Finding Love Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This is the second part of a very long story.

The characters (Jade and Terry) from my other story, ‘Hidden Desires,’ will appear here but reading their story is not necessary to understand their role in this one.

My sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who have voted, emailed and commented on my story. Your support makes writing worth it.

I hope Finding Love will continue be enjoyed. Comments and votes will be appreciated.

Chapter 9

Ari awoke in a panic as she realized she was alone in bed. Feeling around blindly, her hands brushed the piece of paper on the empty side of the bed. Her eyes shot open and were blinded by the rising sunlight that seeped through the curtains. Blinking her eyes to adjust to the light, she scanned the note.


Gone to the gym. Will be back by seven.

Love, Kate.

Ari smiled as she read and reread the ‘Love Kate’ part of the note. Ari felt all warm and tingly inside. She wondered if what she was feeling was love.

She glanced at the bedside clock and saw it was almost seven already. She scooted out of bed and did a quick run in the bathroom before going to the kitchen. She would have breakfast ready by the time Kate got back.

Kate was going through her usual hour long workout but her mind kept going back to the petite beauty she had left in her bed. She really didn’t want to leave the warmth of that cute little body but her exercise was her religion; she was devoted.

She caught a cab back to her apartment and smelled the heavenly scent of food as she entered the door. She watched with some amusement as Ari was dancing around the kitchen in a t-shirt and panties.

Kate leaned against the door frame and smiled at her young companion’s antics as she rolled her hips and shook her ass. Kate remembered fondly when she was able to hear music and dance like that. Ari suddenly spun around and, seeing Kate, she paused, looking embarrassed.

“Morning,” Ari signed and blushed as she switched off her phone’s music player. Kate thought she looked so adorable.

“Morning. It seems yours is really good.”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean…” Ari began but Kate held her hands.

“What are you apologizing for?” Kate asked, confused.

“The music…my dancing…I didn’t mean for you to see it. I…” Ari signed frantically. Kate held her hands once again and pulled the girl into a soft, sexy kiss.

“Hey listen, before my accident I used to dance too you know. I still remember what music sounds like, so don’t worry about how I’m going to react just because you can enjoy it,” Kate said simply. Ari’s eyes widened.

“Accident?” Ari left it hanging. Kate realized that for all the time she and Ari had spent working together, Ari really didn’t know much about Kate’s past. Kate intended to fix that.

She guided Ari to a kitchen chair and had her sit. Kate grabbed two cups, poured coffee, and sat down. She smiled and began to give Ari a rundown about her life.

“I was a beautiful child according to my mother,” Kate started with a small smile. “I was the only girl of three kids. I’m the middle child. Our family is close since we are all that there is. No uncles, aunts or cousins to speak of. I realized when I was about fourteen that I was a lesbian. The girls I ran track with were beautiful and I fantasized about them often.

“My parents weren’t too happy but they didn’t ostracize me. I’m thankful for that; I might not have survived my accident otherwise.” Kate paused and sipped her coffee. Ari’s was forgotten, absorbed as she was in what was being said.

“I was seventeen when we went on vacation in the Caribbean. I learned to scuba dive there and fell in love with it. So much so that I applied only to colleges on the coast so I could be near the water. I was certified and got a part time job as an instructor.

“When I was twenty, I got an offer to go out on this huge yacht to instruct some rich kids on how to dive in the deep. They all had experience in diving before and it was a grand opportunity so I accepted.

“We were under only a few minutes when the two boys, no older than me, were trying to outdo each other by seeing who could go deeper. It was dangerous, so I went after them.

“When I reached them and signaled for them to go back up, they didn’t want to listen. We ended up deeper and deeper until they started having problems.” Kate paused again. The memories were hard for her and she had not spoken of them for some time.

Ari saw the sadness in Kate’s face. She was unsure how to give comfort so she did what came natural. She took Kate’s hand in hers, raised it to her lips and kissed Kate’s knuckles. It was just what Kate needed. She smiled at Ari and continued.

“The lower you go the more pressure builds up in your body. They were starting to feel the effects and began to panic. I got a hold of one and managed to get him calmed enough to ascend slowly. That was the most important thing; otherwise the pressure could or would kill you. Ankara bayan escort The second one was not as cooperative. He was kicking and thrashing wildly. He pulled and scratched at me as I tried to guide him up slowly.

“Somehow he got my weight belt off and, with his wild movements, clocked me in the head. I let him go and was so out of it that I just shot to the surface. It was a huge mistake on my part because we were deeper than I realized.

“I was unconscious when I hit the surface. They rushed me to a hospital where I spent four days. The pressure blew out both my ear drums beyond repair. It took me almost a year to come to terms with what happened. My family helped a lot, a few friends too. In the end I accepted what my new life was and I finished college. I was always good with words so I majored in English, writing and literature. Editing suited me perfectly so that’s what I did.

“I’ve had a good life thus far as an editor. The pay isn’t too bad and I love helping people attain their dream of publishing their stories,” Kate continued, her smile a genuine one. Ari was in awe of how Kate survived and made the best of her circumstances. She was truly an amazing woman.

“So anyway, I smelled something really delicious when I came in. What were you making?” Kate asked.

“Oh, I made omelets,” Ari answered.

“Well, shall we eat before it gets too cold and we end up late? It is Monday after all; I have work and you have school.”

“Oh, right,” Ari said in a slightly disappointed tone. The tone might have escaped Kate but the words and expression told Kate that Ari would have loved for both of them to play hooky today.

“So after tonight’s work do you want to have dinner with me?” Kate asked. She saw Ari’s face brighten instantly.

“Oh yes, I’d like that very much,” Ari signed enthusiastically.

“Great, then it’s a date.”

They ate in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. Kate’s mind was filled with memories of last night and her time with Ari. She marveled at how sexy yet innocent Ari was.

Ari, however, was thinking about when she might be able to reciprocate what Kate had given her. Kate had not mentioned anything about them being intimate again, causing Ari to wonder if they would. Should she try to initiate things? Would Kate be open to Ari wanting to give her the same pleasure Kate had given her?

Ari’s thoughts were interrupted by Kate. “Why don’t you go ahead and get showered and changed. I’ll take care of the clean-up here,” Kate told her.

“Um, okay, sure, thanks,” Ari said and headed towards the bathroom. While she showered she harbored a small hope that Kate would join her but it didn’t happen. Kate only came into the bathroom after Ari was dressed.

Ari really wanted to see Kate naked but didn’t want to be rude and waited in the living room until Kate was done.

They left the apartment together and caught a cab. Kate rode with Ari to her dorm and, after a warm hug, left for her day of work. The whole morning left Ari a little confused about where things stood between them, but she was looking forward to the afternoon and evening ahead. Perhaps then she would get some answers.

* * * *

Kate strolled into work and breezed through her morning. She was feeling especially good about what happened between her and Ari. Yes the lovemaking had been one sided but Kate had sensed that things could blossom into something wonderful between her and the young woman. Kate just had to be patient.

Meg noticed the change in Kate. She seemed to be more relaxed and smiling more than normal. At lunch she asked, “What has gotten into you today, Kate?”

“What? I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh, well you’re smiling a lot today, more so than most days. Your body language says that something special happened to you over the weekend. Are you willing to share?”

“Not just yet Meg, but I can tell you that if it works out, I will be smiling like this every day,” Kate said happily.

Meg smiled and nodded. She had a feeling she knew what was going on but didn’t pry any further. When the time was right, Kate would tell her.

Chapter 10

When Ari arrived at Kate’s office she was unsure of what to expect. She had never done anything like this, never dated, if that was what they were doing, so she wasn’t sure what she should do. She had pondered all day about all that had happened between them, Kate’s admission of love for her and her own feelings. Did she love Kate too? She knew she was extremely attracted to Kate, but did attraction equal love? Ari had no idea.

Kate greeted her with a warm smile and a hug.

“Hi, how was your day?” Kate asked as they sat on Kate’s small corner sofa where they usually worked.

“It was okay,” Ari answered. “How about yours?”

“Mine was good thanks,” Kate said as she gazed into Ari’s eyes. Kate could see a little confusion there, some uncertainty too, as well as want. Kate waited to see what Ari would say or ask. She could easily take the lead but wanted Escort bayan Ankara to give Ari the chance to make her own desires known.

Ari blushed under Kate’s gaze and looked away. She wanted Kate to kiss her but was afraid to ask. She hoped Kate would take the lead as she had last night.

“So shall we get started?” Kate asked. Ari sighed and nodded.

They buried themselves in the work and the two hours flew by. After closing up, Kate took Ari to a quiet little restaurant. The little corner booth they sat in was cozy. Kate engaged Ari in small talk, finding out all about Ari’s family, her life growing up.

Her parents were good people, except that they seemed to be putting a lot of pressure on Ari to take over the family business despite the fact that she had no interest or desire to do so. Ari had spoken about her older sister Sarah, who had married early and already had two children. She and her husband had moved away from the rest of the family, so everything hinged on Ari taking over. Ari even confessed that she wished she could say no but didn’t have the inner strength to do so.

Kate wished she could empower Ari to be able to stand up to her parents and promised herself that she would try her best to do so.

As their night was coming to a close, Kate could see the uneasiness in Ari. In the cab Kate asked, “How would you like our night to end?”

“I?I would…” Ari signed but trailed off as she turned her head to hide her blush from Kate. Kate gently took Ari’s chin and turned her head to face Kate once again.

“Would you like to come home with me and spend the night again?” Kate signed.

Ari nodded then signed, “If that’s okay with you.”

Kate smiled brightly. “I’d love it,” Kate signed back.

Back at the apartment, both women showered and changed into t-shirts and boxers, Ari having borrowed a set from Kate again. They sat in the living room sipping a last glass of wine before bed.

Ari was nervous again. She wanted so desperately to make love with Kate, but she didn’t seem interested in doing that again. Truth be told, Ari was too nervous to notice just how much Kate wanted her, wanted to make love to her.

“Baby, last night was wonderful and I was hoping we could do that again but I don’t want to rush you. You’ve had some time to think about it. Tell me, how do you feel about what happened?”

“Oh Kate, I loved what happened last night. I’ve never felt or experienced anything like that before. It was such a beautiful feeling,” Ari signed in a rush.

“What do you mean never?” Kate questioned gently.

“Um, last night, what you did, I had an … um… you know.”

“Ari, do you mean an orgasm? Last night was your first ever?” Kate asked, a bit shocked. Ari nodded. “You’ve never given yourself pleasure, never touched yourself?”

“No,” Ari signed and hung her head, her face burning with embarrassment.

“It’s okay baby. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Masturbating is not for everyone. Besides, it’s much better when you have a partner to be sexual with,” Kate told her. Kate pulled Ari into a hug, worried that her talk hadn’t helped Ari feel any better.

Holding her slender form close, Kate had an idea that might help Ari feel a little better about her sexual self ? if she agreed to try it.

“Ari, I would like to try something with you; will you trust me?”

“Yes Kate,” Ari answered at once.

“Good; I want you to watch me and do what I do okay?”


Kate slowly removed her t-shirt and shorts. Ari sat, stunned at seeing Kate’s body. Her breasts were high and firm, her body toned and beautiful. Her pussy was bare and well defined with thick lips.

“Your turn,” Kate said, shaking Ari out of her awed trance. She stood and followed Kate in removing her own clothes. Kate laid her t-shirt on the sofa and sat on it and Ari did the same, not really understanding why just yet.

“Follow my lead,” Kate said as she started to slowly run her hands over her stomach and up over her breasts. Ari slowly copied Kate’s movements but often became lost in watching Kate’s body.

Kate’s nipples were starting to respond, growing hard as her areolas puckered. Kate took the buds between her fingers and gently pinched and pulled on them which caused a slight moan to escape her lips.

Ari was completely engrossed in watching Kate and forgot all about copying her. Kate’s eyes were closed and Ari noticed that Kate’s legs started to part of their own accord. She could see the inside of Kate’s pussy and the wetness starting to seep out.

Kate ran one hand down to her inner thighs and ran her fingernails up along it. She moaned as her hand made a few more passes over her now heated skin. Fascinated, Ari watched, her own breath catching and mimicking Kate’s short pants as she watched Kate’s sex fill with blood. Her lips, small and delicate at first, were puffy and opened like the petals of a flower.

Slowly Kate began to caress her outer lips, then her inner ones. Her moans grew Bayan escort Ankara in their frequency, becoming louder and more intense. Kate’s legs were now splayed as widely as she could get them, her body having slumped lower on the sofa, her butt almost hanging off of the edge.

Kate’s hand finally settled between her legs, her fingers gently touching her lips as the other continued to stroke her body. Each feather-like touch on her sex made Kate’s body jerk and groans escaped from her mouth. Little by little, Kate started rubbing her fingers in small circles, occasionally going lower to retrieve some of her moisture, then bringing them back up to her clitoral area. Touching that spot had Kate making different noises. Guttural, almost primal sounds were now emanating from her.

Ari couldn’t tear her eyes away from Kate’s body. She had never seen anything so erotic, sensual and beautiful. Kate’s body was coated in a light sheen of sweat; her legs were shaking and her body undulating on the cushion. Kate was repeatedly licking her lips as her head rolled from side to side on the backrest.

Ari didn’t know how long things went on like that, with Kate in the throes of what Ari could only imagine as feeling so wonderful. She could feel her own wetness between her legs, her own nipples were hard from just watching and there was an ache, a longing in her own sex.

Without warning, Kate’s legs lifted off of the floor. Ari could see how tense Kate’s body was; her muscles were tight and straining against her skin. Her fingers were only on her clit now, rubbing hard and fast.

“Oh god, oh fuck, yes! YES!” Kate cried out as her entire body jerked. Her free hand came up to her breast and squeezed the flesh, then pulled at her nipple. Kate was flushed from head to toe and beads of sweat clung to her forehead.

Kate shut her eyes tightly; her mouth opened in a scream that started and then was lost as her body stopped moving. It was as if she was frozen stiff. It lasted mere moments; Kate’s feet dropped to the floor and her hips rose high. There was a small rush of wetness that escaped Kate’s core and Ari could see her opening contracting slightly before Kate’s hips dropped back down and her thighs snapped shut. She rolled to her side as she fought to catch her breath, her body continuing to twitch and jerk sporadically

Ari was also fighting to breathe, her whole body flushed and hot after witnessing such a display. Kate opened her eyes and looked at Ari. She could tell that Ari had not followed her but had stopped to watch. Catching her breath, she sat up.

“Ari, are you okay baby?”

“Yes,” Ari breathed out so quickly that Kate almost missed reading the word on her lips.

“Did you watch closely at what I just did?” Kate asked though she knew the answer already. Ari nodded.

“Would you like to try it?” Kate asked softly. Ari slowly nodded, her breathing becoming erratic.

“Hey, easy now, come here baby,” Kate soothed as she held Ari’s arm and guided the younger woman into her lap, her back lying against Kate’s front. It would put Kate at a disadvantage, not seeing Ari’s lips but she didn’t mind.

Kate placed Ari’s legs over her own and began whispering in Ari’s ear as her hands stroked Ari’s thighs.

“Just relax baby, let your hands run along your body and just enjoy the pleasurable feelings and sensations. Do just as I did, caressing yourself slowly, letting yourself go, allowing the pleasure to come.”

Ari listened and did as Kate directed. Her mind went back to a few minutes ago and to how Kate had caressed herself. She let her fingers trail over her breasts and down over her stomach where her hands met Kate’s on her thighs .Kate blew into Ari’s ear and sucked softly on Ari’s earlobe. At the same time, Kate ran her fingernails over the insides of Ari’s thighs. Ari groaned as she felt the ache within her core begin to bubble.

“Touch you nipples, baby. Rub your thumbs over them and pinch them,” Kate suggested in a low voice. Ari followed Kate’s advice and felt a delicious tingle in her clit when she pinched her nipples.

As Ari continued to caress her body, Kate helped her by offering bits of advice as her hands stayed on Ari’s body, helping Ari to become even more aroused than she was. “Baby, let your fingers go to your center, touch your pussy and see how amazing it feels,” Kate told her. Ari slid her right hand down to her now fiery core. He lips were swollen and sensitive. The first touch made her gasp at how electrifying it felt.

Dipping her fingers lower, Ari moaned at how wet she was. She rubbed the slippery liquid all around her lips and the hard little nub she knew was her clit. Touching that little nub made her shudder in Kate’s arms. The sensations were so sweet that Ari wanted more.

Kate knew Ari had found her pleasure center when her body trembled and Kate encouraged her to continue. Ari listened and started moving her fingers in small circles as Kate had done. Her mind was overwhelmed by the blissful new feelings that her actions produced.

Ari’s heart started beating faster; her breathing came in hard pants as her body tensed. Muscles she didn’t even know she had started to contract and strain. She couldn’t stop the sounds that escaped her lips as a blazing heat ripped through her.

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