Farzana’s Ultimate Humiliation

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Grandpa Gives

My Indian friend Farzani has asked me to write an even more humiliating sequel to my first story about her very hairy ‘Jungle Pussy’ This time she has been kind enough to share with me the most intimate details of her toilet hygiene. Thankyou Farzi, it was an amazing experience!


A week later, the students had hatched their next humiliation for their college teacher, Miss Farzana. They waited until class was over and presented her with a large brown envelope.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“It’s your exam paper Miss,” announced Rohit.

“I don’t understand — and I don’t want to. Go away you vile creatures.”

“I’m afraid we can’t Farzi. You still owe us big time.”

“No, no more of this…please…” she pleaded with them.

“Open it!”

Farzana slit open the envelope and drew out a sheaf of A4 paper. It contained a single question in large handwriting:

‘Discuss the appearance of your anus and what it smells like.’

She stared at it blankly.

“It’s all about hygiene Farzi — your favorite subject. Only this time it’s about YOUR unclean body and not our bad breath! We’re going to ask you a bunch of very personal questions, but rather than writing down your answers, in our exam you have to explain out loud.”

“I’m not saying anything. Just go away and leave me alone!”

“Sorry Miss, we just can’t do that. You know what will happen to you if you don’t do as you’re told don’t you?”

“Yes,” replied Farzani, “yes I know…you go to the Principal and tell him a pack of lies about me!”

“…and then after this part of the exam comes your demonstration piece.”


“Yeh, that’s the real interesting part for me…” replied Ahmed. “But then I have a filthy mind!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well Romesh has already given you a clue I think, but you’ll see. It’s the second item on the exam paper — turn it over Farzi.”

Farzani read the final question and a look of abject horror appeared on her face. “That’s absolutely disgusting!”

“Yes exactly,” said Ahmed, “and you’re going to do it for us — right here, right in front of our noses.”

“Literally,” added Rohit.

“No I don’t think so.”

“Yes we DO think so Farzi. That’s because we have a picture of you in the class room showing your naked butt; and I am quite sure that the Principal will be completely understanding when we show it to him…”


“We took the photo last week.”

“No, this cannot be. Look…please destroy that and…”

“And what Farzi?”

“And…I’ll… do…whatever else…you…”



“So you’ll agree to the demonstration?”

“No. Please don’t make me do that dirty filthy thing.”

“But you just agreed Farzi.”

“Yes…no. Please not that!”

“I’m afraid so — it’s going to be the most humiliating moment in your entire life!”

“You’ll never get away with it! The college is still full of people,” she said in desperation.

“No, we’ve already thought of that. You will stay here in this room until seven o’clock tonight when all the staff have gone home, and then we’ll start your exam.” replied Rohit.

“Yeh,” continued Romesh, “invitations have been sent out to all the students you’ve been insulting to over the years. We’re expecting a full house!”

“Just to get us in the mood Farzi, please read out the final question. We want to hear you say the words.”

Farzana slumped down in her chair and started to weep.

“Farzi! Read out what it says on your exam paper – your ultimate punishment!”

“You know what it says!”

“What is it Farzi?”

“You want to see me…” the boys were now stood around her in a most threatening manner, glaring into her face.” You want to see me go… to…the toilet…” she stammered.

“What was that Farzi, we couldn’t quite hear? Read out the words properly, and look at us when you answer!”

She glanced down at the paper again and in a hushed, cracked voice read out the horrible words:

“For the second part of your exam, you will squat down, with your bare ass in the air, and defecate in front of your examiners.”

“That’s right you fat, Jungle Pussy; we want to watch you squat down over your very own desk top…”

“…and perv at your ugly brown asshole…” continued Rohit

“…with a big piece of shit hanging out of it!” finished Ahmed.

“How can you think such dreadful things!”

“Because we have had to put up with your insults, day after day, for nearly one whole year now!” said Romesh.

“And this is what you want from me? This is my punishment?”

“We want you to feel what it is like to be so humiliated in front of everyone.”

“I see. And if I do this thing tonight you will never ask me to do these vile things again?” her voice was weak and trembling.

“Depends how disgusting you are to look at when you go to the toilet,” said Romesh. “Some of these boys may be put off women for life after they see your dirty ass!”

The two hours went by very quickly. Rohit sat guard to make sure that Farzana şahinbey escort did not try to leave and then at around ten to seven, there was a knock on the door. Rohit opened it a crack, spoke a few hushed words and then allowed a small group of students to file in. There were about a dozen in total and Farzana recognized each of them in turn. They were all her worst students — the ones that paid the least attention in her lessons — and consequently the ones she had chastised the most. In some case, she knew, she had actually been quite rude to them and said some very abusive things — especially about their bad, smelly breath and body odor. But worst of all, she spotted two young faces that she knew she had been most insulting to over the past few weeks: Piyus and Abishek. They were just turned 18 and had only recently started in the college.

“Welcome everyone,” announced Romesh, “this is your science tutor’s exam day and her paper today is all about personal hygiene. Miss Nusrat has promised to answer all of your questions in as much explicit detail as she can.”

“What questions can we ask?” said one.

“Well, absolutely anything you like as long as it’s relevant to the subject. No holes barred so to speak!”

“In every sense!” added Hrishi. “Old Jungle Pussy will tell you anything you want to know about her fat smelly body… won’t you Farzi?”

Farzana looked away in disgust.

“Won’t you Miss!” insisted Romesh

“Yes,” she answered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes I will tell you whatever you want to know.”


“About my…fat…smelly…body…” She forced the words out.

“”OK, I want some questions from the floor please.”

“I’ll start,” said Ahmed. He looked straight at his teacher. “Right Farzi, when was the last time you had a bath? You smell a bit ripe already tonight so I’m guessing it wasn’t this morning!” he laughed.

There was a long silence, and then: “on Monday.” She answered.

“But that was three days ago. How often do you clean yourself down there?

“You mean my…”

“Say it Farzi, say the words…”

“My privates.”

“What’s another name for your privates Farzi — a real rude name?”

“My…er pussy?” She volunteered.

“Even ruder! Say the ‘C’ word Miss Farzani. That’s an order!”

“My…cun…my cunny.”

“That’s not the word I meant Farzi. More dirty slag! We want to hear you really degrade yourself.”

“My c…c…unt,” she whispered.

“Yes Farzi, that’s it. And what colour is your cunt? Its big and black isnt it? Say it out loud!”

“My big, black…cunt,” she stammered. ‘Cunt’; it was a word she had never uttered in her entire life.

“Again! Louder!”


“Is it all hairy Farzi?”

“Yes. I have a big black hairy cunt.”



“Does it smell?”


“Yes what?”


“How often do you wash it?”

“Er, well, just…once a week.”

“What does it smell of?”

” Rotten fish I bet!”

“No,” said Farzi.

“The truth Farzi!”

“It smells of wee.”

“I’ve smelt right inside her piss flaps,” said Ahmed, “and she’s absolutely right. It stinks!”

“So tell us again Miss Farzani, how often do you wash down there?”

“I wash my big, black, smelly, hairy, cunt, just once a week…”

“And anything else?”

“And my bottom too.”

“Your bottom! What kind of a word is that? What other words for bottom can you think of Farzi?”

“Err, well, my ass.”

“Your ass, that’s better. What does your ass smell like after a whole week of going to the toilet without washing properly between your legs?”

“But I do,” she protested. “I do wash…with clean water after every visit,”

“But you still smell don’t you?”

“Yes,” she admitted,

“Yes what?”

“Yes my ass still smells…even afterwards.”

“Smells of what?”


“And what else?”

“My body odor and my sweat and my shit all mixed together.”

“Anything else?”

“And some juices from inside me.”

“From where?”

“From out of my cunt …”

“Your what cunt?”

“My fish smelling cunt.”

“And where else?”

“My bum hole…”

“Is it hard to clean round your bum hole Farzi?”


“Why is that Farzi? Is it because your ass is all fat all covered in curly black pubic hairs.”

“Yes. Yes. You know it is! Don’t keep asking me what you already know!!”

“We want to hear you tell us in your own words.”

“I can’t, I can’t!” she cried.

“You’re going to fail the exam Farzi, if you don’t try harder.”

“OK, OK” she blubbed, “my asshole is hairy…”

“How many hairs grow round it, how long are they?”

“Just a few short ones.”

“And what else? What else is your fat ass covered in? “

“You mean…my spots?”

“Yes we mean those horrid purple spots all over your cheeks! Now tell it all again in one go!” Insisted Rohit, “and say your full name!”

Poor Farzani was now totally under the boys’ control. “My name is Farzana Nusrat,” she heard herself saying, “and I wash my big, black, stinky, hairy cunt just once a week. It smells of fish and piss. My fat sweaty ass is all covered in dark spots and I have short curly black pubic hairs growing round my asshole.”

“What happens when you go to the toilet?”

“All the hairs stick together and go stiff.”


“And it makes my ugly brown asshole all dirty and smelly.”

“You filthy bitch. That’s just too disgusting to imagine! How could you dare to yell at your students so much for just having bad breath while all the time knowing how much your genitals stink?”

“I think she should be punished,” said Romesh

“No, please no, I did what you asked!”

“Yes but we didn’t realise just how filthy you really were.”

“Who can think of a really humiliating way of punishing our smelly teacher for being so unhygienic?”

“How about we strip her naked and spread open her fat legs on stirrups like as if she was having a baby. We could then insert one of those devices that doctors use …”

“You mean a speculum?”

“Yes! We could all take turns at looking inside her dark slimy cunt.”

“Or maybe make her bend over in front of the whole class to show her ass.”

“Yeh. Like monkeys do. You know they spread open their buttocks in front of other monkeys to show off their ugly purple assholes.”

“Except Farzana’s asshole is black, with a huge brown circle round it,” corrected Romesh.

“Or perhaps we should inspect the inside of her salwar again?” suggested Rohit.

“I’d really like to see her go to the toilet,” said Ahmed, “and watch how she cleans herself afterwards. See all those stiff little hairs coated in dried on shit around her hole!”

“You’re just totally depraved Ahmed,” said Hrishi.

“Please, please don’t make me do that she pleaded! I’ll do anything else you ask. You can see my salwar…”

“OK then Jungle Pussy, how about you take off your smelly salwar and show everybody just how dirty you are.”

“Yes,” she said softly, tears welling up in her eyes. “I will do it.”

Romesh stared at her as if directing her to say more.

“I will do it Ok. I will take off my soiled undergarments for you to look at,” obliged Farzana

Farzana lowered her head in disgust over what she was about to do. She knew that her salwar would be very unpleasant. Even when she washed it through at home she was careful not to let anyone see the state of it. Now she was about to share this most shameful secret with her young students.

Slowly she stood up from her chair and started to fumble under her sari. After few moments she produced a small bundle of soiled fabric and solemnly laid it out on the desk in front of her.

“This is my salwar,” she said simply.

Ahmed eagerly grabbed at the undergarment and started to unravel the material, searching desperately for that tightly gathered strip of fabric, with the tell-tale stains he knew he would find that would indicate where it had been wedged high up in her ass crack and in the slit of her vagina for the best part of three days. He briefly raised it to his nose and screwed up his face in disgust.

Directed by the smell, he very quickly he found what he was looking for and spread it open on the desk for everyone to see. The material was crusty with the dried on secretions from her vagina. Three long streaks of creamy yellow indicated where, at various times, the fabric had been drawn between her flaps and then allowed to dry in stiff ridges. Five or six long curly black hairs, well over three inches in length, where stuck firm in the mess.

But the most disgusting sight of all was the large, gritty smear of dark brown at one end of the gusset. There, embedded in the middle of the embarrassing stain, were another few strands of thick pubic hair, about half an inch long, complete with bulbous white tips. They were stiff with a coating of something unpleasant and had clearly been torn out by their roots from somewhere close to her anus, as she had taken off the salwar.

While Ahmed ran his nose up and down the dirty areas of his teacher’s underwear, Romesh gently pushed Farzana back into her chair and lifted her legs high up in the air by her thick ankles.

“But you promised! If I showed you my salwar you promised that would be it!. Have you not already had your fun with me,” she replied softly, “surely this is enough. Please let me go now.”

But this time he felt no resistance. She had resigned herself to the inevitable.

“Sorry Farzi, it’s not enough. If your salwar had been nice and clean, well OK we could have forgiven you. But look at it! Look at the filthy stains all over it. Look at that big brown smear where your dirty asshole had been rubbing over it. Your underwear is filthy Farzi! For that, we must give you further humiliation and punishment. What do you think we should do class?” said Romesh glaring down into her lap.

“No. No you don’t want to see…”

“I’ve already seen it Farzi. Seen that big black, fat hairy cunt of yours spread wide open! But I’m not thinking of me. No. Now I want you to give our two young students here — Piyus and Abishek — their first lesson in human biology. Only this time not from reading out a book, or telling them about rats and rabbits as you do in class. This time I want you to demonstrate what the genitalia of a fully mature female woman actually looks like by exposing your own body.”

Farzana looked aghast. “You can’t mean it…”

“Come here Piyus and Abishek, look here while I show you something.”

The two students came forward.

“No, no, no, please don’t…” cried Farzana. She tried to look away and avoid their gaze, but she could still smell their rank breath as they leaned forward to look down at her crotch.

Then, as if unveiling a valuable treasure, Romesh slowly bent Farzana’s knees backwards into her chest and spread them apart to give Abishek and Piyus their first glimpse of Miss Farzana’s now fully exposed massive, black bush.

“My God!” said Piyus, “she’s so hairy!”

“Impressive isn’t,” said Romesh. “She’s one hairy bitch!”

“Please I need a drink,” said Farzani. “I’m almost fainting. Let me up and get me a drink — it’s so hot in here”

This immediately gave Romesh an idea. “Get Jungle Pussy a jug of water and a glass,” he instructed Piyus.

Piyus was one of the younger ones and he knew that his duty was to do the bidding of someone like Romesh who had high prestige amongst nearly all of the other students at the college. But he had never before seen what a fully mature woman looked like and he found himself staring, in an almost hypnotic state, at the dark hairy area between his science teacher’s spread open legs. Romesh spoke at him again and he reluctantly tore himself away to go off on his errand.

Meanwhile, Romesh helped Farzana sit back up in the chair and recover her composure, as well as her modesty. He carefully rearranged her sari to cover up her legs.

“Farzi, Frazi,” he said, “I realise how horrible this must be for you, but you must understand that you have been asking for it for a long time. All this taunting us about our bad breath and poor hygiene and shouting orders and insults at my friends. You are well overdue this punishment and unfortunately today is the day of final reckoning.”

At this moment Piyus came back into the room carrying a tray with the jug of water and a large glass. He set it down and quickly poured out a drink for his teacher. “Here,” he offered. Farzana gulped it down and then immediately motioned for another. Romesh smiled with an inner satisfaction. His plan was working. “Drink it all Farzi, I insist.”

She looked at him quizzically. “I don’t want any more…”

“Drink the whole jug full,” he ordered.

“But it will make me want to…”

“Yes exactly Farzi. Later on in the lesson we want to watch you urinate. Piyus — I want you to go and get a pot for Farzi to piss in.”

“Oh, oh, please no,” she wailed.

“First things first Farzi. Now everyone,” he said, “I want you all to form your seats in a circle around Miss Farzani, just as we would do in class.”

Everyone went off to find a chair and arrange themselves accordingly.

“Now Miss, please stand in the middle of the circle.” With that he gently helped Farzana out of her chair and guided her into position. “Right, now take all your clothes off.”


“You heard me. Undress yourself in front of the class.”

“No, I will not.”

“…or we’ll do it for you and that would be an even more unpleasant experience!”

“Please no…not this…not in front of these,” she glanced across at Piyus and Abishek.

“Especially in front of them. Me, Ahmed, Rohit and Hrishi; we’ve already had a good look at your privates Farzi, but young Piyus and Abishek are only first year students. They still have a lot to learn.”

“And we want our revenge for all the horrible insults you give us in class. Telling us how dirty our mouths are, how they stink of bad breath, how we must brush our teeth everyday and keep our bodies clean,” said Abishek.

“I want to see her pubic hairs again,” said Piyus.

“I want to see her dirty asshole,” added Ahmed.

“Yea, just how dirty down there are you Farzi?” asked Hrishi.

“Show us all your hairy snatch again Farzi!”

“Get your saggy tits out!”

Farzana had nowhere to go, no-one to appeal to, no-one to rescue her. She knew she now had no option but to voluntarily undress in front of her students. But maybe, just maybe she could take back a little control. It was a power struggle and she needed to be back in charge…”

“OK, I will undress for you. I will show you all my naked body. But if do this, you will obey me in one thing!”

“You’re in no position to bargain Farzi.”

“But you will get a better look at me if you do this my way, rather than if you just rip my clothes off and I start screaming! I promise I will show you everything you want to see…including between my legs”

“Ok, what is it we must do?”

“After I undress and you make me expose myself in whatever filthy, perverted positions you have in mind I want each of you to… smell me.”

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