Ferry Tales Ch. 05

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Pushpa had more to relate, but, I thought it best to conclude the Sasha story, the fourth Ferry Tale, before continuing Pushpa’s adventures. Narrating her night with Sasha aroused her, indeed, to ask me to try and bring her off a fourth time. And having got her erect, she asked me to straddle her, and, as she put it, ‘Cunt me to climax.’ This I managed to achieve, though I was weary afterwards, and my vagina was quite sore from the persevering pelvic floor pulsations required. Thus, it was I who was bosom-borne to absorb the sequel.


Shortly after her return home, Pushpa received an email from Sasha, which expressed heartfelt thanks, and said that she had told her mother every detail of the night on the ferry. She also vouchsafed that Alex had been equally frank about certain details of her past life, and that she, Sasha, had suggested that Pushpa might be able to help Alex in various ways: so if it was proposed that Pushpa should accompany her to Spain to visit Sasha, could dear Pushpa only accept if she was willing to cooperate with Alex in those various ways.

Hence, Pushpa was not surprised to receive an email from Alex. For a moment she feared a message upbraiding her for seducing the girl. But it was, instead, a litany of praise for her kindness and understanding. Beyond the gratitude, however, there was the proposal for a meeting, since Sasha had persuaded her mother that Pushpa not only deserved face-to-face thanks, but, it was hinted, might be able to help Alex, too. The suggestion was that since Alex was to travel to Spain to visit Sasha, Pushpa might like accompany her on the ferry from Plymouth. She was also invited to spend time with mother and daughter on their planned break on the Costa Brava. Her travel costs would be covered by the company, since she was also engaged as a model and adviser in relation to a new range of undergarments.

Pushpa was intrigued, and eager to renew contact with Sasha. She also scented the possibility of further adventures, so readily agreed to the arrangement, and boarded the overnight boat feeling a pleasant anticipation. Which was in no way dashed by meeting Alex in the dining-salon. No difficulty had been expected about recognition. There were not likely to be many tall large breasted and bottomed Indians aboard, and Alex resembled Sasha in regard to height, colouring and basic build, though she was considerably, and agreeably, plumper. She also wore spectacles, though hers were gold-framed. Since her features were also similar, Pushpa silently christened her Tawny Owl. Alex was dressed in a smart, lemon-yellow, short-skirted business suit, with low-cut light blue blouse beneath it, and heels.

The lady went rapidly from lengthy handshake to kissing of cheeks, before the two gathered their food and sat down. Alex was clearly also a forthright person, who assumed that her interlocutor would be equally frank. Over her healthy salad she said, ‘You were my lovely Sasha’s angel, Dr Pushpa – yes, I know you’re a doctor because I googled you and looked you up on your university’s website. She’s a new woman now, thanks to you.’

‘No need for the title, please. It doesn’t seem appropriate when talking to the mother of the girl you enjoyed so much on your recent voyage on this ship.’

‘She told me all about it,’ Alex continued. ‘And I do mean all.’

Pushpa said nothing, and Alex went on, ‘We’ve told each other everything now.’

‘Everything? Including her feelings towards you?’

‘Everything, including my feelings towards her. That’s largely why we’re on the way to be with her.’

‘I’m glad to hear that,’ Pushpa said.

‘Her new form has changed things, you see. We were always very close, as she told you. We slept together till she began to develop, but I was aware she was often aroused. I was, too. But we were afraid to confess till now. Somehow the transition has turned her not only into my daughter but into another woman.’

‘Ah, I see. I think.’

‘Well, I’ll say more about that later, I expect, because I shall need to be equally open with you. And I think you will be candid with me.’

‘Yes, I certainly will.’

‘Having established that, let’s eat up and talk afterwards.’

They ate in companionable silence, sensing each other’s excitement and eager to find out what exactly it might lead to later. Pushpa could hardly believe that she had been invited partly to make love to Alex.

After eating they moved into the saloon and were able to find a quiet corner. Alex opened the negotiations or discussions or whatever they were. ‘My business is knickers, as I think you know. Or to put another way, my business is bottoms. A little company history. On the day my knickers swarmed up my bum for the hundredth time I thought it must be possible to buy knickers which stayed put, and I did a lot of research, and spent a lot of money on knickers which sooner or later crept up my crack. So, being handy with a sewing Manisa Escort machine and a needle I became a knicker-maker. It was all a matter of the fabric and the design. Most knickers are too narrow across the cheeks, and they don’t have enough play to stay lodged in the creases underneath. And since no two bottoms are quite alike the one-style-fits-all assumption is wrong. Find ten women with thirty-eight inch hips and they’ll have ten different bottom-shapes.’ She paused, then, ‘I hope I’m not boring you.’

‘My dear Alex, far from it. I love bottoms, looking at them, stroking them, talking about them -‘

‘Buggering them.’

‘Only if the owner is ready, willing and able. Actually I prefer vaginaring, and from the rear can be especially delightful. Viewing, holding, smoothing a ladybum – wonderful.’

‘You should see as many as I do, live or on screen. Because I design to fit perfectly, which means viewing the article or having the women send me pics or videos, with or without panties, preferably without. I also have a team of ladies making home visits, taking measurements and photos, which arrive on my tablet.’

‘Sounds expensive.’

‘Oh, it is, but there are tiers of service. The personal visit involves sending you a custom-paid, which you wear for a day or two and if they perform properly I send you another dozen pairs, varying the colours and accessories to your requirements. The cheapest way is that having viewed your photo or video I send you what I judge to be a suitable pair from our made-up range, and if they suit I send the dozen. Bear in mind what you get really does do the job.’

‘How am I going to be useful as a model?’

‘We’ll get to that, when we go to my cabin. Meantime, I want to give you some personal history, so I can confirm the reason you’ve guessed fort this candid conversation.’

‘Sasha said her father left when she was a little girl. That’s all I know.’

‘Sasha’s father was a brute. Sex with him was rape, pure and simple. Well, it was simple, anyway. He just got between my legs, jabbed his way in, ejaculated and pulled out. He thought women’s orgasms were a kind of perversion.’


‘He was furious when I got pregnant, and accused me of having an affair, because I must have had an orgasm, because I wouldn’t have conceived otherwise.’

‘How did you get rid of him?’

‘I didn’t. He left, partly because he could never believer I hadn’t been unfaithful, and because I had a big arse.’

‘I take it you hadn’t actually been unfaithful.’

‘No. I was tempted, but I was virgin when we married, very young and ignorant, and he seemed such a man of the world who would look after me. I thought he didn’t press me to have sex before the wedding out of old-fashioned respect. Of course, it was so I wouldn’t know the sort of sex he was going to demand.’

‘You believed him about your arse.’

‘Well, I knew it wasn’t that big compared to many others, but I thought it was disproportionately large on me, a kind of deformity.’

‘So, it was a while before you risked it with another man.’

Alex heaved a sigh. ‘Well, no, I didn’t risk it with another man. I started the business, and I was too busy to think about sex at all. Until I found that measuring women’s bums, peering at their pussies and judging the width of gusset needed was actually rather exciting. And a surprising number of them found it exciting, too. As part of my spiel, I sometimes show them my bottom in tight, semi-transparent panties and flash my curls, and that can turn them on – they know why I’m doing it.’

‘No fears about your arse when you do that’

‘Not with a woman, no. My first orgasm, other than those I gave myself occasionally, was in the bed of one of my many middle-aged clients. She took my lesginity, you might say. Ever since then I’ve been able to combine business with pleasure. You’ve no idea the number of married women who are ready to try it with another woman. Sasha knows all about it, but I bet she didn’t tell you.’

‘Alex, please say that’s what you want, to combine business and pleasure with me.’

‘Yes, dear Pushpa, of course it is. And, as I hoped, I don’t have to sound you out or ask you straight out.’

‘It was already agreed when we exchanged the emails. You know that.’

‘Yes, I knew that, but, you see, I do have another virginity to lose, thinking of your time with Sasha.’

‘You’ve never made love with a transwoman.’

‘That’s right, and when Sasha told me about you I couldn’t help fantasising.’

‘What did you fantasise?’

‘Well, with a woman I love the breast-to-breast contact, but suppose you could also have a cock in your cunt. You don’t mind the language, do you?’

‘Alex, I can wait to get my cock in your cunt. But I’m not going to jab my way in, and I think a woman’s orgasm is the most beautiful happening in the world.’

‘Why are we still sitting here, then?’


When they arrived at the cabin and closed the door, Manisa Escort Bayan however, Alex slowed things down. She took Pushpa’s hands and drew her down to sit by her on the bunk. She said, ‘Can we talk about it before we start?’

‘You’re a little afraid, I know, Alex, even after Sasha’s recommendation.’

‘That’s right. I’ve been in control nearly all the time, or when I’m with a woman we both know what’s probably going to happen, and any surprises are usually pleasant.’

‘Thanks to Sasha you don’t really think I’m going to rape you like your husband did, but your only experience with a penis is of being raped. You don’t know what it’s like to have a cock in your cunt any other way.’

‘You understand, don’t you?’

‘Of course I do. My cock isn’t going into your cunt unless you want it to. Your fantasy doesn’t mean you have to fulfil it.’

‘You wouldn’t be cross or disappointed?’

‘You can call a halt at any moment, Alex, and I will perfectly understand, and there will be no hard feelings. Why don’t we just go by stages, with you as conductor?’

‘Thank you. Shall we start with kissing?’

The kissing was long and gentle, Pushpa waiting for Alex’s feelings to clarify, for her arousal to begin, if it was going to. When they paused to take breath, she said, ‘Don’t think about it, Alex. Just see what you feel, what you want to see or do.’ She stood up. ‘Why not treat me as one of your clients. I’ve come for a consultation and I’m waiting for you to tell me what to do.’

Alex stood, too. ‘I’m going to need to view and measure you, so I must ask you to remove your skirt and any tights or slips.’

Pushpa obediently unzipped and stepped out of her skirt, beneath which there was nothing but her knickers.

‘Thank you,’ said Alex. ‘Could you also, please, take off those knickers. I see they’re rather large and loose. They look like schoolgirl games kit, but I assume you are hoping for something a little more, perhaps, close-fitting, and, dare I say, alluring?’

Pushpa turned her back and slipped off the bloomers. There was then a long pause till Alex said, ‘That is one hell of an arse, Pushpa. I don’t mean its size, though it’s pretty impressive, I mean its shape. I’ve seem a good few, as you know, but that one – well!’

‘I’m glad you like it.’

‘Normally at this point I ask the woman to turn round slowly.’

‘That’s all right. Here I go.’

‘Now, that is rather different. I don’t know much about the sizes, but that one looks pretty big, though it might be a bit enlarged already?’

‘Well, given the circumstances, it is somewhat enlarged already, yes. But I have it under control, don’t worry.’

‘I keep varying between Alex the businesswoman and Alex the woman.’

‘Anything that helps.’

‘The woman wants to handle it. Remember, she’s never had the chance actually to study and feel one. Would that be all right?’

‘Of course, but it will probably do more enlarging. I must warn you.’

‘You’re amused. But that’s fine. I’ve never had one in my hand, and it’s fascinating. It’s growing. It feels smooth and hard, and the end is coming out of the skin. It’s shiny and dark pink. Sasha knows so much more than me because she has one, though she described yours, and made me so keen to see it and touch it. I can hold your testicles, too, can’t I? I’ve so often seen Sasha’s and wondered about the sperms in there, waiting to pour out.’

‘Sasha’s penis is so sweet. I loved it.’

‘And you had it up your bum, I know. She loved that, one of the ways of losing her virginity. But she made you spill your sperms, too, didn’t she?’

‘She certainly did, twice. Both wonderful.’

‘Can I make you spill your sperms, too?

‘You certainly can. Hold it just below the shoulders and pump with your hand, moving the foreskin over the widest part.’

‘Would it help if you could seem me, too. Perhaps this is the time to show my bottom to the client?’

‘That would be delightful.’

Alex took off her jacket and skirt and laid them on the bunk. She was wearing a silk underskirt, which was soon off, too. Beneath she was wearing stay-up stockings and the semi-transparent panties she had previously referred to. Her curls showed clearly. Then she turned, slid off the stockings and her shoes, and slowly lowered the knickers. Pushpa watched for that magical moment when the gusset came away from the vulva, and her erection stiffened.

‘That is a beautiful, beautiful bottom,’ she said. ‘Like an upside-down heart. It grows from a point and rounds out sideways, outwards, downwards, with that tight, tight split. Just looking at it makes me ready to come.’

Alex took the knickers off and turned. ‘Do you like my pubes? I never trim them, because I think the wilder the better.’

‘They are so curly, like little ringlets. Do you have them permed?’

‘They’re just as at pubesberty.’

‘They’re lovely. I hope to get my tongue into them. Oh, sorry, getting ahead of Escort Manisa you.’

‘No, I like the idea very much. After all, that’s pretty much what I do with my clients. But it will be another virginity gone if you do it. But right now I want to lose the virginity of seeing a transwoman’s sperms for the first time.’

‘They’re just waiting for you to call them forth.’

‘But, wait a minute, I think it would be good to see your breasts, so much admired by Sasha.’ And after Pushpa had shed her shirt and bra, ‘Those are magnificent. Bigger than mine. I want to taste those glorious nipples. If you lie on the bunk. I can get at everything.’

Pushpa lay down and Alex knelt by the bunk and ran her hands lightly up and down Pushpa’s body, nudging the nipples, brushing past the penis and studying how all three erected. ‘I love it when nipples stand up like that,’ she said, ‘And your cock is standing up so much, too. Are you ready for me to take your sperms? I can see you are, so I’ll hold you like this and slide the skin up and down. Oh, it’s getting ever harder.’

‘That means I’m going to come. Slow down when the first spurt happens and stop after the second and just squeeze gently while I finish coming.’

‘Oh, this is so exciting. My cunt is getting so wet. Oh, here it comes!’

Pushpa jetted dollops of jism onto Alex’s hand and breasts and onto her own belly.

Alex said, ‘So, that’s what happens inside a cunt. Or a bottom, too, of course.’

‘What about you, sweet Alex? Don’t you need to come, too?’

‘Yes, yes, I want to. I want you to suck my tits and my clit, please.’ She hastily discarded her blouse and bra and climbed onto the bunk. Pushpa moved to bring her mouth to bear on her nipples and sucked gently to stiffen them fully. She ceased long enough to say, ‘Your tits are as beautiful as your bottom, so firm and rounded – they don’t flatten when you like on your back like this. And I think they’re actually swelling, aren’t they?’

‘Yes, I’m so excited I’m ready. Yes, yes, lick me there, that’ll do it. Oh, I’m going to have my first orgasm with a transwoman. Here it comes!’

Shuddering, hips juddering, lubricant leaking, Alex came. Pushpa held still for half a minute and then applied her tongue again, and Alex came again, sobbing and gasping. A second time Pushpa waited, resumed the licking and another orgasm blossomed within Alex.


‘How did you know I could go two or three times?’ she asked a little later.

‘I could feel them inside you. You’re a chain-comer, I think. There are more comings to come, I’m sure.’

‘What about you? Sasha told me you came several times, too.’

‘Yes, I can usually come three or four times. Would you like me to come? How?’

‘I want you inside me. I want that so much, but -‘

‘You’re afraid that will bring back bad memories.’

‘Yes. I want it, but I think I’m really a lesbian, maybe.’

‘You could be bi- or several-sexual, like me.’

‘You do really like my bottom, don’t you?’

‘You know I never lie, and you know I think it’s amazing. I know you put on those filmy panties to show it off to me, not just to demonstrate your salestalk. You know how spectacular it is. You’re asking me about it because you have something in mind.’

‘Yes. I want you to enter me from the back. He never did that. I’m a doggy virgin.’

‘That would be perfect. I’ll go in a little way, and you tell me if it’s all right, if you want me to go right in, if and when you want me to come.’

‘I’ll get on my hands and knees, then, shall I? I’m certainly good and slippery. Do I need to stick my bum in the air?’

‘You adopt whatever position you feel comfortable with, but I recommend just hollowing your back. Yes, like that. And yes you are good and slippery. This is glorious, looking at your bottom. Can I hold it? Now I’m going to feel for your entrance with my cock-tip. I love the explorations, touching your curls, lodging in your crack a moment, just searching – ah, yes, I’m into your labia. They’re so deep, they’re wrapped round me. I’m only just touching your vestibule. Can you feel me? Does it feel all right so far?’

‘Yes. Just slip in a bit. Good, like that. The bulb isn’t full in yet, is it?’

‘Shall I put it all in?’

‘Yes. I want to feel it stretching me a little. I can feel it there. Like a big tampon going in. Keep pushing in. Oh, yes, I think I like it. It’s so hard, but not like a dildo at all. How far are you in now?’

‘Half way. I can get it all in, eventually, because the vagina expands and lengthens when aroused, and can feel you squeezing a little, so I think you are getting aroused.’

‘Oh, yes, the idea of it, you describing it happening – so exciting. Go on, go all the way. That’s it, isn’t it? You’re filling me. It’s strange, but my cunt is liking it without my telling it. What do you do now?’

‘I push all the way in, alongside your cervix, then I pull nearly out, like this, and plunge in again, and pull out, and I do it as hard and as often as you like, and I can come any time. Or I can stop and withdraw, and ejaculate on your bottom or let it subside.’

‘I can’t do that to you. Now I’ve aroused you and taken you in I must let you come, or make you come. I could use my hand, I suppose, if you left me.’

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