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This story contains graphic details of sexual relations between a man and an underage boy. I must ask that you discontinue reading if this kind of material is illegal in your area.

5th Grade Teacher – Chapter 3

Because Erin McCulloch School hadn’t had a coach in a number of years I had to clean the gym equipment storage room, which was up a flight of stairs from the regular equipment room.

Up there I organized the mess of old equipment and outdated devices. I swept the floors and cleaned the windows. I was up there about an hour and made my way back downstairs. And I heard quiet moaning.

“Mmm, Paul.”

I quietly opened the door at the bottom of the stairs and peeked through the small opening. A 14 year old boy named Alex was leaning against the school’s fold-away stage with his pants down around his ankles. A 13 year old Paul was on his knees with his head bobbing. There was the occasional slurping sound, and Alex was mewling.

“Paul, *mmmmm,”* Alex moaned and slid his fingers through Paul’s black hair.

I quietly closed the door and quickly unzipped my pants. I kicked my shoes off as I slid the pants down. My rock hard 7 inches was throbbing and leaking already.

“Hey boys,” I said when I opened the door.

Paul quickly turned and Alex bent to pull his pants up. Both stopped when they saw my pantsless legs and me stroking my dick. So I walked forward and peeled my shirt off.

“Your dick is so big,” Paul said with a smile.

I touched Paul’s hair and said, başakşehir escort “Yeah? Give it a taste. You look like a hungry lil slut.”

Paul giggled as he wrapped his hand around my shaft. He wasted no time in sliding his lips over my helmet head.

“Holy fuck,” I said.

I reached over and grabbed Alex’s solid 4 inches of cut meat. His dick was still slick with Paul’s saliva, he shivered as I stroked him so slowly. I put my other hand on the back of Paul’s head and pulled him in gently.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I was last fucked in the ass?”

“I…I can fuck you?” Alex asked.

I asked “You guys fuck each other yet?”

“No, just blowjobs.”

I smiled and said, “Well shit. I love taking virginities. Paul, you fuck me first.”

“Why him?” Alex asked.

I didn’t answer the teen. I got down on my knees and arched my back. Paul knelt behind me, his uncut 4 inches of Blackfoot cock looking eager.

“Don’t I need a condom?” Paul asked.

“No just fuck me raw. Breed me with your teen juice.”

I spit on my fingers and smeared it on my hole. I heard Paul spit too, and I felt the tip of his dick press against me. His teen cock slid in quickly which made me hum in pleasure.

Paul quickly started bucking his hips, fucking me with no grace. I reached behind and cupped his ass cheek.

“This…feels…so cool!” Paul said.

“Fuck me!” I growled.

Paul pulled out and told me to turn over. When I laid on halkalı escort my back Paul kissed my hairy pectoral and his hand stroked my achingly hard dick.

“Just fuck me, boy,” I said.

Paul giggled but obliged. He aimed his delicious teen cock and slid it right into my ass. His caramel skin before me shined with sweat as he pumped into me. His dark eyes showed pleasure.

In no time at all Paul was saying “Oh I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

His hips stopped but his teen 4 inches were twitching in my ass. His eyes were squeezed shut and his grip on my thighs was tight.

“Damn,” Paul laughed. “That was awesome.”

“Move,” Alex said excitedly.

He knelt between my legs and spit on his throbbing dick. He smiled at me before he aimed. His green eyes held wonder, and he thrust forward.

“Oh!” Alex said. “Fuck.”

Alex fucked me slowly. His hips swayed not thrust. As he did he came forward and kissed my neck. My hands gave his butt a squeeze and then explored his lithe back.

“You’re hot, Mr Schaeffer,” Alex said into my ear.

For about 3 minutes Alex slowly fucked me. His nose was in my neck breathing into my ear. Suddenly his breathing became fast and his arms held onto me tightly. He grunted quietly as he rocked his hips jaggedly.

“Hoooo,” Alex lamely said.

When he pulled out he held my legs up and stared at my ass. He put a hand on my cheek and massaged it.

“Nice ass eh,” Paul said.

I lowered my legs and said, şirinevler escort “Now one of you sucks my cock and the other licks my balls.”

Alex gripped my rigid 7 inches and licked thr head. Tease. He smiled before he engulfed it in his mouth. Paul gave my left nut a nice hard lick. Alex was still teasing too much, sucking too slow. So I held his head and made him bob faster.

“How do you like that man cock?” I said.

Alex was trying to pull away to breathe, but I was enjoying using his mouth too much. Paul’s tongue was sending tingles through my sac, his tongue moving this way and that, swirling around. Alex’s mouth was so wet and warm.

I finally lifted Alex up and he inhaled deeply. I went forward and kissed him. He was out of breath but kissed back easily. I pulled him back down and he shook his head quickly. I let go of him and he took my cock in his mouth.

“Oh yeah suck that cock, Alex. Yeah, show me how much you like it.”

I watched the boys pleasure me with theirs, raising my fingers to my chest. I brushed my thumbs over my nipples before pinching them.

“Oh fuck. I’m so close. So close. Suck that fucking cock. Oh shit.”

Alex sucked on my dickhead even faster and Paul sucked one of my balls into his mouth. That caused the dam to burst. Cum shot up my tube and gushed into Alex’s eager mouth. The white boy sucked and bobbed his head. 5 huge blasts spilled into his mouth. A few drops leaked out of his mouth, but he remained suckling.

“Stop,” I said. “Fuck, too much.”

Alex pulled off. Paul grabbed his chin and licked the cum off his chin. Cum hungry little fuckers. I kissed Paul first, and then Alex. Alex kissed back forcefully hungrily.

I smacked his ass and said, “Go get me my ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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