Finding Lust In The Chatroom Ch. 07

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Romeo wakes early to get online early and await RoseBud70, so that they can continue their fantasy, and move closer to what they both hope will be an experience of a lifetime. While he waits for her, he stares idly at her pictures on his computer screen, massaging the throbbing in his cock, hoping that she will be online soon. He becomes lost staring at her pictures, not realizing that she had popped up online until she send him an instant message telling him, “Nice. Did you trim up just for me?”

Romeo startled from his gaze replies back, “I trimmed up just before taking the picture, but I normally keep things trimmed, to make sure things are always clean and hygienic. Did you shave yourself clean for me?”

“I normally keep a thin strip, but yeah I guess I did smooth her out just for you.” RoseBud70 replies, and then asks, “Are you ready to continue?”

Romeo responds hurriedly, “I have been sitting here for over an hour staring at your pictures, rubbing away at my cock waiting for you. I am more than ready!”

With that RoseBud70 begins the next part of the fantasy, “As we lay naked on our velvety soft blanket, listening to the waves crash against the sandy beach just yards away, we sleep, but not that long as the sound of thunder begins to crash in the distance. I look at you and ask if you think we need to gather things up and head for cover, so that we do not get drenched by the impending storm that we can now see pouring down over the water and headed towards us. You reply back that the rain soothes you and you always wanted to have passionate sex with a woman while it rained on you both.”

“That sounds awesome, sexy and romantic as hell. I don’t think that even I could have thought of that without being in such a situation!” Romeo responds.

RoseBud70 continues, “As I see the perfect opportunity to enjoy you deep inside me, I smile and tell you to have your way with me. You start out by kissing me while we wait for the rain to reach us, then when it does, the feeling of the rain drops massaging our bodies as you kiss me is so calming and erotic. We become drenched, and then you start to kiss my body, slurping the rain from my skin, something new that I haven’t really felt yet that makes my skin feel türbanlı escort like a low voltage electrical current is passing through it. Eventually you make your way down to my wet pussy, tasting the rain and my juices at the same time, being constant in your actions yet still moving slowly. Bringing me back to the verge of coming, and then backing off and moving to kiss me on my inner thighs, licking and sucking the whole way. Returning back to my hot wet pussy, devouring it once again as the rain starts to come down harder, bringing me close to coming again and redirecting your attentions elsewhere on my body till I am back down and calmed, and then you do it again. This time when I am close to coming, you pull away and start kissing me hard on the lips while you massage my pussy with your cock, sliding it up and down on my swollen labia and across my clit. Always making sure to bring me close, but making sure that I don’t just go over the edge just yet.”

“That’s so evil of me, why would you have me torture you so?” Romeo questions.

“It is only torture right now, but soon, soon it will be worth all of the torture you think it might be.” RoseBud70 answers back, “The rain pours down on us as if the heavens had opened up and dropped the whole world’s waters upon us, and then you stop, sit up and pull me up onto your lap, and whisper into my ear that you want me to ride you nice and slow as the rain pours down on us, stopping for nothing until the rain either passes or we both are exhausted. I nod back my approval and straddle your legs, positioning myself as I slide you deep within me, slowly riding you, tightening up so that you know the attention that I want to give you. Soon I feel why you brought me to the edge but refused to let me go over. The feeling of the rain hitting me from above as your cock fills me up from below, it sends shivers up and down my spine, makes my skin tingle all over, and has me on the verge of coming, but not actually.”

“Mmmmmm, I see, the perpetual orgasm. You bring them close continuously, thus creating a longer orgasm because your body is unsure whether it should or not. Am I right?” Romeo asks.

“I am not really sure, just something I experienced once, ümraniye escort and thought would be something that you would do.”

“Again, had I thought of it, I would have added it myself already. I like the way you think, I think I want to marry you.”

RoseBud70 responds, “Not yet, we still have to meet and feel if the chemistry we are feeling here will follow through, and then we still need to get to know one another.”

Romeo responds, “I agree, but right now I want you all to myself, sharing you with no one!”

“Then let us continue so that we can have that.” RoseBud70 states, and then continues on, “I ride you slow and hard, arching back as you hold my waist and start to kiss and suck on my breasts. It feels so good, my orgasm building as you suck and nibble on my hard nipples, your hands now holding onto my through my ass cheeks, gripping tight. I am almost to the edge; I can see it through the way by body feels, the electric feeling running throughout my skin and now throughout my muscles. I feel high, my head just a little cloudy, with every sensation making it more intense. Suddenly my whole body tightens, the shockwave and heightened senses converge, I feel it now like I could only imagine. As I cum, my pussy tightens around your cock tighter than it has yet, refusing to let me to move more than an inch or two with each stroke of your cock, thus making you cum.”

“Mmmmmm, I can feel it.” Romeo responds.

“You asked me to not stop as long as it was still raining or at least one of us still had the energy to continue on, so I keep riding you, with my body shaking and convulsing from my orgasm. My pussy is milking your cock with each stroke, sucking it dry, pumping every last drop out, and keeping you hard all the while. You start to lean back allowing me to grind my clit into you more, making my orgasm stronger, making my pussy tighter, allowing my pussy to milk more and more cum from your cock. Soon you are completely dry, unable to cum any more, but I am still coming. All of the sudden I don’t feel the rain, I still hear the thunder, but the rain has stopped. I can stop if I want to, you asked for me to not stop till the rain had passed or we were both too exhausted acıbadem escort to continue.”

Romeo quickly pleads, “Don’t stop, not yet!”

RoseBud70 continues, “I don’t stop, I have to finish coming before I can stop, so I start riding you harder and faster, grinding my hips into you hard until I nearly pass out, then I fall forward onto you limp and satisfied. You wrap your arms around me, pulling me tight against you, and you whisper in my ear to look to the east. I look to the east and see that the sun is rising up over the edge of the horizon with a faint rainbow forming just in front of us. You hold me as we stare at the sunrise, and then look deep into one another’s eyes, we both know that we need to get dressed and go, there is more exploring to do, but not here and not right now. We slowly start slipping back into our clothes from our sunset last night, gather up our drenched blanket, cooler and torches and make our way to your car. Both of us staring at each other with wide smiles, we both ask one another at the same time if we need to find a hotel room to go to, confirming each others question.”

“Mmmmmm, its not over yet, you have more to add to the fantasy?” Romeo slyly questions.

RoseBud70 responds, “There is always more to add, but for now, I think we are done.”

Romeo confirms, “Yep, it is time to start living the fantasy.”

“When and where do you want to meet?” RoseBud70 asks.

Romeo replies, “What are you doing for dinner?”

“I am having it with you, that is if we don’t decide to have dessert first.” RoseBud70 replies back.

They arrange to meet at an upper scale restaurant at six, first only to have a drink and to talk, and then for dinner at seven if they felt things could move forward. They both confirm the need to get going, and say their goodbyes for now, signing off of the internet with even more to drive them mad till tonight.

Romeo still erect and now in pain from how turned on he has been, jumps into the shower and takes a cold shower hoping to ease the tension and pain that is brewing, only to realize that it isn’t going to work. So he envisions RoseBud70’s pictures as he turns the water to a warmer temperature and starts to stroke his cock. His balls hurt so much, but stroking his cock eases the pain slightly, so he continues, stroking long and hard until he feels his load about to blow, then he quickens his pace and lets himself explode.

He quickly washes up, and continues on to finish the rest of his day till he meets RoseBud70 tonight.

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