Female Sociopath’s Lesson

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My name is Evans James Armand. Friends call me E.J. I’m a black guy living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve always been fascinated by a certain phenomenon. To the point that this fascination has become an obsession of mine. That’s okay because I’m lucky enough to have the means of exploring and fulfilling my little obsession. The perks of having money and plenty of leisure time, folks. My father, Elias Armand is a millionaire. I enjoy his good fortune. It’s fun. I get to travel around the planet and do things the rest of you can only dream of.

I’m a student at the world-famous Boston Institute of Technology, a world-class private school. BIT has thirty thousand students. Around twenty eight thousand undergraduates and two thousand graduate students, spread over three campuses, Boston, Williamstown and Milton. I reside at the Milton Campus. I love my school. It’s one of the best engineering and computing schools in North America. Founded in 1907, it recently celebrated its awesome centennial. The school has everything a collegiate man or woman could ever want. Kick-ass dorms. Great academic centers. World-class libraries. And last but not least, a totally awesome Athletic Complex. The Boston Institute of Technology Department of Athletics sponsors Men’s Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Rowing, Sailing, Golf, Tennis and Squash along with Women’s Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Rugby, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Rowing, Sailing, Golf, Tennis and Squash. We compete in the NCAA Division One.

The pleasures of the Boston Institute of Technology are many. However, they pale compared to my private pleasures. I’m a black guy with a fetish for fat older women of all races. I have a strong sexual preference for them. I like to fuck them in the ass. It’s my obsession and it Betturkey cannot be changed. My latest toy is Marybeth Louisiana Nathaniel, a plump, brown-haired, big-bottomed, cheerfully sociopathic white woman who works at the public library. This bitch was rather mean-spirited and downright nasty to the students and other patrons of the library where she worked. She gets her kicks by harassing them in every way she can think of. And since the library administrators are a bunch of wimps and losers, they let her away with just about everything. Yeah, she was a destructive force in the lives of the men and women who frequented the library. I felt that she needed an attitude adjustment quite desperately. For her own good as well as that of the people she terrorized. Which explains what I’m doing right now. I treated her to a bit of tough love. She asked for it, you know.

The evil librarian known as Louisiana Nathaniel is currently in my basement. We’re spending some quality time together. She’s on her hands and knees, her pasty-white plump butt cheeks spread wide open. Buried balls deep up her asshole is my twelve inches of long and thick, uncut Black Man Power. Oh, man. My dick feels so good inside the fat white woman’s tight asshole. Her ass is so warm and soft. I daresay that it was the most pleasant part of her body. It wins over her ugly face hands down. I dig my fingers into the fat white woman’s wide hips and push my cock deeper into her shit hole. She is squealing like a pig as I ram my dick inside. I’m having the time of my life with this, I assure you. Not only am I doing something I love, practicing the fine and ancient art of fucking big women in the ass, but I’m also doing humanity a service.

Like a lot of women in positions of power in the modern world, Louisiana has a sense of entitlement and she’s a complete bitch to all those around her. Male and female alike, she loves to mess with them. Oh, yeah. Lots Betturkey Giriş of female bosses are serial bullies. Psycho women on power trips. Of course, it’s not politically correct to say that about them, of course. Whatever. I’m a man who speaks the truth. I’ve done some research in the area of bitchy and bossy women and I’ve come to the discovery that the only way to reduce their bitchiness is to fuck them in the ass repeatedly. Give them some much-needed and thoroughly deserved shots of humility. Why the ass? Well, it’s the only way to get through to them. Anal sex is fun. It can also be an act of dominance and submission. I completely dominate them while fucking them roughly in the ass. Bring them down a peg or two. That’s the only way.

So, I stoically continued to perform that which I’ve come to regard as my solemn duty. I pushed my long and thick black cock into the forbidden depths of Louisiana Nathaniel’s tight asshole. The big white woman screamed as I continued to drill my manly tool into her asshole. To say those screams of hers were music to those ears of mine would be the understatement of the century. I felt like I was listening to the National Symphony Orchestra. I smacked Louisiana’s plump white buttocks, leaving a nice red mark on them. She squealed even louder. That’s much better. To get more out of her, I had to improvise a little bit. It’s always fun to get creative when you’re fucking an arrogant fat old white woman in the ass. Get out of them all you can. It maximizes the experience for you and increases the fun a thousand-fold.

I suddenly pulled my cock out of Louisiana Nathaniel’s bowels. The big white woman gasped in surprise, then sighed in relief. I switched things around a bit. I flipped the big white woman on her back, so that I could look into those beady little brown eyes of hers while fucking her in the ass. I saw fear there. I also saw a reluctant kind of lust. A delightful idea Betturkey Güncel Giriş sprang into my wonderfully twisted mind. I pressed my fist against Louisiana’s asshole. The big white woman’s eyes widened. She shook her head, trembling with fear. I smiled maniacally. The female sociopath was finally scared. That’s good. But not good enough. I let her know what was in my mind. I know that sociopaths, both male and female, cannot feel guilt. They love destroying the lives of others. However, pain is pain, whether you have a conscience or not. I do so love to make sociopaths experience extremes of pleasure and pain. It’s the only thing which makes a lasting impression on them. Slowly, I inserted my fist into the big white woman’s tight asshole. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I worked my fist into her asshole. Inch by inch. This woman had sociopathy and remorselessness in every cell in her body. A thorough anal fucking wouldn’t be enough to change her bad attitude. She needed some anal fisting.

In the name of decency, I inserted my entire fist into the asshole of one Louisiana Nathaniel, town librarian. Amazingly, she had stopped screaming. I looked into her face. Her beady little brown eyes were wide as saucers. Her mouth was agape, but no sound came out. I smiled, thoroughly pleased with my handiwork. I thrust my fist deeper, working my magic. That’s when she screamed. It was the kind of scream that could shatter a glacier. For the first time in the sociopathic woman’s life, her mouth opened, and the truth came out. It was a beautiful sound. Pleased, I removed my fist from Louisiana’s now gaping asshole. I admired my handiwork, and nodded in appreciation. The lesson was over.

A short while later, a very grateful Marybeth Louisiana Nathaniel thanked me for my valiant efforts and for taking her to realms of pleasure and pain beyond the earthly plane. I promised her that I would see her in a few days. You cannot cure a sociopath of his or her lack of a conscience. It’s impossible. However, you can teach them to behave around people. That’s what I’m doing. Domesticating a sociopath. I think it can be done, and I will continue to refine my methods. What do you think?

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