Filipinas: Joann

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Annika Albrite

Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

These stories are posted in the order that they happened, so if you want to read them first to last, just read the story with the oldest publish date first and then move through the stories from oldest to newest, and you will be reading them in order.

Nobody in this story was underage.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I have made it a point throughout my life to be honest with others. After the split with Hope, as soon as a girl brought up the topic of children, I would tell them about my vasectomy. Hopefully, I would find a woman who didn’t care about having children.

I met Joann at a call center in Cebu City that I was working with. I wasn’t actually working with Joann, but when I saw her, I knew I had to get to know her. One day, she was standing in the lobby when I was leaving the building, so I approached her. “Hi,” I said. “My name is Pete. Is there any chance I could take you to dinner?”

She turned and looked at me. At first, I thought she would just blow me off, but then her expression changed as she surveyed me. “Do I know you, Pete?”

“No,” I replied. “But I would like to remedy that. Would you go to dinner with me?”

She thought for a moment, and then said, “My name is Joann by the way, and yes, I will go to dinner with you. Where are we going?”

“That depends,” I replied. “Is there any kind of food you prefer?”

“No,” she said. Anything would be fine.”

I asked if she could ride with me on my motorcycle, and she asked, “Do you have an extra helmet?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied.

“Then, we can ride your motorcycle,” she said.

We left the call center and walked out to where my bike was parked. Since I had call center people working for me rather than actually me working at the call center, management had given me a reserved parking place. I pulled my extra helmet out of the lockbox on the back of my bike and helped her put it on. When she was situated, I sat on the bike, put my own helmet on and motioned for her to get on behind me.

She was wearing a skirt and blouse, so instead of straddling the seat, Joann chose to ride side saddle. I would take it slow to make sure that nothing bad happened to her. We rode back to my apartment building and parked in the underground parking under the building. “Where are we?” she asked.

“We are at my apartment building.” I replied. “The restaurant is about a half-block from here, but there isn’t any parking there, so I thought this would be easier.” We exited the building and walked to the restaurant. The waitress saw me come in and directed us to my usual booth in the back of the restaurant. Once seated, I ordered a bottle of wine and told the waitress we would order dinner when she returned with the wine.

As we looked at the menu, I asked, “So, tell me about yourself, Joann. I want to know all about you.”

“Well,” she began, “I was born in a village up in the mountains above Cebu City. We didn’t have much money, but my mother thought education was very important, and I was a good student. For such a small school in the mountains, we had some pretty good teachers. I learned a lot and did very well in my classes. I did good enough to get a scholarship at the University of San Carlos (USC) here in Cebu City. My scholarship covers tuition, books and fees, but not room and board. That is why I work at the call center part-time.”

She continued, “I have a double major in Business Administration and English, which made it possible for me to get a job at the call center while going to school. It does make it a lot harder, though, because I work on weekends as well as during the week. I’m lucky that where I work and where I live are close together.”

“What are your priorities in life?” I asked. “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

Joann smiled at me. “You ask good questions,” she said. “Under everything, I am a simple woman with simple needs. I want to get married to a man who loves me and can support me in my endeavors.”

“What kind of endeavors?” I asked.

“That, I don’t know,” she said. Whatever they are, I will always put my husband first. Like I said, I am a simple Filipina. Family comes before everything else.”

“If you get married,” I asked, “Who comes first, your husband or your parents and siblings?”

“My husband will come first,” she replied. “He will be my king. I know that a lot of Filipinas put their parents and siblings first, but that wasn’t how my mother taught me. When Filipinas put their families in front of their husbands, it almost always messes up their marriages.”

“I think I would like to meet your mother,” I said. “She sounds very wise.”

“She is,” Joann replied. “I always listen to her advice.”

“Do you want children?” I asked.

“Of course, every Anadolu Yakası Escort Filipina wants children, but a happy marriage is most important to me. Why? Do you want children?”

The reason I asked was that I need to tell you that I can’t have children. My sperm was messed up because I was exposed to toxic chemicals when I was young, and if I did have children, they would be deformed. So, I had a vasectomy.”

“Children aren’t the most important thing to me, and I am happy that you are being so honest with me,” she said. “Tell me more about yourself. So far, the conversation has been all about me.”

“OK,” I replied, and I proceeded to tell her all about myself, starting with my childhood growing up on Air Force bases and continuing right up to the present. I even told her about my nightmares, but that they most often happened when I was sleeping alone. I also told her about my recent relationships, which made it apparent to her why I had asked about children.

“Oh my,” she said. “She left you because you couldn’t have children? That is messed up. I would never do that.”

“Somehow,” I replied, “I know that is true. Thank you.”

“Does that mean you want a relationship with me?” she asked.

I laughed. “I wouldn’t have taken you out if I wasn’t hoping for a relationship. I could just go to bars if all I wanted was a one-night-stand. I don’t want a one-night-stand.”

“Good,” she replied. I wouldn’t be interested if that was what you wanted, but because you are very honest with me, and because I sense that you are a good man, I am interested in you.”

Our dinners came, and we settled down to eat. There were still bits of conversation, and of course, we drank the wine as we ate, but the conversation was much more casual. Joann drank most of the wine because I can’t have more than a small glass of wine. I kept her glass filled throughout dinner.

“What do you have going on tomorrow?” I asked. “Any plans?”

“No,” she replied. “Tomorrow is a holiday, so I don’t have work or school. Did you have something in mind?”

“I would love to spend more time with you, but only if you are free,” I said.

“I am free,” Joann answered.

“Would you like to see my apartment?” I asked.

She laughed. “I was wondering if you would ask. I would love to see your apartment.”

We finished our dinner, and I took what was left of the wine with us back to my apartment. When we entered, I explained my ritual of removing our shoes just inside the door. She liked that tradition. She thought it would keep the apartment cleaner, and she didn’t think shoes were needed inside an apartment anyway.

I gave her the nickel tour, starting with the kitchen/dining area, going through the bathroom and ending in the bedroom. Joann was amazed that I lived here alone. She thought that the shower was big enough for several people and you could fit a whole family on the bed. She laughed when she said that. I set the wine down on the kitchen counter as we passed through, and after we were sitting on the bed, I asked if she would like to have another glass. She scrunched up her face and asked, “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

I almost choked on my tongue until she laughed and added, “It isn’t necessary. I already like you enough to want to spend time with you. I am, obviously, already sitting here on your bed.” With that, she scooted to the middle of the bed and leaned back against the pillows. “By the way, I like all of the pillows you have on your bed. It isn’t what guys usually do.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said. “Would you mind if I join you?”

“I would be disappointed if you didn’t,” she replied. Joann smiled and blushed at the same time. I crawled across the bed and tucked in next to her, wrapping my arm around her waist. I kissed her on the cheek and she turned to face me, so I kissed her on the lips. Her eyes closed when I did that, so I knew that she wanted more. I pulled her body toward mine, and she willingly complied by rolling into me. Our first kiss lasted about a minute. When we broke the kiss, she said, “That was my first kiss. My mother told me that you can tell a lot from a first kiss. God will tell you if it is right.”

“And what did God tell you?” I asked.

“He told me to never let you go,” she replied. “I want more and more kisses from you.”

Happily, I gave her all the kisses she wanted, exploring a little further with each kiss, until my hands were cupping her bare breasts as we sucked in each other’s tongues. I don’t even think she noticed me undressing her. First, her blouse was unbuttoned and slid off her shoulders, and then her bra quickly followed. She was so intent on kissing me that she ignored everything else.

It wasn’t until I kissed my way past her earlobes and down her throat to suck in one of her nipples that she realized that she was naked from the waist up. At first, she made a half-hearted attempt to push my head away, but when I started suckling her nipples, Kadıköy Escort she pulled my head even closer.

She was quickly lost in the new sensations, and she was moaning and sighing as I suckled. My hands were still active. And before long, her skirt was unhooked and unzipped and sliding down her thighs with her panties. She even lifted her butt to assist in their descent. I abandoned them when they reached her lower calves, and she unconsciously kicked them free of her feet.

I was switching between her nipples, giving both sides equal attention, while my fingers found a new playground between her legs. The first time a finger ran up her vulva from her vaginal entrance to her clitoris, her legs clamped shut on my hand, but as I rubbed her labia and clit some more, her legs dropped open and she gave me access. Her hymen was right at her vaginal entrance, and the hole was just large enough to allow me to press my pinky through it and into her vagina to the first knuckle.

When her breasts became too sensitive to continue, I switched all of my attention to her vulva. I kissed Joann’s clit and then licked the length of her vulva. She mumbled, “No. Dirty,” but then just purred from the pleasure she was feeling. It doesn’t take long to convince a woman that cunnilingus is a good thing if it is done right. Soon, her hips were bucking as she experienced small orgasm after small orgasm. I continued to stretch her hymen, this time with my index finger as her hips bucked under my ministrations.

When Joann’s orgasms built up to a higher level, I made my way back up to her mouth and kissed her passionately. As soon as my cock came into contact with her vulva, I slid it around in her lubricating juices. Even in the midst of a kiss, she gasped as my cock was thrust all the way in until the tip was pressed against her cervix. At first, her hands came up against my chest to push me away, but then they quickly moved to my back to pull me even deeper. I was deep in paradise, hoping that this would never end.

I lay there with my cock buried deep in her pussy until Joann recovered enough to experiment pushing back at my cock. Then, I knew it was OK to start thrusting and retreating, slowly at first, but then increasing the tempo and force used. Eventually, our bodies were slamming together in the dance of love, her lubricating juices running out of her to smooth the way.

When Joann started to shake and quiver, I knew that she was at the edge of a strong orgasm, and I redoubled my efforts, taking her over the edge and me right along with her. I pressed my cock firmly against her cervix. There was no chance of getting her pregnant doing this, but I had learned that it also kept things from getting quite as messy, since any semen shot into the womb and beyond was unlikely to run back out later. Shot after shot of semen were pumped deep into her body, where it would later be absorbed.

“Wow,” was all she said when she recovered from her orgasm. “Does this mean that you want me to be your girlfriend?”

I smiled. “It certainly does. I hope that you will be my girlfriend.”

“OK,” she whispered as she kissed my neck. “I like the sound of that.” I rolled to the side, and as Filipinas tend to do, she rolled with me, keeping my cock trapped deep in her pussy. We fell asleep like that. It was hours before we woke. My cock had slipped out of her, and she had rolled so her butt was against my groin. I loved spooning. It was my favorite sleep position.

I think she woke before me because her hand was between her legs exploring my cock when I first woke. The shaft was once again hard from the stimulation she was giving it, and it was no surprise when she adjusted it to where the tip seated in her vaginal entrance. I was letting her take the initiative, but when she pushed back against my cock, I quickly thrust into her depths, completely burying my cock into her vagina.

She was a bit sore from our previous coupling, but she still rocked her hips to meet my every thrust. As I increased my tempo and power, so did she. When we were at maximum speed, we held on to each other as if our lives depended on it, and then we both lost ourselves in another orgasm. I once again pressed deeply into her as my semen was pumped into her womb. We never even moved before falling asleep again.

In the morning, I woke to butterfly kisses all over my face. “Was that real or was this just a dream?” she asked. “I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I want to be with you forever.”

“That sounds good to me too,” I replied. “Would you like to move in with me? It would mean that you no longer have to work. I would get you to and from school.”

“Yes, I would like that.” She answered. “Do you want me to move in today?”

“We might as well get you moved today, since it is a holiday.” I said. “You can tell your landlord you don’t need the room anymore, and we can get all of your things moved here. Tell me how much stuff you have, and we will decide İstanbul Escort how to best move it.”

I convinced her to shower with me, and of course, we played some too. Then, as we were drying off, she asked about food. I told her there was breakfast stuff in the kitchen. Eggs and bread were on the counter and there was bacon and butter in the fridge. The spices were in the upper cupboard next to the stove. She hopped into the bedroom to dress, and then went to the kitchen to fix us breakfast. When she was done, she called me to the dining table to eat. I sat in a chair and ate my breakfast. I told her I preferred breakfast in bed, if that was an available option. She smiled and said that in the future that would be how I was served breakfast.

Because of how many clothes she had for school and work, we decided to take a taxi to get them. We rode to her boarding house, went in to talk with the landlord, gather her things, carried them downstairs and drop off her key, and called a Grab taxi to take us back to our apartment. She didn’t have that much stuff, but it would have been difficult carrying it on my motorcycle. We took plastic garbage bags with us to quickly pack her stuff.

When we got back to our apartment, we took her things up. I, once again, was sharing my closet and dresser with a woman, but that was no hardship. Everything went in its place and there was space for everything. By that time, it was getting close to lunch, so I suggested that we go to Ayala Center Mall for lunch.

I had noticed when we were moving her clothes that 1) she didn’t have many clothes and 2) they were mostly old and worn. If she was going to be with me, I wanted her to look good and feel good about herself. A new wardrobe would go a long way toward those goals, so a shopping trip was in order. I told her we would take a taxi to Ayala for lunch.

When we got to Ayala, we first went to lunch. It is always best to shop when you are feeling content. Besides, she didn’t even know this was a shopping trip. After lunch, we wandered around the mall until we came to a dress boutique. I picked out some sundresses and had Joann try them on. She still didn’t know what this was about, so I told her that if she was going to be with me, I would take good care of her. She smiled and entered the fitting room with a few dresses.

Joann came out of the fitting room wearing one of the dresses, but her bra straps were showing above the dress. I told her that I would rather that she would no longer wear a bra with dresses. Of course, she objected, but I asked her if she will really put her man first. She thought for a minute and then went back into the fitting room to remove her bra. It was a vast improvement when she came back out without a bra under her dress. I told her how beautiful she was in the dress. She said that she was still uncomfortable without a bra, but I told her that she would get used to it over time. She could still wear bras with her school uniform.

She tried on several more sundresses, and then I had her pick out her four favorites, which I purchased. Then, we went to another dress boutique, and she tried on more dresses. We bought three dresses there. I then took Joann to a lingerie boutique and had her buy a dozen assorted seamless panties (all small), a lacy bra, and two sheer baby doll nighties. Lastly, we went to some shoe stores, where I had her pick out three pairs of nice sandals and a classic pair of pumps.

As we left the mall to catch a taxi home, I was carrying the bags and she was grinning from ear to ear. She was also wearing one of the sundresses we had purchased with a new pair of panties and new sandals. She looked good and felt good about herself.

When we got back to the apartment, she changed into one of the nighties and lay on the bed. Then, she asked if I was just going to stand there or get undressed and join her. I quickly undressed. Based on past experiences taking Filipinas shopping, I had expected a fashion show, but that was obviously not at the top of her priority list.

I crawled over to her, where she was laying on her back with her legs spread. “Come to me Pete. I want you to make love to me again.” She hadn’t bothered to put on the thong that came with the nightie, so when I got close, Joann grabbed my cock and immediately guided it into her already wet vagina, no foreplay, just raw sex. I drove my cock all the way up to her cervix on the first stroke and starting repeatedly thrusting into her depths. She wanted it hard and fast.

There was no slow start. I was banging her hard from the very beginning. She had gotten my cock hard enough to cut diamonds, and now she was going to reap the reward. I was driving into her fast and furious, and she was giving as good as she was getting, rocking her hip to meet every thrust. In addition to her movements, Joann was squealing in pleasure the entire time we fucked.

As you might suspect, we didn’t last very long before both of us were in orgasmic meltdown. I was pressing my cock into her as hard as I could as my semen was pumped into her womb and her vaginal muscles were rippling around my cock, trying to milk every last drop of semen out of me. We both knew there was no sperm there, but we could pretend like we were creating a baby.

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