forced the massive ball of heavy, frothy cum down my throat – loving it.

She explained how the potion worked. How it needed to remain a secret. She offered me a beer and treated me as an equal for the first time.

In the end we struck a bargain. The perfume was made from a variety of raw ingredients, one of them being the ejaculate of men like me who were partly immune to the effects and had swallowed enough of the triggering seed of other “producers.”

I sucked off Craig everyday willingly for the rest of my vacation. Gradually my cum-load increased until like Craig I could manufacture roughly three quarters of a cup.

I sold my cum to Farrah and Craig regularly so they could in turn sell it up-chain to the makers of the pheromone laced perfume. In exchange, they gave me tons of money and a bottle of the amazing elixir each month.

My girlfriend’s love and carnal desire for me increased a hundredfold. We married and I expect will stay married forever as the great sex we have and the bonding effects of the lust inducing liquid goes both ways.

I quit my job being quite wealthy now and occasionally refer special customers, the one percenters, to the company so they can buy a bottle at obscene prices.

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