Finally Meeting Ann

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I had noticed Ann from afar and admired what a great little ass she had many times. She was much more thin than the women I was used to being with, but her butt was without a doubt one of the best I had ever seen. I went into the store where she worked many times but once I saw her, I found myself making excuses to go there, hoping to see her. She was not the sort of woman I normally found attractive. She looked tough, clearly did manual labor, wore a beat up orange Home Depot ball cap, and her hair was not always perfectly coiffed. She had a great, sexy little smile though, and she had started waving to me when I would come in.

I saw her, quite by accident, one day at a local bar. I had stopped off for a beer since it was on my way home, and she was shooting pool with a friend of hers. I waved and she came over after her game was over.

“Win?” I asked her.

She smiled that crooked little smile and nodded, then stuck out her hand. “I’m Ann.” She told me.

I shook it, noting the firm grip and short nails. She sat on the stool next to me and we talked about nothing in particular for the next two hours. It became obvious very quickly that there was a mutual attraction and we decided to go back to my place, since her place was nothing more than a rented bedroom in the house of a friend of hers.

Once we got to my place, we wasted little time with niceties. I made her a drink and she leaned into me in a passionate, fierce kiss, pressing her lips against mine and thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth. I dropped my hands to that exquisite ass and stroked it and squeezed it through her jeans, lifting her up so she could wrap her legs around my waist. I carried her into my bedroom and lay her back on the bed, then quickly unbuttoned her tight jeans and peeled them off of her legs.

She wore a thong but yanked them off in one smooth motion. I stood over her and admired her sleek young body in the half light spilling through the window while I took off my pants. Her legs were long and thin but not skinny. Her pussy was shaved except for a strip of hair at the top. Her pussy lips were full and already glistening with moisture from her cunt. The most striking thing about her snatch was her clit. It was big and it protruded wetly from under it’s sheath.

I grabbed her ankles and pulled her ass to the side of the bed, spread her legs and knelt down, diving straight for her inviting clit. I inhaled her musky smell and was in heaven. Her fingers were in my hair, rubbing my head and coaxing me to do what we both wanted me to. I leaned in and licked her in one slow pendik escort stroke along the entire length of her sopping gash, stopping to tickle her swollen bud with the tip of my tongue. She moaned loudly and pulled my head closer, forcing my mouth onto her pussy and grinding her crotch into my face. I lapped at her cunt, trying to lick up every bit of juice that poured out of her.

She spread her legs as far apart as she could get them, opening her sex even further. In a matter of moments she went stiff and had her first orgasm of the night. The pussy juice flowed from her like a river and continued my oral assault.

Unlike other women I have been with, Ann didn’t need or want me to stop what I was doing because of sensitivity. She craved more and bucked her hips into my face until she came a second time, louder this time. When she was done, she pulled me on top of her and wrapped those legs around my waist, pulling me on top of her and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I slid my cock along the opening of her slippery pussy, getting it wet and rubbing her swollen clit with the underside. She moaned in my mouth and grabbed my ass, pulling me closer to her.

I stood up again and rubbed the purple head of my cock along her slit, then slapped her clit with. She squirmed and groaned, thrusting her hips off the bed, silently begging me to put it in. I placed the tip at the entrance of her sopping hole and leaned into her, sliding in easily. She sucked in her breath and stretched her arms over her head. Her breasts were small, something I had never experienced before, but her nipples were hard and large, poking out tantalizingly at me.

I bent down and sucked one into my mouth. She arched her back and pulled my head into her chest, so I nibbled lightly at the stiff bud in my mouth, making her groan all the more. I began slowly thrusting in and out of her, her wetness making it slide easily. We stayed like that, quietly fucking for several minutes, before she pulled me on top of her and rolled over. Now I was on my back and she sat on top of me. My cock had slipped out of her during the position change and she quickly reached between her legs to re-insert my dick into her.

She was beautiful in the half light, her lean body straining in the dimness of my room, eyes closed tightly and lips curled in pleasure or concentration or both. I reached up with my left hand and stroked her belly, sliding it up to grasp and pull at her nipple. Her nipples were sensitive but she liked having them pulled. I reached my other hand around behind her to caress pendik escort her ass. I was in heaven, my fingers probing between her spread ass cheeks, grazing her asshole. She opened her eyes and her lips parted, her nostrils flaring, a look of pure animal lust on her face.

She took my left hand in hers and brought one finger to her mouth sucking it in and licking it like it was a small cock. She reached between her legs and flicked one finger across her engorged clit a couple of times and came again, collapsing on top of me while her cunt spasmed around my cock. I lay still, waiting for her orgasm to subside and reveling in the feel of her warm sheath dripping moisture onto my scrotum. She turned her face to me and, her passion unabated by the night’s activity so far, shoved her tongue back into my mouth.

She sat up and started grinding her hips against me again, throwing her head back in ecstasy, then slowly, reluctantly, pulled herself off of my fat cock. She leaned back over my and took one of my nipples in her mouth, flicking it a couple of times with her tongue, then slowly sliding off me to kneel on the floor between my legs. She took my penis in her hand and stroked it a few times, that crooked smile crossing her face but this time mixed with a look of lust in her eyes.

She licked underneath the shaft all the way to the top, then put the tip in her mouth and slowly lowered her head until she had taken the entire thing down her throat. She held it there and stroked my balls, then slid her mouth back off. The feeling was unbelievable. She stroked in her little fist while she licked and sucked each of my testicles, taking me to the edge of coming several times. I had never had a blow job this good, and I love blowjobs, but I wanted to fuck her some more. I stood up to change positions but she wasn’t ready to give up and her mouth worked furiously over my tool until I pulled her off her knees. My dick slipped from her mouth with a pop and she let out a small whimper, distressed to be losing her favorite toy.

Her disappointment was short lived though, as I pushed her onto her stomach across the bed, that luscious ass right before me now. I reached out to caress it with both hands. It was better than I had imagined. I climbed up on top of her and placed my cock in the crack of her ass while I kissed her neck. She spread her legs ad pushed her ass back against me, eager to get me back inside her. I was only too happy to oblige. She got on her knees and spread her legs, her cunt gaping wetly before me and I plunged my hard cock back into pendik escort her, pounding her hard with relentless thrusts.

As my pace increased so did the steady moan coming out of her throat. I was close. I reached around her and pinched her hard nipples again. She fucked her ass back into me harder. I pulled them roughly away from her body, sending her over the edge in another orgasm. This time I was ready too. I pulled my cock out of her and blasted stream after stream of come on her back and ass. The last spurt landed in her hair. She collapsed on the bed and I laid on top of her, too exhausted to roll off.

I woke up early the next day, tired but satisfied, and Ann was laying next to me. She was awake but looked like she had just opened her eyes. She stretched and smiled at me, rolling next to me and putting her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and squeezed. I had never had a sex partner as enthusiastic and responsive as Ann. I was laying there thinking about how unusual it was to click so well with someone on the first time, when I felt her hand wandering across my belly and down to my rapidly hardening cock.

She stroked it a couple of times, then looked up at me and smiled, then disappeared below the blankets. She sucked my nipples briefly, then kissed her way down my belly, her hand slowly jacking my dick all the while. She licked the underside of my cock several times, building the anticipation for when she would finally take my stiff member into her mouth. She spread my legs and straddled one of them for a better angle on her cock sucking, or so I thought, but before long I could feel her swollen clit rubbing on my leg while she slobbered all over my cock, and before I knew it her pussy was soaking my leg. Sucking me off was getting her off!

I had stopped her blowjob the night before, but I wanted to shoot my load in her mouth today, wanted to hear her swallowing my load. She kept up her relentless sucking, sometimes using her hands, sometimes her mouth, and sometimes just her tongue. She teased me and brought me to the brink several times. I reached down and took her head in my hands, thrusting my cock into her mouth, fucking it like a hot, drooling cunt, causing her to moan and press her pussy onto my leg, writhing and twitching in an intense orgasm.

Finally I couldn’t take it any more and I tensed up, my ass rising off the bed while she finished me off. I sprayed my come into her mouth for what seemed like forever. She seemed surprised at the copious amount I blasted into her throat at first, but she didn’t slow down and she didn’t take her mouth off of me until I was done and she had gotten every last drop out of my balls.

She finally came up for air and I gave her a long kiss. She smiled.

“Best way to start the day!” she chirped.

I couldn’t agree more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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