Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 16

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It has been a while since Mieke and I tried something new on the kinky side. Not that it was boring. Not at all! We have enjoyed each other’s bodies to the max. And for me especially what came out of that great body of hers that she let me feel, smell, taste or eat. Forced or not. It was simply great.

Last week when I was away for business to Germany for a few days Mieke took that opportunity to surprise me. And boy, did she!

She had been digging a 6ft. deep hole in a corner of our backyard. When I got home last night I immediately saw the pile of dirt and wondered what she had been doing. I asked her and she took me with her and showed it to me.

“Tomorrow is a warm and shiny day and I am gonna do something with you and this hole.” she said. I looked puzzled and she just smiled. “You’ll see.”

Now that morning has arrived. The sun is up early and birds are singing and there are butterflies in my stomach in anticipation for what is coming.

Mieke also wakes up next to me and we get out of bed.

“You will get your breakfast somewhere else Max.”

I am not allowed to get dressed and she takes me by the hand to the garden. When we reach the hole she tells me to get in. As instructed I climb down and stand on a large sheet of black plastic that she has put in the hole.

My cock stiffens because I am guessing what will come next.

She grabs a shovel and starts to throw all the dirt from the pile around me in the hole. About 15 minutes later she has buried me up to my neck. With her boots she stamps on the dirt around my head to be sure I will not be able to move. At least not very much. But I am not gonna try to move anyway. I like where this is going.

She also spreads a large sheet of plastic with a head escort bursa size hole in it over my head and pulls it down so that it forms a wide sort of collar around my neck. She puts rocks on each corner so that it will stay in place.

I tell Mieke that I have to pee and she tells me to just let it go.

“I have to pee too.” she says.

Then she slides down her panties and she squats over my head. Then she begins to pee on my face. I also hold open my mouth to catch her delicious morning pee as much as possible. This is so hot!

“You just stay in there for as long as possible. I have a few other surprises for you too!”

Then she leaves me and a few minutes later she comes back with a tray with breakfast. She feeds me a glass of orange juice and a jelly sandwich that tastes a bit funny. Then I realize she has also spread a little bit of her poo on the sandwich. Even more eager I chew like a madman. The combination of tastes is amazing.

“See you later!” she says.

Then the waiting begins. I am very comfortable because the dirt supports my body from all around. It feels so good!

Half an hour later she comes back with a mean smile on het face. Again she slides down her panties and hovers over my head. Then I hear a fart. Unfortunately I can’t smell it.

Then comes her shit. It lands on my hair and the first lot bounces to the side and lands on the sheet of plastic. The next batch of shit is very creamy. It also lands on the front of my hair and slowly oozes over my forehead, over my nose and covering my left eye and then further down my cheek, mouth an chin.

There Mieke stops the oozing and holds the shit near my chin and mouth with her rubber gloves. Then she begins to smear all of her shit in my face. It is sticky enough görükle escort so it forms a nice thick layer of poo over my complete face. I cannot see anything anymore but I don’t mind at all. This is fantastic. Being covered like this and not able to do anything about it.

Then she tells me to open my mouth and she gives me pieces of banana that she first dips in the shit and pushes them into my mouth. Lovely! I eat it all and as I told before, the taste of banana and shit together is great and very stimulating!

I hear her say that she had been saving her poo for a few days as well. But I will just have to wait for that.

Still very comfortable I feel my large dick in the dirt and I try to wiggle a little so that I can feel it better. Because I have peed in the dirt it has become a little muddy and the wiggling feels great. Almost like a good blowjob! I desperately want to cum but this way, just wiggling, will probably not work. I will just have to be patient.

Then I hear Mieke’s footsteps nearing. She puts a bucket next to my head.

First she pees on my head again, flushing a bit of her shit from my face.

“Never mind that. There much more to cover you completely.”

She scoops a firm hand of her saved poo and puts it on the top of my head. Then another scoop and another till it starts to slide down. With both hands she spreads all the poo over my hair, over my ears and everywhere. All her shit from the bucket is treated that way and I end up being covered from neck to the crown of my head with a thick layer of smelly shit.

“I can’t see your head anymore.” she laughs. “Just a pile of shit sticking out of the ground.”

I can barely hear her because I have shit in my ears as well.

“Now you bursa escort bayan enjoy this for a while till my next surprise!”

And off she went again.

Half an hour later (I think because I lost the sense of time) she comes back with what sounds like another bucket. It sounds heavy when she puts in on the ground next to me.

“Open your mouth!”

I oblige and then she put the end of a piece of garden hose in my mouth.

“You will have to be able to breathe, won’t you? I secretly collected a large bucket full of cow shit from the meadows next to the house. I know you like cow shit and now I am gonna pile everything on your head.”

She scoops and scoops and soon there is mountain of her shit combined with the cow shit over my head. Just one big pile of dung with my head somewhere inside it. Thank God for the hose!

I lost all my senses now but probably she is leaving again. But she is still here checking if I am still able to breathe.

I get hornier and hornier.

I have to pee and poo now too. Again I just let it go though shitting like this is not easy.

I feel it getting muddier around my dock and that also feels so good!

Then after a while I feel Mieke rubbing the shit pile and moving it around my head. That also feels great and through the hose I try to tell her I want to cum real bad.

I think she got the message and she is removing all the shit from my head and putting it back in the large bucket. With my mouth now free I let go of the hose and thank her for this treatment and ask if I can help freeing myself.

She gets the shovel and carefully removes a great deal of dirt from around my body. By wiggling I am able to free myself and climb out of the hole.

I immediately grab my cock and begin to jerk off. In the meantime Mike take the big bucket and smears all the shit over my whole body. It does not take long for me to cum violently.

After that I want to cuddle but she laughs and screams and runs off.

What a great day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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