Father Ben and Sister Holly

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“Nice place you’ve got here, Mother Immaculata. Love the antique feel of the furniture, and that prie-dieu is exquisite.”

“Now Ben, when we’re behind closed doors call me by my given name. How long have we known each other? Since before we gave up our jobs and accepted the ‘Sign Your Life Away’ program. You have the same burden of leadership as I do, Reverend Abbot, so we can let our hair down with each other when we’re alone.”

“I’m not saying how long we’ve known each other or how well we know each other, Holly. All right, even though I’m losing mine, we can let our hair down in your private quarters and mine.”


“Do you have to ask?”

Holly’s suite in the convent was larger than the rest: the Mother Superior’s quarters is always the biggest in any convent. She had a sitting room with a fine collection of old furniture and a large screen TV, with a doorway leading to her sleeping quarters and bath. Ben’s rooms in his monastery were similar, and held a few mementos of past abbot’s travels. He sat on a plush sofa as she went to a sideboard that acted as her bar, and with a practiced hand produced a pitcher of martinis. Pouring two, she extended her friend a drink, sitting down on the couch next to him.

Ben took it with a broad smile. “Thanks, Holly. How’s life over here?”

“You know the drill, Ben,” she said, settling on the couch beside him. “Refereeing personality conflicts, reviewing the investment portfolio by tracking the markets, paperwork…”

“Yes, that’s the life. Plus all the damn meetings: community meetings, appointments with bishops, chapters, national associations of superiors, Rome from time to time; my frequent flier miles are building up.”

Holly smiled. “That’ll come in handy for your next vacation.” She sunk back on the couch, smoothed out her habit, and sighed. “Why do they always elect one of the youngest members to lead?”

“Clarity of vision, vibrancy of Faith. Strength of youth, as well as feeling you won’t say ‘no’. Who would have thunk when I had a career before I went to religious life, I’d have such a mess to clear up when I took over?”

“Hell, yes, same here. Glad you can always spare a Saturday evening to hear confessions for us. The sisters say you have a compassionate touch. Wish the girls would realize jealousy and petty bickering were sins.”

“We have to work on that gradually, like everything else. My group is just like it. Frustrating for certain.” He took a long gulp from his drink and almost sputtered. “Thanks, I needed that. Please ma’am, may I have another?”

She chuckled as she refilled his glass before her own. Growing pensive, she asked: “There is something you can help me with, Father. Something that’s bothered me a long time.”

“Uh oh, this must be big. You don’t call me ‘Father’ very often.”

Holly gave Ben a wan smile. “This may freak you out, but here goes. I’ve been practicing mortification.”

Ben sat forward and looked her deep in the eyes. “Really? Always knew you were a little kinky.”

“Now shut up, it’s legit, has a long history in the Church. I only do it once a week, and started after I took over. The pressures of this job are so great, and I have to make so many ugly decisions, break İstanbul Escort a heart now and then, it’s the only thing that brings me peace with myself. It’s not like I’m a masochist.”

Ben leaned back and though. “No, I know you’re not that. I’ve had to make those same decisions, and it’s not easy to carry the load of that shit. I usually save the dark energy for my weekly round of golf; seeing that dumbass Bishop’s face in that little ball is good for my driving. If it’s raining, I go to the driving range and hit a bucket. So how can I help you?”

“I’m not happy with the angles I’m getting, and I think it would be more cathartic if someone I trusted did it. Sometimes I go a little too far because I lose count, get carried away.”

“Oh, I don’t know. How often would you want me to do this?”

“Once a week. You can take care of it when you come over Saturdays. If you do it, I can let go of the temptation to do it more often. Sometimes I do.” Ben’s lower lip came up almost to his nose as he thought it through, and Holly looked at him rather urgently. “It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before. You remember those weeks on the pontoon boat, when we were dating long ago, before we took vows.”

Ben sat up and frowned, not wanting to remember although his cock was starting to. “All right, I guess I can. Understand where you’re coming from, and I can probably help you. Let’s try it out sometime and see how it goes.”

“Great. Let’s try it out now and see how it goes.” Holly started undoing her wimple, revealing a long braid of red hair turning white. It was wound under her wimple, and when she freed it, hung down to her waist. “I didn’t want to cut my hair like the rest of the girls, this is just easier for me to deal with. Let me get out my crop.” She went to a chest of drawers just inside her bedroom and brought out a multi-strand leather whip about a foot and a half long, tossing it to him. “Here, get used to this.”

Catching the whip, Ben hit the couch a time or two experimentally. Holly continued undressing, hanging her clothing on a wooden chair beside an old wooden writing desk. When she was naked, her nipples perked immediately coming to contact with the air. Ben smiled and pointed, “You’ve put on a few pounds, but so have I. You’ve still got a great ass, sweetheart.”

“Focus, Reverend Father, focus. This is about the state of my soul, not your libido.”

“How shall we do this?”

“I think it’s pretty self-evident: I kneel here and you whip my butt.”

Holly was Ben’s height, which was average for a man but tall for a woman, with medium sized breasts and a large butt with a little cellulite. Her face was rather plain, a blue eyed and freckled Irishwoman with a button nose, and sensitive hands and feet. She knelt on the prie-dieu, her tits hanging down to the shelf, and her ass raised in the air. “How many would you like?” Ben asked as he strolled around behind her.

“Usually I do groups of 12, one set for each cheek. Let me take a minute to collect myself.” Her eyes closed and she took a few deep breaths to calm herself. “All right, you can start.”

Ben gave her left asscheek a rather light tap, and asked: “How’s that?”

“Not hard enough. I’ll Kadıköy Escort have to guide you, I guess. I’ll say yes when you’ve reached the zone.” Ben tried again, and she said ‘more’ three times before he reached the strength she wanted, wincing at the pain. “That’s it. I’ll count them for you. Go back and forth. Thanks, Ben.” The count was a little strange because she said each number twice, once for each asscheek, but he got used to it. Sweat broke out on his brow, and his short grey hair was getting a bit damp as well. His cock stirred underneath his cassock, and he had to fight the urge to touch himself.

When he finished, her ass was flaming red, a nest of marks. Sighing, she raised up and put her hands behind her head. “Now I want you to do my tits. Same routine. Don’t be shy, I’ve been doing this a while.”

He hit her boobs a couple of times, and she wasn’t happy. “This is strange, Holly. My instincts toward these lovelies is completely different.”

“I remember, Ben, you used to slobber over them for hours. That would be nice, but it wouldn’t be penance. Let’s try this: why don’t you tie them up? It would increase the sensitivity and make it easier for you. You used to pump iron, but you were huffing and puffing a bit beating my ass”

“All right, how do I do this?”

“Take my woolen belt and wrap it around one of them a few times, tightly. Yes, go around it, make it tight. Now the other one. Ok, tie them together. I don’t know how to stop, maybe loop it behind my neck, like a halter top. Yeah, tie it off back there. Good. Let’s wait a little bit as it takes effect” He was amazed how the skin became silky and they recovered some of their youthful perkiness. Her nipples got extremely hard, and the effect on him was electric.

“It’s kind of special with the Rosary is hanging down around your navel. Maybe I should pray the Sorrowful Mysteries while I do this?”

“Why not? This is supposed to be a spiritual experience.” She touched her tits and found they were tingling. “Ok, try it again: more, more, more, more, yes. There. 12 for each one. Make’em bounce a little.”

Ben got more comfortable slapping her skin with the crop, and there was a note of pain in her voice as Holly counted the blows. His cock grew harder and harder, pushing against his underwear and creating a bulge in his cassock. When he finished, there were red stripes and little blue bruises all over her breasts, even a couple of small breaks in the skin. Her nipples were rock hard, and Ben couldn’t resist himself; he fell to his knees and started sucking them, trying to remove some of the pain he just created.

She put her hands on his head and cradled it as he comforted her. A shiver ran down her spine, and as he drew her entire left nipple into his mouth, a large damp spot splashed the kneeler between her legs. She shuddered as her orgasm took her mind away, and when she came down, she pushed him away.

He stood up, his erection visible, shaking a little nervously. “I think I need to take care of that,” she said, smiling broadly.

“It would be sex, breaking our vows”

“No, I don’t think so. This is about health, and getting you this excited without release is bad for you. You’re getting older, Ataşehir Escort Ben, and prostate health is important. Remember the principle of Primary and Secondary Effect: if the Primary Effect is good health, then the Second Effect of sexual gratification is tolerated.”

“But, but, but…”

“You can beat it off yourself later if you want to, I guess it’s monastic tradition, but you shouldn’t wait. It’s not like I haven’t done this to you before, get him out here.”

Ben needed no further encouragement. His erection was about four inches long, uncircumcised, and she squeezed the head a little, running her thumbs down the ridges of his head as she remembered him liking. Her other hand reached underneath to stroke his balls, squeezing them slightly as she did before. He touched her cheek gently, and she brought him close, sucking the entire length into her mouth before backing out to swirl her tongue around the head.

“Damn, I’d forgotten,” he said as he shuddered a little, almost falling over. “I remember that night on the boat under the stars; we fucked all night, me on top, then you on top. It was so intense we didn’t notice a lake full of mosquitos were biting us all night. I came twice, and I think you came three or four times.”

“Five,” she said, taking him out of her mouth. “You made me come five times, a record. We had too much fun; it’s a miracle you didn’t get me pregnant.”

“Yeah, we had to pull back. I loved licking your pussy, you were so tasty. It’s a good thing we never married, we’d never have gotten out of the house.”

“Yeah, I think so. It was fun, but we were meant to live other lives. I couldn’t leave here.”

“I couldn’t leave either. Shit, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.”

Holly took him back in her mouth and worked hard to push him over the edge. After about thirty seconds frantic sucking, he shot his load down her throat, a huge gusher. She swallowed everything, and he pulled out reluctantly. “Damn, you never did that before.” he said to her.

She shook her head. “Nope, hate the taste of sperm. Never wanted you to cum in my mouth.” A drop oozed out, and she licked it up, teasing the head and making him squirm. “Always used to let you shoot on my nose and cheeks, or my tits.”

When he came back to his senses, he looked down at her, still kneeling naked at the prie-dieu with her tits turning light blue. “Tastes change over time. So…”

She wiped her mouth. “Nope, still hate the taste of the damn stuff. Another mortification, something else to overcome my Pride. Although I came again the same time you did.”

“Oh. Another Secondary Effect?”

“Of course. I didn’t do that to get myself off, it just happened. My objective was your good physical and mental health, so everything else is irrelevant.”

Ben smiled. “And my primary objective was helping you with your mortification, so everything else for me is irrelevant. Neat.”

Holly smiled back at him. He helped her untie her tits and she gasped as the blood returned to her abused flesh. “Wow, that’s a mortification I never imagined. Have to do this again.”

“As always, I would be happy to help.”

She went back to her bedroom, putting away her crop and putting on a nightgown. “Sit down and finish your drink, Ben. I know I need another…”

“To get the taste out of your mouth?”

She smiled and winked at him. “Of course. The mortification is over. Same time next week, after confessions?”

Ben nodded. “I’m always at your service, Holly.”

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