Female Erotic Police Academy Pt. 01

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This story follows the events of the Female Erotic Police Squad series. Most of the characters are new, although some had already appeared or been mentioned.



A specialized police force, which the Female Erotic Police Squad undoubtedly was, could not operate without a facility that would train the qualified personnel. FEPA, or simply The Academy, played that role. The whole process of training lasted two years; it included physical, mental and technical preparations, some of them enhanced by the latest (and completely safe) pharmaceuticals. Also few minor, not overly invasive surgeries took place in the very beginning. They were necessary for the future officers to be able to extort their erotic power over criminals and remain safe while being fucked. These were extremely strong pheromones which the students learnt how to use and control; the others were methods of self lubrication of both their orifices and their extended durability and flexibility. Far fewer changes were made to their throats, that was a point were thorough training was more important.

It was best, if the girls were as young as possible, when their training began. Considering the sexual nature of their duty they could not be younger than eighteen. Most of them were not older either.

Among the students, one of the best was Joanna, the daughter of captain Athena. At 175 centimetres she was slightly taller than her mother, but shared the exotic features thanks to her mixed ancestry. She had olive skin, soft facial features with prominent cheekbones, large brown eyes and long straight black hair. At the age of nineteen she was slender, but had proper feminine curves and firm C-cup breasts. She was a friendly, easy-going person, but also a hard-working dedicated ambitious student. Joanna had finished the first (out of four) semester with flying colours, when a new teacher appeared in The Academy. Her name was Sarah.

The girls obviously were aware of the assault on the Sexpo, the abduction of the commissioner and the subsequent actions of the FEPS. They also knew that Sarah was somehow involved, but had never learnt any details. That soon changed because Sarah was not going to hide her faults; she had come to The Academy as much to teach as to atone for her crimes and to warn the girls of the dangers and temptations of their job. The policewoman might have had a moment of weakness, but was overall a good, easygoing and friendly person; she quickly became popular with the girls and even became friends with Joanna, even though (or maybe because of?) her mother was initially the source of Sarah’s resentment.

One of the things that the ex-officer taught was the proper usage of the enhanced pheromones. It was a skill that the girls were learning from the very beginning and during the second semester were at an intermediate level. But before we get to the training itself, let’s tell a few more details about The Academy and its personnel.

Since the previous (who was also the first) commander retired one year ago the facility was run by Rebecca Wright. She had been in the very first class of students at The Academy twenty five years ago. Now at the age of forty three she wanted to ensure that the FEPS continued to receive the best trained officers. Rebecca was a woman of petite size but strong character, she also possessed a natural beauty that with age had matured but not diminished.

The whole education process was divided into four semesters; unless someone dropped out (which was a rarity) twenty students were trained in each one. The girls did not wear uniforms per se, but nevertheless had specific outfits with colours defining their class. It consisted of opaque pantyhose and a thong leotard. The first semester wore pink leotard and white pantyhose; for the others the colours were respectively: green-purple, orange-teal, black-red. For the parts of the training that required sexual activity of any sorts the clothes were replaced by tight tank tops, crotchless pantyhose and a micro skirt. During the training the girls usually wore ten centimetre heels.

The person responsible for the clothes was Sabrina, who had also only recently taken that post. She was a former pornstar who specialised in rough gangbangs. At the age of forty she decided that she had had enough of that kind of sex and changed her trade. She still had the body of a sexbomb, but in a casual outfit she looked more like an ordinary housewife who simply stayed in good shape. She was of middle height, had a curvaceous body and bleached her long wavy hair. Sabrina was happy to work with the girls and to have a more socially responsible job.

In the Academy there was one room that had never been used in its entire history – a single cell; a drastic penitentiary method in case of a serious demerit. Fortunately the recruitment process and the training itself guaranteed that such a punishment had never been necessary. Although the cell was güvenilir bahis still occasionally used to punish wayward cadets – they were sent to thoroughly clean it when they misbehaved. This happened often enough for the cell to remain tidy.


Joanna was not the only person at The Academy who had relatives at the FEPS. Jewel, the teacher of physical education, was a sister of Eden; she was two years older and two centimetres taller. Just like her relative she was fit and strong, but neither her size nor her strength took away from her femininity and sex appeal. At 190 centimetres of height she towered over most people, but that was not enough for her and the heels she wore were never shorter than ten centimetres. Jewel was strong and athletic, but her toned muscles only enhanced her full feminine curves. Wide hips and full round buttocks perfectly complemented the firm strong thighs; the broad chest and shoulders created a perfect background for her large E-cup breasts. Her skin was light brown and her facial features too soft for her own liking; she wished her face looked more fierce, as if her domineering presence was not enough.

Physical education was a key subject in the Academy, it created the necessary base for all duty related activities. Not only the girls acquired overall fitness and stamina, they also trained durability for sexual activities. Just like her sister Jewel also had a heart of gold, but like with Eden, it was deeply hidden and one needed to become closely acquainted to learn that feature of hers. To the girls she was strict and demanding but fair.

When the students entered the locker room they were talking and laughing just like ordinary teenagers at a regular school would; Joanna and Carrie, her best friend, were among them. Carrie was a petite pretty blonde, she was intelligent, but relatively shy; she also seemed to have a natural talent for using and controlling the abilities provided by the Academy. Although the small girl had to work hard to physically keep up with bigger and stronger students.

Change of clothes in the locker room was necessary, because at least some of the exercises included penetration. The girls took off their leotards and pantyhose, and began to put on crotchless ones; at that moment Jewel walked in. Her clothes were not exactly sportswear, but she wore them for the PE nevertheless; she had her own style and ignored any regulations and sometimes even the sense of practicality. Jewel wore a white sports bra which barely contained her huge breasts, white fishnet pantyhose made of tiny mesh and a thong of the same colour underneath. On her feet she had white leather knee-high boots on fifteen centimetre tall block heels; her light outfit strongly contrasted with her dark skin.

“Put in the medium butt plugs, ladies. Today we’ll train your pussies, but that doesn’t mean the other hole gets a rest. And move it! You’re not here to giggle and gossip.”

The students obliged and hurriedly finished dressing up. Just like with the uniforms all sex toys were also standardized, the girls were supposed to use threir newly acquired internal lubrication, then insert the toys. Next they put on their bras, micro skirts and high heels, and went into the gym; it took them all less than two minutes since they were rushed by their teacher.

The hall was large and equipped with all kinds of devices, some of them basic, others more developed, even more were kept in the storage room.

“All right, ladies. Take large strapon dildos and mount them to the bikes.”

Jewel pointed her head towards the twenty stationary bikes standing in two rows by the wall.

“Take two and fix the other one to the handle-bar. And move it!”

The girls rushed into the storage room and retrieved the appropriate toys or rather ‘exercise tools’. All the dildos were being diligently kept clean by the cadets themselves. The girls attached the dildos to the seats of their bikes and without an additional command got onto the devices. They all carefully guided the toys into their vaginas which they had first lubricated internally, then sat on the seats and let the long thick dildos stretch them.

“It’s a warm-up and we’ll start off slowly, but in the street no-one will offer you a chance to warm up. Keep sitting and pedalling for three minutes, medium speed.”

The girls obeyed her command; Jewel kept walking among them and inspecting their postures.

“Keep your back straight, it’s as important as the lube. You don’t want to learn the difference when a dozen thugs are gangbanging you.”

“Head up, don’t slouch!”

“Push your chest forward! Show these titties.”

Jewel grabbed one of the girl’s nipples through her bra, squeezed them hard and pulled forward. The cadet hissed, but assumed the correct pose.

Three minutes passed in a blink of an eye.

“All right, speed up,” commanded the teacher, “three more minutes and we’ll get to the fun part.”

Three more minutes güvenilir bahis siteleri passed and the cadets were visibly warmed up, although none were sweating yet. After the first semester at the Academy their stamina was already quite decent.

“Okay,” Jewel announced, “now stand up on the pedals and work those thighs. I want to see the dildos appearing and disappearing in your pussies. Strong thighs are as important as your pussies and pheromones. Fuck these dildos like you want to milk them.”

The girls enthusiastically adapted to the change. After six minutes of sitting on the toys their vaginas were already well stretched, but the actual penetration was a different kind of experience. They grabbed the handle bars tightly and put their legs to harder labour. The dildos on the bars were waiting idly… for now.

“Keep up your posture!” Jewel spanked Carrie when the petite girl was slouching just slightly.

“Tits forward!” another girl got her nipples squeezed and pulled.

Another three minute period passed.

“Good! Now speed up. Give all you have in your legs!”

It was getting tougher, the dildos were way too big to just be forgotten and the girls had to make sure that the shoves were deep, while at the same time pedalling with all their might. Jewel continued to walk among them and correct their mistakes; more buttocks were slapped and nipples squeezed. Three minutes later the fatigue was beginning to show among some of the cadets, but they all still had enough strength to spare. Joanna looked fresh and ready, but Carrie was visibly sweating and her breathing had gotten heavier.

“All right!” the teacher announced three minutes later, “sit back down and return to the starting pace. Time for some active rest. Deepthroat the cocks in front of you. I want to see your lips first wrapped around the tip, then around the base with each motion. Slow pace.”

The cadets leaned forwards and took the dildos into their mouths. They had been practising deepthroating since the very beginning, so every girl was an expert, but usually the blowjobs were combined with something else. Their current activity was a rest of sorts, at least for their legs. They still pedalled, but at such a pace they could get some rest; that way the cadets could focus their attention on the dildos in front of them.

“Wrap your lips around that base!” Jewel ordered, “this will be a real cock at one point and you want to make it cum. The thug might be hung and will fuck your pretty face.”

While she said that she grabbed the girl’s head and pushed it down onto the dildo until the whole toy disappeared inside of her mouth. The teacher held the cadet for a few seconds before eventually releasing her; the girl withdrew her head to take a deep breath.

“Don’t let it go!” Jewel berated her, “wrap your lips around the head when you inhale and always use your nose.”

She again grabbed the girl’s head and pushed her onto the dildo. When this time she let her go the cadet obediently raised her head, so that the tip of the dildo remained beyond her lips.

“Now do it again on your own.”

The girl obeyed and performed the exercise correctly.

“Rest time’s up,” the teacher tightly controlled the clock, “speed up, but keep sucking.”

During the following three minutes the girls rode fast while trying to properly deepthroat entire dildos. Again few of them had their heads forced down by Jewel. Eventually the entire class was allowed to get off the bikes.

“All right, ladies, stretch for a while,” Jewel said, “then we’ll move to the next exercise. Buttplugs stay in.”

The girls obeyed and each did some stretching exercises on her own. Every form of rest was always active with Jewel. Three minutes later she spoke again.

“That’s enough. Go to the storeroom and take pussy beads and small weights.”

These were not just any beads or weights. The toys were designed so that they had a ring at the end of the handle where other items, such as said weights, could be attached. They also were not as smooth as sex toys tend to be. The latter items were small, but a few grams is enough when it has to do with your tender parts.

The girls returned with the items and waited for further commands.

“Put the beads in, but limit the lubrication. You’ll be holding them in with just your pussy muscles. Add the weights, so it’s not too easy.”

It would not have been easy without the weights, but in Jewel’s philosophy of training if it was not a challenge it was not an exercise. The cadets were taught to dry up their vaginas as swiftly as they could lubricate them. The girls tried to keep just enough lube to be able to shove the large beads in, but not too much so it would be easier to hold them inside; they then attached the weights.

All the cadets then stood in a wide stance awaiting further instructions. It was not overly difficult to hold the beads inside when they stood motionless, even the weights did not make a significant iddaa siteleri difference; but the exercise had not yet begun.

“All right, march in place,” Jewel commanded, “medium speed, raise your knees high. Three minutes.”

The teacher continued to walk among the students and check their performance.

“Knees higher!” Slap! Buttocks got spanked.

Three minutes passed swiftly.

“That’s it” Jewel announced, “keep marching, but now raise straight legs. Same pace.”

“Higher!” Slap! “leg must get horizontal.”

“Keep your back straight!” Slap!

“Tits forward!” Squeeze. Pull.

Holding the beads in was so much harder now, especially with the constantly rocking weight. The girls had to clench their vaginal muscles tightly.

“Okay, change of step again,” the teacher said, “now kick your buttocks with your heels with each step. Same pace.”

Some of the girls, Carrie among them, were beginning to show signs of exhaustion. They managed to hold the beads inside of their vaginas, but were slouching slightly or did not actually reach their buttocks with their heels. A slap on their buttocks or a pull of their nipples helped them mobilise the reserves of strength. Another three minutes later came the next change.

“All right. Back to the first step,” Jewel announced, “knees high, but speed up the pace. Move it! Move it!”

Thirty seconds into this stage Carrie had run out of strength, she lost her focus and let the beads slip out. She issued a loud exhausted groan and missed her step.

“Pick ’em up!” commanded Jewel, “don’t stop, the rest of you!” she addressed the other cadets.

As the exhausted Carrie bent to pick up the sex toy the teacher added:

“Put it back in. Move it! It’s not over yet.”

The girl’s hand were shaking but she managed to push the beads back into her vagina. As she straightened up Jewel got behind her and grabbed her shoulders with both hands.

“Go on! Ninety more seconds. You can do it!” she said encouragingly.

Somehow Carrie managed to find enough strength to be able to finish the exercise with the assistance of the teacher. Jewel continued to correct the other cadets’ posture mistakes, but she remained in place and held the girl’s shoulders firmly.


As soon as the teacher said the word Carrie loosened up her vaginal muscles and let the beads again fall to the floor. This time she was not the only one though, half of the girls did the same thing. They were not supposed to, but Jewel did not berate them too harshly. The petite blonde was the only one that needed to be held up, otherwise she would have collapsed.

“Very good,” Jewel said to the cadet, still holding her shoulders, “you got the spirit. Just don’t stop practising,” to all of them she added, “time for a short rest”.

Joanna came over to assist her friend, so that the teacher could let her go.

The rest obviously was active, after a few moments to catch their breaths the girls had to lie down on the mattresses and stretch. When one is doing side splits and then reaching for one’s toes with both hands, the anal dildo reminds of itself rather strongly. There were a few more exercises but neither of them nearly as exhausting, the classes finished with a longer round of thorough stretching.

The break after PE was longer, so that girls could thoroughly wash themselves and carry the toys to the cleaning. Next were their final two classes of that day – pheromones training and endurance practice, both with Sarah. This was not bad planning, the pheromones classes were purposefully placed after PE, so that the girls would be physically tired. This was the crucial ability responsible for the safety, so from the very beginning they needed to learn and practice it in somewhat tougher circumstances.


Sarah’s outfit for the classes was simple, although in her case it meant provocative. Or rather it would have been provocative outside of The Academy, here it was simple. She wore a short tight red dress with a deep cleavage, it accentuated all of her best assets – the large breasts and the wide hips. She also had sheer black crotchless pantyhose, the standard FEPS kind, and red strappy sandals on thirteen centimetre tall stiletto heels.

Technically learning how to control the pheromones was a physical exercise, at least as physical as playing a piano is. One had to move the right muscles at the right time and with proper strength. But just like playing an instrument this was also a partially mental task with a lot of manual practice involved. Oftentimes it could be mundane or wearing, but Sarah had a unique talent of making the classes almost entertaining. She often told the cadets anecdotes from her service and told them in detail her part of the large SEXPO operation. She did not try to detract her own blame, quite the opposite, she used the story as a warning lesson.

The training itself required precise control of various muscles that were not normally used in such a way. If you had read the Dune you will know that the sisters of Bene Gesserit could even regulate the temperature inside of their vaginas. The FEPS training did not go that far, but it used a similar mechanism.

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