F*ck Valentine’s Day

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I like to think of myself as a conservative and classy woman. But I have demons deep inside of me that crave excitement, lust, passion, and danger. They have always been there, lurking. Fortunately, I have always been on the timid side, which has helped to suppress these urges for the most part. Over the years, I have come to call my demons “my inner slut.” I struggle to control it, but it’s always there, sometimes bubbling up and itching to get out.

There have been numerous times in my life when I have let my inner slut run rampant. Some call it whoring, but I find that a bit harsh. It’s usually triggered by some sort of event. It can be from depression, loneliness, a bad breakup, rejection, a lack of self-worth, or even too much alcohol. I’m not sure, but I doubt that I’m the only female with these demons.

Being raised with a religious background, after one of these “inner slut” rampages, I always feel guilty. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I always seem to get some kind of sign from above following my transgressions, like God knows I’m a slut and he is watching.

This is one adventure where my inner slut surfaced and took control.


Valentine’s Day: It had been five weeks since my marriage proposal fiasco and subsequent breakup with my boyfriend. I have always had an issue with commitment, and the more our relationship progressed, the more defiant I became. Yes, things were moving fast, and even though I had made up my mind at a young age that I would never marry, somehow I was heading down that path. I seemed to have no control over my destiny. The further down that road I traveled, the more it scared me, and I rebelled. I would flirt with other men and say or do things that annoyed him in order to incite a fight. It seemed whatever I did, he always accepted me for who I was, which in turn frightened me even more.

It all came to a head just after Christmas. We’d been dating for over a year, and I’d made it clear that I didn’t want to marry… anyone. So when he took me to a nice restaurant to supposedly celebrate a job promotion but instead proposed, I was in shock and could not give him an answer. My shock quickly turned to anger at having been ambushed like that. Emotionally, I have always been quite volatile, and that evening I lost it with him. It turned into a very ugly public scene.

My hurt and shell-shocked boyfriend asked me to return to his place so I could calm down and we could talk it out. But I had a few drinks and was too upset to go with him. He left the restaurant, hoping that I would calm down and meet him at his place.

Instead, I ended up sitting at the bar and meeting a couple of guys. Long story short, he found out I had sex with them, and we broke up. Mission accomplished! With the aid of my inner slut, I had finally taken back control of my destiny, or did I?

It was now Valentine’s Day. This was the first Valentine’s Day in years that I was without a date. I was feeling sad and depressed. I had finally succeeded in ending our relationship, something I subconsciously wanted to do but didn’t have the courage to do in a mature way. In the back of my mind, I was hoping that my ex would reach out and maybe send me flowers. Maybe a text? But nothing.

It was Saturday evening, and I had nothing to do Ankara Rus Escort but mope. Valentine’s Day made it worse. Fuck, I hate Valentine’s Day… I had no affection for flowers, and chocolate gave me migraines. I think it goes back to when I was in grade school. All the cute little girls got cards from the boys, but I never received anything. Yeah, I hate Valentine’s Day.

I had decided it was high time I got back on my feet. Valentine’s Day or not, I needed to get out of this gloomy stupor I was in.

I had heard about this new nightclub, and I decided it was just what I needed. I was in deep need of a fun night out. I decided that I would go to the club on my own. All my friends had moved on or were in relationships, and besides, I didn’t want to talk about my breakup anyway. It was also Valentine’s Day, so it wasn’t a good time for a girls’ night out.

So I spent the evening fixing my hair and dolling myself up, accompanied by several glasses of wine.

I picked out my killer black skirt. The short one that showed off my long, skinny legs and tiny firm ass. I went with a flimsy, low-cut white silky top that had to be worn without a bra. Black thigh-high stockings and stilettos finished off my outfit. Oh, and a pair of thong underwear to accentuate my ass, of course.

I wore a short bomber jacket to stay warm and cover up my flimsy top. I looked in the mirror, and I had to admit I did look slutty and ready to have some fun. Yeah, fuck Valentine’s Day.

The taxi dropped me off at the club, and I could hear the music from street level. As I entered the club, I checked my jacket, made sure everything was in place, and proceeded to the main event.

The atmosphere in the club was electric. There were beautiful people everywhere, loud music pulsating, dim lighting, and crowds of people mingling and dancing. I was feeling a bit tipsy from the wine I had consumed earlier that evening as I gingerly made my way through the crowd in my stilettos.

I found a spot at the end of the bar and was immediately approached by two men. I could hardly hear them over the music, but it wasn’t long before the drinks began to flow.

I’m on the petite side, so it doesn’t take much to get me intoxicated. The two guys began plying me with drinks as they inched closer and closer to me.

Alcohol has always made me promiscuous, and it did not fail me this time. My world was beginning to spin, and the bar was so crowded that I was now sandwiched between my two new friends.

Their hands were on my waist, hips, and ass—elbows rubbing against my breasts. My top was barely covering my breasts as it was being discreetly tugged and pulled. I was being groped by these two guys at the bar, under the shelter of the crowd and darkness.

My arms were now draped over one of the men, as I was using him for support. My hips intentionally ground into his groin as the other man pushed up behind me. Yes, the alcohol had taken effect, and my inner slut was running rampant.

I felt a hand beneath my skirt as a finger began rubbing my wet thong. It was time to dance before things got further out of control. I grabbed both their hands, and we made our way to the crowded dance floor.

The music was loud, Yenimahalle Escort and I could feel the low tones of the bass eroticizingly pulsate through my entire body. Bodies were all crowded together, and I could feel the heat of their bodies as we all moved to the music.

I was quite tipsy, and my dancing consisted more of hanging on to both men. One in front of me held my waist and began kissing my neck. The other man was behind me, rubbing his swollen groin into my ass. Wandering hands went unnoticed in the dim light and the crowded dance floor. After about ten minutes of groping and kissing with both men, I was ushered off the dance floor and towards the back of the club. I was in an intoxicated state and didn’t put up any resistance.

A big steel door opened, and I was escorted outside to a fenced-off, dark, and secluded area. I felt the cool bite of the air and tried to return back inside, but I was wrapped up in someone’s arms and held to keep warm.

The first man began kissing me, and I returned his lust. Warm hands slipped inside my open white top and cupped my bare, cool breasts. I instinctively reached down to feel the man’s groin through his trousers. I felt the second man behind me grab my ass beneath my hiked-up skirt. Lush and passionate feelings exploded as I became intertwined with both men.

The entire night, we had hardly even spoken due to the loud music. It occurred to me that we didn’t even know each other’s names.

My head was pushed down, and as I fell to my knees, the other man slid some folded-up cardboard beneath me to protect my knees. A cock quickly found its way into my mouth.

“Aw, that’s it, sweetie. Suck my cock.” I finally heard one of them speak over the muffled music pouring out of the club.

I began to suck and blow him as he requested. This was my first cock since my breakup, and I was enjoying it.

“Oh, bro… She’s a hungry little slut.” The man said to his buddy, who was busy pinching and mauling my breasts from behind.

“Get up,” the second man ordered as he lifted me up by my hips. As I was placed in the bent-over position, the first man held my head against his cock. I moaned and kicked off my heels, as I couldn’t support myself with them on.

As I continued to suck the first man, I felt the second man slide my thongs off and insert a finger in me.

“Oh fuck, she’s soaking wet. Man, she wants it.” I then heard the sound of a zipper.

“Ummm, do you… Umm, have a condom.” I mumbled with a cock in my mouth.

“Yeah, I’m putting it on right now,” he said as I continued sucking the first man.

I felt the man behind me position his cock between my moist lips. With a couple of pushes, his cock was buried deep inside of me. He began to thrust back and forth as he held my hips tight. I lost my concentration on the first man’s cock as his thrusts began to intensify.

“Oh, gawd, that feels good.” I moaned as the cock in my mouth slipped out.

“Oh fuck yeah, what a sweet tight pussy this bitch has,” he said as he continued to pound me from behind. No finesse or courtesy for me; just a good, hard pounding.

“Oh, don’t stop… harder… Oh, my God,” I begged as I bucked back, attempting to take him deeper.

Swat, he slapped my ass hard. The stinging blow startled me, and I yelped.

“Oh, shit—YES!” I cried, overwhelmed by the animalistic pounding he was giving me and a second slap. I was moaning as I began to orgasm.

“Oh wow… Is she cumming?” he growled as he continued to pound his cock deep inside of me. Then he let out a low but loud growl.

I felt a stream of warm semen ejaculate deep inside of me. Thrust after thrust, he shot his load into me.

I felt him pull out, and as he did, I could feel the semen pour out of me and down my leg.

“Hey, you said you had a condom… You lied, you prick.” I should have been angry, but I was still relishing in the aftereffects of my long-awaited orgasm.

Both men stood me up, and the man behind me held me straight up. The man in front of me positioned himself for entry. As I laid back onto the second man, he lifted one of my legs up and slid his hard cock inside of me.

“Oh man, she’s full of juices and so slippery,” he said as his cock slid and slurped its way inside of me for sloppy seconds. He firmly grabbed my ass with both hands and leveraged his cock deep into me. As he fucked me from the front, the man supporting me from behind had both my tits out of my top and continued to play with them while he kissed and bit my neck.

I was now overwhelmed, moaning, and purring as another massive orgasm quickly stirred and washed over me.

“Oh fuck yeah… cum for me, you little slut,” one of them said.

“She’s a hot one,” said the other.

“Ohhhh fuck…” I screamed as I began to quiver and spasm.

“Oh, yeah, yeah.” He grunted as he thrust up into me and surrendered his load.

I was gently placed on my feet, and the man behind me helped me put my heels back on.

“Lick me clean,” barked the man who had just fucked me.

I didn’t say a word; I just crouched down and licked him clean. As I was doing this, the other man turned to face me and began stroking his hardened cock. The moment I finished, I turned and began licking and sucking him.

Within a minute or two, he was ejaculating in my mouth. I licked him clean, too.

“Man, she’s one slutty and horny bitch,” one of them said.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” the other chuckled.

I was a total mess now. There was semen all over my face and clothes, not to mention the gushes of cum pouring out of me and down my legs and over my thigh-high stockings.

Of course, no one had any Kleenex, so I made a beeline back into the club and into the washroom. I was in such a rush to clean up that I forgot about my thong.

After an extended cleanup effort, I returned to the bar area, but my two friends were long gone, as was my thong.

Despite my efforts to straighten up, I still looked rather disheveled. I had that drunken, just-fucked look as I stumbled through the crowded bar area.

“Hey, you look like you could use a drink,” I heard someone say during a momentary pause in the loud music. I turned and drunkenly gazed at this tall, attractive man with a pleasant smile.

“Ummm, yeah, that would be great… A gin smash, please.”

The next thing I knew, we were parked in front of my apartment building, and I was riding his cock in the front seat of his car.

I swear, in that exact moment, God gave me a sign. As I was orgasming for the third time that night, I heard the car radio playing “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady.”

Oh fuck, I hate Valentine’s Day.


Feel free to visit my forum thread for pictures and more discussions about my stories.

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